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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Luo XiaoLou was sent back by Rod, and although Rod tried his best to act as if nothing had happened, Luo XiaoLou could still see the worry in his eyes. As he thought about the chip in his hand, Luo XiaoLou’s heart was in turmoil again. He vaguely felt that there was a secret right in front of him, but he couldn’t see it clearly.

The two majesties and the princes said they were too busy today, and would have dinner at the military headquarters.

Luo XiaoLou sighed inwardly and said, “Please put it in our rooms, thank you.”

As the fragrant meal was placed in their small dining room, Luo XiaoLou hesitated at the table for a moment and went to the bathroom first.

When he returned from the bathroom, Yuan Xi still hadn’t returned, so Luo XiaoLou was forced to sit down to eat by himself. 125 boldly sat in Yuan Xi’s seat. He looked with reserve at the set of shiny tableware Luo XiaoLou had set up for him. Although Luo XiaoLou was now giving him everything he wanted, the last collection was given to his former master and big brother, so his small coffers need to be filled again.

Luo XiaoLou ate half of his meal, then turned to 125. “Any news from Li Mo and Cyril?”

“Similar to our side. However, because the beasts themselves have strong bodies, along with the high tier mecha, the octopus people’s war against the beasts was basically fended off. Now if Master Li Mo can solve the problem of the sealed land, they have nothing to fear at all!” 125 said triumphantly.

Luo XiaoLou’s heart fell. He didn’t want to go to rest alone after the meal, so he opened the door of the adjacent workroom. The parts for the Tier 9 mecha were already completed, so he was going to start making the Tier 9 mecha. Since he was able to get two sets for the Tier 10 mecha using his duplication skill, hopefully there would be more for the Tier 9.

125 peeked at his master for a moment, then pulled back and started working on his own research. If he could get it out sooner, he might be able to give Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi a surprise.

In the last two hours, the atmosphere in the military’s main command room had become quite thick, and everyones’ faces were quite ugly.

Lieutenant General Hatton was the first to break the silence. “I really didn’t expect that this would happen only a few days after these mecha were put into service. Moreover, this wasn’t just the ordinary army, but a whole battalion of mecha warriors equipped with Tier 6 bio-mecha–” Lieutenant General Hatton’s voice trembled as he spoke, not only because of the precious Tier 6 bio-mecha, but also for those unfortunate young mecha warriors. To be selected for that battalion, they had to be the elite of the elite.

Major General Qi Mo said, with a serious face, “No accident could justify this. The advance ambush in that particular place. Then they deliberately sent just enough people to restrain our artillery fire. It all indicates that they already knew our route and the approximate number of fighters. This can only mean that, in all probability, there is a spy on our side.”

The atmosphere in the room became more grim. Spies? All the orders, almost all of them, were sent down to the command on the front line from this place. The General Command issued orders in the shortest possible time and relied on the command man over there. The enemy shouldn’t have time to set up an ambush.

But now the enemy’s inside man might be on this side? Everyone’s face turned a few more shades of white. The front line knew part of the battle plan. Only the military department had a full set of battle plans. If there was really an insider here, then all those strategic plans were probably useless.

At this time, someone else came to report. “General. The Golden Shallow Star. It’s been captured.”

Everyone in the meeting was shocked. Five-Star Admiral Qi Sen stood up, “What?!” That was one of the planets with the largest number of troops stationed on the front line, and it was also the largest planet in the region.

Yuan Xi’s face also looked ugly. If he remembered correctly, Arthur was also on that planet. With those kinds of troops, how could it be lost?

After the reporting officer left, Yuan Lie said, with a grave face, “Immediately stop using all the battle plans. Yuan Che and Yuan Xi. You two are responsible for investigating the spy. Anyone who has been in contact with the battle plan, entered the conference room, or the command room. Stay until there is no suspicion, and then leave. All generals go to the adjacent conference room while we rework the scenario.”

The generals all went into the conference room. Yuan Che and Yuan Xi quickly started their assignment. Every minute that the spy went unexposed, was one more minute of danger for the warriors at the front. Moreover, they couldn’t even give orders now.

While the Ministry of the Military was under martial law on all fronts, a warship was quietly sailing in the universe.

They also received the bad news of the Golden Shallow Star for the first time. Inside the Captain’s Room, there was silence and even some small suppressed cries. Those were their comrades, their loved ones.

