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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When Luo XiaoLou woke up from his nap, he found that Yuan Yu had already left, but Yuan Xi was leaning against the bed’s headboard with his light computer. When he saw that Luo XiaoLou was awake, Yuan Xi put down what he was reading, looked at him and said, “Yuan Yu had a culture class in the afternoon and left first. Let me say goodbye to you on his behalf.” After a pause, Yuan Xi added, “125 and that robot also accompanied him.”

Luo XiaoLou’s mouth unconsciously brought out a smile, then he frowned slightly and couldn’t help asking, “Does he have a lot of classes and training?”

Yuan Xi seemed to pause to think for a moment, before he said discontentedly, “You don’t have to worry about nonsense. I had more classes than him when I was this old.”

Luo XiaoLou didn’t say anything else, he could see that Yuan Xi cared a lot about Yuan Yu. In many ways, he even spoiled the child more than himself, so he wouldn’t make plans for the child that were beyond the scope.

The temperature inside the room was actually comfortable and pleasant. Even if someone just slept directly, it didn’t matter at all, but in clothing it made him feel unusually warm.

While Luo XiaoLou was dazed over the clothes, Yuan Xi suddenly came over, and under Luo XiaoLou’s surprised gaze, took the rare initiative to embrace him.

Luo XiaoLou stiffened, and the unpleasantness caused by those people in the hall was completely forgotten. He was delighted and excited by Yuan Xi’s approach.

Yuan Xi frowned and took his clothes away. Then he held Luo XiaoLou’s right hand and asked unhappily, “What’s going on?”

Luo XiaoLou followed Yuan Xi’s gaze downward. Only then did he notice the bruise on his right arm. He thought about it and said, “I probably bumped it accidentally when I was helping that person repair his mecha today. It doesn’t hurt, ah…”

The first thing a person should do is to get a good idea of what they are doing.

Yuan Xi looked at him coldly. The anger in his eyes became more obvious. “It seems that I am indeed too soft-hearted. I should have tied you up in the bedroom!”

Under Yuan Xi’s increasingly cold and stern expression, Luo XiaoLou didn’t dare say anything, although he disapproved in his heart. He knew clearly that dealing with some minor problems on a mecha wouldn’t burden his body at all. It was only that he was busy recording the data of that mecha at that time that he had accidentally bumped it.

By then, Yuan Xi had already taken out an ointment, and applied it to Luo XiaoLou’s bruises. Then he ignored Luo XiaoLou’s unspoken retreat, pressed him into his arms and rubbed away the ointment with an almost torturous speed.

Luo XiaoLou was depressed. This time Yuan Xi was almost incomprehensible. He even ignored Luo XiaoLou’s objections, and checked his whole body once over until he found no other traces before he stopped.

Luo XiaoLou wanted to lose his temper. But it was obvious that Yuan Xi wanted to lose his temper even more than he did, so he just had to try to control his emotions.

After that, Yuan Xi helped Luo XiaoLou put on his clothes, and checked him from head to toe before he let the adjutant come in. He instructed him to send him back first, and admonished the adjutant not to pay attention to anyone, especially Prince Wade.

The other adjutant stood respectfully behind Yuan Xi, but found that His Highness the Prince had no intention of leaving immediately. Soon, he noticed that His Highness Yuan Xi was watching His Highness the Prince Consort leave.

Only after the person had completely disappeared, did Yuan Xi turn around and walk towards the office area.

Later that afternoon, towards evening, the adjutants outside Yuan Xi’s office took a look at the time, stopped those who still wanted to see His Highness and informed them to come back tomorrow.

After a few minutes of silence outside, the door of Yuan Xi’s office opened. The adjutants had  blank looks on their faces. Recently, His Highness always finished the mountain of official business with three times as much efficiency as before, and returned to the palace before six o’clock. His Highness, who used to be even busier than His Majesty Yuan Lie, seemed to have a lot more free time all of a sudden, a change that started when His Highness the Prince Consort woke up.

