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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The huge transparent window faced them, and the situation inside could be seen clearly. Three people in white overalls were busy at the workbench, and in the middle, a man was standing facing them. To be exact, the man was fixed on a silver-white instrument more than two meters high. The most exaggerated thing was that he was not wearing any clothes, just a number of tubes attached to his body.

As soon as they came in and saw this situation, many of the people frowned slightly. Although there was no absolute prohibition, human experimentation was still disgusting to most people. However, when that person looked up, except for Yuan Xi and Yuan Che at the front, everyone behind them shouted in surprise.

That person was actually Luo XiaoLou, who hadn’t been seen for many days.

Rod quickly recovered from the shock and muttered, “No. No. It’s not His Highness the Prince Consort.”

The crowd looked more closely and realized that although the resemblance was very similar to that person, there were still slight differences. Almost everyone found, but didn’t dare to say out loud, that the person inside was heads above Luo XiaoLou when it came to good looks.

This person was as if the whole Luo XiaoLou was somehow beautified. Fine features, body was just right; it was subtle to the extreme. Even the man’s eyes, as he looked out, held a slight temptation.

His gaze swept past the faces of the people outside the window.

The last stop was on Yuan Xi’s face.

Yuan Xi halted in his tracks, his face unreadable.

Yuan Che, on the other hand, was the first to walk towards that door. He didn’t call for any staff help. The purple light of the communication instrument on his wrist just flashed, and the door opened.

The highest special authority. Even for the royal family, there were a limited number of times it could be used each year, and moreover, it must be used under extremely special circumstances.

The door opened silently. The man who was tied up suddenly screamed, a horrible scream that reached the ears of the crowd. Maybe he was screaming before, but they couldn’t hear it because of the soundproofing.

A few people were working with their backs to the window. One of them walked towards the person fixed to the instrument and pressed the needle in his hand to his shoulder with unusual roughness.

After the injection, the man in the middle twitched a few times. His eyes dimmed, and he stopped screaming.

The person who finished the injection cursed indignantly, but didn’t immediately leave as his hand lewdly touched the man’s body twice.

Another worker said to the person who used the needle, “Don’t move him. It will impact the experiment, and the director will discipline people.” After a pause, he suddenly said, “Wait! Life index is dropping. Maybe we shouldn’t take it upon ourselves to increase the number of experiments. He…won’t he die of pain?”

The man with the needle laughed. “What are you talking about? With this kind of expensive deadly medicine feeding into his body, how can he die? Tsk, it’s a pity that it’s this look. Especially also like that one. It’s a pity that the blood in the body is too dirty, otherwise I would like to…” his voice lowered, but from those lustful eyes they could see what he was thinking.

The last one grunted. “This kind of monster whose body is full of worms, you can also lay your hands on it? He’s not even a human being. I’d rather wait until the experiment is over. I’ve applied for an autopsy with the director, who has already agreed.”

The men standing quietly at the door were no longer willing to look at Yuan Xi’s expression. Then, the man fixed in the middle managed to raise his head, and resumed staring at Yuan Xi. He opened his mouth and moved his lips silently.

At this time, the staff member standing in front of him realized that something was wrong, and quickly turned around. When he saw the person at the door, he immediately changed his expression.

Rod waved his hand. The people behind him moved in and grabbed the three testers.

The one in front of the bound man, his face changed a few times before he said with a trembling voice, “Your Highness, this experiment was requested by the Institute. It has nothing to do with the few of us!”

Yuan Che narrowed his eyes, and asked in a gentle voice, “Oh? Then, the molestation of, and the attempt to kill a member of the royal family was also requested by the Institute? You should know that even if it’s against a clone, it’s the same as committing a crime against the person.”

The three men flushed, and immediately said, “But, but, but this isn’t His Highness the Prince Consort…”

Yuan Che smiled. “So you still know the Prince Consort. As for whether there is a blood relationship, you can wait for the verdict. I think the investigating officer will give us a satisfactory answer.”

Yuan Xi didn’t speak. He went directly to the bound man. The person had been looking at Yuan Xi, but it was only when Yuan Xi walked in front of him, that he opened his mouth and said another word. It was probably because of the medicine just now, but he still made no sound.

Yuan Xi was silent for a moment, then said, “I can take you out.”

The man’s eyes lit up for a moment, seemingly full of hope, but then slowly dimmed down.

Yuan Xi said, “It won’t be in this state anymore. You will have enough time to live your life as you want.”

The man smiled faintly. The people who were standing behind him looked a little dazed, as he said a few more soundless words.

Yuan Xi paused, then raised his hand and his energy sword, then destroyed the apparatus that held the man captive. The man then fell limp to the ground. After a long moment where he tossed and turned, he finally struggled to his feet as he held the workbench next to him. After the tubes left his body, his skin instantly regained its smoothness and Yuan Xi threw some clothes at him.

