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Chapter 101:  Extra – Movie Shoot 4

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie


No matter how much ZhongLi FengBai lied, he was unable to completely cover how comfortable he felt in his heart! As such, in the later part of the shooting, he did not roar or act tsundere and even laughed like an idiot for a while and immediately changed back to the cold face. Still, it did not escape the audience’s sharp eyes!

“I’ve said it before, I will not hand over the thing to the government,” Su Nuo said coldly. “You better give up.”

“What if I insist?” Qiu ZiYan coerced him as he gradually released his right hand.

At this moment, the Lieutenant general should hand him his long sword to emphasise the nervous atmosphere! But the problem was the Lieutenant general was also very nervous! So, when he passed the sword, he heavily fell down with the blade heavily hitting Su XiaoNuo’s feet.

“Ah!” The leader of the martial alliance embarrassingly broke down!

It was a bit painful!

The people in the surrounding immediately crowded over. The prop master was filled with regret, had he known earlier that this would happen, he would just go for a styrofoam sword!

“Are you alright?” The Queen asked worriedly.

“It’s alright it’s alright, you don’t need to worry.” Su Nuo limped towards his chair, “It’s just a bit of skin broken, it’s nothing.”

“I’m sorry.” The Lieutenant general felt like he was going to cry bitterly; he originally entered into the team through connection and now he injured the main character, he was definitely going to be fired.

But to his surprise, ZhongLi FengBai was not angry or irritable, he even comforted him a few sentences! Then he announced that today’s work was over, and everyone should rest early as they need to wake up early tomorrow!

This was basically too abnormal!

“Why do I feel he pretty much wanted me to be hit by it?” Su Nuo complained while he looked at Dai An keeping things up.

To return back to roll in bed and abandon the team, it was really unprofessional!

The others felt that Chairman Mu was really a heavy spring rain, just in time to relieve the parched director, this was just too great! Tonight he would be moisturised until the end!

Really could not imagine it in detail!

At the yard in the temporarily rented farmer’s house, Mu Qiu squatted in the kitchen to keep the fire burning; the stove next to him was cooking the chicken soup, and there were chopped vegetables on the chopping board.

“What are you doing?” ZhongLi FengBai was a bit shocked when he entered the yard, he thought Mu Qiu was resting.

“When I woke up, you weren’t back yet. So, I just bought some things from the next-door neighbour.” Mu Qiu stood up and wiped his hand, “You finished the shooting?”

“Ya.” ZhongLi FengBai wiped the dirt off his face and used a rarely gentle tone and asked, “Just rest for a while, I’ll cook for you.”

Mu Qiu laughed, “Do you know how to make fire from wood?”

Director Zhong immediately angrily glared at him!



Who doesn’t know romance!

His words are like sharp knives!


And hurtful!

“Get me two tomatoes from the yard,” Mu Qiu said. “I’ll cook a tomato-roasted eggplant for you.”

You ask me to go and I’ll go! Director Zhong said coldly, “I want it to be a bit sour!”

“Then get three tomatoes.” Mu Qiu took out the wok cover, “We’re able to eat soon.”

Steamed chicken with mushroom gave off a waft of pleasant scent, and ZhongLi FengBai’s stomach growled; he obediently turned around to go to the farm to get some tomatoes.

“Smells nice!” Outside the kitchen wall, Su XiaoNuo, who occasionally walked past, breathed in the aroma as much as he could.

You shouldn’t be so pitiful!!!!!!!

The queen felt that his heart was going to break!!!!!!!

As Mu Qiu found that ZhongLi FengBai had lost a bit of weight, he made a lot of delicious food for dinner and forced him to drink four bowls of chicken soup!

“I can’t drink anymore!” Director Zhong roared! I’m not a jellyfish!

He was really irritable!

“You still left half a bowl of rice, eat it with some vegetables!” Mu Qiu couldn’t help but want to feed him until he fattened up, “After you finish eating, there will be a surprise.”

“En?” ZhongLi FengBai’s ears moved a bit, “What surprise?”

“It’s not a surprise anymore if I tell you.” Mu Qiu said, “Just be good and when you eat finish, I’ll tell you.”

“… Are you telling the truth?” ZhongLi FengBai could not let down his guard.

“Of course.” Mu Qiu swore, “When did I ever lie to you?”

ZhongLi FengBai thought deeply, Mu Qiu seems to have never lied to him before!

And so, he quickly finished the rice with some vegetable’s sauce. “Where’s the surprise?”

“This,” Mu Qiu put a document in his hand.

ZhongLi FengBai curiously opened the document;the first page had a photo in it—a summer sunshine warmly shining into a glass window, a table filled with detailed delicacies and snacks, it also had a bouquet of flowers. This scene was very familiar, because this was the scene in the movie which made him famous.

As he read further, it was a detailed contract of the renovation picture and the ability to have the house.

ZhongLi FengBai was a bit surprised, he raised his head and looked at him with hesitation.

“That dream scene in your movie, I’ll turn it into reality.” Mu Qiu held his hand, and he kissed him by the mouth, “My wedding gift for my wife.”

ZhongLi FengBai’s eyes immediately turned red.

“Are you happy?” Mu Qiu hugged him as he asked gently in a low voice.

ZhongLi FengBai hugged him tightly, he wanted to speak, but he did not know what to say. He just mentioned it previously, but he did not think that Mu Qiu would put it in his heart and make a replica of it, and everything was the same!

How much thought and work did he spent on it, ZhongLi FengBai did not need to think and he knew.

