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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Everyone turned their eyes to the source of the sound. On the screen, Jui Yuan’s originally complacent face twisted uncontrollably.

In the distance, where the white fog hadn’t had time to dissipate, a tall, thin figure slowly walked out. Whether it was his long silver-white hair that was tied up, his tailored trench coat, or his face that was so handsome people couldn’t help but marvel at it, everything gave the feeling of a nobleman who arrived late to a banquet that belonged to him alone.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t run to Li Mo, mainly because Yuan Xi was tightly holding his arm, but even still, he was so excited that his face turned red. In his mind, 125 had turned completely into the brainwashed fan of his former master, as he choked back constant praises and prayers.

[I, I knew, dear Lord Li Mo would come to protect us! Feelings are such a wonderful and great thing! Affection…Oh, it looks like I was wrong…Love always makes everything good happen. Such as heroes saving beauties or something–]

Luo XiaoLou then noticed that his brother, the exotic beast, had been focused on only one person since he appeared, which also seemed to explain why the chill on Yuan Xi was getting worse.

The golden dragon, Saint Gerald looked with admiring eyes at this new person who emerged. This was another exotic beast beauty suitable for pursuit. Then he thought of the fact that he was tied to an exotic beast egg for life, and his expression twisted up again immediately. 

Calm down.  Saint Gerald withdrew his eyes with difficulty, and began to command his men. He intended to deal with the monsters that were encircling them. He wasn’t used to pinning his hopes on others, and against such creatures, the first level civilizations obviously could no longer be counted on.

In some ways, he also couldn’t understand Telles’ behavior. He wouldn’t let an affiliated first class civilization be needlessly sacrificed for him.

Li Mo raised his hand as he walked their way. The movement of that hand wasn’t fast, but it was eerily appealing to the eye. Gradually, the white…a white haze began to spread around his white hand, denser than the white fog. Two people from one of the second level civilizations looked over at the same time. They were sensitive to the fact that something extremely dangerous was being created there.

A few seconds later, before Luo XiaoLou could open his mouth to speak to Li Mo, a blinding white cloud burst from Li Mo’s hand. At that moment, time seemed to stop. Everyone stopped moving.

As if by magic, the people were maintaining the same expressions and postures, but motionless. Like living statues. Inside the empty, endless tunnel, Li Mo was the only one still moving. Even Jui Yuan on the screen, was frozen in place at that moment.

Li Mo finally made it through the crowd to the person he had been watching. He dropped his eyes to stare at Yuan Che.

Finally, he leaned down, and placed a soft kiss on Yuan Che’s lips.

Although people couldn’t move, Luo XiaoLou keenly felt that Yuan Xi’s grip on his hand seemed to be harder, and the almost physically present anger of His Majesty Yuan Lie…well, if two sons  hooked up with exotic beasts, it was definitely reasonable for a father to lose his temper.

Everyone was unable to move. The surrounding silence was terrible. But the scene in front of them was quiet and beautiful.

At that moment, there was a voice chattering in Luo XiaoLou’s mind. [Oh…God. They actually…on this occasion, this time, directly kissed…It is too handsome!]

Then, after a bizarre shutter sound, 125 began to whisper complaints that Luo XiaoLou wasn’t standing in a good position, it was not easy to shoot the perfect angle, etc..

Luo XiaoLou didn’t understand why Li Mo fixed all the people or other substances at the same time, but singled out 125. He didn’t agree with Li Mo. At first, he was always saying that 125 was a failure of the alien AI. Maybe there were short-sighted reasons for it, but, now, Luo XiaoLou wasn’t so sure. Although the word ‘alien’ might  be too polite to describe 125.

After a while, when Luo XiaoLou was starting to blush at Li Mo’s performance, Li Mo finally lifted his head. Luo XiaoLou heard the light click of fingers. The next second, Yuan Lie’s fist swung at Li Mo, Li Mo stepped back, and Yuan Lie yanked Yuan Che over.

Feng JiaLing glanced at his own son’s still soulful gaze and expression, then narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Li Mo.

Then Saint Gerald stirred. And after a moment’s glance with his crystal eyes at Li Mo, he turned around and began to wake up his own men. Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou soon were able to move, and at the same time, there was motion on Telles’ side.

Finally, some people of the first level civilizations slowly came back to their senses. They soon realized that the order of people’s awakening seemed to be related to their abilities. At that moment, a few people looked at the An Empire group in an intriguing way.

The moment Yuan Xi came back to his senses, he reacted exactly the same as Yuan Lie. There was a cold wind, and Luo XiaoLou found that Yuan Xi was no longer by his side. Li Mo obviously didn’t intend to waste unnecessary time at this juncture, so he used a short sword to hold off Yuan Xi, and said coldly. “Now everything here has been sealed by me. The door is over there. I think that most of you know what you should do now. If you don’t hurry, the people outside won’t last long.”

