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Chapter 2: High myopia and the elegant prince…

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next day, early morning, the manager rushed to Su Nuo’s house. Although the lingerie show didn’t start until noon, according to past experiences, Su Nuo’s ability to cling onto the bed was definitely at a godlike level. To be able to manage to wake him up in thirty minutes was considered super lucky.

“I’m so sleepy ah!” As expected, the model Su grabbed the blanket like an octopus and played dead.

“I brought your favorite fish fillet congee and shrimp rolls.” The manager opened the lunch box, desperately trying to lure him with the fragrance.

Su Nuo hid his head under the blanket! Fish congee might be delicious, shrimp rolls might even more delicious, but for the sake of sleeping, those two can be ignored! A very unwavering determination!

“There will be a lots of beautiful big boobs sisters.” The manager didn’t give up when his food-luring plan didn’t go so well. He simply switched to another way to coax him.

Su Nuo sneered vaguely, because he just remembered his shocking dream! What was so great about big boobs? I also have them!

“If you don’t get up right now, Qiu ZiYan will steal your job opportunity!” Seeing how lazy he was, the manager had no choice but to use his last weapon, “Oh Qiu ZiYan! The manly muscular Qiu ZiYan!”

Dammit! All of his sleepiness vanished, he opened his eyes instantly. Nothing was more annoying than hearing that ab man’s name early in the morning.

“Listen to me, go wash your face.” After some consistent coaxing, the manager finally managed to fool him to go dress himself. He sighed in relief. Who can understand the pain he has to undergone to please this ancestor!

“Princess!” Five minutes later, Su Nuo shouted from the bathroom, “I’m out of toothpaste!”

Inside the kitchen, the manager spat out a spit of blood, he shouted back, “I have told you so many times! Stop calling me Princess!” My name is Dai An, Dai An ah! I’m not called Diana!”

T/n: His name is Dai An(戴安) and Diana is pronounced 戴安娜( Dai-an-na).

“Aifei! Aifei, I don’t have toothpaste!” Su Nuo changed the way of calling him.

T/n: Aifei (爱妃) = beloved imperial concubine. So technically Dai An went from Princess (royalty) to Concubine (still a part of royalty) lolol.

The manager was so angry that he wanted to laugh.

Like usual, his breakfast was considerably sumptuous. This was because according to the model company’s requirements, Su Nuo must keep a graceful and elegant appearance in front of the public, they even wished to push an image of a “heavenly prince who won’t be bothered by worldly desires and vulgarity” on him! But unfortunately, there would always be a super sumptuous banquet after each event, and to a foodie like Su Nuo, he would rather have someone kill him than not be able to eat.

Thus, the manager had to save the nation through the twisted way by feeding him in the morning, so as to save himself from humiliation later.

“What is this?” After he finished washing his face, Su Nuo trotted straight to the kitchen when he smelled the aroma.

“Buddha jumps over wall.” The manager turned off the stove, carefully put down the claypot, “From your favorite store, I have ordered three days in advance.”

T/n: Buddha jumps over wall: A type of stew consisted of many expensive and nutritious ingredients like shark fin, abalone, ginseng, etc. The dish is known for its rich taste, special cooking skill and nutritious values. Story told that it was so delicious, even vegetarian monks jump over the wall to get a taste of it.

“Really?” The model Su’s eyes lit up, he stared at the manager’s hands impatiently.

The manager didn’t know whether to laugh or not, “It doesn’t matter how you act at home, but please pay attention when you go outside, remember?”

“Of course!” Su Nuo helped himself to a small bowl and then recklessly said, “Since when have I embarrassed myself?”

“Just right last month.” Talk about the dark history, the manager instantly scolded him.

Su Nuo touched his nose and looked up with guilty conscience.

Back then, there was an anniversary event of this magazine that he had to attend. After the event, like usual, the host invited everyone out for a dinner. At that time, Su Nuo just got over of a cold. After two weeks of just plain white congee, when he saw lobsters and sea urchins, in an instant, his eyes firmly set on them. Of course, being a professional model, he remained calm and didn’t behave like a hungry animal, although he still ate a lot. But on the outside, he still looked rather graceful.

