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Chapter 3: Fallen Nobles and Gang Bosses

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A few minutes later, Ouyang Long entered after pushing the door open, “I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

“Director Ouyang is too courteous.” As his manager voiced the necessary formalities, Su Nuo followed his lead and stood up, using aloft and ethereal eyes to look at the other man, but as he was trying his hardest to picture himself as a proud and enchanting little white flower, he was actually sobbing on the inside because his high myopia left him as good as blind!

But the fact remained that Su Nuo’s acting skills were at a genius level! Right now, even if he couldn’t see a thing, his image of royalty wasn’t affected at all. Actually, it seemed to add touches of melancholy to it, making it even more charming and noble.

The manager stole a glance at him out of the corner of his eye and was very satisfied!

“Hello Mr. Su.” After he had shaken hands with the manager, Ouyang Long stretched out his right hand towards Su Nuo, his smile playful.

“Hello.” There was a table between the two, the model Su couldn’t see too clearly, he only felt that the person in front of him seemed to have looks and a voice that seemed somewhat familiar. Thinking back, maybe it was because he had done an interview with the man for a magazine or channel that caused him to feel as though he had seen him before!

But this really couldn’t be blamed on him, after all, no normal person would decide to connect a construction worker with their high-end superior! So Su Nuo merely leaned slightly forwards as he shook the other’s hands, as graceful and proper as ever!

Seeing how calm he was, Ouyang Long was surprised, to say the least. If he had assumed the other’s reaction, based on past experiences, after seeing himself, even if the other wasn’t frightened, he should have shown some sort of emotional reaction or other. So why did he look so normal?

“Here are some of Nuo Nuo’s photos in different styles, Director Ouyang can take a look first.” The manager passed the promotional album to him.

Ouyang Long took the album into his hands, flipping randomly through the pages. From the pure and refreshing schoolyard type to the sexy close ups, Su Nuo carried them all out exceptionally, even if viewed from a professional angle, this promotional album would get a score of over ninety percent.

The last page in the album was Su Nuo’s personal information, one of the headings was ‘favorite foods’, the answer was a string of… Latin? Ouyang Long laughed, “What is this?”

“It’s a type of Salvia, called the Clary Sage or ‘Vatican White’.” The manager answered smoothly, “Our Nuo Nuo isn’t that interested in food, this is the only salad that he likes.”

“Is that so?” Ouyang Long lifted his head and looked towards Su Nuo from his side of the table.

Even though Su Nuo had high myopia, it wasn’t to the point that he was completely blind, he could still see that Ouyang Long’s question was directed towards himself, so he nodded slightly, saying, “En, the taste of that flower is very clean, it makes one picture winter’s snowflakes.” Actually, it just tasted like vinegar and Chinese cabbage! It didn’t even have a crumb of meat in it but it’s name was still so long! Not even a ghost would bother remembering it!

“Apart from flowers, does Mr. Su have interest in any other foods? For example, beef or something like that.” Ouyang Long was teasing him on purpose, feeling slight amusement from the act.

Of course he was freaking interested! Beef noodles with spiced corned eggs and spicy oil was so good that he wanted to cry while the wind blew into his face! Su Nuo was nodding his head furiously in confirmation on the inside but he merely smiled slightly. “I don’t eat meat that much.” The statement was so hypocritical that he couldn’t even bear to look straight!

Hearing this, Ouyang Long couldn’t help but be shocked at how thick this person’s face was. Yesterday, he had just inhaled a huge bowl of beef noodles in front of him but now he was saying that he only ate flowers and no meat, the difference was too extreme!

In the time that followed, only the manager spoke to Ouyang Long, Su Nuo just focused on pretending to be a prince. He hardly spoke – because this was the position that the company had given him. The silent and extraordinarily refined man of few words, born as a bewitching flower, just by listening to the title, his superiority could be heard!

“Does Mr. Su have any requirements in terms of pricing?” Ouyang Long asked offhandedly.

“Nuo Nuo doesn’t have any ideas relating to money.” The manager successfully beat him to answering, “In terms of payment, please feel free to just come and consult me.”

“En.” Su Nuo nodded his head, agreeing.

Saying that he didn’t have any ideas relating to money was true, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t interested in money! The last time a potential customer had called, it had coincided with his manager going out to buy something without his phone, so Su Nuo had nosily picked up for him. Almost as soon as the other opened his mouth, his words were to invite Su Nuo to a ceremony.

The model Su copied his manager’s mannerisms, saying that our Nuo Nuo’s pricing was very high, even higher than Qiu ZiYan’s!!

The man on the other side of the line chuckled after hearing this, saying, ‘we won’t find Qiu ZiYan because he doesn’t meet our standards, we want to invite Mr. Su, may I ask what your price is?’

Su Nu’s vanity was satisfied, so he offhandedly said, ‘I can give you a friendship price of five million, the most I can give you is 10% off but no more than that!’ After he said that, the other side of the line was shocked into silence for a moment before they immediately ended the call!

Once his manager came back and found out about this, his vision went dark as he almost fainted. Su Nuo felt extremely wronged. “Didn’t you say that my price was really high?”

“Not as high as five million!” The manager breathed fire, “If that call was recorded and published in the media, you won’t even be able to think the word ‘refined’!”

After this experience, Dai An issued a ban on Su Nuo touching his phone and forbade him from talking to others about anything that even mildly resembled the word ‘money’, all in order to prevent him from tearing apart his own image!

That was why, as soon as Ou Yang Long mentioned payment, Dai An hurriedly redirected the topic to be aimed at him. Su Nuo didn’t get the chance to utter a word, only allowed to continue pretending to be the prince of few words.