The adjutants secretly smiled at each other. Those who were begging to chase after His Highness always talked privately about His Highness being too cold, and not knowing love. What it meant was that they never saw it, the true love that His Highness gave.

Yuan Yu, who had finished his homework early, was picked up by Yuan Xi who also gave himself permission to get off early.

Yuan Yu was excited. When he arrived at the hall, he had a new surprise when the uncle, Mr. Butler, told him that tonight he would eat food cooked by His Highness the Prince Consort. Although Yuan Xi wasn’t too happy on the surface, little Yuan Yu was very much looking forward to it.

At dinner, Luo XiaoLou and Yuan Xi sat on either side of Yuan Yu. Originally, Yuan Xi insisted that Yuan Yu sit on his side, but Luo XiaoLou stopped him and whispered, “These dishes in the middle are for little Yu. So that we can also take care of him easily. “

Yuan Xi gave him a look, and finally let Yuan Yu sit in the middle.

Yuan Lie and Feng JiaLing sent a meaningful glance to their stern-faced young son. Yuan Nuo was a little excited, as he hadn’t eaten Luo XiaoLou’s homemade food for a long time.

Yuan Yu was very happy. He liked his father and his dad. He also liked the two grandfathers and the little uncle. Moreover, his dad’s care was even more meticulous and attentive than his father’s. When he thought of those kids who flaunted their parents’ favor, little Yuan Yu’s heart flooded with pride. He didn’t need the occasional sympathy in the eyes of those who envied and flattered him. His dad was better than anyone else in the world.

Yuan Xi only needed to turn his head slightly sideways to see his son and wife beside him. He saw Luo XiaoLou put the thorny fish on Yuan Yu’s plate, along with the browned, sticky pork ribs and some green vegetables. However, Yuan Yu ate it obediently, and his usual fussiness seemed to have gone.

A peeled shrimp was placed in Yuan Xi’s bowl while he was in a daze. He was stunned for a moment, then a little uncomfortable.

He didn’t even notice that he and little Yuan Yu were behaving almost identically at the table for the rest of the meal.

As he looked at the two people who were being well taken care of, Feng JiaLing’s mouth flushed with a smile. He glanced at Luo XiaoLou and asked, “XiaoLou, how is your health lately? You just woke up. You should pay more attention to resting.”

Luo XiaoLou hurriedly replied, “It’s already much better. 125 helped me check, it won’t take me long to fully recover.”

Feng JiaLing smiled and nodded. “Get well soon. I think Yuan Xi and Little Yu are also looking forward to it.”

Luo XiaoLou’s heart twitched. He had really noticed Yuan Yu’s bright eyes, and Yuan Xi’s faintly averted gaze.

After dinner, Yuan Lie called Yuan Xi and Yuan Nuo into the study, while Luo XiaoLou accompanied Feng JiaLing to talk some more. After Feng JiaLing left, Luo XiaoLou happened to see Yuan Nuo, who was about to leave. He immediately called to him and said, “Yuan Nuo, wait. I have something to ask you.”

However, Luo XiaoLou was dumbfounded when Yuan Nuo gave him a panicked look, dropped an urgent excuse, and ran away just like that.

Baffled, Luo XiaoLou took little Yuan Yu back to his and Yuan Xi’s rooms, which were next door, but then he looked at Yuan Yu’s expectant eyes. So instead, Luo XiaoLou took him back to their bedroom first.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Yuan Xi pushed open the door of their rooms. There was only a light in the living room, quiet and soft. Yuan Xi’s heart sank, just like every time he came back. The only thing that was waiting for him was an empty room, and the person who was sealed away.

Yuan Xi didn’t take off his coat, just walked quickly towards the bedroom, but when he opened the door and saw the small and large sleeping forms on the bed, his frown relaxed a little.

Yuan Xi leaned against the doorway for a moment before he turned around. He intended to put the information he had brought back in the study, but then he noticed a large box placed on the living room table. Yuan Xi walked over silently and gently lifted the lid. What was underneath made his eyes widen.

It was a very large cake with a tiger-spotted cat lying on top and a red heart next to it.