At this time, a soft knock sounded at the door.

The captain’s assistant, after getting the captain’s assent, opened the door. Outside was a clean-cut, thin and tall young man. The assistant looked twice in surprise at this young and brilliant mecha maker, and could not help but ask, “Mr. Mu Chen, please. Why did you come over at this time?”

Mu Chen looked inside with a calm face. “I’m here to see His Excellency, the Captain.”

When he saw that the captain had turned to look at him, Mu Chen continued, “Captain. I believe you have received the unfortunate news. Since the course we are passing through is very close to the Golden Shallow Star, I would like to ask you if we can go over to assist.”

The middle-aged captain looked at Mu Chen in surprise. This young man had always been peaceful and polite. Not only was he extremely skilled as a mecha maker, he also often provided very useful advice on navigation, but he had never asked such an out of the ordinary question.

For them, the battleship’s mission came first. Although they all hated not to go now and aid in the rescue effort,  it wasn’t their decision to make before the order came down.

The captain pondered for a moment and said, “I will immediately submit a request. If Command agrees, we will go to the rescue.”

Mu Chen nodded slightly and didn’t leave. He just stood at the door and waited for the result.

But ten minutes later, the captain told him with difficulty, “Command is very busy right now. By the time our request is approved, I’m afraid the battleship will be far away from the Golden Shallow Star.”

“That means no rescue is possible,” Mu Chen said softly.

“Are there any of your relatives there?” The assistant couldn’t help but ask.

Mu Chen hesitated for two seconds, but his face didn’t reveal any grief. He simply said, “It’s not really a relative, but there is someone I want to save there. So under the circumstances, I am applying to leave the warship and go over to work on rescue alone.”

The captain was startled. “That’s impossible, sir. You are a special mecha maker.”

Mu Chen nodded. “Yes, and I don’t belong to the military, as I’m sure you know. As a special mecha maker, I have the right to choose the unit I belong to, and I don’t have to stay in one place. So, I now choose to go to the Golden Shallow Star, where there are also warriors who are using bio-mecha.”

All the men in the Captain’s Room looked at Mu Chen with incredulous eyes. A lone man, a mecha maker, was going to the Golden Shallow Star now? Even if his reasons were noble, was he planning to die?

The aide was about to try and persuade him again, but Mu Chen had already turned to the captain. “Your Excellency, I insist.”

Looking at those calm, but never weak eyes, the middle-aged captain took a moment before he said, “I’ll send ten men with you for protection. After two hours, if they can’t find anyone, they will bring you back.”

Mu Chen smiled. These rare people who got to see his smile were flabbergasted as Mu Chen said, “Good.”

When Mu Chen picked out a Tier 8 bio-mecha at the staging area to take the lead out, everyone was shocked to find that this young man was actually also a mecha warrior!

The people responsible for protecting Mu Chen were even more speechless. With this kind of skill, could they even manage to bring him back by force?

Mu Chen quickly arrived at the Golden Shallow Star. The aftermath of the battle was still ongoing, and it was clear that the octopus people were in the majority. Mu Chen called up the geographic map, and the mecha didn’t stop. It flew at top speed to the Golden Shallow Star High Command.

The other mecha warriors were helpless, barely able to keep up with Mu Chen’s speed, as they also flew towards the place where the artillery fire was most concentrated.

After taking out the two nearby octopus mecha one by one, Mu Chen looked at the growing number of enemy mecha in the distance, and landed his mecha on the ground to hide it in the shadows of the buildings.

Mu Chen hesitated for a split second, and contacted the man. “Are you still alive? If you’re alive, where are you now?”

After a two or three second pause, the other side immediately cursed. “Fuck, of course I’m alive. How can I fuck you if I don’t come back alive? You don’t want to hit the others. Wait for me to go back I have to–“

Mu Chen smiled coldly, and interrupted Arthur’s increasingly rude words. “I’m at the outskirts of the command, under that white tower. Where are you?”

“You’re at…Who told you to come?! Holy shit, you miss me that much? Sending yourself all this way?” Arthur shouted across the room with such fire that anyone could hear that he was furious.

However, Mu Chen didn’t answer his words. There was a loud noise, and then no sound.

Arthur listened to Mu Chen’s faint breathing. His heart was sore, and soft, and annoyed. He didn’t know why he had these out-of-control emotions. Whenever he encountered Mu Chen, he seemed to lose control very easily.

