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Chapter 16: Lin Mo’s Coma

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Moulin County was the most remote area in the state of Yu, and it was close to the border between the state of Yu and other countries. If there was a war in various countries, Moulin County would be the first to be affected by it. Fortunately, the state of Yu had a high position between other countries, coupled with their awe towards the reputation of Prince Cheng, the God of War. Other countries were afraid to attack the state of Yu.

Even though Moulin County was remote, there were many residents, and there were many things in town. In addition, the area was close to the sea, and there were often overseas businessmen coming to do business.

So there were often strange things found in the stalls. The white jade porcelain bottle Lin Mo was interested in was one of them. And just today was the day when the merchant ship came ashore. Lin Xing’s eyes were full of curiosity. Today’s things seemed to be more novel than what he saw before.

“Fourth Brother, come on! Is this what you are looking for?” At the corner of a small stall, Lin Xing saw several transparent porcelain bottles. He squatted in front of the stall and looked at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo, who was walking slowly and looking at the things on every side, heard his brother. He looked over and saw the bottles in the direction of Lin Xing’s fingers.

Hmm? Clear crystal bottles?

Lin Mo walked over there, and Cheng Yan followed him without saying a word. The distance between the two was not very close, just enough to prevent Lin Mo from being touched or making him feel that they were too close.

Finally, Lin Mo bought the bottles. Looking at the stall owner, the bottles should have been there for a long time and no one wanted them, so the price was very low. Lin Mo looked at the things that Cheng Yan was carrying in his hand, and he felt a bit confused. The similar modern crafts mixed in the ancient times all seemed to contradict his thoughts.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan asked.

“Nothing.” Lin Mo heard his voice and shook his head.

The three strolled for an hour. Lin Mo walked with sore feet and sweat on his forehead. Lin Mo gasped and shouted to Lin Xing, who was walking ahead, “A-Xing, let’s go back after shopping. Don’t let our parents wait too long.” Lin Xing walked for an hour with such a light step, which was quite different from Lin Mo, who had pale lips.

“Ah? Are you okay?” Lin Xing looked back and saw that Fourth Brother was panting and had sweat on his forehead. He stopped and ran quickly to his brother.

“I’m okay. Have you finished shopping? After shopping, we should leave. Our parents are waiting for us.” Lin Mo held Cheng Yan’s arm, feeling a little off.

Lin Mo didn’t think that he was still so weak. He drank spring water every day. It seemed that there was a reason why the original died of illness. After drinking so much spring water, he was still so tired after walking for just an hour. Lin Mo seemed to understand why the original stayed at home all year round.

Lin Mo estimated that, in a few years, he would be able to walk as fast as Lin Xing, without breathing hard.

Cheng Yan stood by, holding a large number of things they had just bought in one hand, and his other arm was stiff as it was being used as a handrail for Lin Mo.

“Mn… I’m done.” Lin Xing nodded. Anyway, he didn’t have money to buy anything so he couldn’t go shopping. It was Fourth Brother’s health that mattered more.

“Would you like to rest first?” Cheng Yan asked, with some worry in his eyes.

“I’m… Just walk slowly.” It was just exercise.

Lin Mo couldn’t bear his current weak constitution, which made him feel that he was in danger at any time. This idea came from the aftereffects of all kinds of suffering during the end of the world. Lin Mo couldn’t change it, even if he was in the ancient times.

Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo beside him. He felt a gloomy aura around Lin Mo, though it was only for a fleeting second.

The three people left the busy West Street and walked towards their Daling Village. Lin Xing was a few steps behind them. Looking at the two people in front of him, he felt that they were very close for a moment. How to say, Lin Xing couldn’t express it. Anyway, it was like the feeling of when his parents left together.

Lin Xing shook his head and tried to get rid of the bold ideas in his head. He quickly ran up and supported his Fourth Brother.

When Lin Mo saw his parents in the distance, he let go of Cheng Yan’s hand and said thanks in a low voice.

Cheng Yan did not speak again after he answered. He moved Lin Mo’s left hand to his right.

When Lin Mo and the three of them passed by, the donkey cart was full of people. When the other people in the village went up, Lin Mo sat next to Lin Xing. The road back to the village was full of potholes. The cart shook from time to time, which was normal.

Lin Mo sat in his position with a stiff body, listening to their conversation, but he couldn’t hear a word. The donkey cart made his back numb, but his head hurt just as much.

The body was still too weak.

“You… Are you okay?” As soon as Cheng Yan looked back, he noticed something wrong with Lin Mo beside him.

“Mn… I’m okay… ” Lin Mo heard Cheng Yan’s voice and woke up from his trance. Lin Mo lowered his head and didn’t want other people to find out there was something wrong. The usual one hour journey felt as long as ten hours in Lin Mo’s eyes. It was hard.

He knew Lin Mo was suffering, but Cheng Yan couldn’t do anything.

