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Chapter 41: Forgive Me Please And Great French Kiss


Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

After hanging up his brother’s phone call, Su Nuo took a deep breath, then very very calmly called Mr. Director.

Just kidding. Actually, he took out a small notebook.

A draft or whatever, it must be well prepared!

When things develop to this stage, he definitely must not lie any more. He could only tell him the whole truth. But if he said directly, “The person I want to see is actually you, but my brother called Qiu ZiYan for me,” it sounds like there is no logic at all. So he had to tidy up his thinking before he called him! Increasing your preparation may quicken your speed in doing work—one must definitely follow that ancient proverb!

Five minutes later, Su Nuo outlined a complete story in his book. Not only did he successfully portray himself as an innocent-crystal bottom suffering from the cruel oppression of his feudal lord brother, but he also categorized and listed various solutions to unexpected problems. The difference between professionals and those inexperienced is right there! If he were to summarize it as the title of the magazine, it would probably be ‘Beautiful young man lingering in sickbed, full of longing that is bone-deep, handsome Mr. Director, ah, have you heard his inner tearful cries?’

It was really really touching!

After being fully prepared, Little Su Nuo clenched his hands into fists and took deep breaths, and finally bravely made the phone call!

Ouyang Long quickly picked it up.

Hearing his familiar voice, Su Nuo’s hands were trembling a bit! Actually, following the draft on the little book, at this time, he should be extremely upset and saying ‘I really did not trick you on purpose’, that kind of sentences begging for forgiveness! But because he was too nervous, so he forgot his script a bit!

Forgetting important things during vital moments is really too dumb!

 “Can I come to the hospital?” Ouyang Long broke the silence first!

Of course you can! Su Nuo nodded his head excitedly, but after nodding his head, he realized that the other could not see it, and so he hurriedly said, “En, I’ll wait for you.”

“Let’s talk when we meet, I’ll come over in half an hour,” Ouyang Long was about to hang up the phone when he heard Su Nuo worriedly say, “Remember to bring an apple pie!” That’s a prop! He could not forget that! 

 “Apple pie?” Ouyang Long frowned.

 “This time, it’s really not that I want to eat it, anyway, just randomly buy one, you definitely definitely must buy!” Su Nuo emphasized again.

Ouyang Long sighed, “Alright, wait for me.”

 “En!” Su Nuo very obediently hung up, then gave a call to Han Wei, changing from a little house cat to a wild cat in a second, aggressiveness showing as he said, “He already agreed to send over in half an hour that Bavaria… that pie to me!” The name was too long it was hard to remember, he was really very 囧!

 “You ah,” Han Wei’s head ached. “Do you need me to come over to thank him?”

Definitely don’t! If you come over, how can I French kiss! Su Nuo instantly stopped him, “There’s no need!”

“Then alright, remember to properly thank Mr. Ouyang,” Han Wei lectured him.

“I know,” Su Nuo thought super seriously, not only did he need to say thank you, he needed to French kiss and apologize as much as possible!

Of course, his look must be perfect when meeting his lover! So Su Nuo finished the phone call and began to dress up crazily, humming and bustling about, even staring in the mirror! He had even pulled open his hospital gown to observe his white underwear, Little Little Nuo’s outline is really sexy! Definitely very very good!

With Han Wei’s permission, Ouyang Long very easily entered the hospital room. When he opened the door, Su Nuo was looking out of the window, feeling extremely troubled, like a beautiful white lotus blossom, waiting for his cool and dazzling appearance!

This sort of posture must be purposely planned out and displayed, because he felt that the side of his face, this angle was the best-looking one!

 “Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long sat by the bedside.

Su Nuo pretended to have suddenly been startled awake, and he turned his head back to use an especially innocent gaze to look at him!

Practically the reincarnation of a best actor!

Although he was a bit angry in his heart, looking at how he looked like lying on the sickbed, Mr. Director could not bring himself to say anything in the end.

Actually, he also had no chance to say anything, because the next second, Su Nuo jumped over onto him, extremely enthusiastic as he covered his lips, so open and welcoming that outsiders would not be able to stand looking at them directly!

French kiss, this sort of thing, felt extremely good! Su Nuo sighed in his heart, then hugged his neck, carefully extending the tip of his tongue, and swept it on his lips, which was both like seduction and provocation. Though his actions were very clumsy, the consequences were quite powerful! As expected, Ouyang Long’s eyes darkened and their kiss deepened.

 “En…” Su Nuo was kissed till he had no room to fight. His whole waist was weak and he even felt a bit suffocated. So he instinctively extended his hand to push him. Obviously, it would not have any effect, his refusal made the kiss even hotter instead! They were kissing until it was very heated up. By right, he should feel very taken and into it, but Su Nuo did not know why he felt like he had been hit in the head. He suddenly felt like he was being swallowed up by the African python, and so his back was cold, it was really horrifying!

“What is it?” Feeling that he seemed to have trembled a bit, Ouyang Long finally was willing to let go.

Su Nuo was still in a daze, his eyes not blinking as he met Ouyang Long’s gaze.

Ouyang Long leaned over, pecking those lips that were a bit red and slightly swollen.

Really, so gentle!

Su Nuo followed the flow and buried himself in his embrace, like a cat that had just woken up.

“Is your leg still in pain?” Ouyang Long asked.

“It’s not painful,” Su Nuo’s face was buried in his chest, his nose wrinkling up a bit. “I missed you.”

Ouyang long did not say anything but hugged him even tighter.

The clock on the wall was ticking. After a long time, Su Nuo opened his mouth, stuttering, “Then, about that Qiu ZiYan… are you still angry?”

