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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After he listened to Ling Xu’s words, Shen Yuan was silent for a moment. Then he calmly said, “Although I don’t agree with your previous words, you are right about the last sentence. I really can’t be Kane’s chief mecha designer.”

After he said that, Shen Yuan once again checked the ship’s route to make sure it was correct. He turned his gaze back to Ling Xu and said, “This battleship is headed for Imperial Capital. If nothing else, take care of your wounds yourselves. In addition, this is not a warship. I would please ask Colonel Ling to arrange for a guard to be on duty.”

After he said that, Shen Yuan sat back down on the ground.

Ling Xu froze, and then his face sank. “Are you teaching me how to do things?” He came to reprimand Shen Yuan, firstly because Yang Ke was the person he had personally selected and intended to train. He couldn’t just leave him alone.

The second reason was that he had never viewed Shen Yuan in a good light. In Kane, no matter what people thought in their hearts, they still gave him face as the future family heir. However, there were two exceptions. Master Yan and Shen Yuan.

Master Yan’s attitude was understandable, given his passion for mecha and his status as a master mecha maker. But what was with Shen Yuan’s attitude? He was like Luo XiaoLou later on, and the fact that the two were on good terms made him feel faintly annoyed just at the sight of him.

So, even though he knew Shen Yuan’s skills were better than Yang Ke’s, he still chose Yang Ke as his beloved henchman.

With Yang Ke’s life and death unknown, and their mecha warriors saved by such a weak mecha maker, Ling Xu could no longer control his anger. Whether it was for the sake of his subordinates, or for the sake of face.

Ling Xu’s angry questions weren’t answered, and his face became increasingly ugly. Suddenly,  Ling Xu saw Shen Yuan’s hand casually placed on the ground.

Ling Xu stopped his rebuke, and stared for a while at Shen Yuan who was sitting quietly, before he walked over to Shen Yuan and gently kicked him with his foot. “Hey, you–“

Ling Xu’s words hadn’t finished when Shen Yuan fell to the side, his face horribly pale. Ling Xu tightened his eyebrows, hesitated for a long time, and finally bent down to pick him up.

Two days later, Ling Xu looked at a medical record with a complicated gaze, and then said to Di Jia, “Are you saying that Shen Yuan took the initiative to request to be transferred to the assistant team?”

Di Jia’s face had obvious pain and regret. Although he was a bit puzzled by Ling Xu’s initiative to ask about Shen Yuan’s condition, it made sense since Shen Yuan was brought out by Ling Xu. He fiddled with the medical record, sighed, and said, “He was determined to go there, and I didn’t want to force him anymore. He was the disciple I brought out. I knew just how difficult it was better than anyone.”

“This last time he went to the front line with the army, his Spiritual Power suffered such a level of damage that there is no hope of recovery. He can’t use Spiritual Power anymore, so as a mecha maker, he will never have access to high tier mecha again, but as an assistant, he still has a chance. I don’t think Shen Yuan made this decision because he couldn’t handle the pressure, and gave up on himself.”

Di Jia said he had already planned that if Shen Yuan couldn’t recover his Spiritual Power ever, then he would always follow himself or Master Yan to play under them. As for the future, Di Jia’s mind quickly flashed to the shadow of a person.

Even if that person didn’t agree, he had to sacrifice his old face to go beg for his disciple.

Even now Ling Xu began to regret that he had come and asked. He didn’t want to know the truth at all.

Just then, the door was pushed open from outside and a tall, thin figure walked in.

Di Jia immediately put away the file in his hand, and asked in a gentle tone, “Has the examination over there been finished?”

Shen Yuan smiled faintly, and greeted them before he said, “They were following up on the project from before. There’s really no need for me to say anything else.”

Ling Xu looked at Shen Yuan from the sidelines. For the mecha maker, that devastating injury didn’t seem to have left any shadow on him at all. He was still the same as before, and treated the people he respected with a smile that seemed to be filled with warmth.

As to the unpleasantness between him and Shen Yuan, he seemed to have forgotten all about it, but when his eyes turned from Di Jia to him, Ling Xu could clearly feel the boundary of detachment.

While he waited for the two to finish, Ling Xu said to Shen Yuan, “You were injured because you were forced to use Spiritual Power to pilot the mecha to save us. Don’t worry. The PDG family will definitely help you find a cure.”

Shen Yuan hesitated, then shook his head and said calmly, “Thanks, but don’t get too hopeful. I know my situation.”

Ling Xu’s eyes narrowed for a moment, and he said unhappily, “Since I said so. I will definitely help you find a cure.” After that, he coldly turned around and walked out.

The first thing he did was to meet Yang Ke, who had been looking for him with a look of undisguised affection in his eyes. It was great to have Ling Xu back, and he already knew from others that Ling Xu had just sobered up, and was looking for him.