The negotiations lasted just a bit short of an hour, both sides were quite happy with the results. Before the meeting ended, Ouyang Long closed his document folder, confirming that he would give his answer three days from now.

“I’m really tired.” Once Ouyang Long had walked out of the conference room, Su Nuo yawned, he’d almost fallen asleep just then!

“Good job, your performance today was not bad at all.” His manager was very satisfied, “This time we will definitely be able to take this chance!”

Su Nuo was cackling like crazy in his heart, planning in the near future to go onto Qiu ZiYan’s webpage and leave sentences like ‘so what if he’s got abs, he still lost to Nuo Nuo, I will love Nuo Nuo for 10,000 years!’ in the comments section to show off, this was too good to be true!

“Let’s go, we’ll head straight home and rest for a while.” The manager lead him out of the building, just in case the myopia caused him to run into something.

“I need to take a trip to the bathroom first.” Su Nuo felt like he could hardly keep it for any longer! In truth, he had needed to go since the meeting had hit the halfway point! But considering his position as a bewitching, rare flower, he had managed to keep it in through sheer determination!

He was really very, very dedicated to his job!

The manager took him to the door of the bathroom, waiting outside for him.

Su Nuo was shocked as he pushed the door and entered, how was this so freaking big, it was almost the same size as a hotel lobby! Sure enough, this wasn’t just any company!

After he finished peeing, Su Nuo immediately felt refreshed. Once he had washed his hands, he walked towards the exit but ended up walking right into a pillar with a ‘kuanglang’.

“Ah!” The model Su gave a low cry as he put his hand on his forehead, squinting his eyes and walking out slowly, just in case he hit something again, looking a lot like a disabled person.

Ouyang Long stood at the other side of the bathroom, having watched the whole scene unfold. He was about to cause internal injuries through holding in his laughter. The model couldn’t even see such an obvious pillar, how high would his myopia have to be?! No wonder he had acted so calm before, the man couldn’t even see him properly!

“Aya, why’s your forehead red?” Dai An moved closer for a more detailed observation.

“I accidentally hit myself.” Su Nuo waved his hand nonchalantly, “Let’s just head home earlier; I have no sense of security here.”

As expected, a place like this was dangerous!

After getting home and putting on his framed glasses, Su Nuo immediately felt energized! The manager had originally planned to take him out for a big meal but his invitation was unexpectedly refused!

“Tomorrow I’m going to drop by home. Tonight I want to go out to the shopping center to buy some children’s clothes.” Su Nuo bit into an apple.

Dai An consented with a nod, but didn’t ask for any further information. When he had first taken over as Su Nuo’s manager, he was told by more than one person to not interfere when it came to his family background, showing that it obviously wasn’t simple.

Having stepped foot into this industry, Mr. Manager knew what he should care about and what he should just leave be.

In the morning of the next day, Su Nuo picked up his present and left with sunglasses and a black t-shirt, an extremely downplayed outfit!

After walking for ten minutes, he came to a waste dump without even the shadow of a person, in the corner was an old black car, far from eye-catching.

“Mornin’ Uncle Li.” Su Nuo pulled open the car door and sat himself inside, obviously familiar with the driver.

The little black car drove out of the city, taking a few turns to ensure they weren’t being followed before it drove in a different direction, finally stopping in an underground carpark of a private property in the suburban district.

Su Nuo quickly punched the buttons in the specialized elevator, showing that he had done this countless times, he went straight to the top floor.

“Young master.” The people standing in the hallway hurriedly greeted him as he walked in.

“Where’s older brother?” Su Nuo asked.

“Inside.” One of the people who had greeted him helped him to open the door, “There were some issues with the field, Wei-ge came back early.”

“Brother.” Su Nuo walked into the room.

“Yo, how come you’re so early today?” The man inside the room was obviously surprised. “I wasn’t expecting you until noon.”

“I can’t sleep anyway.” Su Nuo put the present in his hand onto the sofa. “Where’s XiXi?”

“Still back at home with your sister-in-law. We’ll go out to eat together at noon.” The man rubbed his head. “You go play in the study, there’ll probably be some activity happening here in the morning.”

“What happened?” Su Nuo asked.

“Someone cheated in the casino, I found people to help me find them.” The man handed him a bottle of fruit juice.

“Who had the guts to cheat here?” Su Nuo could feel his curiosity growing.

“You interested?” The man laughed before flicking his forehead, “Let’s go, big bro will take you to see something fun.”

From the information that the modelling company had released for promotional purposes, Su Nuo’s background was a complete mystery! So the fan’s imagination ran wild. Some people said that he was an illegitimate son. Some said that he was the heir to a rich family. While there were also those who claimed that he was penniless, there were even people who claimed that he was actually part of a noble Southeast Asian family, that he was an authentic prince! The visions that they conjured up were all extremely far-fetched, many of the theories being impossible. However, no matter how many rumors were added to the mix, not even one of them was ever confirmed. The bewitching Su’s background held a streak of taking first place for ‘the entertainment industry’s unsolved mysteries’!

Rival companies looked on this with disdain, even going as far as to attack them, saying that they made him mysterious on purpose to make him more popular!

But Su Nuo was actually extremely wronged, in this case, it wasn’t that he wasn’t talking on purpose, it was that he really couldn’t talk about it.

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Xiexie ExR and team 😘

April 27, 2019 12:43 pm

Thank you for the fast update 😍
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Chef in modern era and now this?? You’re really spoiling Us!!!
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