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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

[It was promised in the last chapter. So…]

Since Xi Ran invited him to take a bath, there was no reason for him to say no. As he passed by Huan Ye’s room, he took a glance at the door. When he passed by Huan Ye’s room, he took a glance at the half closed door and saw Huan Ye shuffling by the bedside, folding his clothes earnestly, looking a bit troubled about what to bring.

Huan Xiu smiled and decided not to disturb him.

So Huan Xiu made a plan for the wedding in his head, and went upstairs to put hot water in the bathtub. After sitting down in the bathtub, Huan Xiu breathed a sigh of relief, as the fatigue of the day went away. As the temperature rose, the bathroom became foggy, covering the mirror with a layer of condensation. While leaning against the edge of the bathtub and wondering how long it would take Xi Ran to do the dishes, Huan Xiu found himself still anxious because of the not so long wait.

While thinking about this, the bathroom door was pushed open and Xi Ran entered without any clothes on and quickly closed the door behind his back, worrying that the heat would dissipate and Huan Xiu would catch a cold.

Huan Xiu, who was soaking in the water and therefore obviously wouldn’t get cold, was more worried about Xi Ran, who was naked at that moment.

“Come over here, aren’t you cold?” Huan Xiu asked out loud. Because it was already summer, the air conditioner in the house was turned on very low every day according to Huan Xiu’s habit of ‘fearing the heat and not the cold’.

Xi Ran hesitated for a moment, and then walked slowly to the bathtub, “Then I’m coming in.”

“Why are you hesitating? Are you still worried about squeezing me? When I was renovating, I installed a bigger one than the standard size so I could take a good bath, so it’s just right for two people.” Huan Xiu knew that Xi Ran had always been a bit concerned about his big body size. Huan Xiu thought his lover’s 1.85m 1 body was the perfect size, the perfect ideal, but Xi Ran was still somewhat haunted by the Zerg aesthetic, thinking he was not ‘petite’ enough.

“If you’re aiming to be petite then I have to tell you that you’re probably not going to be petite for the rest of your life…” Huan Xiu says realistically, “but the good thing is that I don’t like petite. You’re the adorable one.”

Huan Xiu remembered when he had said this before, Xi Ran had actually looked sincere and said, ‘It’s great that Master’s preferences are so unusual…’

But later on, Xi Ran confessed his identity and learned the reason why Huan Xiu was different from the rest. That was beside the point, except that at the moment Xi Ran didn’t seem to be hesitating because of his body.

“…No I’m not.” Xi Ran’s voice was a little hoarse, and after stepping into the bathtub he didn’t shrink away from Huan Xiu, but boldly straddled his knees on both sides of Huan Xiu’s legs.


Huan Xiu couldn’t help but be amazed because Xi Ran’s desire was so high that he got hard before he did anything to stimulate him.

It had been less than two days since the last time they did it, and Huan Xiu didn’t feel like he was ‘starving’ Xi Ran. The fact that Xi Ran had never gotten hard without physical contact was not because he was sexually indifferent, but because the world was somehow cruel to female Zerg – the only way to come was to be taken by a male Zerg during their rut.

Wait a minute, in heat…?

Huan Xiu came back to his senses and said in astonishment, “Is this what you call a heat cycle?”

Xi Ran nodded, “Yes, it started… this morning.”

Female Zerg go through a heat cycle once a quarter, that is, about every three months. The so-called ‘heat cycle’ was not literally just about sex, but more accurately, it was a period of increased conception rate.

As Xi Ran has described several times before, heat cycles were reserved for the female Zerg. During this period, the female Zerg got an erection more easily, and his hard body becomes softer when facing a male Zerg, allowing the male Zerg to experience greater sexual pleasure. It doesn’t mean much physiologically, it’s more for aiding the impregnation – the male Zerg of this world preferred soft and delicate partners after all.

Data has shown that about 90 percent of all pregnancies in female Zerg occur during the heat cycle. Regardless of factors such as increased fertility, this was the only time that many males were willing to spoil females frequently, which was a big reason for this ratio.

“I kissed you this morning, didn’t I…?”

Xi Ran nodded, “Mn, I was hard then. But it didn’t matter, it went away after five minutes or so, and it didn’t affect the training.”

Huan Xiu had mixed feelings for someone who could express this without blushing.

“I’ve never seen a so-called ‘heat cycle’ before. My body only knows about it from physiology books, I had forgotten about it.” Once every three months or so, Huan Xiu had perfectly avoided the previous time, so it was only now that it dawned on him. He reached out his right hand from the water and touched Xi Ran’s cheek, which immediately had a watermark.

After being touched by Huan Xiu, Xi Ran instantly blushed and gasped for breath as his chest rose and fell violently, his body seemingly reacting to it in an unprecedented way.

