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Chapter 50: You Are Too Great And The 囧 Task

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Little Su Nuo stared at that comment for three minutes, feeling that it was especially shocking! Because he had already instinctively thought of the, the scene where he was pregnant! Being pregnant—this sort of thing is too scary! And what was producing milk! I don’t have that ability at all!

This sort of strange imaginations is very hateful! Everyone needs to properly scold them! Holding this kind of hope, Su Nuo went to the next page, and realized that that comment had really been upvoted a lot! But the content was not like Su Nuo had anticipated ‘OP is too much, how could you randomly think of such things’, or ‘Su Nuo is so elegant and domineering, not at all so delicate and weak, how is he like the Su NuoNuo in the story at all!’ that kind of comments, and instead, it was a whole lot of praise! Everyone was expressing that the OP was absolutely right! The OP was very great! The OP was the best! Just like the OP said, Su Nuo was really very like Su NuoNuo! That kind of soft and white silky skin, that kind of delicate beauty! Really wanted to hold his hand and bring him home!

E/N: This should be obvious, but OP means original poster.

Model Su was so shocked that his head was fuming, You’re the delicate beauty, your whole family is a delicate beauty! I’m obviously a manly man! Although I don’t have abs, I’m still a manly man, because I have a little Nuo!

The crazed comments continued under the original post, and most readers agreed with the idea that ‘Su NuoNuo’s original character was based off Su Nuo’. There were even people who were skilled at PhotoShop, and they quickly found an ancient style picture of a beautiful person with their shoulders half-exposed, and they photoshopped Su Nuo’s face on! And the comments were all cursing instantly, hurriedly expressing that they could not tell when they did not compare, but as soon as they compared it, they were shocked, the original version definitely seemed like a copied version! Su Nuo’s photo was totally the original! 

The little lady who had done the photoshop was encouraged, and took a screenshot from some unknown GV; the bottom was not wearing anything and was lying on the bed, his butt curved and so smooth and round that they could not bear to look at it straight, adding on Su Nuo’s face on which he had his eyes closed slightly and had an expression which entranced people… this was obviously another ‘original’.

T/N: GV refers to gay video.

Too! Perverted! Little Su Nuo harshly pressed on a pomelo slice and made it explode! The liquid from the pomelo spurted out and there was the killing aura in the end, really very very manly!

Readers’ enthusiasm was at an unprecedented high, and many people requested those talented in PhotoShop to send another Ouyang JinLong! But the young sister said she could not imagine the prototype of Ouyang JinLong and did not know who to look for. 

As soon as this message appeared, there were numerous responses in the comments to this message! Qiu Ziyan, Ye FengWu, Shen Mo, Qiu BaiQian… Almost all the names of popular male stars have been repeated, and some even nominated a new and fragile little beauty, saying that when two bottoms meet, there must be a top, and Su Nuo, this kind of eternal bottom, anyone could top him!

Little Su Nuo spat out blood and very weakly pointed at the computer screen! Really extremely angry! This was too hateful! Who is eternal bottom, I just don’t have abs!

 “Nuo Nuo,” his older brother’s voice came from downstairs.

Su Nuo’s little body shook, and he quickly closed the Love In Troubled Times webpage; this was something he definitely could not let his older brother find out about!

 “You’re taking an afternoon nap?” Han Wei pushed the door open and entered.

 “En, I’m playing with my computer,” Su Nuo climbed up. “Why are you here?”

 “You sound like you really don’t want me to come,” Han Wei rubbed his head.

 “How could it be,” Su Nuo instantly made a serious face. “I wish I could see you 24/7!” Really super fake, actually, he only wanted to see Mr. Director 24/7 now! Older brother or whatever, even if he only saw him once a month, it was fine as well! It was really that younger brothers could not be kept once they grew up.

 “Then why aren’t you willing to come back home and stay with me?” Han Wei could not but bring up old matters. “At that time, I should have rejected it when you wanted to move out!”

Of course I had to move out! Su Nuo resisted in his heart, I have so much freedom living alone! You are too strict with me, I can’t stand it at all!

“How is your leg today?” Han Wei asked.

“It’s gotten well a long time ago,” Su Nuo crossed his legs and sat on the bed, extremely troubled as he said, “You seem to be quite free recently?” He looked extremely free!

