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Chapter 107: Extra – Movie Shoot 10

Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

Looking at Dai An’s ashen face, Luo Li was in a remarkably good mood. That’s right, he is definitely a villain!

“Beloved Royal Concubine!” When Su Nuo heard the news, he immediately climbed up onto the roof to use the telephone. “What happened back home?”

“Nothing really. My uncle’s family is having some problems which I need to attend to,” Dai An lied. “Just focus on the movie, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Call me if you need anything.” Su Nuo felt reassured. “Don’t rush back, take care of your family first.”

“Ok.” Da An’s heart stirred. NuoNuo was so grown up and considerate! Dai An felt a strong need to protect him.

Hence when Luo Li casually mentioned he wanted to visit the film set tomorrow, Dai An was extremely opposed to it!

“Why?” Luo Li asked.

“Because you’d upset NuoNuo.” Since it was already out in the open, Dai An decided not to beat around the bush.

Luo Li broke into a smile, “Why so blunt?”

“There are plenty of fish in the sea,” Dai An patiently urged him. “Why don’t you try loving someone else?”

“Such as?” Luo Li watched him intently.

“Qiu ZiYan!” Dai An was positively a scoundrel.


“Qiu ZiYan!” Dai An repeated. “He is handsome, tall, and have you seen his abs? You’re just made for each other!” A master of egregious lies!

“But I don’t like his type,” Luo Li whined.

“Why don’t you give it a go?” Dai An said enthusiastically, “Maybe you will open a door to a whole new world, and discover a brand new appreciation for abs!” Such poetic language was quite evocative!

Dai An’s eyes were full of anticipation. Seeing this, Luo Li almost died laughing on the inside, but he kept his expression stoic, just like a film star.

“You’re not going to cry, are you?” Dai An was shocked by his expression, and decided to backpedal. “If you don’t like Qiu ZiYan, there are still plenty of handsome men in the world who look like NuoNuo. You will find the love of your life!”

Luo Li was starting to understand why Su Nuo wanted Dai An as his manager.

“Why don’t you stay in the hospital room tonight?” Dai An suggested. “After I check out of the hospital, I’ll introduce you to some good ones!” Dai An decided to try his hand at matchmaking.

“You want me to stay here?” Luo Li grinned.

“Of course. This is a deluxe hospital room, there’s an en suite bathroom and a second bed!” If Su Nuo knew Dai An worked so hard to keep Luo Li from the film set, he would be so moved. 

“Alright.” Luo Li stood up. “I’ll go buy some cigarettes before the supermarket closes.”

“Ok.” Dai An watched him leave the room, and let out a sigh of relief!

Every day he could keep him away from NuoNuo counted.

Even though rolling off a mountain sounded terrifying, Dai An wasn’t seriously hurt, all he had was a sprained ankle. Dai An dragged himself to the bathroom, wanting to take a quick shower and then go to sleep.

But halfway through his shower, Luo Li came back.

How fortuitous!

Luo Li was shocked to see the bed empty. When he heard the sound of water running in the bathroom, though, he grinned and calmly opened the bathroom door.

Such shameless audacity!

“Ahhhh!” Dai An shrieked when someone intruded into the bathroom.

“……” Luo Li looked just as stunned, and watched him with innocent eyes.

“What… What are you doing here?!” Dai An was exasperated!

“I wanted to use the bathroom.” Luo Li continued his act, “I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Get out!” Dai An desperately tried to wrap a towel around him. His chubby belly was protruding –– the result of being in constant company of a glutton.

Once Luo Li had seen enough, he sincerely apologised, and calmly closed the door behind him as he left.

What kind of person is this? No wonder NuoNuo doesn’t like him. Coming out of nowhere like a ghost!

“Don’t brush your teeth yet, I bought fruit and porridge.” Luo Li shouted from outside the bathroom.

“Ok. Ahhh!!!!” A devastating scream came from the bathroom.

“What happened?” Luo Li hurried back after the scare.

Dai An sat on the bath mat like a wretch, surrounded by a circle of small bottles.

“Did you fall?” Luo Li callously wanted to laugh.

Dai An’s bottom was in terrible pain. He wanted to stand up but couldn’t, so all he could do was look at Luo Li with tears in his eyes.

Who would fall just from picking up a bottle of shower gel! It was embarrassingly stupid.

“Hope you didn’t break any bones.” Luo Li squatted next to him and squeezed his waist, “Does it hurt here?”

“It’s not that serious.” Dai An said weakly, “Just help me get to bed.”

Luo Li helped Dai An stand up. He grabbed a towel and wiped Dai An dry, then picked him up by the waist.

Dai An: “……”

“You’ve got a paunch there.” Luo Li casually glanced at him.

“Don’t look where you’re not supposed to!” Dai An quickly covered up Dai An Jr, and shot an angry look at Luo Li.


Seeing his ears turn red, Mr Scarface really wanted to laugh.

“Shall I call a doctor?” Luo Li asked with nonchalance as he put Dai An down on the hospital bed.

“No, thank you.” Dai An grabbed a duvet and wrapped himself in it, still blushing.

This is so humiliating!