Yuan Xi froze beside the table for a moment, before he commented in a low voice, “That’s…so cheesy!” Who else would represent love with a heart these days…

But his hands shook a bit as he held the box and cut off the edge for a snack. Then he carefully placed the cake in the storage box. Originally, he had planned to eat the snack while he took care of some leftover official business, but most of the time he was distracted, as the delicious taste in his mouth almost dominated his mind.

He sent the sleeping little Yuan Yu back to his room. Hachi also carried his own things and snuck along. It had to choose a new bedroom, perhaps with a new owner attached, due to the growing crampedness of 125’s small room.

Yuan Xi came back, and took the place of little Yuan Yu. He carefully cradled Luo XiaoLou in his arms, and then sighed contentedly.

After that, Luo XiaoLou didn’t find another opportunity to go to the training area before the grand dinner came, and even though he was fully recovered, the adjutant still arranged for him to go for walks in a place with a beautiful view but few people.

The only good news was that, according to 125, it had secretly contacted Maxim behind Yuan Xi’s and his abominable follower’s, Cloudy Sky, backs, but only after Maxim had informed his master, who was on his honeymoon, would Li Mo and Yuan Che come to the An Empire.

Because almost all the second level civilizations were invited to the banquet, and even a few third level civilizations, it had received the attention of all the first level civilizations. So all the first level civilizations that could come, came. Those that hadn’t received an invitation also tried their best to make connections, and come to the party to show their faces. The grand banquet was beyond people’s imagination. As early as six months ago, the ceremonial department had begun preparing for this feast.

Of course, Yuan Xi didn’t intend to let Luo XiaoLou attend. He quietly intercepted the news channels before Luo XiaoLou could get them, and, as always, arranged for the adjutant to block Luo XiaoLou’s door.

So, when Luo XiaoLou heard the knock on the door, and saw the smiling Feng JiaLing, he finally realized that the banquet the attendants were all talking about was that evening.

His mother-in-law had even brought him a formal outfit. Luo XiaoLou was urged, and had no choice but to change clothes. Although he could already imagine that such an outfit was a bit too flashy, he was still frozen when he stood in front of the mirror.

The blue velvet waist-skimming coat, the same color bow tie, a white shirt, and dark pants. His whole person seemed to have changed. Luo XiaoLou was slightly lost in thought, but a flash of light in the mirror attracted his attention. It was the ring on his left ring finger. Luo XiaoLou’s mouth couldn’t help curving up a little.

Feng JiaLing nodded in satisfaction, and said with a smile, “Do you like it? I chose the style. I thought it would suit you.”

Luo XiaoLou turned around and said, “Thank you, Mother. It’s very nice.”

After that, Feng JiaLing took Luo XiaoLou to the banquet. When he saw Yuan Lie who was waiting specifically at the door, Luo XiaoLou greeted him and then left, very consciously. He wanted to go find Yuan Xi and little Yuan Yu, but before that, it would be better if he could find Luo ShaoTian and the others.

The dinner hall was bigger than one could imagine, with a golden dome, colorful and exotic frescoes, and intoxicatingly wonderful music that flew to every corner of the hall under the fingers of the court musicians, while in the hall, the fragrance of flowers and of wine were everywhere.

Misses and ladies in gowns tried their best to maintain dignified and elegant postures, as they strove to show their good family background, and elegant and courteous manners.

As he reached the door, Luo XiaoLou realized that almost all of them had male or female companions with them.

Of course he couldn’t go back to find someone. Hesitantly, he moved to the door. The waiter just curiously looked at him a few times, and thought he looked a bit familiar, but didn’t come forward to stop him.

When he got inside, Luo XiaoLou realized that there were so many people that it wouldn’t be easy to find someone.

After he searched for half a day, he finally saw a familiar figure. He was about to rush over, when he was attracted by the chatter of a few people behind him.

A surprised female voice said, “That young and handsome Major General Luo? Isn’t he a hero of the An Empire? How could something happen?”

Another male voice quickly picked up, “The war stopped a long time ago. Everything has to move on. Not to mention, the one who wanted him was from a third level civilization.”

