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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The sun was shining when he boarded the plane in Beijing, but it was windy and rainy when he got off the plane in Lincang.

Nan HuaiLin sat in the car, looking at the unfamiliar city in the storm, and suddenly remembered the time in Hengdian when he and Fei Cheng were walking in the rain with one umbrella, and Fei Cheng tilted the umbrella towards him. He didn’t get wet, but Fei Cheng was drenched in water.

His longing was unreasonable and he could find reasons for it in every corner.

“It’s my first time in Yunnan,” Man Tianzhu said, holding up her phone to take a picture, “and it feels so beautiful here.”

“It’s pretty.” Nan HuaiLin responded absentmindedly.

After taking a picture and posting it to her friend circle, Man Tianzhu put away her phone, took a look at the ring on Nan HuaiLin’s left ring finger, and said, “Your ring looks quite special. What kind of material is it?”

Nan HuaiLin’s heart suddenly tingled for a moment, and he paused for a few seconds before answering, “An ordinary jade stone.”

Man Tianzhu asked again, “From whom?”

Nan HuaiLin’s heart was both sweet and sour, and he gave a low ‘mmm’.

Man Tianzhu paused, “But… Wouldn’t it be unwise to wear it on your ring finger? People will think twice if they see it.”

Nan HuaiLin thought about it and said, “You can buy a silver chain for me on Taobao, I’ll wear the ring around my neck.”

Man Tianzhu said, “Okay”.

About an hour later, they arrived at their destination – a residential building in Gengma Town, Lincang, the home of Chen Bu and Chen Chi in My Father.

Nan HuaiLin would live here with Chi Gu for half a month before filming began, to experience life and walk through the scenes in advance.

The residential building looked very shabby from the outside, and the house was even more rudimentary when he entered it. Just being in this house, which was out of sight, made Nan HuaiLin feel depressed, and with the scenes in the script constantly coming to mind, his depression was even heavier.

“Nan HuaiLin?” someone behind him called his name.

Nan HuaiLin hurriedly turned around and saw the person standing at the door, he was surprised and happy, and bowed in a panic, “Hello, Teacher Qi!”

Qi Gu walked over and said with a smile, “Don’t call me teacher, I’m your father from now on, so call me dad.”

First time meeting his idol and being asked to call him dad… Nan HuaiLin really couldn’t do that.

“I’m teasing you, but you’re taking it seriously.” Qi Gu smiled brightly and returned to his proper color, “How is the script going?”

“Not b- not bad at all.” Nan HuaiLin was so nervous that his tongue was tied.

“Act a paragraph?” Advisor Qi.

“No-now?” Nan HuaiLin was slightly surprised.

“Now.” Qi Gu looked at him and said.

Nan HuaiLin instantly understood that Qi Gu was testing him to see how much he had and whether he was qualified to act with him.

“Okay.” Nan HuaiLin steadied his heart, “Which part do you want to act?”

Qi Gu hooked his lips and smiled, “I can choose any scene?”

Nan HuaiLin nodded, “Yes.”

Qi Gu glanced out the window and said, “It’s raining hard today, so how about the part where Chen Chi comes back after killing someone?”

Nan HuaiLin replied without a second thought, “No problem.”

After that, he strolled around the house to familiarize himself with the interior, then turned his head and headed out.

Nan HuaiLin went straight downstairs and walked into the pouring rain.

It was already cool in Yunnan at the end of October, and after two minutes of rain, Nan HuaiLin was so soaked and cold that he shivered slightly.

He went upstairs quickly, pushed open the hidden door, didn’t even look at Qi Gu who was sitting on the living room sofa watching TV, then sullenly went into the bathroom, closed the door with his back hand, turned on the faucet, hastily stripped himself down to a pair of underwear, and then sat huddled in the corner, letting the hot water wash over his shivering body.

The bathroom door was kicked open by Qi Gu.

He glanced at the person crouching in the corner, casually turned off the faucet, walked to Nan HuaiLin and squatted down, reached out and cupped his chin so hard that he pinched the red marks on his fair face, forcing him to raise his head.

Nan HuaiLin looked at him with vacant eyes, tears flowing down silently.

Qi Gu rudely wiped a handful of tears from his eyes, then pulled him into his arms and hugged him, “Crying my ass, useless dog.”

Nan HuaiLin hugged his waist tightly and buried his face deep into his neck, no sound at all, just trembling fiercely.

Qi Gu said roughly, “If you cry again, I’ll fuck you to death!”

Nan HuaiLin with a heavy nasal voice jarred back, “You can’t fuck me to death, I’m your son.”


Nan HuaiLin, a second out of the play, looked up and saw a slightly chubby man standing at the bathroom door, who he immediately recognized as the famous director Wu Xinghai.

“Director Wu,” Qi Gu stood up, took off his jacket and handed it to Nan HuaiLin. “Where did you dig up this treasure?”

Nan HuaiLin put on Qi Gu’s jacket and bowed respectfully towards Wu Xinghai, “Hello, director Wu.”

