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Mister Fashionable

Author: Yu Xiao Lanshan


As a male fashion model, Su Nuo didn’t like others calling him feminine. But against all of his hopes, his beautiful appearance really betrayed him.

This was the saddest tragedy of all time!

Dear god, Su Nuo finally couldn’t stop himself from exploding, “I am actually very manly, ok!”

“Are you sure? Come here, let me check whether you have abs or not.” The black bellied (black-hearted) director pushed him down on to a bed and took off his pajamas in high spirits.

Two minutes later.

“Your sister! Abs don’t form there!” The model Su struggled in tears.

How would he live through this day?.

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, 1v1, multiple CP, no angst, no brain cells, no normies and… maybe no IQ… QAQ…

[Translator’s summary]: Follow the story of the fashion model Su Nuo, who was referred by most as pure and classy with a bewitching look. But the real him was actually an…idiot, a glutton, and an internet troll who loves to spam his rival’s selfies with hate comments. He loves reading fanfics on forums and can’t think like a normal person most of the time. The story focuses on the comedic aspect which serves only for light reading purposes, it is a story not to take seriously.


Chapter 1: The fashion male model and the construction worker…

Translated by Rara of Exiled  Rebels Scanlations

As a fashion male model, Su Nuo didn’t like others calling him feminine. But against all of his hopes, his beautiful appearance really betrayed him. Every time the media published an article about him, they would use words like “beautiful”, “dedicated”, and “bewitching.” What a half-assed effort they gave!

“《The beautiful and bewitching Su Nuo, whose appearance overshadows even the rarest flowers. The audiences were completely breath taken!》What the hell is with this title?!” The famous model Su Nuo furiously exploded as he spat out the soybean milk he just drank for breakfast. His right hand crushed the deep-fried breadstick flat!

“Su-ye, calm down!” The manager quickly comforted him, “I called the media and asked them to change the draft title to 《 The manly model Su Nuo has been reborn from fire, with a macho eight pack!》”

But he was ruthlessly rejected for deliberately causing trouble. There was even an editor who thought he was a fan with a brainless fever! What a tearful moment!

T/n: -ye: A term of address to show respect, like Sir.

“Then why is it still the same!” Su Nuo was infuriated, “Those recent articles are getting more and more ridiculous!”

“This is already a lot better. They originally wanted to write – the androgynous fairy Su…” Right before the manager finished the sentence, he was hit brutally with a tissue box. He screamed, “My baby-smooth face!”

“Beardy or smooth, who cares!” Su Nuo ferociously chewed the deep-fried breadstick, “I’m gonna protest and go on strike!”

“My god, don’t say those words so carelessly!” The manger pulled out a piece of tissue paper and helped Su Nuo wipe his mouth with a flattering face, “Tomorrow there will be a very important event you need to attend. The contract was signed three months ago. We will lose money if we make a breach in the contract.”

Su Nuo drank his soybean milk, then asked, “What event?”

“Magical UP’s lingerie fashion show for the new autumn winter products.” The manager answered.

Su Nuo turned into stone with his breadstick half-eaten in his mouth, “What did you just say?!”

“Magical UP’s lingerie fashion show.” The manager reconfirmed with a serious tone.

The famous model Su Nuo stared at him. There were no words that could describe his current expression and feelings. He wanted to choke his manager but felt like it would just waste his strength since it wouldn’t solve anything. He even felt like plunging his head into the deep-fried sticks. In short, he was completely shattered.

“Are you okay?” The manager worriedly waved his hand in front of him. Why did he suddenly go into silent mode?!

“Are! You! Sure! I! ME! Have! To! Do! A! Lingerie! Show?!” Su Nuo gritted his teeth, his left hand gripped the cup while pointing at his flat chest with his right.

“Huck!” The manager choked on his coffee, he looked at Su Nuo as if he was looking at a lunatic. “Of course not, ah! They want you to attend as a special guest for the ribbon cutting ceremony! You don’t have to go on the runway!”

Phew! Su Nuo sighed in relief, but the doubt still remained, “Why do I have to attend this weird event anyway?”

It felt so out of place to watch a lingerie show when his public image was a cool, calm, bewitching beauty. Okay, fine, I’m most definitely not cool, nor calm, nor bewitching, but I am far from the vulgar level. Are you sure is it okay for me to look at their big boobs?