A third person agreed with certainty, “I think it’s true. We came so early and haven’t stayed just a short time, but that Major General Luo seems to have disappeared. And Sachs, the third level civilization, has long put out the word that they hoped to have Major General Luo in their own Empire.” Then he lowered his voice, “I heard that the Sachs Empire has a special laboratory that specializes in the study of genes. They have a crazy obsession with strong advanced genes, and the An Empire’s Luo family has those genes. But this star field’s unique.”

The female voice added, “But even for the An Empire. It makes no sense that they would give up advanced genes to other civilizations, ah. They have always had good relations with the Attius III civilization, but aren’t they afraid of offending them over the Sachs Empire?”

The man snorted coldly. “If there are enough benefits, such a thing is not impossible.”

The third voice hesitated, and whispered again, “Speaking of which. The people of the An Empire Royal family probably didn’t participate in this operation, or didn’t know about it. I suspect the Sachs Empire moved first, and are using this banquet to send the An Empire a sufficient amount of reparations, so the An Empire will turn a blind eye–“

Luo XiaoLou was frozen. The person they were discussing, it has to be the one he has been hanging around for, Luo ShaoTian. No wonder he hadn’t seen ShaoTian. No wonder Yuan Nuo avoided his questions. No wonder…

Luo XiaoLou tried to calm himself down, to stop himself from continuing to think down that road. He believed in Yuan Xi. Yuan Xi wouldn’t do such a thing. Even if it wasn’t for him, Yuan Xi wouldn’t sacrifice Luo ShaoTian in exchange for the interests of the Empire.

There must be some misunderstanding…

In a trance, Luo XiaoLou continued to listen to what they were saying.

“I heard that Sachs has a ship ready to leave today. It’s estimated that even if the An Empire’s Royal Family don’t want to cooperate, there is no way to get him back, and if the two sides go to war, it is obviously not better than accepting those generous conditions,” the man said.

The woman then sighed. “It’s a pity that a general like that–“

Luo XiaoLou clutched his palm. When he heard those two sentences, his eyes flashed red. He could no longer calm down. He turned around and headed out, while he used his Yuan Power to find 125 and have him come over as soon as possible. He hated those who experimented on people. No matter what the reason was, it was unforgivable, and as a person who had suffered from it, what Luo XiaoLou really couldn’t stand was people taking Luo ShaoTian. Not to mention what Luo ShaoTian had faced in the past.

He tried to control his anger, and walked quickly outside.

“Hey! You, person. What’s going on?!” An unpleasant voice rang out in front of Luo XiaoLou.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t stop. He quickly apologized to the person he had bumped into and continued to walk towards the door.

The next second, his arm was grabbed. The person clearly didn’t intend to let him off like that.

“Stop right there! Don’t you feel rude? How can they invite someone like you at such a banquet, when I am a guest of the Tade civilization?” Gale shouted aggressively. He knew that Tade was a high first level civilization, and within fifty years, it was the country most likely to advance to a second level civilization. So, he, the son of a five-star admiral of Tade, who was surrounded by several second generation officials of a first level civilization that he had just met, naturally did not want to lose face.

“You must make a solemn apology to me before I consider whether to forgive you–” The moment Luo XiaoLou looked up, Gale’s words suddenly stopped, and a trace of amazement flashed across his slightly round face.

He clutched Luo XiaoLou’s hand hard. He subconsciously changed the tone of his fierce words. “Of course, I am not so unreasonable. If you accompany me to have a drink, I will no longer mind your rudeness.”

Surprise flashed in Gale’s heart, he had studied the An Empire that was rapidly rising as a second level civilization, and when he paid attention to the royal family, he especially noticed the former Prince Consort. At a time when everyone said that Prince Consort wasn’t worthy of the Prince, he felt that the Prince Consort had a particularly handsome and attractive appearance as he liked the kind of slender and introverted person…

The person in front of him, in addition to the slightly obtrusive aura, was almost more handsome than the person of that Prince Consort. He didn’t want to lose the opportunity to meet this beauty, and besides, his excuses were all ready-made. Gale couldn’t help but tighten his grip on Luo XiaoLou’s hand as it was shrinking back.

