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Chapter 42: Love amidst the chaos and panicking director

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once he got rid of his brother, Su XiaoNuo, hurriedly got out his phone and realized that it was actually Z’s message! Very, very, not the right one! And! The content was him asking for O’s phone number! What was going on? Suddenly the alarm bells rang within Su Nuo’s heart, could it be that the maniac director was after his man?

That’s, super, super, scary!

Thus, he quickly called back and asked with the utmost seriousness, “Why do you suddenly need his phone number?” Just like a real wife! (First wife)

“It’s an emergency!” ZhongLi FengBai was panicking, “I exchanged business cards with Director O before but I can’t find it right now, if you have it, tell me quickly……Ah! Get away from me!”

“What are you doing?” Su Nuo said frowning, “Why is it so loud?”

“I’m at home…Ah! Don’t touch there! Leave my underwear alone!” ZhongLi FengBai screamed.

Su Nuo took a cold breath in, “Yo-u-u-u pervert!” Why would you call without your underwear on?!

“Anyways, tell Ouyang Long to quickly…You bastard! I’m going to kill you!” ZhongLi FengBai couldn’t take it anymore and finally ended the call!

After holding the phone and staring at it dumbfounded for three seconds, Su Nuo tried calling again. Even though maniac was very weird, and was under suspicion of wanting his man, he couldn’t let them die. At least he needed to make a courtesy call.

“I’m fine now!” ZhongLi FengBai said panting heavily, “I tied him together with a tie!”

“What happened?” Su Nuo was super curious. It seemed like something very inappropriate but also very interesting happened.

“I’m tell you another time.” ZhongLi FengBai was completely exhausted, “goodnight.”

Ehhhhh!!! Why did you hang up! Hearing the beeping sound, Su Nuo was scratching his heart out! Not only was there the stealing of the underwear but also tie tie ups, how HIGH were you guys?!

Even though I’m still on the French kiss stage! This phone call was just to brag wasn’t it?! Su Nuo got a very, very small heart and he gripped the bedsheets in rage! I need to revenge-brag back!

He had original thought of calling Mr.Director to complaint but at that moment, he received a message – baby, I’m home taking a shower, you should rest soon too. Goodnight.

Su Nuo sighed. I really don’t want to ‘goodnight’! I want more lovers chats! But considering how busy he was with his work, he really should be resting. Su XiaoNuo was very understanding and wifely and didn’t bother him anymore. He replied with a goodnight and started once again on (xx)! Very, very unsuitable for his image!

In the last chapter, Ouyang JinLong’s memory of his previous life was awakened by the white lotus tattoo on Su NuoNuo’s body. Instantly, he was filled with love and wanted to pamper this crystal like cutie in the palm of his hands. However, Su NuoNuo couldn’t remember that time when he was deeply in love with Ouyang (Wang Ye – his old position) and kept Ouyang JinLong at a hands distance!

It was super tragic!

However, for a man whole controlled the universe’s economy in his hands, Ouyang JinLong wasn’t one to give up so easily! Thus, he started his explosive pursuit of love! Of course, being a supermodel, Su NuoNuo had many pursuers! To win out amongst the many competitor was extremely difficult!

What was the most important thing in pursuing a beauty? Giving them what they want!

Every man on earth knows this rule!

Su NuoNuo likes to eat pure white snow lotus flowers, thus his pursuers all sent people to pick them from the North Pole! Ouyang JinLong laughed coldly and with a cheque, bought the whole mountain!

Su NuoNuo loved shiny and luxurious diamonds so his pursuers tucked their heart out trying to find the most precious gemstones! Ouyang JinLong laughed coldly and bought two mines from South Africa and Russian, using them to build him a diamond palace!

Su NuoNuo loved to weep while staring at the stars so his pursuers competed with one another to write down this soul-breaking scene with beauty poetry. Ouyang JinLong laughed coldly and with a large sum of money, bought the naming rights for multiple stars for Su NuoNuo.

Due to the fact that Mr.Director was just so impressive, after half a year, Su NuoNuo finally agreed to have dinner with him!

It was truly an occasion to be celebrated! Normally, a fairytale would have ended by now. All Su NuoNuo needed was to accidentally fall and hit his head, thus recovering his past memories. Then with Mr.Director have a prince prince happily ever after!

Clearly the ending everyone was waiting for!

But, because the author was truly mad, when they were having dinner, Su NuoNuo really did fall and really did hit his head, his memory only partially returned. The part where he was kidnapped into such-and-such locations for display and the feeling of humiliation as well as being stripped by Ouyang JinLong in public to check his virginity! Thus, with burning tears, he took a steak knife and lunged at Ouyang JinLong!

Of course, there was no way such a thin, fragile beauty could win against a fierce powerful Mr.Director! Ouyang JinLong was still confused when Su NuoNuo suddenly wanted to kill him with a steak knife. He was instantly furious, holding on to that slim, white, smooth, delicate wrist, he shouted, “I treated you with all my heart and you want to kill me?!”

Then, he took off his gentleman’s guise, exposing his devilishly attractive interior and stripped Su NuoNuo on the dinner table!

“No!!!!!!!” Su NuoNuo screamed in distress but no one went up to save him!

“What are you guys waiting for!” Su NuoNuo stared angrily at the hundred or so bodyguards beside him.

But to his surprise, they didn’t charge up, instead, they said teary eyed, “Mr.Director’s love for you is true love, you should just quickly open up your legs for him!”