“Ma-Master…” Xi Ran swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Huan Xiu could clearly feel Xi Ran’s calves trembling slightly as he groped them with his left hand underwater.

“Does this make you feel better?” Huan Xiu tried to rub his palms against Xi Ran’s skin.

“Mn…… Ha…” Xi Ran opened his mouth slightly, arched his back, put his hands on Huan Xu’s shoulder and asked for a kiss.

Huan Xiu moved both hands to Xi Ran’s waist, willingly accepting Xi Ran’s aggressive intimacy.

Xi Ran, who had been kneeling, gradually lowered his body and straddled Huan Xu’s legs. Huan Xiu could feel Xi Ran’s body under his palms gradually softening during the kiss, and their chests pressing against each other, Huan Xiu could clearly feel Xi Ran’s hardness.

“Please… touch me,” Xi Ran looked directly at Huan Xiu and whispered intermittently, “Master… come in, please?”

How could he say no?

Huan Xiu’s breathing became ragged too. He probably had some idea why the Zerg race hadn’t died out, even though the male Zerg’s ‘sexual interest’ in female Zerg was so low – was it not just because of these few days? This kind of behavior from a female Zerg in heat was really… hard to resist.

“Don’t you want to take it slow?” Huan Xiu smiled and reached out his hand to help Xi Ran adapt with his fingers first, but to his surprise, Xi Ran intercepted him.

Xi Ran held Huan Xiu’s wrist and shook his head, “No need.”

Huan Xiu soon realized that his earlier conjecture about the reason why the Zerg was not extinct was not thorough enough. Xi Ran moved his hips without any preparation, straightened up, sank down slowly, and sat down with his hand positioning Huan Xiu’s penis.

“…Oh.” Huan Xiu gasped lowly.

What was this? Huan Xiu was confused for a moment, the feeling was completely different from before. It was hot inside, very hot, almost scalding hot. With no preparation, Xi Ran smoothly sat down to the base of his penis, and this time, not only his cheeks and ears, but also his skin was faintly red.

“Reproductive tract…” Xi Ran explained.

“What?” Huan Xiu didn’t think he’d ever have a day when his mind would go blank on the way to make love.

“Usually, if you want to get pregnant, you can only rely on the residual sperm to enter the reproductive tract from the gap. But in order to make it easier to conceive, the genital tract is completely opened during our heat…” Xi Ran was a little embarrassed that he had to talk about this to Huan Xiu, but thinking that his Master didn’t know much about the Zerg, he patiently explained.

“So Master just now… mn… directly went inside my genital tract… oh!”

Xi Ran’s straightforward and explicit explanation obviously stimulated Huan Xiu. He couldn’t help but start to move his waist, but because of the posture and buoyancy in the water, his movements were a little difficult, which made Huan Xiu a little bit tormented.

It was like he was a 15-year-old adolescent in high school. Huan Xiu was laughing a little at his own poor fixation at the moment, but he also realized the ‘truth’ about the so-called ‘heat cycle’. Indeed… this was the kind of sex that no man could refuse, not to mention androgynous Zerg, right?

“Ha, mn, ah… Master, are you comfortable?” Xi Ran’s body lay on top of Huan Xiu’s, his voice a mixture of violent gasps as he glanced uncertainly at Huan Xiu’s face.

“Can’t you tell?” Huan Xiu was amused, but at the same time, a little anxious that he was almost losing his self-control.

During the intense thrusting, their conversation was choppy. Just when Huan Xiu felt that Xi Ran was not ready to respond, he only heard the other party’s voice mixed with moans, “Mn, but… Master, I, ah… want to listen to you!”

Huan Xiu’s heartbeat was in turmoil. He didn’t know if it’s just his imagination, but was it possible that a female Zerg was more willing to be pampered than usual?

“I’m very comfortable,” said Huan Xiu as he grabbed Xi Ran by the back of the neck and pulled him down, kissing him twice on lips that were soft from the humidity of the bathroom. “Your ‘service’ is really beyond my expectations.”

Simply because of Huan Xiu’s compliment, Xi Ran couldn’t help but smile.

After a while of intense sex, Huan Xiu couldn’t resist changing the awkward position and the efficiency of thrusting under the water – even though the water was particularly enjoyable at times, now he couldn’t stand the slower pace, and Xi Ran was pulled on his back, his arms over the edge of the tub, his waist and hips slightly raised.

Soon Huan Xiu was thrusting into him again.

“Mn ah—! Oh, mn…!” The thrusts were more intense than ever before, and Xi Ran was moaning with lust and pleasure.

Huan Xiu’s hands gripped Xi Ran’s lean waist, and from the angle above, he could clearly see the wonderful lines of every muscle along Xi Ran’s back from the pressure and tension. There was also the hole that was wrapped around Huan Xiu, which was now being violently pumped into by his penis, which was visible above the water with every movement because of the tight lines of his hips.