“Let go!”

Luo XiaoLou hadn’t yet spoken when someone behind them shouted sternly.

Gale’s face suddenly changed. He quickly turned around and yelled, “Who do you mean? Don’t you even see who’s in front of you? Ah, ah, you…are you His Royal Highness Prince Wade?”

Gale’s annoyance quickly changed when he saw who the man was. Of course he knew Prince Wade, also an heir to a second class civilization. Only Yuan Xi could be compared to him. He could not afford to mess with such a person. Even if he lost face again, he had to smile and welcome him.

His Royal Highness Prince Wade was dressed in a white coat, but the dazzling ornaments on his costume couldn’t take away a single bit of his charm. He was surrounded by a group of people as he walked quickly to Luo XiaoLou, and ignored Gale. First he said gently to Luo XiaoLou, “Nice to see you again. Is there anything I can help you with?” Obviously, he had already decided that Gale was looking for trouble with Luo XiaoLou.


“Please. Don’t ever be polite to me. In fact, I’ve been wanting to thank you since you helped me out last time.” Wade said while he pulled Luo XiaoLou’s hand out of Gale’s hand without a hitch.

After this farce, Luo XiaoLou finally calmed down a little. He realized that he was afraid that if he just went out without Yuan Xi’s guidance that there would still be a lot of trouble, so he quickly said, “Can you take me to see…Yuan Xi? “

Prince Wade obviously froze, then quickly smiled and said, “Of course, I’m happy to serve you. Let’s go. I happen to be going to see him too.”

Prince Wade gracefully led Luo XiaoLou towards the middle, while the noble maidens behind him locked their sultry eyes on his hand which held Luo XiaoLou’s. They hated Luo XiaoLou, and wanted to take his place.

Luo XiaoLou was obviously a little distracted. He was anxious to see Yuan Xi. His heart was filled with a wave of expectation and hope that Yuan Xi could help him.

Due to the identity of Prince Wade, they quickly made it to the middle, where there were already fewer people, but Prince Wade didn’t stop. He led Luo XiaoLou towards the stairs and went up to the second floor. It was much less crowded, and also more secluded and elegant compared to the lively and noisy first floor.

Prince Wade smoothly took a glass of wine from a waiter, and handed it to Luo XiaoLou who was obviously walking away as he said, “This wine is not high in degree, and slightly sweet. You can taste some of it to calm your emotions.” Prince Wade, with admiration in his eyes, untraceably measured Luo XiaoLou. Today’s Luo XiaoLou was more handsome than the previous times he’d seen him. Perhaps it was his shocked face. That, ivory white skin without a trace of blood, but he seemed even more noble and attractive. The first time I saw him, I saw him in the morning.

The clothes fit him perfectly, and all of his strengths were reflected like a dragon’s eye. Luo XiaoLou’s clothes had hardly any valuable ornaments, so it was clear that his identity shouldn’t be high, but he didn’t have any humility or airs of pleasing in front of someone of Prince Wade’s status. Wade thought about that, and the appreciation in his eyes increased a few more points.

“We will be there soon,” Prince Wade said as he walked.

A few people followed them along the circular corridor. They walked a few steps further and saw a group of brightly dressed, beautiful noble maidens gathered around.

“Hey, His Highness Prince Yuan Xi has been dominated by that man for too long, hasn’t he?”

“Yes. Yes. We have waited for such a long time, and he took His Highness the Prince away as soon as he came up.”

Another nobly dressed girl said, “With his identity, what can we do?”

“Yes, that young prince of a third level civilization, the Sachs Empire. He’s here. Even that second level civilization, Princess Sarelle, has to stop in the waiting room over there.”

As he stood behind those people, Wade smiled slightly. He seemed not to care about the way those noble ladies talked about his sister. He came up to Luo XiaoLou’s ear and said, “It looks like Prince Yuan Xi is receiving guests. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for a while.”