Wu Xinghai glanced at Nan HuaiLin and then looked at Qi Gu, “Give us a score.”

Qi Gu also looked at Nan HuaiLin and said with a smile, “I can’t give this score, I can only say that your eye for choosing people is poisonous enough.”

Nan HuaiLin was overjoyed to be praised by his idol, but he remained calm on the surface.

Wu Xinghai patted Nan HuaiLin’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Hurry up and change your clothes, I’ll take you to dinner.”

Nan HuaiLin and Qi Gu were almost inseparable during the half month before the shooting started. They walked around the streets of Gengma town together, familiarizing themselves with the local customs, and they went to see the Lancang River, a magnificent yellow river winding through the verdant mountains.

Nan HuaiLin learned a lot from Qi Gu, whom he admired as the water of the Lancang River flowed.

In the blink of an eye, in November, My Father started filming as scheduled.

Because of the thorough preparation before, the shooting went smoothly beyond imagination, all the scenes of Nan HuaiLin and Qi Gu were almost done all in one go, and the two worked together seamlessly.

Three months later, My Father was successfully finished.

Nan HuaiLin returned to Beijing and immediately started the shooting of a new drama.

The new drama was called The Shining You, also based on Jin Jiang’s novel of the same name. It was a youth campus romance, and Nan HuaiLin was also playing the second male role.

He played a high school student at the age of twenty-three, but there was no sense of incongruity, because his face was so tender that it seemed to be able to pinch water out of it, and he looked more youthful than a real high school student.

Because of the constant filming, Nan HuaiLin couldn’t go to see Fei Cheng with Fei Zheng.

Fei Zheng would call Nan HuaiLin every month after he returned from his trip to the United States, each time with a brief and concise sentence, “Everything’s fine, don’t worry.”

The New Year passed in a hurry with the busy shooting schedule.

Later in the year, Land of Stars was broadcasted simultaneously on four major TV channels.

This ancient immortal idol drama, which had been hot on the internet since the beginning of filming, really lived up to its expectations.

Halfway through the broadcast, the episode where Lu JinQin took off his mask to reveal his true face was finally broadcast, and as director Luo Ke had predicted during filming, Nan HuaiLin stunned everyone.

A blogger with less than 100,000 followers cut the image of Lu JinQin taking off his mask into a five-second gif and posted it on Weibo with the caption: [I’m dead! Within two minutes, I want all the information about this person!]

The tweet was retweeted 30,000 times and commented 50,000 times within two hours, and “Land of Stars, Lu JinQin” was pushed to the top of the hot search, followed by “Nan HuaiLin”.

Nan HuaiLin was busy filming and ignorant of this, but Man Tianzhu witnessed his Weibo followers rise from 5,000 to 500,000 overnight and continue to soar, and by the next night after the two episodes of the TV series, Nan HuaiLin’s Weibo followers had directly broken a million.

Nan HuaiLin became an overnight sensation, leaping from an obscure 18th tier to a popular star, stealing the limelight from lead actor and actress Shen Chong and Ma Xiaohuan.

The only thing that bothered him was that he was surrounded by fans wherever he went, completely losing his freedom.

When The Shining You finished filming, Land of Stars also finished airing.

Nan HuaiLin’s fan base had soared to 8 million, and his popularity was unparalleled.

The first episode easily broke 100 million within 24 hours. Under the double blast of face and body, fans were dying, lining up under Nan HuaiLin’s Weibo to call him husband.

At the same time, there were also people who spared no effort to throw dirty water on Nan HuaiLin, accusing him of selling meat to be on the top, stealing roles, plastic surgery… They had been making up all kinds of black materials, and had also searched for old photos of Nan HuaiLin when he was running for a job.

But these black materials were cleared up immediately after they were thrown out, without stirring up any water splashes. On Weibo, there was a new CP – Nan HuaiLin and He DuanYang. Their role in the Swimming Beyond My Life although not a CP but with a CP sense of pure brotherly love. He DuanYang also gained a lot of popularity, although not comparable to Nan HuaiLin, but his popularity has also been wide-spread.

After he became popular, he was approached by various advertisements and scripts, and what made Nan HuaiLin most happy was that he finally had the right to choose his roles. However, he only took one cell phone endorsement, and put off all other advertisements and scripts because it was about to be April and Fei Cheng was due back.

Six long months finally passed in a flurry of activity.

When the wait came to an end, it became more and more torturous, to the point that he wasn’t able to eat or sleep. Nan HuaiLin wanted to go with him, but Fei Zheng wouldn’t let him, telling him to wait.

He had been waiting for a week, but hadn’t heard anything.

He began to panic, worrying if something had happened to Fei Cheng and the dragon eggs, and he was on edge every day, sleeping with his cell phone in his hand, afraid of missing a call.

Late that night, Nan HuaiLin was awakened by the ringing of his phone.

He sat up sharply and answered immediately, “Hello!”

Fei Cheng’s laughing voice came from the other side, “Baby, I’m coming home.”

Nan HuaiLin’s eyes swished down with tears.

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