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Chapter 51: Too Cliché and I Have No Appetite

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since he was going to welcome his handsome man, then he had to change into sexy underwear!

After realizing that, Little Su Nuo instantly felt very, very embarrassed, but at the same time, he felt a bit excited! But thongs seemed a bit too open, but the advantage was that the effect was especially good, extremely seductive!

So should he wear it or not? This question was very worth contemplating deeply! Su Nuo stood in front of the mirror and underwent a very long thinking process, and in the end,, he still decided to… take it off! Changing into conservative underwear, an embarrassment to the demon realm!

Although when he was taking advertising photos, it was also very sexy, it was for work, so he had no pressure at all! But if he did it now, no matter what, he was extremely embarrassed because it looked like he was horny and wanted to seduce him to be fiercely made love to! Su Nuo comforted himself, anyway, it would be removed sooner or later, so it doesn’t matter what he’s wearing, as long as his skin was good, it was excellent! Although his little butt was still a bit painful, he anticipated the next time, because of the handsome man who really loved him, so he wanted to do all sorts of intimate things with him!

And in Ren Rui, Ouyang Long was working very hard to finish his work, and managed to finish it fast and kept everything and left the company, not caring that the other colleagues were still working overtime, really really very like a boss! But there was no other way, because he could not concentrate on work anymore, and kept thinking about why that little dumb thing actually was drooling while saying other men were big after they did it!

Could it be that he thinks I’m small? Thinking about that, Ouyang Long was about to break the steering wheel!

Yet the radio in the car was horrible, even having the advertisement for ‘Gold Pill That Increases Manly Strength’!

The frail woman cries and calls the hotline to the expert, expressing that her husband is tiny, soft and is very quick. He is not like a pure man at all. Experts immediately use an authoritative tone to ask very annoying questions, so have you ever had an affair?! The delicate girl is instantly swift to answer, of course not, because I still have a genuine love for my husband! Experts are immediately moved, and then logically dedicated the secret recipe to change everything, the ‘Gold Pill That Increases Manly Strength’!

 “Gold Pill That Increases Manly Strength, only needs three treatments, to make every Asian version of a man become a European version, a European version would become an African version!” This advertisement was very moving, and Ouyang Long gritted his teeth, and switched off the radio in the car!

Little Su Nuo did not have any knowledge that his handsome man was burning right now, and was still sitting on the bed and reading all kinds of things like ‘How To Make Delicate Moans For A Bottom’!

In an hour, Ouyang Long climbed over the wall to have his secret love affair like they had planned, and it was really like out of a modern cliché show!

 “You’re here,” Su Nuo jumped into his embrace, his mood especially good.

 “En,” Mr. Director definitely would not be so dumb to instantly show his anger and directly yell ‘Do you feel that I’m bigger or that he’s bigger’ this sort of question! Because that was too direct! Not suited for a black-bellied person!

 “Why did you work overtime again today, are you tired?” Su Nuo cutely let him carry him back to the bedroom.

 “I’m not tired,” Ouyang Long kissed him. “I don’t feel tired when I think of you.” Especially scheming!

As expected, Su Nuo was successfully attacked!

 “Let’s go and bathe together?” Ouyang Long invited.

Of course! Su Nuo was happy when he heard those words, two people bathing together this sort of thing, it felt very loving when he thought about it!

The bathroom was full of steam. As a considerate little lover, Su Nuo also added essential oil to the bathtub to help him alleviate work fatigue. It’s very romantic for the bath to be full of white foam. Su Nuo’s hand splashed the surface of the water and felt that it was excellent. Ouyang Long embraced him from behind and began to move his hands up and down through his pajamas.

Eh eh, why was he so rushed! Little Su Nuo was stunned, this was progressing too fast right! The water was not even filling up the bathtub!

But of course Ouyang Long would not care about theses, the truth was that he did not have the mood to bathe in essential oils at all, and just wanted to let this little dumb thing see clearly his big size, then fully understand the truth that ‘No other man in the world was as big as his husband’.

So before Su Nuo managed to react, his pajama pants were already removed.

 “Be good, help me remove my clothes,” Ouyang Long rubbed little Nuo through the underwear.

Wanting to have sex as soon as he arrived, he really could not stand it! Su Nuo’s ears were red, and he reached out his hand to help him unbutton his shirt.

Ouyang Long grabbed onto his hand and directly put it onto his belt buckle.

Su Nuo’s face started to burn, at least let me first remove a shirt to get used to it! Directly heading for the main event right from the start was too scary! He could not stand it!

 “Be good,” Ouyang Long patted him.

Although Little Su Nuo also wanted to carefully observe Mr. Director’s thing, he felt that he should have some poise, so he refused to lower his head to look, and could only use his two hands to move about and help him remove his suit pants.

But Mr. Director’s final goal was to let Little Su Nuo be educated close-up, how could he let him keep avoiding looking at it! So he decided to just go all the way, and sucked on his ear and said seductively, “Be good, help me lick it.”

Fu-fuck! Wh-what was meant by help! Me! Lick! It! Steam started to come out of Su Nuo’s ears instantly, this sort of intense thing was obviously not possible! How could he do oral on the second time – by right, he was considered exceptionally pure! So he closed his mouth tightly and shook his head vehemently, firm refusal!

 “Baby, be good…” Ouyang Long was not willing to let him go like that, and his two hands were pressing on his butt cheeks through his underwear.