The faces around them all changed. Yuan Lie grunted, and although his face was still ugly, he was stopped by Feng JiaLing.

The two second level civilizations quickly made their judgments. They expressed their gratitude to Li Mo for his help, and led the first level civilizations towards the door that appeared not far away.

Yuan Xi stared at Li Mo with great annoyance, then finally said fiercely, “Don’t try to hit on my brother. You stay away from my brother in the future!” This seemed far from enough to quell his anger, so Yuan Xi quickly added, “When we get out, I will definitely find you for a duel!”

Li Mo raised his eyebrows, looked at Yuan Che, and then glanced at Luo XiaoLou who wasn’t far away, and said calmly, “Very well. It seems that we have agreed on our ideas.” Although he respected Luo XiaoLou’s intentions, and Yuan Xi’s deep affection for Luo XiaoLou was obvious, it had to be said that it was still very unpleasant for him to have his lovely brother sent to someone else, and he had put up with this arrogant guy for a long time.

Li Mo turned to Luo XiaoLou and said, “If, one day, you don’t want to live with him, you can always come back to the exotic beasts. Shao Rong is there, and he would be responsible for taking care of you.”

Yuan Xi almost jumped up. What did he mean! Luo XiaoLou didn’t need his mother’s family, he had him. That was enough!

Luo XiaoLou looked at Li Mo helplessly, and pulled Yuan Xi, who was about to draw his sword, back and whispered, “Honey, calm down. You know I won’t leave you.”

Li Mo’s eyes finally fell on Yuan Che. His dark beautiful eyes were deep and bright with a rare gentleness. It took a while before he said, “Although I don’t approve of you coming in, I’m happy to see you here.”

He paused for a moment, as his eager gaze seemed to caress Yuan Che from top to bottom. Then finally, Li Mo said slowly, “Take care.”

Yuan Lie held back his anger. He wasn’t going to pay any more attention to Li Mo. He quickly walked forward with Feng JiaLing and his son. They were already the last ones.

Luo XiaoLou couldn’t help but look at Li Mo. 125 also poked his head out of his arms, and looked at his former master dazedly.

Li Mo shook his head at Luo XiaoLou and said to him mentally, [I’ve made all the arrangements for the exotic beasts. As I said, you can go there anytime. Provided that you get out safely from inside here.]

Although the tone was flat, Luo XiaoLou could hear the worry underneath. Perhaps, this was the kinship between the exotic beasts. As the king of the exotic beasts, Li Mo didn’t need to come over personally, but the fact was, Li Mo was standing there, watching them leave.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t answer mentally. He turned back from afar, and shouted to Li Mo, “I’ll be back.”

In response, Li Mo smiled. Yuan Xi’s pace quickened.

Halfway through the walk, Yuan Che, who had been in a state of shock, suddenly stopped. He drew back his hand, which had been held by his father, and said calmly, “Father, please wait.”

Then, under the shocked and disbelieving eyes of Yuan Lie and Yuan Xi, Yuan Che turned around and went quickly towards Li Mo. He hadn’t moved, and was still looking at them from his original position.

Yuan Che came to a stop not far from Li Mo. He stared at Li Mo coldly, with anger, surprise and imperceptible helplessness in his eyes.

Li Mo didn’t dodge, but the next moment, Yuan Che’s fist landed in Li Mo’s hand.

Yuan Che tried to control his body, which was trembling because he was too close to the man, and said calmly, “Li Mo, I won’t forgive you for what happened before, even if you did save me.”

Li Mo grabbed Yuan Che’s hand to stop him from breaking free. He rubbed it twice in the process, as a smile slowly appeared on his handsome face. “I know, but I’ve never regretted it.”

As Yuan Che’s expression changed, Li Mo dropped his head, gave Yuan Che a deep look and said in a voice that only Yuan Che could hear, “It’s time for you to leave, Yuan Che, to save your life. I’ll wait for you to come back with all my being.” With that, he pushed him in the direction of Yuan Lie and others.

Yuan Che took a few steps backward and glared at Li Mo in annoyance. Li Mo’s ink-black eyes seemed to scrape up some kind of storm, a kind of desire to choose people to eat unrestrainedly.

As he seemed to think of something, Yuan Che’s face changed. He finally turned around, and walked towards the people who waited for him.

Yuan Che didn’t notice that as he left, the white mist began to spread again. It surrounded Li Mo, then began to move slowly toward the door where the crowd had departed, though it never touched Yuan Che.