His nose!

Scrunched up!

This was really!


“Don’t cry anymore.” Mu Qiu wiped off his tears with his thumb, “The environment of the village was not bad, let’s take a stroll around it.”

A gentle breeze was blowing; the farm at the end of summer and beginning of autumn was very calm, and they could occasionally hear the sound of crickets.

“I grew up in a village like this when I was young.” He held Mu Qiu’s hand while they were walking. “We slept in the melon shed in summer and listened to the stories told by the elderly, and when we got hungry, we stole corn and sweet potatoes and were chased around the village by people.” As he talked about his childhood, ZhongLi FengBai could not help but smile.

“Your hometown?” Mu Qiu asked.

“Yeah, it was very poor but simple, similar to here.” 

Mu Qiu looked at him. “When you’re free, let’s go there.”

ZhongLi FengBai nodded his head then lightly and tightly held his hand.

The atmosphere was warm and sweet; then the two people got so turned on and did something beautiful yet wild?

Of course not! All this was of course Su XiaoNuo’s wild imagination!

In reality, the two were just kissing in the field and were not very bold!

“When are they leaving?” Su Nuo bitterly squatted in the field, “There are insects biting me!”

“Just endure it for a while; if we walk out now, Director Zhong will feel very awkward.” Dai An tugged on his shirt. “They won’t stay here for long.”

Su Nuo could only sighed in his heart then hugged tightly the ears of corn he was holding.

Just trying to steal vegetables, and there are so many obstacles, I’m really pitiful.

At the same time, the team staff was sitting in a circle happily as they chatted while eating nuts, betting whether the shooting would be able to continue tomorrow morning! The answer was no, of course! Tonight it would definitely be very intense! The director wouldn’t be able to wake up on time! This topic was very fun to chat about! Once their minds start running wild, their thoughts completely went berserk. Indeed, the tears of the weeping director made him endearing to anyone. Director Muw was definitely not going to hold back. It’s very likely that there won’t be any shooting the entire day tomorrow, especially in the morning.

Everyone became much more agitated as they thought about it, even their hand with the nuts began to tremble.

“Achoo!” ZhongLi FengBai sneezed.

“Are you cold?” Mu Qiu poured hot water on his body, “Quickly finish washing and go to bed.”

ZhongLi FengBai rubbed his nose, and  he quickly helped him to wipe his body.

Just wed and then separated for so long, that was the cruellest thing for a couple in love! Therefore, the two just quickly took a shower and rolled onto the bed while hugging each other!

“Ah!” Director Zhong miserably screamed.

“What happened?” Mu Qiu quickly hugged him up.

“What’s in the blanket?” ZhongLi FengBai rubbed his back, “it’s so hard.”

“In the blanket?” Mu Qiu shook the blanket and found a small red bag filled with longans, lotus seeds and peanuts inside.

Shit! ZhongLi FengBai widened his eyes. As Mu Qiu had come here, he bought a blanket from the villager, why was it actually the blanket for newlywed!

“It’s quite good, just treat it as a consummation.” Mu Qiu pressed the person back to the bed, “When I was young, I saw during a marriage in the village, they used this type of bed and blanket.”

“Who wants to consummate with you!” ZhongLi FengBai lied.

“Your ears turn red every time you lie.” Mu Qiu bit the hot earlobe, “Did you miss me?”

Do you need to ask this nonsense! ZhongLi FengBai angrily glared at him, “I absolutely didn’t miss you!”

Mu Qiu laughed, then his dishonest hand kept sliding down, “Really?”

“…” Don’t just touch as you please!  ZhongLi FengBai kicked him away.

Mu Qiu instinctively dodged, then he dramatically fell off the bed!

It was really terrible.

ZhongLi FengBai was startled by it, then he realised this was completely not the bed in his house! The size was so small that two big men lying next to each made it really cramped, all the more so if they are going to roll around!

“Why are you so fierce?” Mu Qiu climbed up the bed again and unhappily bit ZhongLi FengBai’s lip.

Director Zhong could not move at all because he did not want to kick his man down the bed for the second time! Just hearing like this feels like he was a shrew!

Therefore Mu Qiu movement became bolder, his breathing became heavier.

The hands with thin calluses moved around his body, and combined with the many hot kisses, ZhongLi FengBai quickly got lost in lust as both his legs hook around Mu Qiu’s waist.

“Honey.” Mu Qiu said in his ear, “I really love you.”

“I love you too.” ZhongLi FengBai hugged his neck, his eyebrows furrowed to endure that slow intrusion.

“Is it painful?” Even though he really wanted to fiercely dominate him without a care, Mu Qiu knew very well how to control himself.

“Yeah…” After not having a sex for almost a month, the body seems to be more sensitive than before. ZhongLi FengBai bit his lower lip and took the initiative to raise his waist.

Mu Qiu kissed him with care, then began to move slowly. Firstly he used his gentlest strength and pace, then he increased the speed until it was finally crazy.

To this person below him, no matter how much he loved and cared, it never seemed enough.

“Don’t… slow down, slow down a bit.” ZhongLi FengBai put his arms on his shoulders, his vision foggy.

“Dear, call me honey.” Mu Qiu hugged his waist tightly, then he increased his strength to intrude further, wanting to fuse with this person completely.

“Ah ha…” ZhongLi FengBai’s voice became ragged; he cried while wanting to push his away, then the back of his body momentarily felt as though it was floating.

The bed had collapsed.

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