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Chapter 108: Extra – Movie Shoot 11

Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

“Maybe you twisted your ankle again when you fell in the shower yesterday.” Luo Li helped Dai An sit back onto the bed. “I’ll call a doctor.”

Why am I so unfortunate!

The Royal Concubine wanted to burst into tears!

But the result of the examination meant that he was forced to move in with Luo Li across the street… into a hotel room.

Since hospital beds are limited, Dai An’s minor injuries couldn’t justify occupying an entire deluxe hospital suite. But normal hospital rooms were uncomfortable, so Luo Li decided to book a hotel room across the street from the hospital so they could go back easily for further check-ups.

“Can you help me get to the bank downstairs?” Dai An said. “I’ll pay you back.”

“Four hundred thousand?” Luo Li said as a matter of fact.

Dai An: ……

“If you don’t have the money right now, there’s no need to worry. You can pay me back twenty thousand a year for the next twenty years.” Luo Li tried to comfort him. “I won’t charge you interest.”

“Good night!” Dai An grabbed the duvet and ducked under it.

Luo Li poked at Dai An’s belly; he was beside himself with glee.

“Stop it!!” The Royal Concubine was fuming. Why is he so annoying?!

“It’s only 8 PM, no point in sleeping so early.” Luo Li lay down next to him and turned on the TV. “Do you have any celebrity gossip?”

Why is a grown man so interested in tabloid gossip! Dai An shook his head. “I have nothing to report.”

“Why are you so grouchy towards me?” Luo Li tapped his forehead. “No matter how you look at it, I saved your life!”

“Please don’t talk yourself up like that!” Dai An shot an angry look at him.

“Since we both have so much free time, do you want to watch a movie with me tomorrow?” Luo Li said enthusiastically after a few minutes.

“Have you considered going back to work?” Dai An looked at him with anticipation.

“It was so hard for me to get away,” Luo Li obstinately refused. “I’d rather die than go back!”


How hasn’t your company gone bankrupt yet!?

The Royal Concubine seethed on the inside!

Heavy rain started to fall outside. The two of them leaned against the bed and watched the small TV in the hotel room.

There really was nothing else to do!

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Dai An handed Luo Li the sunflower seeds he was snacking on.

“Do you need help?” Luo Li asked.

Of course not! Dai An limped towards the bathroom.

A commercial came up so Luo Li changed the channel; a popular B-grade period drama was playing.

“Your Highness, the General kidnapped the Crown Prince, he’s going to usurp the throne!” A little eunuch rushed onto the screen.

“Puaah!” Luo Li snorted so hard he almost choked. He froze the screen and stared at it for a full half-minute. The character looked familiar no matter how he looked at it.

“What are you watching?” Dai An asked curiously as he came out from the bathroom. He looked at the TV screen, then his entire body froze.

“Is this you?” Luo Li laughed unkindly.

Dai An aggressively took the remote away from him.

“You did well!” Luo Li said encouragingly.

“Shut up!” Dai An blushed from head to toe. He went to visit a friend on set, but they were missing a few extras that day, so he volunteered. The scene lasted less than twenty seconds, even Su Nuo didn’t know about it.

“Have you been in anything else?” Luo Li asked enthusiastically.

“I don’t want to talk about this ever again!” Dai An hid his face in a pillow.

Luo Li laughed so hard his stomach hurt.

Two hours later, Dai An was sound asleep under his duvet. Luo Li texted his assistant to clear his schedule for the rest of the month.

His assistant immediately broke down in tears. Director Liu is coming for a meeting next week!

But Luo Li very unprofessionally told his assistant to say that he was sick.

His assistant mournfully reminded him that he had already used this excuse last time.

To which Luo Li shamelessly replied “Why can’t I be sick again?”

It made his assistant’s head buzz.

The sun shined beautifully the next morning. Dai An in his underwear lay sound asleep on top of Luo Li’s chest, his round cheeks enticingly wanting to be squeezed.

“It’s time to wake up.” Luo Li gently patted his back.

“Mn.” Dai An rubbed his eyes and promptly sat up.

Luo Li broke into a smile, He doesn’t even need to snooze.

“Ahh!” Dai An exclaimed when he was finally wide awake, “Why are you in my bed?!” There were two beds in the hotel suite!

“I stayed up late watching TV and must have fallen asleep right here,” Luo Li said calmly.

Dai An looked for his clothes with enthusiasm.

“Let’s go watch a movie?” Luo Li poked at his waist.

“No,” Dai An refused.

“There’s a blockbuster in town!” Luo Li said.

“The answer is still no.” Dai An moved slowly towards the bathroom. “I’d rather watch TV in the hotel room.”

“Then I’m making a trip to the movie set in the mountains,” Luo Li surprised him.

Dai An seethed, “No you don’t!”

“But no one will watch a movie with me,” Luo Li’s said leisurely.

This unscrupulous profiteer is definitely evil!

The Royal Concubine was despondent!

Even though they were in a supposed downtown area it was not very affluent, and the cinema was small and run-down.

“I don’t want to watch a 3D blockbuster in a place like this!” Dai An protested in his wheelchair. Only a big screen will do the special effects justice.

“Then let’s watch a different movie.” Luo Li looked at the session details. “How about ‘Ghost in the Mountain’?”

Oh no! Dai An promptly refused, “Let’s watch the 3D blockbuster!”

“Are you scared?” Luo Li grinned.

“Of course not!” Dai An was outraged!

“Then let’s watch this one.” Luo Li paid for the tickets.

