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Chapter 81: Sixth World (5)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After his communication with Lao Lin, Bai Duan tossed and turned in bed for several hours and finally went back to the basement to spend his time. But next door, Eddie slept soundly.

Maybe it was because it took too much physical strength and energy to escape from the O’dean family today or maybe it was because, once again, being under the eaves of the house with his lover, and having the fresh taste of his lover linger all over his body. In a word, he slept well and woke up to a bright day. He sat up from the bed, stretched out, turned around and saw a pile of clothes on the bedside table.

He reached out and picked up the clothes and started to compare them. Eddie found that the size of the clothes fit him well, so it must have been bought by Bai Duan overnight. There was a sweet feeling in his heart. Eddie took off his clothes, put them to his nose and sniffed them. He was satisfied to smell his own smell and that of Bai Duan’s mixed together.

At the thought that he would have to leave his lover soon, Eddie really wanted to take these clothes away so he could use it for masturbation… He made great efforts to suppress the impulse of the idiot in his heart, and reluctantly folded his clothes and put them on the head of the bed, then he put on the new clothes.

Of course, although he couldn’t take the clothes stained with Bai Duan’s scent, to have the clothes his lover bought for him especially was enough too. 

Standing in front of the mirror and straightening out his appearance, Eddie could not help but turn his head away from the beautiful little boy in the mirror. When he was using Xie Yan’s body, he could comfort himself that he would eventually be thin, but now… His growth period was over, so Eddie didn’t expect to grow at all.

Was this the punishment that he got from playing too much SM in the last world?!

Eddie was desperate, but his face was calm. He opened the bedroom door, searched for Bai Duan, and soon met his sweetheart by the window. Bai Duan was sitting on the metal chair near the window, looking down at the electronic books in his hand. The warm morning light came in from the window and covered him, making Bai Duan’s white and flawless skin more white and bright.

Eddie looked at Bai Duan quietly. For a while, he only felt that the time was quiet. He really hoped that time could freeze at this moment, and he didn’t have to leave his lover’s side to go to some damned Hobian planet to struggle.

Unfortunately, Bai Duan soon noticed Eddie’s gaze. He turned his head and smiled, “You’re awake. Did you sleep well?”

“…Yes, thank you.” Restrained by the idea of reaching for Bai Duan, Eddie thanked him strangely.

“You’re welcome.” Bai Duan replied with a smile, “I’ve prepared breakfast.” After a short pause, his face showed a bit of embarrassment, “It’s not any delicious food. You have to bear with it a little.”

“It’s okay. I don’t really care about it,” Eddie sat down at the table at Bai Duan’s insistence, and at the same time he had a polite meal, and praised Bai Duan’s cooking skills without any reservation.

Bai Duan knew that his cooking skills were not as great as Eddie described, so he was not lost in Eddie’s praise, but his ears and cheeks were flushed, embarrassed and helpless and, of course, he had a touch of joy. After all, whoever heard the praise from the person he liked, even if it was against his will, would still feel joy.

After breakfast, Eddie handed the plate to the housework robot, “The breakfast materials are all natural food, right? So valuable. It’s not necessary.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still have this money.” Bai Duan shook his head. He couldn’t sleep last night. He got up and made some small things and made some money. He also bought some natural ingredients that he was not entitled to buy through Lao Lin’s illegal channels, which got him ridiculed by Lao Lin for half a night.

“You will spoil me like this,” Eddie had no doubt about his lover’s heart. It was sweet and helpless. “I’m going to Hobian soon. Then I can’t eat such good things.”

At the mention of Hobian from Eddie, Bai Duan’s smile immediately faded, “Do you really want to go?”

“Hmn.” Eddie nodded, and even if he didn’t give up, he didn’t waver.

“But… there are… still Omega pheromones on you…” Bai Duan frowned and set aside his ebook, which he hadn’t turned a page of that morning.

“Oh, you’re worried about this?” Eddie shrugged. “The Omega pheromone injection was metabolized within a month. In fact, after a lot of ‘exercise’ yesterday, the Omega pheromone in my body is almost completely metabolized. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the O’dean and the Flynn family to not find me.”

“… Really?” Bai Duan sniffed without trace, and found that the sweet smell in the air was not weakened at all. He doubted, “But I don’t think your smell has changed much. It’s still as obvious and attractive.”

In Omegaverse, it was no different to confessing when one said that a person’s scent was attractive. Eddie couldn’t help blushing God knows, his new body’s skin was too thin, and a little mood fluctuation was easily reflected on his face.