“Because this product line targets middle aged aunties and you are the auntie’s favorite.” The manager proudly replied, yet the answer caused Su No a tremendous amount of depression. He cursed the netizen fans. If this wasn’t their fault for making such crazy poll [Auntie’s favorite artist], he wouldn’t have to carry such 囧 title! ‘Auntie’s favorite’, sounds exactly like the advertisement of some healthcare and oral hygiene product ah!

“That’s right, after tomorrow’s event, I also made an appointment with Director Ouyang.” The manager continued as he just thought of something, “You must be careful not to expose your true nature, you have to bring out your royal aura!”

“…Who is Director Ouyang?” Su Nuo muddled.

The manager nearly choked on his tears, he just told him yesterday. When will you stop zoning out?! Even though the manager wanted to scream out loud, being a professional manager, he suppressed the anger and explained with a calm face, “Mister Ouyang is the Marketing Director of Renrui Group, we need to discuss with him about the shooting for the next season’s shopping brochure.”

“Oh right, I remember!” Su Nuo suddenly came to a realization, “Renrui, isn’t that the company that has been using Qiu ZiYan as their model?!”

Qiu ZiYan was also a model, but he didn’t pursue the bewitching route like Su Nuo. He walked on the path of masculinity. Masculinity! God knows how much Su Nuo wanted that tag on himself! But his fate was decided by his appearance! He couldn’t do anything but grit his teeth in silence!

Once in a while, he would hide himself under a fake female account to leave a comment on Qiu ZiYan’s personal account such as “I’m not in the least jealous of his muscles at all” or “Hahahaha what dumb looking muscles”, those types of super silly comments. All of the jealousy and envy was compressed into a simple comment!

“I spent lots of effort to get this chance to meet with Director Ouyang.” The manager warned him excessively, “Renrui affiliated shopping mall will promote beauty products for men next season, so that’s why they came up with an idea to change to a new model for the shopping catalogue. You must seize this opportunity!”

“Rest assured.” Su Nuo promised. Working in this field for three years, putting on an elegant and cool facade was his forte. Not to mention, stealing Qiu ZiYan’s job, nothing could satisfy him more! So what, I might not have muscles, but I finally beat you for once ah! Hahahahaha! The famous model Su laughed maniacally inside his heart and generously poured another cup of the sweetened soybean milk for himself.

That’s right, he was that type of person who could never get fat from overeating! The type that made everyone jealous to death!

After breakfast, the manager went back to the company. Alone at home, Su Nuo was dead bored, so he went back to sleep again. His work schedule had been so hectic lately that it was hard to get a day off like this. Grabbing this chance to rest was the best course of action.

Ra: eat then sleep, wow, someone kill him pls *triggered*.

Then, in his dazing dream, he saw himself standing backstage while carrying a foundation garments in his hand with a panicked expression.

“Nuo Nuo, why haven’t you changed your clothes yet?” The burly looking manager ran over and hastily urged him, “Quick, your turn is next!”

Nani? Su Nuo stunned, “But I don’t have breasts!”

T/n: Yes, he did say nani lol

“Who said that!? You are clearly well-equipped!” The manager frivolously rubbed Su Nuo’s chest.

Su Nuo looked down in disbelief and was shocked by his shockingly big cup size!

Then he woke up in fear!

Fuck! The model Su Nuo woke up drenched in sweat, his heart still thumping like crazy.

What a miraculous, life-threatening dream…This really needed a big bowl of noodles to comfort oneself! And so he jumped out of bed in high spirits, changed his clothes, put on his sunglasses and went out to find food.

It was that easy to please a foodie.

Of course, in order to avoid attention, Su Nuo didn’t drive his sports car. The uncle taxi driver drove him straight to the famous roadside store. When he saw the damaged red signboard swaying in the wind, the model Su was extremely moved. He hadn’t come here for two months and the store still looked as cool and elegant as ever!

“A big bowl of beef tendon noodles, one beef salad, one braised egg, one cucumber salad, one beef pancake, and one bowl of…ok let’s just bring out those first.” He first intended to order some more, but when he saw the front desk lady gave him a surprised look, Su Nuo held back his tongue right away. He still had to keep his idol aura after all ——but seriously he wanted to order a bowl of red bean soup too, ah!