“You guys…AH!!!’ Before Su NuoNuo could finish, a finger went into his body.

There was no way a delicate, crystal-like beauty could take such aggressive behaviour, thus Su NuoNuo cried out and instantly his eyes welled up with tears. Feeling wronged, he cried, “Don’t…It hurts…”

Su NuoNuo just went tsk tsk, clearly you’re just urging him on!

Unsurprisingly, when Ouyang JinLong heard this whimper, the beast within him instantly unlocked! He took out his hand and then plunged straight in with his fierce, savage, dragon d***!

“So…big…” Su NuoNuo bit his fingertip and looked at him charmingly.

Ouyang JinLong laughed wildly, “Of course it’s big!” Then, lifting his thin waist, he started pounding like crazy.

For the longest time, the sound of bodies colliding didn’t stop. Su NuoNuo kept moaning as he hands tightly held onto Ouyang JinLong’s neck, wanting this pleasure to last a bit longer.

Su Nuo wanted to throw up blood! Even if it was a 18+ novel not about plot, it can’t have character breaks this extreme! In the beginning he was still trying to kill Ouyang JinLong with a steak knife then in the next second his moaning, twisting his hips, wanting more! That doesn’t make any sense! Especially since the characters took on his and Mr.Director’s name! It was unforgivable! So, using a miscellaneous account, Su Nuo replied, ‘It’s unscientific!’.

Then the author instantly realized his mistake and wrote a serious apology saying they will make sure not to repeat the same mistake again?

Nope! In fact, his reply was instantly drowned by other reader’s want of more H!

So sad!

The other sad person ZhongLi FengBai because it was definitely going to be a sleepless night for him!

Mu Qiu got tied up into a ZhongZi with a tie and was currently snoring loudly on the carpet! (粽子 a type of food. Sticky rice wrapped in loquat leaves, can be filled with sweet or savoury stuffing. It’s tied with a rope to prevent the leaf from falling off the rice)

Director Zhong stood in front of him and stared with a complicated mix of emotions!

The situation was just like a novel. (GouXie, dogs blood) Two hours ago, ZhongLi FengBai was at home reading when he suddenly received an unknown phone call, “Excuse me, is this Mr.Zhong?”

“I am, who is this?” ZhongLi FengBai asked.

“This is YeSe bar, do you have a friend named Mu Qiu?” The voice on the other side was very sweet but after hearing what she said, Director Zhong just wanted to slam his head against a wall. He replied, “What happened?”

“This gentleman here, is completely drunk and was only willing to give your phone number.” He could hear that the other side was out of options too and they continued, “Would you be able to pick him up?”

ZhongLi FengBai really wanted to scream and say his not able at all and they should just throw him on the road! But he could only think about it! One, it’s way to immoral, second, you never know what a drunkard might say. If he says something and a reporter overheard it, he can only throw himself into the ocean! Thus, after much thought, Director Zhong could only disguise himself and then drive over to pick him up.

“Why are you so heavy!” Panting heavily, ZhongLi FengBai dragged him in. He almost passed out from the weight.

Mu Qiu lied on the sofa completely wasted.

“Get up, I’m bring you to the guest room!” ZhongLi FengBai pulled him up.

Half of Mu Qiu’s body was on his as he stumbled his way towards the guest room. But on the way over, when they passed the master bedroom, Mu Qiu’s eyes lit up and with open arms, he charged in! ZhongLi FengBai completely dumbfounded, what was happening?!

When he followed in, Mu Qiu had already lifted the covers and found a underwear on the bed.

“Let it go!” ZhongLi FengBai screamed with his face completely red.

“No!” Mu Qiu scrunched up the underwear and stuffed it into his pocket like a treasure.

ZhongLi FengBai wanted to cry but had no tears. He wanted to call Ouyang Long to pick him up but Su XiaoNuo was clearly not working with him so he couldn’t get the phone number after a long phone call. In between it, he even got his butt groped by Qiu Mu! Thus, with his embarrassment turned into rage, he threw the phone and lunged himself at Qiu Mu with all his might! And he actually succeeded! As if he was Achilles embodied! Very, very ferocious!

What a perfect example of a sweet bunny biting/attacking when triggered? This! (Even a bunny pushed could bite – is the proverb)

Mu Qiu laid on the carpet dizzy and went limp as he got tied up with a tie. It was such a sorry figure! ZhongLi FengBai was so tired that his limbs went soft and he didn’t even have the strength to drag Mu Qiu on the bed. Thus he just threw him a blanket and was ready to call it a day when he remembered his underwear was still in pocket. So he could only turn back with a 囧 face. What came out of his pocket was the underwear and also a mini version of “The development of global cinema throughout history.”


ZhongLi FengBai felt a bit complicated.

Mu Qiu was a businessmen through and through with no interest in art. There was only one reason he would read a book like this.

Why bother? Director Zhong sighed as he forcefully stuffed the book back into his pocket. He turned around ready to leave when he got pulled by the wrist.

Such an overused scenario in stories! ZhongLi FengBai was instantly alert. If he dared to use this opportunity to forcefully kissed him, he was going to go all out!

But instead, Mu Qiu said with seriousness, “listen!”

“…Listen to what?” Director Zhong was completely baffled.

CEO Mu said with cadence, “The bells ringing on Prague Square!”

ZhongLi FengBai palmed his face, feeling the power drain from his soul, “Just go back to sleep.”

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