Ouyang Long smiled bitterly, then reached out to pinch his cheeks.

Looking at his gentle yet helpless gaze, Su Nuo instantly felt his nose scrunch up, feeling that he was very very heartless!

“What exactly happened?” Ouyang Long asked.

The story in the little book was not used at all. Su Nuo felt guilty. He honestly told the story once, how he, in order to hide his sweetheart, he had first said Qiu ZiYan’s name. As a result, he really saw Qiu ZiYan or something, it was very, very mysterious and very silly! Of course, such irrelevant details as ‘I may be filming a stream of consciousness microfilm with Qiu ZiYan’, ‘his driver, that Tang XiaoYu, was kidnapped by my brother’, ‘My brother is in the mafia’,  this kind of irrelevant details must be ignored! Pure men must learn to choose!

This kind of strange reason, how should he reprimand him? After hearing the whole story, Ouyang Long did not know whether to laugh or to cry. If this whole paragraph were to come out from someone else’s mouth, he would probably think that the other party is mentally lacking, but when it came to this silly man, it was really… surprisingly expected.

“Don’t be angry anymore, I won’t lie anymore in the future,” Su Nuo apologized in a low voice, very meek!

Ouyang Long kissed his forehead, “En, as long as you are good, I won’t be angry with you.”

Dangerous reports were mostly gone, and Su Nuo leaned over to kiss his lower jaw, purposely trying to suck up to him, really especially black-bellied!

 “When can you be discharged?” Ouyang Long asked.

 “Next week,” Su Nuo said, feeling a bit worried, because his older brother said that he wanted Su Nuo to go back home and stay!

There was a delicious soup stewed by a sister-in-law at home, which was really tempting, but if he lived at home, then he didn’t need to continue staying apart from his man! My man is so gentle, considerate, handsome, powerful, successful, patient and meticulous, there will be a lot of people coveting him! What should I do if he did not watch closely and he is abducted by some seductive fox spirit? It’s sad to think of staying in a lonely empty house and weeping at night every night!

Thinking until that point, Su Nuo instantly said, “I’ll go to stay in your house after I get discharged!”

“Staying in my house?” Ouyang Long was shocked.

“Yes!” Su Nuo has made up his mind to persuade his brother to let him live alone so that he can sneak away to have a rendezvous! If his brother doesn’t agree, they should try our best to fight using reason and tears coming down like rain like rain. There must be a way that would succeed among these many ways right, right! If it really could not, he could cry first, then make trouble, then threaten to give his own life. Like Su NuoNuo, standing on a chair crying, looking towards the sky, saying, ‘If this young man forces me again, then I can only die,” and so on. His brother was going to be soft-hearted for sure!

 “You’re sure?” Mr. Director had the kind of disbelief like he was walking on the streets and he was suddenly hit by 5 million yuan!

Of course he was sure! How could a man be so draggy, asking over and over again, so not straightforward at all! Little Su Nuo was very unhappy, and reached out his hand directly pulling him over and fiercely covering his mouth! It was really such that pure men would not dare to look directly, very very manly!

Ouyang Long found it funny, letting him lie on his body like a kitten, biting and licking for a long time, leaving teeth marks on his face and mouth.

Su Nuo thought, Really so tasty!

“I’ll stay tonight to spend time with you?” Ouyang Long suggested.

That would be great! But what if older brother saw! Su Nuo was hesitating a bit; he was not scared at all, but that was because his brother was not scary to him! In front of other people, he was really really scary, super super violent!

“Don’t worry, I’m just randomly saying,” seeing that he was a bit troubled, Ouyang Long could not bear to force him. “I’ll leave in a short while, then.”

“En,” Su Nuo was extremely touched; so caring, what else could he ask for!

The sweet times of a couple was often very short, and two hours passed by very fast. Su Nuo pulled on his hand, feeling extremely sad, “Be careful when you’re driving, and once you reach home, message me.”

“Be good,” Ouyang Long kissed his cheek, “Darling, rest properly.”

Su Nuo nodded, unwilling to part as he sent him out of the hospital room with his gaze, then sighed, full of emotions, his sexy underwear was not seen at all, little little Nuo felt very empty!

Half an hour later, Han Wei pushed the door and entered, “Nuo Nuo.” 

“Eh, why are you here now,” Su Nuo felt troubled.

“I just finished dealing with things, so I came over to take a look,” Han Wei sat by the bed, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

 “I was reading a book,” Little Su Nuo was extremely fake; actually, just now he had kept crazily imagining his sweet life staying together with his lover after he is discharged! He was grown and ready to go out by himself, it were really those little brothers who were grown-up, like water that is thrown out!!

 “Rest earlier,” Han Wei helped him put his pillow comfortably; he saw the sweets box at the side of the bed from the corner of his eye, “This is that Bavarian-what pie?”

Su Nuo instantly became nervous. “You can’t eat it!”

 “I’m just randomly asking, why are you so anxious for,” Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry, so petty.

Because even I don’t know what’s inside! Very easy to expose himself! Su Nuo yelled in his heart.

“I won’t eat it, I’ll leave it for you to have it for breakfast tomorrow morning,” Han Wei pressed on his nose. “Sleep ba, little greedy cat.”

Su Nuo said very obediently, “Go back home quickly, don’t let sister-in-law wait too late.”

And with you standing there, I don’t even dare to send messages! Just now, his phone was obviously vibrating.

Really, how nerve-wracking!

This author has something to say: Happy New Year’s Eve everyone and a happy family reunion! MUA! Going out for New Year’s Eve dinner~~_(:3」∠)_

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