And because of his back entry, Huan Xiu could feel himself going deeper with each thrust, as if his tip had broken through something and touched a tighter, softer part.

Probably, it was the innermost part of the reproductive cavity… Huan Xiu’s finger tightened slightly and pressed against Xi Ran’s skin. The sensation was amazing and he could not deny the satisfaction and desire that the position and the penetration into the tract brought.

Xi Ran’s body was still aroused, but inevitably he was panicking at the bottom of his heart, and he didn’t know why. His past sexual encounters with Huan Xiu had been face to face, either with him face up or riding. Huan Xiu’s reasoning was that he could better appreciate Xi Ran’s expressions. In any case, they had never had any back entry before

“Master…” Xi Ran’s voice was shaky, reaching back and placing his hands on Huan Xiu’s waist, “…Huan… Huan Xiu…?”

Huan Xiu was stunned. This was the first time Xi Ran had ever called him by his name. It was just a pity that it wasn’t due to affection, and was more like a plea due to uneasiness.

“Mn. I’m here.” Huan Xiu did intentionally avoid this position before, as he had always felt that Xi Ran’s relationship with him and his attitude towards him was somewhat unequal. So he didn’t use this posture to make Xi Ran feel submissive during sex, otherwise he would be adding insult to injury.

He forgot about this when he lost control…  but it was an improvement, at least Xi Ran now knew how to confirm.

Confirm what? Did he want to know if the person who was taking him was Huan Xiu or if he was the same person who treated him gently?

Huan Xiu sighed, he somehow made Xi Ran afraid anyway. He knew that this seemingly powerful Zerg was actually unexpectedly delicate at heart. Huan Xiu bent down and kissed Xi Ran’s back, “I’m here, what’s wrong?”

“No… No, nothing is wrong…” Xi Ran endured the deeper penetration as Huan Xiu lowered his body, but his heart relaxed at Huan Xiu’s words.

Huan Xiu didn’t say anything else, but he still silently covered Xi Ran’s body from behind, his chest pressed tightly against Xi Ran’s back. Xi Ran could clearly feel Huan Xiu’s familiar warmth and touch with each thrust.

Then the water in the bathtub cooled down once, then hot water was put in, and then it cooled down again. The two of them did it three times in a row before taking a break.

Huan Xiu had to admit, the physical condition of this body was a bit poor. Staying at home all the time, plus the natural aptitude of the male Zerg… his ‘enthusiasm’ was still there after three times, but his physical strength has bottomed out. Huan Xiu was envious of Xi Ran’s recovery rate after a short break.

Regular exercise was also put on the agenda…

Huan Xiu was lying naked on the bed, and silently listed ‘workout’ next to ‘learning to drive’ in the memo pad of his communicator.

Xi Ran temporarily turned off the air conditioner and brought a towel from the bathroom, “Master, you’ll catch a cold if you lie like that. Let me help you dry your hair.”

“It’s okay, I’ll dry it myself…”

“……” Xi Ran’s face suddenly had a somewhat lonely expression on it.

“…Forget it, it’s better if you do it.” Huan Xiu couldn’t resist this look on Xi Ran’s face. Xi Ran immediately came over, his own short hair was already dry.

Xi Ran took the towel in his hand, sat down on the bed on his knees, and rubbed Huan Xiu’s hair from behind. Xi Ran whispered as if remembering something, “Ah, right, sorry. I directly called Master’s name before…” 

“I’d rather you call me by my first name,” Huan Xiu smiled, “but it feels good when you call it while doing it, so do so more in the future.”

“That’s…” Xi Ran looked like he was struggling. He wanted to do everything Huan Xiu asked him to do, but it was against the common sense he had accepted before.

At the same time, Xi Ran was relieved that Huan Xiu didn’t seem to notice his inner turmoil. At that moment, he got intimidated by Huan Xiu’s forceful and aggressive attitude – he was afraid that Huan Xiu would become a conquering and sadistic Zerg like the others.

As long as Xi Ran could stay by Huan Xiu’s side, he would be happy. He should be willing to be treated by Huan Xiu in any way, but now all he wanted was for Huan Xiu to be gentle with him. Xi Ran was ashamed of his growing greediness and… fortunately, Huan Xiu should not have noticed.

Huan Xiu, who was ‘unaware’, smiled, but because his back was turned to Xi Ran, Xi Ran didn’t see it. “It’s okay, take your time.”

“I’ll try my best.” Xi Ran only thought that Huan Xiu was talking about calling out his name. If it was Master’s request, since he could change his address from ‘you (formal)’ to ‘you (informal)’ it might not be as difficult to call his first name as he imagined.


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