However, even though his face was red, Eddie’s expression did not change at all, “What you smell should be my own pheromones. After all, although Beta’s pheromones are light, it’s not non-existence.” After a pause, shallow wrinkles formed at his eyes as he smiled, “In fact, I can smell you too, as fragrant as grass. It’s unique and smells good.”

“Really?” Bai Duan’s eyes widened in surprise, and he could not help bending his head and sniffing at himself. “No one has ever told me that I also have the smell of pheromones.”

“You do.” Eddie nodded his head affirmatively, “Maybe it’s because we fit each other well, so we can smell each other’s smell so clearly.”

Bai Duan nodded thoughtfully and accepted Eddie’s words after all, as a Beta, he had never received any knowledge education about pheromones since he was a child, and his understanding of it was naturally inferior to that of Eddie who had always received an Omega’s education.

Meanwhile, Bai Duan, who had been focusing on drawing designs and parts materials, had never been in touch with love dramas or romantic novels describing the love between an Alpha and an Omega, and had never realized that in the short conversation, he and Eddie had made a two-way confession in a shameless way. After all, in a world where ‘love’ was represented by each other’s pheromones, words like ‘I like your scent’ or ‘your scent feels special to me’ was even more straightforward and romantic than a ‘I love you.’

It was a pity that Bai Duan, a ‘science man’, who has no sense of style, had no idea at this moment, and Eddie didn’t want to burst the bubble yet. Hence, this textbook like ‘confession’ ended, and was wrongly categorized into ‘mere daily conversation,’ without causing half a ripple.

Having solved the problem of ‘Omega pheromones,’ Bai Duan had to give up trying to persuade Eddie again. He sighed and finally made up his mind, “If…If you must go to Hobian, I know someone who can send you there.”

“Really?!” Eddie’s eyes widened, which was a little weird although he decided to go to Hobian, his whole attention was focused on how to make Bai Duan like him more, and there was no plan for the next thing. But he never thought that the random thing he sprouted would help him, he never expected that Bai Duan would assist him.

My little lover is really getting more and more powerful. His identity after reincarnation was just an ordinary Beta, but he had such a deep background quietly. He could even find a way to send people to a dangerous place like Hobian, which was really impressive to Eddie.

Although he was suspecting that Bai Duan had a thing for the soft and weak, Eddie was not ashamed at all. In other words, he enjoyed the feeling of being protected and helped by his lover. Of course, although I am happy, I still need to be polite on the surface.

Eddie hesitated, “Will it be too much trouble for you?”

“No.” Bai Duan shook his head. “I’ve known that person for a long time, and I’ve been cooperating happily. Although the background of the other party is not clean, he is trustworthy.”

Eddie looked at Bai Duan and nodded, full of trust, but he sounded a sharp alarm. He was extremely alert of the guy in Bai Duan’s mouth who he ‘knew for a long time, and cooperated happily with and trusted’ this was the rhythm of being his love rival!

“The only problem is that he is cautious and probably won’t take care of you all the way…” Bai Duan paused with a serious expression, “But it doesn’t matter. It’s nearly two months before school starts I’ll accompany you to the destination!”

“You’re going too?!” When Eddie’s expression changed, he opened his mouth to retort, “No, it’s too dangerous!”

Bai Duan glanced at him lightly, “So you know the danger, too? Why insist on going to Hobian then?”

Eddie sighed helplessly, “If there are other better options, I will not go there naturally but you are different, you do not need to take the risk at all.”

“It’s not unnecessary.” Bai Duan’s face was stubborn, and his tone could not be refuted. “Since I am also involved in it, I will make sure that you can get to the destination smoothly, otherwise I won’t be at ease.” Seeing Eddie’s dignified look, Bai Duan slowed down and patted him on the shoulder cautiously, “Don’t worry, Lao Lin has been in this line for many years. His ship’s route is very safe, just follow it. It’s not dangerous I’ll be fine, and so will you.”

Eddie puckered his lips, looked at Bai Duan, who was determined, and finally gave up persuasion. Bai Duan was as determined as he was, even more stubborn than him, and he could not change his decision.

When seeing Eddie’s compromise, Bai Duan was pleased, “Then I’ll take you to see Lao Lin, discuss and arrange relevant matters as soon as possible, so as to avoid any mistakes in the middle of the process just a moment, I’ll contact him!”

Eddie nodded, looked at the back of Bai Duan’s hurried departure, narrowed his eyes slowly, and his face became unpredictable and dangerous.

Lao Lin… huh? What a friendly title. 1 He must store enough spirit to see his ‘rival’ who dare dig up his lover!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Lao means old, Lin is his surname. Lol Eddie, he’s called old for a reason, as in an old grandpa figure…


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