Just as Lin Mo emptied his head to ignore his discomfort, another shock came from the slow moving donkey cart. The wheels got trapped in a mud pit, and Lin Mo jolted forward from the inertia.

Cheng Yan had been paying attention and, without much thought, reached forward to grab him. 

“Cough… Cough… ” Lin Mo covered his mouth with a white face and tried to resist the nausea in his stomach.

His sudden action attracted the other villagers and Father Lin and Mama Lin who were chatting.

“Aunt Lin, Mo’ger’s face doesn’t look right.” Looking at the ger, Aunt Zhang saw Lin Mo’s excessively white face.

“Cheng Yan, what’s wrong with Mo’ger?” Father Lin sat at the front and couldn’t see his son.

“He can’t stand this bumpy road. Hasn’t Mo’ger ever been in a donkey cart? We are only halfway. Can he still stand it?” Asked the villager who was closest to Cheng Yang and Lin Mo.

Everyone looked over.

“He sat in it a few days ago. He was okay then. Cheng Yan, help Mo’ger. Don’t let him fall again.”

Mama Lin and Lin Mo were still separated by two people. There was no way to get to him. Besides, two other donkey carts back to the village were behind their donkey cart. Naturally, the carts couldn’t stop on this road.

“Okay.” Cheng Yan helped Lin Mo rest on his shoulder.

“Fourth Brother, are you okay?” Lin Xing moved over to Lin Mo, but he didn’t know where to put his hands. He felt that touching him would aggravate his Fourth Brother’s condition. Lin Xing was at a loss for a moment.

Lin Mo took his hand, barely opened his eyes and whispered, “I’m okay…” 

People on the other side saw Lin Mo’s pale face and advised, “Aunt Lin, I think it’s better to keep Mo’ger at home. He can’t stand walking or taking a cart. Isn’t it better for him to not leave?” 

“Yes, he won’t get sick again then.”

Mama Lin looked back from time to time. She didn’t hear much from the others but nodded.

Of course, she knew Mo’ger’s body was not good, and she hadn’t let him go to town before. But in recent days, Mo’ger hadn’t had a relapse. He could cook and make wine, and walk to the fruit orchard. She thought that Mo’ger’s body had gradually improved, so she was a little careless.

Lin Mo’s head was resting on Cheng Yan’s shoulder, and the cart staggered forward. In addition, Cheng Yan’s shoulder was hard, which made Lin Mo’s skull ache.

Cheng Yan needed to relax and let Lin Mo lean on him while preventing the jarring from the cart. This stalemate made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Lin Mo held Cheng Yan’s arm tightly with his right hand, his eyes were closed and his brows were wrinkled tightly, but his consciousness gradually fell into the darkness, and, at last, he knew nothing.

“Uncle Lin, Mo’ger seems to have passed out.” Cheng Yan felt Lin Mo’s grip on his arm loosen. He quickly raised his hand to hold the head that was sliding off his shoulder.

When Lin Mo regained consciousness, what he saw was the familiar ceiling. He looked out of the window and saw the afterglow of dusk shining on the wall.

Lin Mo blinked his sore eyes and sat up, trying to get down from the bed.

“Cough… Cough…” Lin Mo covered his mouth, coughed, making his chest heave up and down, which made his soreness more obvious, but the itching in his throat made him unable to stop.

“Cough… Cough… Blegh…” Lin Mo was half kneeling on the ground with one hand holding the bed and one hand covering his stomach. He coughed and then retched. Tears in his eyes fell uncontrollably.

As soon as Lin Xiu got home today, he heard the news that Mo’ger was in a coma. As soon as he got close to the room, he heard a violent cough. Lin Xiu was very nervous and pushed the door open.

Lin Mo looked up at the door when he heard the door pushed open. In his blurred vision, he saw a person in his memory, his Second Brother who had been blurred in his brain.

“Second Brother… Cough…” Lin Mo called in a trance.

“How did you get out of bed?” Lin Xiu hurriedly came forward to help him up and frowned slightly.

“Second brother…” Lin Mo held tightly to the clothes of his brother and tried to see the person in front of him.

However, when Lin Mo noticed the clothes of the person in front of him, his hopes were dashed. This was not his Second Brother. His two brothers were dead and this was the ancient times or whatever.

Lin Mo kept trying to tell himself it was fine, but the gap between his hope and disappointment made his heart ache.

“Second Brother is here, is it hard?” Lin Xiu held his brother with one hand and touched his head with the other hand. He was worried.


It was evening, and Lin Mo only had breakfast that day. Now he was hungry and had a dull pain in his stomach.

“Dry your tears before you go out. Dinner is ready.” Lin Xiu raised his hand to dry the tears on his face with his lined sleeves. The movement was gentle, and Lin Mo was shocked by the worry in his eyes.

Lin Mo’s hand holding his clothes trembled slightly, the heat in his eyes became more and more intense, and the suffocation in his heart grew more constricting.

So gentle… Just like his second brother.

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