 “Why do you think I have nothing to do,” Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Recently, people want to make trouble, and I’m extremely troubled by it.” He had to find time to see him, and yet he finds him annoying—really lacking conscience.

 “Who wants to make trouble?” Su Nuo frowned upon hearing it.

 “You don’t need to worry,” Han Wei would never let him interfere with this sort of thing. “I can deal with it.”

 “Then you need to be careful,” Su Nuo hugged his older brother like he did when he was younger, and then he was especially manly and said, “If you are tired, then just stop; I’ll give you money.” As a big celebrity and such, he was really extremely rich, totally domineering!

 “Alright,” Han Wei held back his laughter, and pushed him back into his blankets. “You can keep sleeping. I just came to take a look since it was on the way, and I’ll go soon.”

 “En,” Su Nuo obediently sent him out with his gaze, then sighed, he was really very blessed, his older brother and his lover were both especially handsome and gentle!

He definitely won over Abs Qiu for that point!

What Little Su Nuo did not know was that Qiu ZiYan had been especially annoyed recently, because Han Wei refused to acknowledge him at all.

From kindergarten to university, he was the most handsome in school and attracted everyone, and had long become used to being the center of everyone’s attention—but now, he was being ignored by a mafia boss, this feeling was the worst!

 “Your mood today is no good?” his body trainer asked him.

 “It’s nothing,” Qiu ZiYan got off the treadmill and took a towel to dry off his sweat.

 “No, no, no,” the body building instructor waved his index finger left and right. “Based on my experience, whenever your exercise time is more than the normal two hours, you definitely have something you are concerned about.”

“Busybody,” Qiu ZiYan threw the towel at him, expressionless, and turned around to walk towards the bathroom.

His skin was a healthy tan color, he had a beautiful look that was full of power, and adding on the effect of the wetness of sweat, he was very much a manly man!

The body building trainer was praising it in his heart, and could not but secretly take a picture and upload it to Weibo. This post was instantly reposted by Qiu ZiYan’s fanclub, and the comments below it increased rapidly, and everyone expressed that Older Brother ZiYan was really very handsome, very cool, very sunny, very fierce, they loved him to death, muacks! After that, many fans excitedly reposted it and tagged Su Nuo, because Qiu ZiYan x Su Nuo was a very popular pair, and a lot of girls found them extremely cute!

The Little Su Nuo, whose butt was in pain and had nothing to do was lying on the bed, and as expected, he successfully saw this Weibo post, and then his anger started to burn up! He deeply felt that this must have been Qiu ZiYan who ordered his fans to repost it and tag him, his purpose was to express ‘I not only have abs, but my chest muscles and even my back muscles are even more domineering than yours’! This sort of boasting was really too shameless! Su Nuo angrily took off his pajamas and stood in front of the mirror, turning his head to look at his back, and he burned in anger even more, because as expected, it was not as manly, and he was all thin and white and he could not bear to see it!

Su Nuo who was full of killing intent sat on his bed, and called Dai An.

 “I’ll be back the day after,” Recently, because Dai An had some family problems, he could not deal with Su Nuo personally.

“I feel that Qiu ZiYan is really super annoying!” Su Nuo was extremely angry.

“I also feel that he is very annoying, he has nothing besides for abs, perhaps even his abs are fake, and are made of silicon!” Although Dai An did not know what was going on at all, as far as dealing with this sort of conversation went, he was really too used to it alright!

“That’s right!” Su Nuo felt more comfortable.

“If we want abs, it’s really too easy! But we don’t want them, because it looks very dumb!” Dai An continued.

Su Nuo let out a breath, what he said was really right!

“Furthermore, he might even have a liking for dressing strangely!” This sort of opinion was learnt from Su Nuo, so Dai An made full use of it and said, “Under his very manly clothes, he must like wearing pink bow-tied thongs!”

Fuck! Su Nuo was stunned.

“So Su-ye, don’t be angry anymore,” Dai An comforted him. “I’ll return immediately; my Mom even specially made the pepper biscuits you like to eat. As soon as you bite, you’ll find it’s full of meat!”

Little Su Nuo instantly felt that life was very comfortable and good.

That was right, Dai An could work so well with Su Nuo because besides knowing how to use good food to coax him, he was also shameless enough, and did not feel stress becoming more and more shameless!

And so, the sunny and completely innocent Mr. Qiu got attacked again and again.

“Older Brother ZiYan,” Tang XiaoYu waited for him in the underground car park in the company.

