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Chapter 60: “Augu ~”

After a day’s hard work, Colin looked at the rocks piled up in the ore chamber, full of waking stones, in a trance. Colin pulled at his hair and said with an intoxicated face, “I think I’m very handsome today, probably because I’m too rich.” 

Corson: “… Wake up.”

At this time, Tanamo pushed the last basket of waking stones into the room and when he saw the present situation of the warehouse, he was also surprised. “There are so many of them.”

“Why don’t you take more?” Auguste stood beside Tanamo with Hai’an in his arms.

“No, don’t you need some for the expedition? Don’t worry, I won’t disturb the expedition. But shouldn’t Carl really take his eggshell away?”

“No.” Auguste sighed slightly. “Eggshell fusion warship technology was developed by the Peace Party group, and separation technology, if any, was only known to them.”

“Actually, it’s very good now. I don’t see much of you living with Carl.”

Auguste looked sideways at Tanamo when he heard this remark. “Yes, we’re poor anyway.”

Tanamo: “…” There was a warehouse full of waking stones, and you really dare to say that they are poor?

Colin ran out of the warehouse and reported the data to Auguste. “It’s finished. There are 967 waking stones in all.” Then he patted Tanamo on the shoulder. “We’re leaving. Take care of yourself and develop your food business.”

Tanamo looked proud. “You can rest assured that when you come next time, I will treat you to the delicacies here for free.”

Colin: “…” Can I refuse?

“I’m back. Everything’s done.” Jamie went into the hall from the elevator and shouted at Auguste in the corridor.

“Did you give the leaves to Siam Liang?”

“Yes,” Jamie nodded. “Siam Liang said that the plant goblins were very happy when they got the leaves. They were all preparing to move to the planet.”

“That’s great. I decided to call this planet the flesh star. I didn’t expect that one day I could have a planet of my own.” Tanamo rubbed his insect feet excitedly.

“Didn’t you have your own planet before?” Jamie knew that Tanamo’s status as an interstellar businessman was not comparable to that of Caine or Cessie, but he still had a certain reputation. How could he not have his own star?

“That’s not true. Those are all mineral stars. Can people live on those? Look at all the plants on this planet. I’m going to make a fortune!” Turning to the stairs, Tanamo waved to them, “You guys, go ahead. Don’t stay here and delay my new business.”


“Huh? No, it doesn’t seem to be my spaceship.”


Finally, everything was ready. All the people of the ship gathered in the hall. Tanamo’s worm face was projected on the round table in the hall. “You’re all right.” Then there came a clicking sound, as if Tanamo was playing with something. “I didn’t expect that one worm could use something from a group of dragons one day.”

“I don’t want to hear Tanamo’s voice any more.” Colin covered his ears.

The ship had moved out of the surface atmosphere of the planet and was slowly flying in the vacuum zone.

Lydney was debugging the data. “Are these the coordinates near the galactic field of Flower Street?”

Carl nodded. “Well, close to their mooring port, we’ll park the ship as soon as we get there.”


“I’m ready here.” The projection on the round table was instantly changed to Leston, who was holding a cigarette in his right hand, making a gesture of “ok”.

“Ok..” Lydney hesitated for a moment, his finger hanging over the screen. “You may feel a little uncomfortable later.”

“What?” Colin did not hear clearly, and asked again.

But it was too late. Lydney pressed the “confirmation jump” button on his nano computer. From the outside, the hull of the normally flying ship disappeared into the universe in an instant.

A few minutes later, the spaceship appeared at the port of Flower Street’s mooring. Several of Huajie Star’s sharp-eyed patrolmen recognized it as the main battleship of the former Sixth Legion.

“Look, look. Isn’t that the Vagrant?” Patrolman A asked Patrolman B.

“Where is it?”

At this time, the ship was twisting and turning, their route uncertain. They had to turn left and then right to avoid collision, frightening the spacecraft next to them. This was a warship ah!! Getting hit by it was not okay!! Their spacecraft would immediately fall apart!!

“Is it true that the Sixth Legion is the poorest of all the legions? Are they poor enough that they need to sell parts off of their ship?”

Otherwise, how could anyone explain why the ship was flying like this?

This kind of flight was believed to be by a novice taken off the street.

In the Vagrant, besides Lydney sitting steadily on the bench, almost everyone else was vomiting, even Auguste and Carl were a little blue. They were Ayulons, the sovereign of the sky, so they could bear the dizziness.