Dai An: ……

They stowed the wheelchair at the entrance, then Luo Li helped Dai An into a cinema chair.

The other movie goers were all astonished! What’s so good about this movie that he had to limp all the way here to watch it!

“Aaaah!!!!” The movie began with a shriek. The Royal Concubine trembled daintily!

“Scared?” Luo Li whispered.

“Of course not!” Dai An said stubbornly.

“Huh.” Mr Scarface deserved to be mercilessly tortured for his tone.

The movie continued in spectacular glory. Not only were there extremely frightening horror scenes, it also had unusually frightening screams. Dai An felt like his entire body was going to collapse!

The movie was two hours long! Why does a horror movie need to be so long!

He wanted to break down and cry!

When the lights finally came up, Da An felt like he had traversed through the four seasons. His back was flashing hot and cold, it was a cruel fate!

“Why are you so pale?” Luo Li asked as he drew closer.

“Because I am immersed in the sea of artistic expression,” Dai An said with exhaustion.

Luo Li laughed so hard his stomach hurt. “Shall we go back?”

“Let’s go for a stroll.” Dai An felt faint. After watching such a creepy movie, he needed to restore his strength at once.

Luo Li pushed his wheelchair towards the park so he could soak in some sunlight, and he even bought him a childish orange flavoured soda.

Dai An’s skin was warmed by the sun and he felt comfortable and relaxed.

He let his eyes shut and momentarily forgot about the movie.

But only for a moment!

Once they returned to the hotel room, Luo Li carried him from the wheelchair onto the bed, “I’m going downstairs to buy some cigarettes.”

“Smoking is bad for your health,” the Royal Concubine stopped him. “How about we snack on some sunflower seeds?”

“It’s ok to smoke once in a while,” Luo Li teased him deliberately.

“No! I refuse to smell second-hand smoke!” Dai An was resolute!

“Then I’ll smoke on the balcony.” Luo Li retreated.

“You’d still pollute the air on the balcony!” Dai An seized his hand.

“Fine, then I’ll go buy some junk food,” Luo Li said mischievously.

“Junk food will make you fat!” Dai An refused to let him leave, and said enthusiastically, “Why don’t we go to bed early?”

Looking at his pitiful expression, Mr Scarface was overcome with joy!

He didn’t think such entertaining people existed in the world!

The Royal Concubine jolted awake from his dream in the middle of the night. He needed to pee.

He sat up and gazed at the man beside him.

Moonlight poured through the window. Luo Li was sound asleep, his expression softer than usual.

The Royal Concubine felt a sudden outpour of affection towards the handsome man next to him, as if the door towards a brand-new world has been opened before him.

How is this possible!!

He had no time to study Mr Scarface in detail, as he really had to go!

No matter how scary, it was just a movie!

Dai An tried to comfort himself. He put on his slippers and slowly tried to come down from his bed.

Normally, he’d run to the bathroom with his eyes closed! But this was different. He can’t move very quickly with his injured ankle!

It was truly pathetic!

He turned on the light next to his bed stand just a little bit, hoping Luo Li would wake up.

But this cannot be!

So he shakily moved towards the bathroom. The faint light evoked images from the gory movie he watched during the day. The Royal Concubine felt like he was about to pee his pants!

“Where… are… you… going…” An unsteady voice asked from behind him, it was truly terrifying.

“Aaaahh!!!!” Dai An screamed.

“Are you ok?” Luo Li quickly steadied him.

“Just… just… just now!” The Royal Concubine stuttered.

“Just now I wanted to ask if you needed help getting to the bathroom.” Luo Li looked at him innocently. “Then you started screaming!”

“Then why did your voice change?” The Royal Concubine was still frightened! The voice earlier seemed to come from underground.

“I wasn’t quite awake, it was normal for my voice to be hoarse.” Luo Li was full of excuses.

“Help me get to the bathroom.” The Royal Concubine had no time to wonder if Luo Li did it on purpose or not. As a twenty-something-year-old he couldn’t let himself pee his pants.

Feeling the cold sweat on Dai An’s back, Mr Scarface felt a tiny shred of… guilt?!

He seems a bit jittery, maybe I shouldn’t scare him like that.

Luo Li reflected outside the bathroom while rubbing his chin.

Two minutes later, the Royal Concubine was still inside.

“Are you alright?” Luo Li knocked on the door.

But Dai An didn’t answer him. He was still staring at the toilet with a stern expression.

Because he discovered he couldn’t pee!

He was petrified!

Luo Li swiftly twisted opened the bathroom door.

“Aahh!” Dai An jumped, “What are you doing in here?!”

“I thought you fainted.” Luo Li was puzzled, “Why are you staring at the toilet?”

“None of your business! Get out!” Dai An was mortified and quickly hid Dai An Jr.

“Prostate problems?” Luo Li was truly reprehensible.

Dai An really wanted to slap him across the face with his slipper!

After this whole debacle, Luo Li leaned against his bed to watch TV, and Dai An finally completed his mission after three more minutes. Dai An feebly laid face down on his bed, and wondered if he should see a urologist?

He was in such a state of despair he almost broke down in tears!


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Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
March 10, 2020 12:04 pm

Hahaha whenever there’s Luo Li, the story got interesting! The way he teased Dai An is so cute. Love his mischievousness. Hmm I think Luo li and Dai An will be a very cute couple. 😁

June 2, 2021 11:23 pm

These guys are as funny as Su Nuo and the director. And we get to see that Dai An is a drama queen even without Su Nuo. And almost as silly!

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