“I’ll get you a new hospital gown.’’ Luo Li walked towards the door. Dai An’s old hospital gown fell on the bathroom floor earlier.

“Wait!” Dai An stopped him.

“What?” Luo Li asked.

“… Buy me some underwear, please.” The Royal Concubine wished he were dead. His underwear fell on the hospital floor earlier and he refused to wear it. But he can’t stay naked, so he humbly begged Mr Scarface to help him.

“Puhahaha.” Luo Li impishly chuckled.

“What are you laughing at!” Dai An was furious. If it were not for the fact that I can’t move, I would never ask you to buy this kind of thing!

“Alright, I’ll buy you underwear.” Luo Li collected himself, “Anything else?”

“No, thank you, I’ll pay you back tomorrow.” Dai An said calmly. A string of fuck yous raced across his mind.

“Beloved Royal Concubine!” Su Nuo called not long after Luo Li left, “Have you reached home yet? What’s the situation?”

“Nothing special. Did you finish filming for the day?” Dai An asked.

“There’s another scene before dawn, I’m calling you on my break.” SuNuo stood on the chair. “If there’s anything I can help you with, just go ahead and tell me!” The Royal Concubine must be looked after.

“Mn, thank you.” Dai An felt warmth flood his heart. “Don’t worry about me, just focus on the filming.” NuoNuo was so kind and innocent, Director OuYang was so lucky to have him!

Luo Li returned a few minutes later. He took out a bright red box from a plastic bag. “Your underwear.”

Dai An gasped for air, “Women’s underwear?” Why is it so seductively wrapped! And in XXXL plus size nonetheless!

“Puhaha!” Luo Li snorted out another chuckle.

“Don’t laugh!” Dai An threw a pillow at him. He must have a brain tumour to screw up something as simple as buying underwear!

“Get your mind out of the gutter.” Luo Li threw the box on Dai An’s bed, exposing a muscular male model on the cover.

It’s men’s underwear alright, but Dai An was still uneasy. The male model with the bronzed eight-pack was wearing a red triangle underwear which looked as though it was about to explode! The image alone was enough to make Dai An’s balls hurt.

“Well, it’s a little ugly, but it’s better than nothing.” Luo Li tried to comfort him, “The supermarket downstairs is really small, this was the only kind they had.”


What kind of cruel fate is this! The Royal Concubine sighed. He accepted his fate, opened the package and put it on under the duvet.

“Want some?” Luo Li offered him a bottle of fruit juice.

“No, thank you.” Dai An yawned, “I’m tired and want to sleep now.”

Luo Li put his pillow back properly, and attentively set a glass of warm water on his bed stand.

Actually, maybe Mr Scarface isn’t so bad. Dai An hugged his duvet closer and contemplated introducing a few compatible celebrities to Luo Li.

“What does Su Nuo call you?” Luo Li leaned on the mantle of the second bed and asked as starlight poured through the window, “I can’t keep calling you Mr Dai.”

“……” He usually calls me Beloved Royal Concubine but that’s not a name you can call me! Dai An said paltrily, “It’s ok, you can call me Mr Dai.”

“Then what does he call me?” Even though he knew it wouldn’t be anything good, Mr Scarface still impishly wanted to know.

Dai An looked even more wretched. Depraved-pervert-shameless-rascal-leering-bastard-Scarface, can one really say this kind of thing out loud? What if he gets upset, leaves me behind at the hospital, and then goes pick a fight with NuoNuo. I can’t let this happen!

“He calls you Director Luo.” Dai An told a small white lie.

“Really?” Luo Li said in disbelief.

“Of course. What else would he call you?” Dai An tucked himself under the duvet, “Good night.” If he had kept going he’d surely be found out.

Luo Li arched his brow, but he didn’t keep up the interrogation.

A peaceful night passed.

The next day, Luo Li woke up super early. As soon as he opened his eyes, he could see Dai An hugging his duvet, soundly asleep with soft snoring. The only thing he wore was that hilarious baggy red underwear, with a knockoff Fuwa1 logo and the word “welcome” printed across it.

Such exhilaration!

Mr Scarface scandalously took a photo.

“Wake up.” After taking the photo, Luo Li sat next to Dai An’s bed and shouted.

“Yes.” Dai An sluggishly rubbed his eyes, then stared blankly in front of him for three seconds.

“Mr Sleepyhead.” Luo Li pulled him up.

“Good morning.” Dai An did a big stretch, fully showing his tummy.

“Why do you only get chubby around the waist?” Luo Li was baffled.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Dai An was furious, and grabbed his clothes from the pile beside him and started putting them on.

What kind of crackpot is he, staring at someone’s belly all day!

“Want to come to the gym with me?” Luo Li said encouragingly.

“Thank you, but no.” Dai An resolutely refused. He wanted to go wash up, but as soon as he stood up his ankle was in agonising pain. So he screamed and fell face down. Luckily Luo Li caught him, “Are you ok?”

“My ankle hurts.” The Royal Concubine took a deep breath.

It was clearly fine yesterday. Why would it hurt more the next day!

This is inexplicable!


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Translator Notes:

  1. T/N: Fuwa was the cartoon mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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