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Chapter 102: Extra – Movie Shoot 5
Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations
Editor: Rattie

The next morning, the crew gladly accepted their day off, since Director Zhong’s waist was hurting like hell.

“Even the bed collapsed!” Su Nuo said angrily while eating breakfast. Why were they doing it so hard?!

They were clearly just showing off their relationship!

I’m not jealous at all!

Although this matter should totally be on the news, the local villagers had always been really simple, so naturally they wouldn’t suspect that anything was going on. Instead, they felt very guilty—it was probably because the wooden bed was damaged by humidity, and nobody checked to see if it was safe to sleep on, so the bed support wouldn’t be able to bear the weight of two men. “I’m really sorry, production team!”

“Uncle Liu, you don’t have to apologize.” ZhongLi FengBai leaned against a tree while holding his waist, his face pale. He tried to comfort the village chief, but his posture was like that of a pregnant woman. “This is entirely our fault, we will absolutely pay for the bed.”

“Don’t say that.” The village chief waved his hand. “This bed is ours, I for sure cannot blame you for it collapsing. The money shouldn’t even be mentioned; you don’t need to pay for it.”

“The bed collapsed because he was too… fat!” said ZhongLi FengBai with a tomato-colored face, and he looked angrily at Mu Qiu who was standing next to him.

Mu Qiu’s expression was forced. After the inspection of the bed, it was clearly because the bed support had decayed—but he stood there without saying anything since he knew not to argue with his wife! In this kind of situation, I must not create conflict with my wife!!

However, the people in the production team knew what happened that night. How can they do it so hard to the point that even the bed collapsed?! Mu Qiu definitely did it too hard! That’s incredible! Everyone covered their faces while thinking the same thoughts! Releasing seven times a night sounded like nothing, making the bed collapse was the real deal!

This was the fight between men!

“Stop eating!” When the village chief said his regards and left, ZhongLi FengBai looked at MuQiu angrily. “You’re sleeping on the roof tonight! If you dare to get on the bed, I’ll divorce you! Actually, I’m going to divorce you right now!”

This time!

I probably!

Can’t even!

Look people in the eye!

“It’s not that of a big deal.” Mu Qiu tried to comfort ZhongLi FengBai as he fed him.

“It’s not a big deal when a bed collapses!?” ZhongLi FengBai roared with a piece of lettuce in his mouth.

So shameful!!!

Although Director Zhong has exploded to the extreme, quarreling this kind of thing must be between two people to succeed! Right now, a grumpy one and a quiet one couldn’t possibly quarrel! So, ZhongLi FengBai complained for a while by himself. It was very boring and the director soon quietly stopped and said nothing afterwards.

“Director.” The male support 2 pushed the door open, carrying a bunch of wildflowers.

Mu Qiu: …..

“What are you doing here?” Director Zhong was a bit angry! Didn’t I say no one was allowed to visit?!

“I’m here on behalf of the production crew! I wish the director a speedy recovery!” The male support 2 said without hesitation, but he didn’t really want to come ah! But he also lost the rock paper scissor bet!

ZhongLi Fengbai’s face was full of strong resentment!

He must!

Have come here!

To laugh at us!

The male support 2 quickly handed over the bouquet, “These are the flowers that the deputy director and the screenwriter personally handpicked from a hill with dew!” This bouquet really fitted with the director’s literary temperament!
“…… Thank you.” Mu Qiu stood up and took the flowers, “Do you want to sit down?”

You dare let him sit down! The director’s eyes immediately bursted with flames.

Fortunately, the male support 2 was very understanding of the situation and declined.

“Is his name Lin Le?” Mu Qiu sat back by the bed, “He seems different from before.”

“What do you mean?” ZhongLi FengBai found a peach and started munching on it.

“He looks better.” Mu Qiu casually said.

THE HELL?! How dare he say someone looks good other than me! “Then you go sleep with him!” I never said that YeWu Feng looks better than you, even though he was indeed handsomer than you!

Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he reached out to pinch ZhongLi FengBai’s face, “You’re so jealous all the time.”

ZhongLi FengBai didn’t respond, maintaining a calm and cold expression. He continued to eat the fruit, and completely disregarded the splatter of the juice from the fruit on his face!

They were like a long-married couple!

On the contrary, Su XiaoNuo was very depressed! Not only did he not have a handsome director by his side, but he was also cruelly abandoned by Dai An!

“Don’t sleep!” Su Nuo poked Dai’s belly.

“I’m so tired!” Dai An hid his head in the covers, “After breakfast we should go to bed, we finally got a break after so long.”

“Ugh. You’re gonna die of obesity!” Su Nuo sat on him and shook his shoulders for a while, but he didn’t make any progress in waking Dai An up. So, he climbed up to the roof, and opened his phone while enduring the slow internet speed.

There were still a lot of comments on his personal homepage, but it wasn’t as many as when he came out to everyone. After all, there aren’t that many boring people in the world, and not everyone will discriminate against his sexual orientation.

Su Nuo was in a good mood and replied to a few comments. And then he quickly signed out of his account and went on Mr. Qiu’s homepage!

However, because the signal in this village was really bad, there were fewer Qiu ZiYan’s posts. The most recent one was when they just entered the village to start filming, and the content was actually Su Nuo riding on a horse facing the sun.

Nani? Su Nuo stared at his phone dumbstruck! This no-brain-all-chest man took my picture! Did he eat too much that his brain started to rot?! He took the picture while I was dizzy on the horse. That was simply abominable! And the picture was so ugly! The text was also very simple – ‘we’re about to go into the mountains, the air is fresh.’