“Leston!” Jamie leaned forward in his chair and shouted, “Drive the ship better! We don’t have the money to pay someone else for repair costs!”

Colin was already on his knees and vomiting.

Spatial jumping felt like they were put on a chair and spun tens of thousands of laps without stopping. Even professional pilots trained in centrifuge corona prevention capsules. Leston couldn’t even stand it, let alone Collin, Corson and Jamie, who belonged to the ground combat group.

Leston adjusted quickly and finally managed to control the speed of the ship’s flight. The ship finally stopped at the port of berth before hitting other spacecrafts.

Hai’an was completely paralyzed in Auguste’s arms. The porridge he had drunk in the morning was spitting up all over his body. Both pointed ears fell down and he looked very pitiful.

“Woo ~” It happened that he was still retching, but he could only spit out some sour bile.

Auguste turned Hai’an over and let him lie on his arm, gently patting Hai’an on the back.

“Daughter’s dad is starting to feel sad.” Carl made fun of Auguste.

Daddy was the new nickname Carl and Colin gave Auguste, because Auguste spent the whole day circling around Hai’an, feeding him porridge, helping him wash and dress everyday, and now he was even starting to sew clothes, just like a Daddy.

“Ha-ha.” Auguste gave a sneer and glanced coldly over Carl.

Suddenly Carl fell with his chest covered. “I… I’m going to vomit. Lydney, come hold me.”

Although Carl shouted for Lydney to hold him, as soon as Carl was askew, he fell directly into Lydney’s arms, and then put his hands tightly around Lydney’s waist and put his face on Lydney’s chest.

“Carl, how are you? Are you alright?” Lydney’s face was worried, and his hand touched Carl’s forehead. Just now, Carl looked good. Why was he suddenly not? Did Carl’s reaction take longer?

“I… I’m all right. Hold me in your arms. I’ll be fine in a minute.” Carl’s weak voice came from Lydney’s arms.

Lydney had to keep holding Carl.

On the other side, Jamie almost went blind. Carl was really shameless, but when he saw that Lydney had no adverse reactions, Jamie felt that it was a little strange. “By the way, why are you okay with this Lydney?”

“When I studied this subject before, all the researchers had to take part in centrifuge tests. I’ve taken part in simulation tests to get the most accurate data, and I’m used to it.”

Jamie shook his head. “I just think people in this major are very perverted.”

Lydney smiled modestly, and Carl saw that Lydney’s eyes were trained on Jamie, and he howled louder, “Oh, I’m dizzy. Lydney, help me to lie down in the bedroom for a while.”

“Go to your room!!” Corson made a quick reply, then continued to howl.

Jamie: “…”

Called by Carl, Lydney had to get up, hold him, and move slowly to his room.

Lydney held Carl, who was nearly a head taller, and he hung on Lydney like a boneless man, rubbing his face against Lydney’s neck. Jamie rolled his eyes and didn’t want to continue looking at Carl.

Alia lay on the table. “Let’s take a rest and then go to Palatine. I’m asking for a day off.”

“I also ask for a day off…” Corson’s weak voice came from the bottom of the table, and he waved his right hand so that Auguste could see him.

“Okay,” Auguste said cheerfully. The area around Flower Street banned the army to come near. The Emperor could not catch up for a while. They could take a rest and say that they had not booked a hotel and wanted to stay on the Vagrant. The complete translation of a map could not be completed in a day. They expected it to take a period of time. He also took advantage of this time to play with JianJian everywhere.

“Let’s all go back and rest.” Auguste stood up and took a piece of paper from the table to wipe Hai’an’s mouth.

Hai’an pulled Auguste’s clothes, closed his eyes, frowned and held his mouth tightly, fearing that he would throw up again as soon as he opened his eyes. Hai’an groaned bitterly. It was too cold under the quilt. Hai’an felt that Auguste’s arms were still the most comfortable. When Auguste put him on the bed, Hai’an still held out his hands to keep sticking to Auguste.


Auguste just put down Hai’an and wanted to pour him a cup of hot water before changing Hai’an’s dirty clothes. As soon as he turned around, he heard Hai’an’s voice coming from behind, soft and tenderly shouting his name.

Auguste stopped short and turned quickly to Hai’an.

Hai’an’s mouth was still crying out loud: “Augu ~” two small hands were waving in mid-air, as if trying to catch something.

Auguste stepped forward and touched Hai’an with his hand. As soon as Hai’an touched Auguste’s finger, he quickly embraced him and held him in his arms.

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Angel Woods
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