He moved stiffly to pull on the clothes. After a while, he slowly walked towards the three experimenters who were now pinned down.

The three men began to struggle hard, with expressions of extreme fear on their faces. The man walked to them and his fingers suddenly moved.  Sharp nails came out as he moved to grab the three experimenters by the throat. The three people started to scream even before his nails touched them.

But the man suddenly withdrew his nails just as they were about to touch their throats. Then he turned around, picked up three syringes from the table and injected the contents into the three men.

This time, those three people didn’t even scream. One had a face full of despair. Another, with an ashen face said, “No! No! You can’t do this!”

The man didn’t even look at the three men again, just turned around and walked towards Yuan Xi.

Yuan Che silently turned his head. At the same time, the energy sword in Yuan Xi’s hand went directly into the man’s heart. His body stiffened. Bright red blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. Although he was dead, there was a smile on his face. 

Rod’s eyes were also merciless. He could read lips, and knew that the man had explained that there was no hope of saving him. His body was full of experimental viruses and bacteria, and every second he was alive was a sin. He hadn’t wanted to wait for himself to be slowly eaten.

Finally the man said wordlessly, “I envy. He is happy.”

And the three men being escorted out by a squire had begun to turn blue. One shivered and shouted, “Kill me! Kill me now!”

Yuan Xi glanced at Yuan Che, who nodded, said a few words to the adjutant, and the three men were taken out. It was clear to everyone that no matter what the investigation result was, these three people were better off dead than alive.

Yuan Xi and Yuan Che continued to walk forward. The labs on both sides were full of all kinds of people or beasts. Yuan Xi didn’t look at them any further and headed straight in. When they reached the third underground floor of the Exotic Beast Institute, the door at the innermost part of the passage suddenly opened and a person came out of the room.

He looked at Yuan Xi and Yuan Che with a faint smile and said, “It is rare for the two Highnesses to come to the Exotic Beast Institute. I am very rude for not coming out to greet them.” That kind of smile, and gentle words that were like encountering spring breeze, made it sound like Yuan Xi and others had just come for a visit.

After that, he turned to Yuan Xi and said, “Your Highness, I can probably guess the reason for your coming here today. If you really want to understand, then I hope you can come into my office with me, and I will tell you all the things that happened back then.”

Before Yuan Xi could say anything, Rod already said, “Absolutely not.”

Yuan Che then looked thoughtfully at Bai Fu, the current director of the Exotic Beast Institute, and then turned his head to look at Yuan Xi.

Bai Fu looked at Rod with a smile. “If you are not comfortable, you can come in as well. I just want to have a quiet place to talk with His Highness.”

Rod stared at Bai Fu. Before they came, he investigated most of the top brass of the Exotic Beast Institute. He knew that Bai Fu’s genetic level was B. He took a few steps towards Yuan Xi at that moment. If Bai Fu was really part of a conspiracy, then he could solve him.

“Then, the two of you come with me.” Bai Fu didn’t go far, just opened the door that was closest to them.

Before they entered the door, he also had someone check the room to make sure there was no danger before they walked in.

After Yuan Xi and Rod entered the room, Bai Fu went behind the desk, opened a safe, then retrieved a piece of information and handed it to Yuan Xi. “Your Highness, this is the agreement from back then.”

As Yuan Xi glanced at the agreement, Bai Fu looked up again, smiled at Rod, and said, “You can sit down too.”

Rod turned toward the couch furthest away from them, and sat down.

Yuan Xi read through the agreement, and his eyes gradually narrowed.

The agreement was actually drawn up before the conflict between humans and exotic beasts emerged.

The person who drew up the agreement was the director of the Exotic Beast Institute, Su Yun and the Federation’s Yue Zhuo.

Jui Yuan was the first to discover the exotic beasts, and the super genes that could be obtained from them. He even devised an experiment that could use the blood and genes of the exotic beast to make a new type of reagent that could raise the genetic level, and even extend the life, of the aristos by at least ten times after humans used it.

However, the exotic beasts were very strong. That they didn’t cause trouble for humans was already considered good.

So, before they captured the exotic beasts, Yue Zhuo and Su Yun first took a virus, provided by Jui Yuan, and put it in the exotic beasts’ environment. That virus was difficult to detect by the exotic beasts, and they unknowingly changed their own genes. After a long time, they couldn’t resist a person who carried the antibody, and their spirits were increasingly out of their control. In serious cases, hallucinations would appear and lead to madness.

Yuan Xi coldly read this agreement, then put it directly into his own space button. He looked up at Bai Fu’s deep dark eyes, and gave him an unusually ironic smile. “So this says that the war between humans and the exotic beasts was provoked by you and the Federation.”