“Let me drive,” Qiu ZiYan changed seats with him.

Tang XiaoYu looked at him speechlessly. “I’m your driver.”

“I don’t treat you as a driver,” Qiu ZiYan smiled, then suddenly leaned over.

Tang XiaoYu instantly felt nervous.

“Wear your seatbelt.” Feeling the change in his emotions, Qiu ZiYan had some mocking in his eyes, and reached out his hand to pull on his seatbelt.

Tang XiaoYu felt awkward, it seemed like he kept thinking too much recently.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Qiu ZiYan drove the car out of the car park.

“I’ll go back and cook for you,” Tang XiaoYu suggested.

“Hunan food is a little spicy. Let’s go and eat Cantonese food,” Qiu Ziyan turned his car into the highway.

Tang XiaoYu 囧ed, if you were not planning on listening, why did you ask me?

The Cantonese food restaurant was very big, and it was obvious that Qiu ZiYan often came here; the waiter did not even ask and brought them to a private room.

“This shop is very quiet, and their food tastes not bad,” Qiu ZiYan took off his glasses and sat by Tang XiaoYu’s side.

When two people ate, shouldn’t they sit face-to-face? Tang XiaoYu looked at him, a bit speechless.

Mr. Qiu’s expression was as usual, his smile very composed.

The atmosphere was very ambiguous, but no-one planned on disrupting it.

Tang XiaoYu could be cruel to anyone—anyone besides Qiu ZiYan. When they were together alone, no matter what Qiu ZiYan did, as long as it was not too much, Tang XiaoYu would accept it all.

Like touching by the waist, this sort of thing…

“You seem to have grown some meat,” Qiu ZiYan went near his year, obviously teasing.

Tang XiaoYu went ‘en’.

Seeing his red ears, Qiu ZiYan was very satisfied! Recently, he has discovered a new abnormal hobby—that is, to wear a proper excuse as a cover to do very beastly things while his expression was very calm and super gentle! For example, because Tang XiaoYu was injured in the accident and had some external injuries, he could not bathe easily, so Qiu ZiYan took a towel every night, wiped his back and legs. Then he could appreciate that Tang XiaoYu, who wore only one pair of underwear, became red slowly; and every morning, for example, Mr. Qiu would accurately push the door open while Tang XiaoYu was changing clothes. He’d get inside the room, sit by the bed and talk about work schedule, and then look at his bare upper body… All in all, it was very horrible but very serious!

Tang XiaoYu was not dumb at all, and he was clear about what those actions meant, but refused to respond no matter what—or perhaps it should be said that he did not dare to respond.

To tell the truth, he did not really understand Qiu ZiYan; before he became a driver, their lives were extremely different. How great the difference between a prince and a small thug was, it was easy to understand without needing to think. He also did not know if Qiu ZiYan was just interested in him momentarily.

It was easy to enter a relationship, but he was scared that after he’d have entered it, the other party would suddenly leave. Compared to the pain after sweetness, it was better that he stayed as he was now.

“It’s already cold, why are you still holding it for,” Qiu ZiYan took the cup away from his hand, and changed it for a new, hot cup of tea.

When a manly man became gentle, it really made people weak!

So Tang XiaoYu felt even more… complicated emotions!

Halfway through their meal, Qiu ZiYan suddenly said, “After the activity on Friday, come with me to S City.” 

“What are we going to S City for?” Tang XiaoYu was troubled.

“I’ve already booked an appointment with a dermatologist to take a look at it for you,” Qiu ZiYan rubbed his head.

“… There’s no need,” Tang XiaoYu was a bit stiff. He had a lot of injuries on his body; it was caused from beatings from his step-father when they were young, and when he grew up, there were scars left from fights, and he would never look in the mirror when bathing. The first time when took off his pyjamas to clean up, he felt actually very worried in his heart; thankfully, the other did not ask about it, but Tang XiaoYu did not think that it would be mentioned at this time.

“Don’t worry, just take it as if we’re going to play,” Qiu ZiYan was not concerned. “I’ve already booked the plane tickets, we can find a chance to get rid of Mai Ke for a few days, at least. He’s been quite naggy recently.”

“I’ve long become used to those scars,” Tang XiaoYu did not want to go.

“But I’m not used to it,” Qiu ZiYan smiled. “You’ll be even cuter without scars.” To be direct, it would be more alluring when he was smooth and naked.