His image only got ruined when a big tray of shiny, fresh, delicious steamed crab came out. Inside Su Nuo’s mind, the battle between the model personality and the foodie personality had begun!

The model Su sharply criticised, “You only know how to eat all day and night. Where is your professional ethics?”

The foodie Su covered in tears, “But it’s steamed crab ah!”

The model Su continued snarling, “Have you ever seen Qiu ZiYan gobble down on food in front of public eyes?!”

The foodie Su choked on his tears, “But it’s steamed crab ah!”

The model Su wished he could turn iron into steel, “Why can’t you eat more veggies?”

The foodie Su was heart broken, “But it’s steamed crab ah!”

The model Su roared, “Can you say anything else?!”

The foodie Su crouched in the corner and drew circle, “But it’s steamed crab ah…”

In the end, anger had caused the supermodel Su to vomit blood and the foodie Su successfully took over, happily picked up the chopsticks and rushed straight to the target! But at that moment, the waiter took the crab away to make space for a new dish. Su Nuo couldn’t stop his hand in time and the chopsticks straightforwardly jabbed the mahogany table. *Snap* – the broken half of the chopsticks flew straight into the editor-in-chef’s bowl.

The world went silent in that moment.

Although the model Su later admitted that in order to firmly grab the crab, he had used a slightly greater strength than usual, but that was far from enough to break the chopsticks! It was obvious that the chopsticks core was already decayed ok! It has nothing to do with me! I’m innocent!

But even if it was the chopsticks fault, no one would care enough to find out the truth! Thus, after the party, a new gossip article came out with a title《 The famous model Su Nuo broke the chopsticks over crab due to hunger 》became the forum’s new hot trending post! Afterward, Su Nuo’s anti fans started to sneer at him without restraint, saying they had seen through his true nature all along, that he was never a refined flower on the high mountain, that man was simply a stupid glutton! Meanwhile, Su Nuo’s fans retorted back – You are the dumb one, your whole family is dumb! Our Nuo Nuo is simply what people call naive and innocent! You brain dead anti fans can never understand his true beauty!

In short, it turned into the “you fight, I fight back, you give, I trample” situation, with countless of passer-by watching on the side for the fun. It was a very heated situation. In the end, the model company had to step in with the help of the media network in order to sink the rumor.

With this painful experience, the manager Dai An became even more uneasy about Su Nuo, he wished he could stay by Su Nuo’s side 24/7 in order to stop someone from making a moth out of himself!

t/n: Dai An was referring to the idiom “Like a moth flying into fire”, which mean “To choose a path to a certain destruction”. He was saying to stop Su Nuo from getting his head into trouble.

“Please remember, don’t eat crabs anymore.” Dai An advised him earnestly while helping him spread the ginger on top of the fish fillets.

“En.” Su Nuo simply replied before he continued to focus on his eating, his cheeks puffed up and his eyes dead set on the shrimp rolls.

Dai An held his forehead and sighed, if the paparazzi saw this dumb-looking manner right now…just how were they going to deal with it?

To every foodie, an enjoyable perfect meal would lift up their mood instantly! An hour later, Su Nuo put down his chopsticks and burped in satisfaction, “Let’s go, we should leave early to avoid being late, or else it would leave a bad impression.”

The manager was moved to tears, this troubled child finally suddenly became so sensible, what a troublesome person!

Since Magic UP’s underwear was an international well-known brand, the fashion show was extravagantly hosted with complex processes. After cutting the ribbon with the chairman, Su Nuo sat on the front row of the stage and seriously watched the fashion show. But it was real boring. Su Nuo lazily yawned in secret, after a full meal, he felt so sleepy…And that wasn’t all, the show’s music had to be classical piano. He felt even sleepier.

“Nuo Nuo.” The manager stood on the opposite, his eyes were smiling like flower but his teeth were grinding. He transmitted his thoughts through his eyes to Su Nuo from the distance – Princely aura!

Su Nuo forced himself to concentrate while wiping his sweat from fear.

The manager continued to guide – Don’t concentrate too much! You have to show a face with no desire for the opposite sex’s body! Your face look like a hungry beast right now!

Su Nuo fixed his gaze, trying his best to put on a melancholic, holy, very noble-like aura.