When Bai Fu saw Yuan Xi directly put away the agreement, he appeared not to care and said with a smile, “Yes. It can be said that we almost succeeded that year. But unfortunately, they noticed it.”

“Then the exotic beasts began to invade the human planet on a large scale, abusing humans and plundering resources. Later, when humanity was about to die out, the Empire appeared with their mecha, so the Federation disbanded and all joined the Empire. Right?” Yuan Xi said coldly.

“It’s almost what you said, but then we finally caught a few of the exotic beasts. Unfortunately, that reagent is almost gone.” Bai Fu ignored Yuan Xi’s mockery and continued to speak in a good-natured manner.

“So many people died for your damned reagent, and it hasn’t even come out yet?” Yuan Xi asked again, and he then stood up. “I think there is no need for the Exotic Beast Institute to exist at all, and all of you here will appear in court.”

Bai Fu’s deep black eyes continued to stare at Yuan Xi. “However, it cannot be said that we are completely wrong. At least we got rid of a huge hidden opponent for humanity. In accordance with the exotic beasts’ brutal character, it is hard to say that they won’t strike out against humans in the future.”

“I think that the future is not just that one possibility. Humans and exotic beasts could also become friends. But that opportunity was completely erased by you. Now, I have nothing more to say to you.” Yuan Xi said unusually coldly.

“No, Your Highness, the exotic beasts must be removed. They must be removed. We are doing the right…thing,” Bai Fu said once again with certainty.

Yuan Xi’s gaze suddenly moved. “You let me in so generously because of your hypnosis, right? But you overestimate yourself.”

The smile on Bai Fu’s face gradually faded as he stared at Yuan Xi. His deep black eyes began to appear faintly green.

Yuan Xi stood up, but began to slowly stop moving until finally he was still.

A cold sweat broke out on Bai Fu’s forehead. Half-dead, he was almost flat on the table as he clicked on his communication device and said, “I have successfully hypnotized Yuan Xi, but I didn’t expect him to be so powerful. The hypnosis will barely last three days, so you guys need to step up the time to get it done. Also, my Spiritual Power is injured, let ‘Jui Yuan’ come over to help me. OK. I know, he left that body.”

“OK. Make him. He must come to me immediately.”

Bai Fu finished speaking, his face was turning blue as he tried to stand up, but at that moment, Yuan Xi, who was standing there with his head hanging in front of him, suddenly raised his head.

Bai Fu’s face changed. His eyes began to look bright again. The corners of Yuan Xi’s mouth curled up strangely, as he slowly reached out to Bai Fu with one hand, and finally grabbed his neck.

Bai Fu gradually went limp, and finally stopped breathing.

Yuan Xi let go of Bai Fu, then sat for a while, as if he suddenly came back to his senses. Surprised and puzzled, he looked at the table in front of him, where there was a deep handprint.

Could it be his? Yuan Xi looked at his hands in confusion, got up and left.

Before he left the room, Yuan Xi woke up Rod, who also looked at Yuan Xi in confusion and wondered how he could fall asleep there.

After the two men left, the dead Bai Fu’s hand moved on the table. Then the man made his way upright, and his two hands lifted up his head.

He muttered, “Bai Fu was actually killed by that prince? How is this possible?”

After Yuan Xi reached outside, Yuan Che walked over quickly and Yuan Xi said, “Let’s go back.”

Everyone was stunned, and Rod asked, “Your Highness, what about the Exotic Beasts?”

“There is nothing more to do here, let’s leave first.” After he said that, Yuan Xi took the lead and walked towards the door.


Yuan Che, who was walking behind, looked at Yuan Xi thoughtfully, and then quickly followed him.


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November 15, 2021 10:44 pm

And the author just dropped a huge bomb. The war between the exotic beasts and humans was provoked by humans from the Federation and the Institute. This is something that can overthrow any other bad rumours and false news the Federation idiots can spread now. Deal with this Mr. Beauty and Su Lan b**ch! I can hang on through this cliff hanger, I just need to know one thing where is XiaoLuo???

Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 16, 2021 12:00 am

I suspected for some time that the war was instigated by a third party and now it’s confirmed.
What awful people. All those poor souls experimented on that died painfully and abused. Horrible.
How bizarre that YX was hypnotized, yet still killed Bai Fu, who has reanimated?
Where is LXL though?
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 17, 2021 11:15 am

From beast research to soul hopping😲😲😲

June 27, 2022 11:36 pm

I feel sad for the exotic beasts :((

June 28, 2022 12:17 am

I’m glad for ml’s chara progression. Instead of the before with his very negative views, he considered friendly cooperation with the exotic beasts instead of total annihilation or war.

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