After living for 19 years, it was the first time someone used ‘cute’ to describe him, and Tang XiaoYu found it strange and was unused to it. If it were someone else, he would probably directly take it as a shaming; however, these words came from Qiu ZiYan’s mouth, and so he could only choose to stay quiet.

“Eat this,” Qiu ZiYan picked up a custard-filled steamed bun.

Tang XiaoYu was about to reach out his hand to take it when Qiu ZiYan directly put it next to his mouth.

Feeding and such, this was really too… evil!

“Open your mouth,” Qiu ZiYan had a smile in his eyes, with a kind of atmosphere which said ‘If you don’t eat it I’ll keep holding it up like this’!

Tang XiaoYu could only take a bite, and only bit out a little piece. 

But he did not manage to bite the filling!

The skin being too thick was really so 囧!

Qiu ZiYan took a mouth at the place he bit before, and was extremely natural while doing so.

Tang XiaoYu continued to pretend he did not see that.

“Take one more bite; this time, it’s sweet,” Qiu ZiYan continued to push the half a custard steamed bun towards his mouth. “It’s tasty.”

There were three in the plate, why did they need to take turns biting… Tang XiaoYu was speechless and troubled, it was obviously on purpose!

“Quick, it’s flowing out already!” Qiu ZiYan hurried him.

Tang XiaoYu could only lower his head and move it nearer to take a bite; unexpectedly, besides for touching Mr. Qiu’s fingers, he even touched his… lips.

Qiu ZiYan’s speed of lowering his head was extremely swift, accurate and fierce! Very fitting for such a top!

“You…” Even if he wanted to continue pretending that nothing happened, this sort of obvious teasing he could not ignore—but he could only raise his head and look at the other helplessly.

“I thought that you were not going to eat it, and the custard almost flowed onto my fingers,” Qiu ZiYan was extremely calm, and he pushed the last bit of the custard steamed bun into his mouth.

Tang XiaoYu did not know what sort of expression he should wear to face him at all.

Mr. Qiu’s face had a ‘Good person, real gentleman’ written all over it, and he elegantly ate the prawn dumplings one by one, his mood extremely happy. If a leopard could only become a kitten in front of him, he wanted to brag about it all over; there was really no reason not to be happy secretly.

Furthermore, it was a beautiful cat.

Even if Tang XiaoYu did not look at him directly, he could see Qiu ZiYan’s expression from the corner of his eye, and did not know what words to use to describe it. So, he couldn’t help thinking about how he could be so… that! Even though he was very gentle when they first met!

As expected, first impressions were not believable at all!

On the way home, it was still Mr. Qiu driving, and Tang XiaoYu sat at the front passenger seat and looked at his phone.

Refreshing Qiu ZiYan’s page had become his daily habit, opening the newest notification, he saw that it was that [I’m your bald and evil nemesis] person again!

He had not appeared for a very long time, and Tang XiaoYu thought he had gone somewhere else, so why did he run back here again!?

The message was as vulgar as ever and lacked morality, because Qiu ZiYan’s post was the dish that was just eaten, so the conclusion was that the owner of the page was a woman in disguise! The reason was that there were three dishes in the picture and two dishes were desserts. Only girls like desserts. So Qiu ZiYan must be a female dressed up as a male!

Why is this person so bored with nothing to do… Tang XiaoYu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Similarly, another person also did not know whether to laugh or to cry—Mr. Director, who set up a system to watch Su Nuo’s website visits. With any movements on Su Nuo’s part, the system would inform him. When it came to desserts, it was clear that he could eat even more. Ouyang Long was weak. Su Nuo ate a large box of egg tarts, a cheesecake and countless puffs. How could he not be ashamed to say something like that about others? And more importantly, he was still concerned about Qiu Ziyan’s movements! It was really, really worth being punished.

But Little Su Nuo obviously did not know that his browsing was being watched by Ouyang Long! So, there was no pressure about his double standards; he was particularly happy refreshing the comments! He had made up for all the days he lacked, even with interest—he did not need to work recently, and he was really bored!