Although he had always liked Ling Xu, he had been reluctant to say so. After all, his status was too different from Ling Xu’s. But after this life-and-death crisis, he planned to gather his courage, and give it a try. Maybe what awaited him was sweet love.


Although Luo XiaoLou also wanted to seize the moment to sweeten his hand with his lover, he was obviously not so lucky.

On the third day, Li Mo began to take him to treat the exotic beasts locked in slumber. Li Mo and Yuan Xi were with him during that process. Whether the treatment was successful or not, the exotic beasts would be awakened.

If Luo XiaoLou’s treatment wasn’t effective, an adult crazy exotic beast was enough to cause great damage to Luo XiaoLou. Yuan Xi saw various prototypes of exotic beasts and although his expression was hard to discern, he still vigilantly guarded Luo XiaoLou.

That night, after Luo XiaoLou exhausted his Yuan Power, he shifted back and fell asleep.

Li Mo watched as Yuan Xi grabbed the tiny, white-haired exotic beast in his arms before he could, then turned to leave. After they came to the sealing place, Yuan Xi’s disgust for the exotic beast wasn’t at all concealed, but his attitude when Luo XiaoLou transformed into an exotic beast was so loving and compassionate, that they all got goosebumps.

It was probably because of this attitude of Yuan Xi, plus the fact that Luo XiaoLou was their savior, that the same hatred of humans by exotic beasts didn’t hit Yuan Xi.

Li Mo sighed, and decided to reluctantly accept his brother’s lover.

Luo XiaoLou woke up warm. He opened his eyes, saw Yuan Xi’s big hand across his face, thought of something at once, stored up his Yuan power and changed back.

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou, who was in his arms without any clothes, and snuggled up to him after his transformation. He hugged him tightly with his hands and let their two naked bodies press against each other without any distance. 

The two naked bodies weren’t at all distant from each other. More active than ever, and more obedient than ever.

Yuan Xi’s eyes began to darken, and he lowered his head.

The hot temperature covered Luo XiaoLou’s lips, as the kiss became deeper and deeper, the tongue tangled, Yuan Xi’s hands also began to roam Luo XiaoLou’s body, the bathroom resounded with sweet moans. 

Luo XiaoLou leaned back in Yuan Xi’s arms after his body had been cleaned. Although he was exhausted to the core, he still felt a thirst for something inside him, and his body and mind were restless because of the thirst that was too strong to ignore.

Yuan Xi stood up from the warm water, and carried Luo XiaoLou back to the bed.

The lights dimmed. Luo XiaoLou touched the hand wrapped around his waist, and suddenly couldn’t help but softly ask, “Yuan Xi. If, by then, I lose my nature and become a Protura, what will you do?”

The body pressed against his back suddenly stiffened. Even the heat seemed to be draining away at a rapid pace. After a while, Yuan Xi said coldly, “I won’t envision that possibility.”

In the three days he forgot Luo XiaoLou, his heart was filled with hatred for him. After meeting with him, his instincts made him keep Luo XiaoLou. However, the killing intent in his heart still surged from time to time when he couldn’t see Luo XiaoLou.

The first time he saw Luo XiaoLou, he saw him bloodied and killed by him.

Instantly, a desperate fear had spread in his heart. At that moment, the pain in his heart was unbearable, and when he came back to his senses, he had slashed the dagger on his arm in order to relieve that pain.

Then, all his memories came back, and Yuan Xi was so glad that he hadn’t hurt Luo XiaoLou, but he had needed to make sure that Luo XiaoLou was still alive and well so badly that he couldn’t take care of the wounds that he shouldn’t have let Luo XiaoLou see, and rushed out of the bathroom.

It was then that he knew what it was like to lose something. He definitely didn’t want to relive it again, and of course, he likewise wouldn’t let Luo XiaoLou have the chance to know this feeling.

So he had to rush over to be with him no matter what.


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November 28, 2021 1:43 pm

A hard lesson learned, but it seems to have been the making of their relationship, into something better.
Poor Shen Yuan 😢 Ling Xu certainly changed his tune.
Wonder if Yang Ke stands a chance. What a match 😕
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 28, 2021 7:12 pm

Ling Xu is ungrateful brat😡😡😡😡

November 28, 2021 9:56 pm

I think Shen Yuan’ll have to wait for XiaoLuo to come back in all the glory. He healed his SP once, maybe he’ll be able to do it again.

Oh, looks like Yuan Xi had some major character development. Very good! 👍 I also hope that Yuan Xi won’t have to lose XiaoLuo to the Proture. Otherwise my dreamed perfect HE won’t be complete.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 11, 2021 3:06 am

I have to praise YX deep love for LXL, as LXL said, YX may have so much shortcoming, but This deep love is good, even under hipnotized he can hold the urge to kill his exotic beast aka LXL..
i cant wait to read the end of this novel, now i almost reach the latest chapter this web translate… thank you for the translation..

February 20, 2023 12:39 am

is Shen YUan can still recover?
Yuan Xi realy in love with LXL

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