The air was very good, so take a picture of the air then. Why did you take a picture of me?! Su Nuo complained inside his head, and then started commenting.

Although Su Nuo and Mr. Director had already come out, there was nothing to stop the shippers, so there was still a large number of fans in the comment section saying that NuoNuo looks dainty from behind and that Qiu Ziyan should go up to him and hug his delicate frame!

Fuck! The Bald Little Demon was furious in an instant! Su Nuo tapped the keys on the phone screen wildly!

— Su Nuo already came out publicly, and his director boyfriend is tall, handsome, and cool. How can you guys just ship these two randomly?!

But the comment was soon drowned out by the other comments. Apparently no one upvoted his comment.

What a sad thing!

“Hubby!” Yelled Su Nuo into the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Long’s voice was as gentle as ever, but the phone call obviously interrupted his sleep.

“…… You were sleeping?” Su Nuo hesitated.

“Yeah. The company was busy yesterday, so I got home late.” Ouyang Long yawned.

Su Nuo felt guilty in an instant! He disrupted his hubby’s sleep!

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Uh… It’s nothing.” In fact, Su Nuo wanted to complain and maybe even act cute a little bit to Mr. Director, so that the handsome Mr. Director could be like Mu Qiu and come visit him in the village. Because, first of all, he really missed him. Without a hot tongue kiss and beep—, life was incomplete! Second of all, he also wanted to take pictures that show their love on the internet, and he wanted to scream in front of those shipping fans, “This is my husband!”

”Come on, something must’ve happened.” Mr. Director couldn’t know Su Nuo better.

“It’s fine.” Su Nuo squatted on the chair, “I just wanted to gossip with you. Yesterday Mu Qiu came to see Director Zhong, and then they did it to the point that the bed collapsed. Hahaha haha it’s so funny!!!” Su Nuo faked his laugh.

“Do you miss me?” Ouyang Long didn’t say anything and changed the topic.

“Yeah…”Of course I miss you! Su Nuo suddenly felt very depressed when he answered Mr. Director’s question. Even if I miss you so much, I can’t see you anyway.

Listening to Su Nuo’s tone, the corner of Mr. Director’s lips unconsciously raised.

“Well, go to bed early.” Su Nuo was still very sensible and caring about his man, “Don’t overwork yourself.”

“Yeah, you too.” Mr. Director’s voice was very nice, and kept poking Su XiaoNuo’s little heart!

After hanging up, Su Nuo climbed down the ladder, and rushed into the room and began shaking Dai An.

“What’s going on?” Dai An wanted to cry but no tears came out. He sat up while looking at Su Nuo.

“Annoying!” Su Nuo complained while hugging the covers.

“You were fine before.” Dai An wrestled the covers back — because he was only wearing underwear!

I feel empty and lonely! Su XiaNuo thought.

“Come sleep.” Dai An moved to the side.

Su Nuo poked him in the stomach, and then showed a very disgusted expression!

“What are you going to do?!” The delicate heart of Princess was shattered.

“How come you’ve been getting fatter lately!?!” Su Nuo said, “Nobody will want to marry you!”

“If you’re unhappy, please don’t take your anger out on me!” Dai An roared.

“…..” Exposed me in a single shot. The princess was really very mean! Su Nuo sighed, “Time passes in a blink of an eye, and we’re just sleeping in broad daylight. Do you not think that we’re wasting our life to do something useful?” But it does seem like there’s nothing else to do….

“I don’t think so at all.” Dai An turned to face away from Su Nuo, “Rest quickly, and I’ll take you to eat to eat melons tonight.”

“I don’t want to go. Eating the production’s team lunch boxes is enough.” Su Nuo had no energy, “I don’t have an appetite right now.”

No, you have to go! Dai An turned and held his hand, “When golden sweet potatoes cook on a fire, half of the moisture in them evaporates. When you break them apart, steam comes out, and they will be sweeter than honey!”


Su Nuo swallowed, “I’ll go with you then.”

Dai An was relieved; Su Nuo was really easy to convince.

So on this rare idle day, with Director Zhong being cold, Mu Qiu being gentle and considerate, the crew being silly and gossiping, as well as Su Nuo and Dai An being exhausted, the day passed leisurely.

The village was quiet at night, and Su Nuo, dressed in a clean white shirt, was sitting on a large slate in the field, watching the moon.

“I forgot the lighter.” Dai An patted his head, “Wait for me here, I’ll go get it.”

“It’s fine.” Su Nuo pulled a lighter out of his pocket, “I forgot to give this back to LeLe after helping him.”


Dai An had to take the lighter with a forced expression, and then he checked the time.

Seven fifty.

“We forgot the salt.” Dai An stood up again.

“We’re adding salt to the roasted potatoes?” Su Nuo was very confused.

“Adding salt makes it taste better.” Dai An said nonsensically.

“Okay, then I’ll get it.” Su Nuo jumped off the slate.

Don’t! Dai An stopped him, “You can’t go!”

“Why?” Su Nuo was puzzled, “You said adding salt makes it taste better.”

“I’ll get it, you wait for me here,” Dai An insisted.


“Listen to me!” Dai An turned away and ran off.


We’re only getting salt. You’re gonna fight over this??!

Su XiaoNuo was extremely suspicious. Princess became more and more strange lately! Su Nuo was about to turn around to clean the potatoes, but then a rustling sound suddenly came from behind him—the sound of footsteps on fallen leaves.


Su XiaoNuo was nervous in an instant! He subconsciously picked up a brick on reflex!

What a beautiful teenager’s sense of self-protection!


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