Qiu ZiYan took a photo of a wound and posted it online. He said he was injured while taking pictures. Other fans expressed their heartbreak. Only the little bald head could comment, getting injured while taking photos, the owner of the website was really a delicate little man like a crystal. Under Qiu ZiYan’s bare chest picture, his fans were all having nosebleeds, but only the small bald head immediately seriously said that ‘Mr. Qiu, I am the product manager of UP. UP Bigger and Bigger Every Day, do you have any interest in endorsing our new plastic bra?’ Qiu ZiYan took pictures in the swimming pool and posted them. Fans immediately had bloody noses and they’d wildly brush the speedos on the screen, feeling like it couldn’t get better! The small bald head actually also drooled with them and said that the owner of the website was so big! Wait a minute… What is big?! Ouyang Long originally was quite calm looking at it, and suddenly started to get angry at this post!

Actually posting a salivating expression and saying that the other man was big while the man was Qiu ZiYan! Absolutely! Cannot! Bear! It!

“Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long suppressed the anger in his heart, and tried to sound gentle as he called over. “What are you doing?”

“Er. I’m reading,” Actually, Su Nuo was cursing right then, since he had yet to finish writing his insulting comment before he accidentally sent it out! Actually he had originally wanted to say, ‘Owner of the website is so big! You must have stuffed a lot of cotton wool in there, it actually looks really rad!’ or something like that! A touch-screen laptop was really troublesome!

 “What book are you reading?” Mr. Director asked again.

 “… Just, All Men Are Brothers,” Su Nuo’s answer was very manly!

 “Have you eaten already?” Ouyang Long continued to be concerned.

 “I already ate; my older brother had people bring soup and fish.” Being shown care so carefully by his lover was really very great, Little Su Nuo threw his tablet aside and was extremely engrossed in his happiness.

“My overtime is almost over, can I come over to sleep tonight?” Ouyang Long asked.

Coming over to sleep, this sort of thing… Su Nuo yelped in his heart, then softly said, “Alright, then I’ll leave the side door open for you.” Leaving the door open really sounded very great!

“En, then I’ll see you in two hours,” Ouyang Long hung up the phone, then quietly threw the biscuits that he had crushed in his hand into the bin.

Saying that other men were big this sort of thing… he definitely could not stand it!

When Su Nuo finished his phone call with the handsome Mr. Director, he forgot the other half of his comment and his passionate novel, and he began to study Modern Commercial Real Estate Summary diligently, because Ouyang Long was the specially invited guest of this book. This was the so-called ‘in the eyes of the lover, everything the other does is beautiful’! Even if he couldn’t understand the technical terms, Su Nuo was still very intoxicated, this was the power of love!

After less than five minutes, his phone started to vibrate again; this time, it was his older brother calling.

I really have to deal with tens of thousands of calls each day, really really busy! Su Nuo exclaimed, then hesitantly picked up his phone—Please don’t say you want to stay with me tonight! These kinds of words were really scary!

Thankfully, Han Wei was calling for something else. “Your relationship with Qiu ZiYan is very good, right?”

Fuck, I have no good relationship with him at all! He’s just an abs man with a big chest and no brain, how can I have a good relationship with him?! I’m better than him by not just one level, and I’m more famous than him! Little Su Nuo yelled in his heart, then obediently said, “Right, it’s quite good.” Really so fake, but he had no other method out of this! Because of the last time at the hospital, it was already suspicious; if he said ‘no’ now, his brother would definitely find it strange! So, he could only deal with the embarrassment and lower his intelligence, admitting that this was true.

“Recently, he keeps trying to use his connections to meet with me,” Han Wei felt helpless. If it were someone else, he would definitely not bother, but if he was really his precious little brother’s friend, then it was another thing entirely.

“Why does he even want to meet with you?” Su Nuo was shocked when he heard it, and came up with a lot of scary scenarios, one even included ‘Qiu ZiYan actually always had a crush on older brother and wants to take sister-in-law’s place’, this sort of horrible situation, it was really shocking!

 “It’s probably because of Tang XiaoYu; he’s quite concerned about this,” Han Wei said. “What do you think?”

 “… I don’t know,” Su Nuo spoke the truth; if it was because of Tang XiaoYu, then he really did not understand.

“Since you have a good relationship with him, then find a chance to find out his relationship with Tang XiaoYu. I feel that it’s not just a normal relationship between a driver and an employee,” Han Wei said, “Let’s try to understand it before I deal with this.”

Su Nuo was totally 囧; he totally did not want to take this task, but this was his older brother’s assignment to him…

 “Alright, I’ll try my best.”

Really very pitiful!

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