Luo XiaoLou, on the other hand, noticed that the man in question was from the Sachs Empire. So that meant that those people were talking to Yuan Xi about compensation?

The group of young girls didn’t know that there were people behind them, and continued to talk about it.

“The Prince may like that kind of person. He is so good-looking. Moreover, the former Prince Consort was a man. I heard he is much better looking than the former Prince Consort.” A young girl said as she nudged the girl in a purple dress beside her. “Sister Xinlan, you tell us. If the Prince really marries that young prince, what do we do?”

“Right, aren’t you on good terms with His Highness? Do you want to try to get His Highness to oppose it?” Another young girl came up with that idea.

The maiden in purple said in a soft voice, “How can you say that? No one has the authority to get involved in the marriage of His Highness the Prince except the two Majesties. However, the little Highness, he’s grown up without a mother. He’s already very poor, the only hope is that the Prince can be more considerate of the little Highness…” Moreover, even if Yuan Xi really married that young prince, then she could be a side consort and would still be satisfied. She made every effort to get along well with His little Highness. Prince Yuan Xi also saw that several times, and didn’t oppose it. This…is it not a kind of tacit approval?

Even if the prince married her just because the little Highness needed motherly love, she…she was willing. She loved His Highness Yuan Xi. As long as it was for his good, she was willing to do anything…

As soon as Xinlan’s, the purple-clad maiden’s words were spoken, the other maidens immediately chattered and changed the subject.

“Speaking of which, the little Highness is indeed pitiful, having lost his mother at such a young age. If we really let that delicate young prince marry in, how can he take care of the little Highness?”

“Yes, if he has a child of his own later–“

The first time Luo XiaoLou heard this, he was amused to hear it, but now he couldn’t help but be angry. He didn’t care what people said about him, but he couldn’t stand what people were saying about Yuan Yu. He didn’t want to hear from others the words ‘poor child.’

Yuan Yu, his child, didn’t need anyone’s pity.

A second before Luo XiaoLou got angry, a small figure came around the corner. It was the person the young girls were discussing, so they were startled. Then the yellow clothed girl shouted in shock, “Ah, little Highness! You…how come you are here?”

The purple clothed maiden, Xinlan, froze for a second, then immediately bent down and said in a soft voice, “Little Yu, come here. I’ll take you to eat something. I’ve purposely looked. There is a cake you like over there.”

However, little Yuan Yu didn’t come to her side as she expected, and let her hold him. With a cold little face, he walked through them towards the back.

Although children liked to throw tantrums, they are also the best at being coaxed. After today, Xinlan would prepare some small gifts for the child, and the child would definitely continue to be close to her. In addition, the little Highness wasn’t willing to contact anyone except her, which is also her incomparable reassurance.

It was not until Yuan Yu passed them that they noticed there was someone behind them. When they saw that the person behind them was Prince Wade, the girls immediately let out a gasp and blushed as they began to think back on whether they had just spoken properly.

Little Yuan Yu came straight to Luo XiaoLou, reached out and took Luo XiaoLou’s left hand, then lifted his face and showed a smile.

It was a smile belonging to a child, innocent and pure, but with a unique feeling in the world.

The anger in Luo XiaoLou’s heart suddenly diminished a lot. The child was more intelligent and understanding than he had thought. At that moment, he was actually comforting him, an unqualified father.

The girls were amazed again. Xinlan’s eyes showed her vigilance. She didn’t want to cause trouble at the critical moment when His Highness Yuan Xi was establishing a concubine. She couldn’t let others be liked by Yuan Yu more than her.

The first thing a person should do is to get a good idea of what they are doing.

Weisha immediately understood. She got busy that will be dyed in seven colors as she took out a small toy. Xinlan received it in her hand, walked over at a light pace and said with a smile, “Little Yu. Last time my sister said to give you a toy. Now I’m giving it to you, okay?”

Yuan Yu finally turned around, but his hand was still holding Luo XiaoLou’s hand.

Xinlan continued, “Come here, Little Yu. The sisters can teach you how to play.”