Under Yuan Lie’s relieved gaze, Yuan Che returned to the group. The door to the fourth floor was just ahead, and they would soon be out of there. However, at that moment, Yuan Che’s boots hit something, and a clear bell rang.

Yuan Lie and Feng JiaLing both paused in their steps at the same time, while Yuan Che crouched down with a confused look on his face and picked up the object.

It was a small silver string with two pocket-sized bells hanging from it. At first glance, it appeared to be something that only a child would wear.

“Let’s get out of here first.” Yuan Lie suddenly said.

Yuan Che stared blankly at the string, as if under some magic spell. After a long time, he looked back with difficulty and surprise at Li Mo, who was about to disappear in the mist. Suddenly he asked aloud, “When we fell into the Grey Hole, that wasn’t the first time we met, was it?”

The uneasiness in Yuan Lie’s heart grew stronger. He reached over to remove his eldest son. “Yuan Che, listen to my words. We must leave immediately.”

Yuan Che suddenly took a step back, he looked guiltily at his parents and whispered, “No. Father. Mother. I’m afraid I can’t leave yet. Do you remember, at the beginning of the war between the exotic beasts and the humans…I was four years old and you sent your second-in-command to escort me away. Later, the ship and the other personnel all disappeared, but I was left alone on the planet Ham. I never had a memory before that one.”

Yuan Lie quickly interrupted, “It doesn’t matter if you have a memory or not. What matters is that you returned to us safely.”

“No, Father, I remembered.” Yuan Che took another step back. “When I was four years old, our ship passed by Stua, here, and was caught in a battle between the exotic beasts and the humans. The thirty-seventh legion that disappeared that year. The exotic beasts were small in number, but the legion was in trouble. At that time, Li Mo was inside, and the exotic beasts around him were more advanced than ordinary exotic beasts.”

“However, the battle wasn’t concluded in the end, because both we and the exotic beasts were caught in a strange place…that was here. At that time, no one could believe that this space was inside Stua. Then, these monsters appeared, and the remaining exotic beasts and humans were attacked by them. After a while, the injured humans and exotic beasts started to go crazy, and even attacked their companions. The war between the exotic beasts and humans, even back then, was showing anomalies. At that time, almost all of them, either went crazy or were killed. I was pressed tightly under your deputy, and escaped.”

Yuan Che said that, then looked at Li Mo with a complicated gaze. At that time he had been too frightened to make a sound. He hadn’t dared to cry out. There were fewer and fewer exotic beasts left alive, and he knew when the exotic beasts were all dead, it would be his turn soon.

Yuan Che prayed in his heart for the first time, to let the exotic beasts survive. When there was finally only one exotic beast left, that snow-white beast in the middle suddenly awakened some kind of ability that froze time and all the monsters. Then it came over under his frightened gaze. When it passed in front of him, the white exotic beast paused for a while, then finally lowered its head and picked him up.

That was Li Mo back then, so when he saw Li Mo’s exotic beast form later in the Grey Hole, it would always feel familiar.

Yuan Che gave a deep salute to Yuan Lie and Feng JiaLing, then said, “Father. Mother. He’s saved me twice now. I can’t leave here. Please forgive me for not being able to go to the next floor with you.”

The anger in Yuan Lie’s eyes almost burst loose, but Feng JiaLing looked at his son, and reached out to stop Yuan Lie, who wanted to bring him back. The group of people from the An Empire finally walked through the door that led to the fourth floor.

The door closed silently. Yuan Che groped his way forward through the thickening white fog, as he remembered Li Mo’s approximate location.

When he reached Li Mo’s side, his eyes suddenly widened. The tall, thin figure was gone. In its place was the tall white exotic beast from his memory.

When he saw him coming, the white exotic beast’s eyes suddenly showed a fierce light, and his sharp teeth seemed to bite up immediately.

Yuan Che ignored that. He went right up to the white exotic beast, opened his hands and embraced him. The white exotic beast stiffened, then moved gently, as if to throw Yuan Che off, but ultimately didn’t succeed.

Yuan Che smiled, and said softly, “When I left the Grey Hole, you sealed half of your energy in my body, right? To ensure that my body didn’t change in any way over time. At that time, I was awake. If I leave now, you can’t actually maintain this for long, right?”

The white exotic beast let out a more ferocious scream, but the sound was getting smaller and smaller. He noticed that Yuan Che slowly sat down, leaned over him and closed his eyes.

Perhaps, there was nothing wrong with that.


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Looks like His Majesty, Yuan Lie will be in a very foul mood for some time. But I guess there is hope for peace with the exotic beasts, since both princes have one as partner and there are already children.

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