Arthur suppressed the fire on his end and hurriedly asked, “What’s going on? Why don’t you say anything? Were you found by the octopus people?”

After another ten seconds or so, just as Arthur was about to explode, Mu Chen said softly, “Mn. Just now an octopus person came over, but now he has left. Where are you? I’ll come find you.”

“Stay there, I’ll be right over!” Arthur cursed again fiercely before ending the communication.

Mu Chen calmly checked the coordinates of his location according to Arthur’s communication device, then determined the distribution of enemies around him. With a quick movement of his fingers, he issued instructions to the other ten people, then pressed down the mecha’s controls and flew outward near the ground.

If it wasn’t to help those ten people, he simply wouldn’t be found.

Mu Chen looked at the red dot of light that was getting closer and closer on the screen, and his faintly wrinkled brow loosened up.

When he saw Arthur, the always brutal pirate leader was surrounded by four mecha.

Arthur dodged the first mecha, and during the moment he changed the angle, his ion cannon hit a green mecha, while the knife in his hand cut the cockpit position of the third mecha.

Arthur turned around and avoided the ion cannon of the fourth mecha, and his mouth was filled with a cold smile. Now he was waiting to clean up these pieces of trash. If his energy box wasn’t about to be depleted, he would have used all long-range weapons.

But something seemed wrong.

Arthur’s mind moved and he quickly turned around. What he had ignored was the first mecha that he had avoided.

After Arthur turned around, he realized that the other mecha was already in front of him, and the ion cannon of the remaining octopus mecha was aimed right at the heart of his mecha.

Arthur’s hand flew as a series of commands were entered.

Mu Chen froze for two seconds, then found that all four mecha around Arthur were already lying on the ground while Arthur, who he had wanted to protect, was standing in front of him. His mecha’s huge body slowly knelt down. This simple-minded idiot with his level eight bio-mecha, his defense performance was still much better than his.

Mu Chen felt that his heart which had been cold for a long time was suddenly beating eagerly. He immediately used the communication device to contact Arthur, but the result was no sound.

Mu Chen jumped out of the mecha as fast as he could, opened the cockpit of the energy-less mecha, and dragged Arthur, who had a bloody head, outside. Arthur’s communication device flashed brightly, and Mu Chen was relieved to see that he was still alive.

Mu Chen put Arthur’s mecha away, then took Arthur into his own mecha.

Half an hour later, Mu Chen left the Golden Shallow Star with eleven people and returned to the battleship’s original course.

Arthur woke up while Mu Chen was doing simple treatment on him. He looked at Mu Chen for a while, then suddenly disregarded Mu Chen’s hand that was pressing on his wound, used his hand to pull Mu Chen over and kissed him hard.

After he was satisfied from enough kissing. Arthur, his face still full of blood and unaware of how hideous he was now, said proudly, “Say. Are you in love with me?”

Mu Chen laughed coldly. “What kind of joke are you telling? If Father hadn’t said to the others that he wanted you to live and that the Grey Galaxy couldn’t survive without you, I wouldn’t even care about you.”

Arthur froze, but after a moment he laughed again. “You said, ‘Father?’” He moved closer to Mu Chen and said, “Brother, since hugging you, I am full of your taste. To be honest, I really regret sending you over. You come back.”

Mu Chen’s face got colder, the hand that resisted got harder, but Arthur, regardless of the hand on his neck, shamelessly licked.



“No. We’ve searched all the footage, and all the personnel who had contact with the classified materials have been screened, but nothing has been found.” The adjutant reported to Yuan Che and Yuan Xi with a tired face.

Yuan Che considered that for a while. “We’ll do it this way. Let these people stay at the military headquarters tonight. For those that we are sure have no problems, they can leave and talk to us tomorrow.”

Yuan Xi went back to his office. Xia Zuo spoke only after he closed the door. “Your Highness, I arranged to send the video from your side, but there is a section that I…cut out.”

Yuan Xi, who was leaning on the sofa with his eyes closed, immediately opened his eyes and looked at Xia Zuo.

Xia Zuo opened the screen on the wall, and a video was played out.

The quiet lounge was empty. After ten seconds or so, the door opened silently and a man walked in with his head down.


Yuan Xi tensed his jaw, as he stared dead straight at the figure. Luo XiaoLou.


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