Yuan Yu stared at her quietly for a few seconds, then suddenly looked up and said, “I don’t like it. I want the big one.” Yuan Yu pointed to the colorful ball that was hanging from the top of the third floor.

Weisha was busy saying, “Your Highness, how can you play with that one? Besides, you can’t take it down–“

Her words hadn’t even been spoken, and when she turned her eyes, little Yuan Yu had pulled out a compact silver hand calcium gun from his pocket, and said to Luo XiaoLou, “I want that!”

Before the sentence, Luo XiaoLou saw him silently mouth the word ‘daddy.’ He couldn’t help but smile. “Good.”

He handed the wine in his hand to Prince Wade, and half squatted down. One hand held little Yuan Yu’s hand, and helped him slightly adjust his aim. Although the distance from the second floor to the third floor wasn’t considerable, with Luo XiaoLou there to determine the angle, it was simply an open cheat. Besides that, the ball wasn’t moving.

Prince Wade looked at the big and small figures in surprise, and his heart suddenly moved.

Little Yuan Yu’s gun apparently had a silencing device. He was standing in Luo XiaoLou’s arms and when, together with Luo XiaoLou, he pulled the trigger, there was no sound as the big colored ball fell down towards the second floor.

Yuan Yu smilingly caught the colored ball before he lifted his chin to Xinlan and said, “I want a mother who can personally make cakes for me, personally accompany me to train, and can make strikes. Also cuddle me, tell stories and go to sleep with me.”

“And, Auntie, ignorance is only for the poor, ah!” After he said that, Yuan Yu gave them an angelic smile, and then, twisted around and glued himself to Luo XiaoLou.

Xinlan’s face was almost without any color. She could barely continue to keep a smile on her face and a good look, as her trembling body leaned on Weisha.

Before the quiet young girls could say anything, the door to Yuan Xi’s parlor opened.

The crowd no longer cared about what little Yuan Yu had said, and they all turned their heads to look at Yuan Xi.

Then, almost everyone was frozen.

The young prince’s looks were so noble and beautiful. They had never seen anyone more beautiful than him in the entire star field. Just a moment of injustice was replaced by self-abasement. For Xinlan, a miserable feeling arose in her heart. She thought about the identity and status of the young prince. She even thought that maybe the young prince looked cute and delightful.

But she really didn’t think that little prince was so beautiful.

However, given His Highness Yuan Xi’s infatuation with the original Prince Consort, it wasn’t impossible. Although Xinlan often deliberately led others to think that Yuan Xi didn’t know love, she knew that Yuan Xi was in love with that Prince Consort.

Back then, it was because she saw that infatuation that she liked Yuan Xi.

The young man who quietly held Yuan Xi’s arm, and nestled beside him, swept the group in front of him with a flat, cold and haughty glance.

Both Yuan Xi and the young prince’s eyes directly ignored the young girls, and looked at Luo XiaoLou and Prince Wade.

Wade glanced at his sister, who had just walked out of the lounge, and was still in a daze. Then he looked at Luo XiaoLou, and suddenly smiled slightly. He handed the glass of wine in his hand to Luo XiaoLou again, and said, “You know, the glass of wine I just gave you has another name. ‘first meeting lover.’”

He smiled and looked at Luo XiaoLou, then glanced at Yuan Xi and that young prince. He couldn’t help but say, “Now it seems that this glass of wine really is more appropriate. Wouldn’t you say so, Your Highness Yuan Xi, Your Highness Prince Ji?”

Yuan Xi walked up to Luo XiaoLou and Prince Wade, snatched the cup of wine, threw it to the person beside him, then said to Luo XiaoLou in an annoyed and stern voice, “Why are you here? What are you doing?!”

Luo XiaoLou swept a glance at the young prince who was still following Yuan Xi. His eyes paused on the glass of wine for a few seconds, before he turned his head to look coldly at Yuan Xi, “Yuan Xi, before you ask me that, did you tell me what you were doing again?” His voice was vague with invisible fluctuations, ups and downs. Like ripples in the heart of a lake, although they were silent, they spread out in a circle.