Su Nuo regretted it so much, he held the ticket in his hand while finding a seat.

Since it was peak period during lunch time, the store was overcrowded with people. After all the difficulty, he managed to see a young lady about to finish her meal, so Su Nuo rushed over and stood beside her seat with expectation.

The lady felt like crying, to be stared at while eating by a handsome guy…This is way too cruel!

Even though Su Nuo had worn the sunglasses to lower his existence, being a celeb for so long, a trace of overbearing impression still accidentally leaked out. The lady couldn’t hold it anymore, she had no choice but to painfully give up on half of her beef noodles and run away with her bag.

Su Nuo happily took the seat, drooling over the savory aroma of food.

On the opposite side of the table sat a handsome man who seemed to be a migrant worker. His facial features, if it was described in a novel, would probably be ‘long, narrow hawk-like eyes’, ‘straight nose,’ ‘pale lips,’ an appearance that was not so much inferior to that of an actor. However, he wore a torn T-shirt with dust and ashes still covering his body. Everyone would know right away that he just came out of a construction site.

That mister worker ate very simply, one bowl of beef noodles and two steamed buns. Su Nuo couldn’t bear looking at him as he remembered some piece of news he saw on TV before. It was about migrant workers leaving their hometown to find jobs in the big city with just the clothes on their backs, working hard for a year only to realize they had been working for a shady boss… Such a heartbreaking story!

Therefore, the model Su decisively ordered one more beef salad and a braised dish, then enthusiastically pushed toward that man, “For you.”

“For me?” The migrant worker looked at him, surprised, “You know who I am?”

“I don’t, but I ordered way too much and I can’t finish them alone.” Su Nuo said sincerely.

“…Thank you.” The migrant worker laughed.

The smile of the working forces are so beautiful! Su Nuo was moved, so he continued the conversation, “Which construction site are you working at?” That man probably didn’t recognize him anyway, it should be fine to expose his nosy side, right?

“Over there.” The migrant worker pointed at the opposite street.

Such a clumsy answer, but so simple and honest! Su Nuo was totally engaged, “How is your income?”

“Very well.” The migrant worker tried to hold in his laughter.

Since the store didn’t have air conditioning, Su Nuo ate until sweat poured down his face. So he took off the sunglasses and wiped his face with a piece of tissue.

After seeing his appearance, the migrant worker was astonished.

When Su Nuo saw his expression, he was also startled…It couldn’t be, he was recognized?! The braised egg he was holding between the chopsticks fell back into the bowl. A bunch of thoughts jumped out in his mind 《Bewitching? Beautiful? Wrong, all wrong. A shocking reveal, Su Nuo is actually a vulgar glutton!》《 The model Su Nuo likes to eat in a dirty store, his high-class image completely vanished.》Those types of gossip titles were simply heart shattering!

“Are you here to work too?” The migrant worker saw his tense expression, so he quickly changed the topic.

Phew, so lucky, he didn’t get recognized… Su Nuo sighed in relief, then casually told a lie, “Yeah, I got nothing to do during my college break so I’m looking for a job.”

The migrant worker just smiled and didn’t say anything.

No nagging from his manager, no fans, no paparazzi, the model Su enjoyed his meal without restraint. Not only did he loudly slurp the noodles, he also directly picked up the bowl and gulped down all the soup, his mouth covered in oil.

The migrant worker was obviously shocked at his appetite and manner. Seeing his thin and lean body, clearly he was left starved for several days ah.

“I’m going first.” Su Nuo wiped his mouth in content then he waved goodbye to the migrant worker.

“Goodbye, thank you for the beef.” The migrant worker raised his lips in a smile and watched him leave the store.

“Director.” A few minutes later, a man holding a safety helmet hurriedly ran inside the store, “The construction unit has finished adjusting the elevator, would you like to come over to the site to check?”

“Let’s go.” The migrant worker stood up, “Notify the company that the afternoon meeting will move up to tomorrow morning, it seems we won’t be able to make it today.”

“Yes, sir.” The secretary gave him the safety helmet and was shocked when his eyes laid on the table full of empty bowls, “Sir, today you seem…” to have a good appetite ah.

Director Ouyang smiled profoundly…Tomorrow’s meeting should be very interesting.

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