The manager was reassured, he nodded his head in approval – Good boy, I will bring you to the private diner after.

This was Dai An’s favorite trait of Su Nuo. Despite his true nature, Su Nuo always did his job well. It was hard to find a serious worker with a good personality in the entertainment circle. Well, even if he was lazy and temperamental — no one is born perfect without shortcomings.

In short, Mr. Dai was very content to have a chance to work with Su Nuo.

Two hours later, the designer finally came out with the model to make a curtain call. After making some social exchanges, Su Nuo returned to his car and felt like dying. The ‘obscene, unsuitable for children’ image of those robust bosoms kept popping inside his head whenever he closed his eyes.

“Hold on, just one more meeting with director Ouyang and you will be able to go home.” The manager handed him a mint flavored beverage.

Su Nuo nodded, “No problem.” He didn’t forget that this meeting meant stealing a job from that abs man Qiu ZiYan, so of course he was dead serious!

The silver car got on the highway and soon arrived at the downtown office district.

“Ouyang Director’s Office is on the 3rd floor.” Renrui’s front desk sister was obviously a fan of Su Nuo because as soon as she saw him, her pupils turned into heart shape, her face was pink and her voice couldn’t get any softer.

“Thank you.” Model Su answered politely with a charming smile. Even though he wore sunglasses, his eyes still managed to release millions of electric currents.

Without fail, the young lady’s heart was electrified immediately. She sincerely watched him entering the elevator, thinking – Gyaaa can I take him home all for myself? So handsome looking, what a masterpiece! Hmpf, what kind of vixen is going to steal him away?

“Achoo!” Ouyang Long felt a little chill on his back.

“Director.” The secretary happened to come in at the moment, so she sincerely asked, “Are you cold?”

“I’m ok.” Ouyang Long shook his head. “What’s wrong?”

“Mr. Dai has brought Mr. Su Nuo in. Would you like to meet them in the parlor or here?”

“Let’s go to the parlor. I’ll be there in five minutes.” Ouyang Long tried to schedule his work and time to the utmost efficiency.

“This company is really really rich.” Sitting inside the parlor, Su Nuo looked around feeling every inch of the decoration was made of money!

“My god, don’t say such unrefined words like money!” The manager was shocked. “Quick, lower your voice.”

“Why though? It’s not like there are anyone in here.” Su Nuo chugged down the water.

“What if there are cameras?!” Dai An was obviously a professional, “Maybe Director Ouyang is hiding somewhere observing you whether you meet his objective or not, so that he can make a final decision between you and Qiu ZiYan!”

Hearing those words, Su Nuo went stiff and sat straight up gracefully in an instant, but inside he was screaming – This director must be a pervert, boring person! He must be a vulgar-looking man! Fat face! Moustaches! Bald! Red bumpy nose! Beer belly! 150cm tall! A vulgar, middle-aged man with a bald head, oily face and short…

He was so engrossed in his thought that when a strand of hair fell down to his eyelids, he unconsciously raised his hand to rub his eyes. As a result… his contact lens fell down.

“Ahhhh!” By the time he managed to catch on, his lens had already fallen to the ground!

“What’s wrong?” The manager asked.

“My contact lens fell.” Su Nuo weeped without tears as he crouched on the ground while covering one eye.

“Sit up!” The manager pulled him up right away. “It’s already on the ground. Don’t tell me you want to pick it up and wear it again?”

Su Nuo was heart broken, “Do you know what it means to be have a myobia of -7.0 without eyeglasses?” It’s a disaster!

“Get rid of the other one!” The manager rushed him. Today, in order to create a dreamlike melancholic look, the manager made him wear a navy blue pupils contact lenses. Without one, Su Nuo looked like a person with one big and one small eye. What a hilarious scene!

“But I won’t be able to see anything!” Su Nou felt anxious.

“It’s fine, just pretend to be a divine being like usual and leave the rest to me!” The manager was very forceful in the crucial moment!

Su Nuo couldn’t do anything but follow. He prayed inside his heart – Please don’t let this go wrong ah! I must defeat Qiu ZiYan!

Su Nuo fiercely clenched his fist.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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