Yuan Xi was staggered. Obviously he hadn’t expected Luo XiaoLou to actually talk back to him in front of outsiders, something that had almost never happened before. He tamped down his anger, and pulled Luo XiaoLou over to get him away from that Prince Wade before he said, “What the hell are you doing? Go back immediately. You can’t stay here.”

Then, he finally noticed Luo XiaoLou’s clothes. He sucked in a breath, immediately took off his black uniform coat and draped it over Luo XiaoLou. Only after the over-long hem covered Luo XiaoLou’s waist completely, did his face ease up. His heart was secretly indignant, looking like that, no wonder he had attracted so many butterflies!

“Wait a minute, Your Highness Yuan Xi…” Prince Wade frowned and couldn’t help but speak.

Yuan Xi turned back, and coldly glared at Wade. “Your Highness Prince Wade. I have some business with him now. If you don’t mind, we’ll talk later.” He wouldn’t let the person who hooked up with Luo XiaoLou using such a disgustingly corny method go so easily!

Afterwards, Yuan Xi turned back and continued to stare at Luo XiaoLou, “Go back immediately. I will have the adjutant send you.”

Luo XiaoLou quietly looked at Yuan Xi and suddenly said, “Something happened to my brother.”

Yuan Xi stiffened. He swept a glance at the people around him, then said, “I’ll talk to you when I get back. You have to trust me, Deputy Yu–“

“Yuan Xi, give me the necklace. I want to leave immediately.” Luo XiaoLou raised his voice and interrupted Yuan Xi’s words. The coldness in his voice was no less than Yuan Xi’s. Even little Yuan Yu winced.

Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou incredulously. He suppressed his anger and said, “You need to calm down. You can’t go anywhere. I won’t let you leave!”

Luo XiaoLou looked up at Yuan Xi, and suddenly sneered, “Yuan Xi, you think I need to calm down. Fine. But I am going out to find my brother now. After I find him, I can go back to the exotic beasts to calm down. I think I have plenty of time.” After he said that, Luo XiaoLou suddenly pulled the necklace around Yuan Xi’s neck off with one hand, turned around, picked up Yuan Yu and walked out.

No one had time to react because Luo XiaoLou jumped directly from the second floor. The corners of Yuan Xi’s black uniform flew up, and then a blue mecha shot up to the sky, as it flew out of the skylight on top of the palace that had opened at some point.


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December 18, 2021 2:12 pm

I think yuan xi hide luo xiaolou’s presence because he afraid they will kidnap him luo will leave him again. I believe he has plan to save luo shao tian too.

Sue R
Sue R
December 18, 2021 3:10 pm

Even Yuan Xi wanted to protect Luo XL but he needs to communicate clearly.
Wow..there was still a thrill that shook my heart in the extra.
I still want to know about Ling Xu and Shen Yuan, how they were up to?

December 18, 2021 10:37 pm

YX..when are you going to learned not to hide thing from LXL as an excuse not to make LXL worry too much😒😒😒

December 18, 2021 10:46 pm

Wow, it was totally going the right way and Yuan Xi had to mess it up again.

I really want to see how he’s going to make things right.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 19, 2021 1:52 am

YX hasn’t communicated enough with LXL; busy being angry, hurt & set on teaching LXL a lesson for almost giving up his own life & leaving him. YX should have stopped all that sooner.
He is unaware of the rumours & gossip that reached LXL’s ears, but YX has kept LXL in the dark & out of sight for too long.
I can’t help feel this outcome isn’t all bad though. It shows him that his beloved has tempered his real strength & resolve for a long time.
What a shock for YX!

December 19, 2021 1:53 am

Whilst I really don’t want this story to end, I can’t wait for the next chapter!
Thank you for translating and editing.

March 23, 2022 9:01 pm

Thank you for the chapters.
A very flouncy, dramatic exit was just executed by LXL.

June 28, 2022 8:14 pm

Yasssss you go LXL!! I’m happy for you~~

February 23, 2023 9:00 am

Your wife must informed of what you are doing..😏

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