So Su Nuo became even more nervous! In this mess, he blurted out, “My teeth hurt!” Ah ah ah, this excuse was so 囧!

Ouyang Long wanted to laugh in anger because of what he said.

 “And… And oral ulcers!” Su Nuo hastily added.

Ouyang Long felt very complicated in his heart.

 “I better go out and wait for you.” Su Nuo was so embarrassed that he ran away and abandoned his handsome man. Because he really had no psychological preparation before, so he was shocked a little! Originally thought that as long as he sacrificed a bit, sex would be fine! But a blowjob – this sort of thing, he did not know about at all!

When Mr. Director managed to react, Su Nuo pushed away his hand and successfully escaped the bathroom, like a rabbit!

Really… really wanted to properly educate him! Ouyang Long breathed heavily in anger, reminding himself to be calm!

Little Su Nuo wore his underwear and rushed to the bed, his heart beating very fast! It’s very anxiety-inducing to have a boyfriend with such strong tastes! It is reasonable to say that they should proceed step by step! Only the second time and asking him to give a blowjob—then what would be the development in the future? If he knew earlier, he should not have let him read Love In Troubled Times! Only by following Ouyang JinLong would he learn bad things! Internet fiction is so disgusting! Su Nuo was so upset that he hit the bed with his hand, especially manly!

There was a sound of water in the bathroom. Obviously, Ouyang Long had begun to take a bath. Su Nuo was relieved to hear that. Fortunately, he didn’t take Su Nuo back to the bathroom very wildly and forcefully do such beastly things! During this period, he must seize the time to surf the Internet and consult on what to do if his boyfriend has too strong tastes. Only by brainstorming can we solve the problem!

 [Original Poster] My boyfriend is especially perverted when doing those things, can I ask what I should do?

Although he was exaggerating a bit, he could not say the specifics, and he could only attract more viewers if he were exaggerating, so this question was very suitable!

There were obviously a lot of delicate and gentle girls that were as pure as Su Nuo, and every one replied one by one, embarrassed, when they saw the post, expressing that the original poster was right, men, this sort of thing was especially hard to stand, and even shared some real-life examples!

Su Nuo refreshed the web page, especially frantically, I don’t want to see your stories at all! I want to know the way to solve it!

Fortunately, there are many good people in the world. There are still a lot of suggestions worthy of being used, besides for those. For example, ‘if your boyfriend forces you to do something excessive, you can pretend to be frail, think of yourself as a pure deer, and look at him with innocent eyes, preferably with tears!’ ‘That will turn steel into softness!’ ‘If he goes too far, you can pretend you’re not feeling well. It’s best to pretend you’re sick. And pretending to be sick can also test whether your boyfriend really loves you! If he knows you’re sick and forced to do that, then this kind of man can’t do it!’ The rest of the girls have also said that pretending to be sick is a good idea, the original poster must remember to report the effect after using it! 

Su Nuo felt that this sort of small case like faking illness was not hard for him at all, so he calmed down a bit, he could not be too anxious at this sort of time!

And Ouyang Long had already finished bathing and was wrapped in a bath towel and sitting by the bedside.

Su Nuo instantly became nervous!

Ouyang Long took away the tablet on his hand and very directly kissed those lightly colored lips.

The two of them hugged each other and fell on the bed, Su Nuo hugged him back, and automatically opened his mouth to tangle his tongue with his tongue, and even exclaimed that this sort of French kiss was full of love! As long as he did not mention oral sex-, this sort of world would be very perfect! Ouyang Long threw his towel onto the floor, and directly grabbed his hand and pressed it at his lower body.

Ah ah ah Su Nuo’s face turned red instantly, why was he so sudden! Suddenly holding it, this sort of thing was really nerve-racking!

 “Do you like it?” Ouyang Long asked at his ear.

… This sort of question, how could he answer it! Little Su Nuo became even more heated up!

 “Baby, can you use this to help me?” Ouyang Long pressed on his lower lip.

Of course not! Su Nuo had no tears left to cry, why was he still talking about this!

 “Be good,” Mr. Director hugged him and flipped them around.

 “…” Su Nuo lay on his body, very unsure of what to do! Yet Ouyang Long insistently pressed him downwards, and so, in a mess, Little Su Nuo weakly pressed his hand against his forehead and said, “My head is so dizzy, I probably caught the flu.” Faking sick this sort of thing, he must definitely use!

This strange acting skills! Ouyang Long practically wanted to yell, did he think that his intelligence was the same level as his!

 “We should sleep earlier,” Su Nuo climbed down from his body, and quickly hid in the blankets, not caring that Mr. Director was already ready to start!

Ouyang Long felt his teeth itch, and wanted to pull him out from under the blankets, but saw something on the cardboard of the bedside table that was as shocking as a lightning strike!

A! Magazine! With! With! Qiu! Zi! Yan! Half! Naked! On! The! Last! Page!

At that moment, he was extremely jealous, alright!

But actually, the truth of the situation was not like what Ouyang Long saw, Su Nuo was reading this magazine just because he was on the cover, it had nothing to do with the Qiu ZiYan behind!

But he did not put the book the correct way up! So Mr. Director exploded instantly!

 “Eh, what are you doing!” Su Nuo’s blanket was snatched away without warning and was shocked.

Ouyang Long pressed him under his body and kissed that white neck fiercely.

Although doing it fiercely was really emotional and significant, but I already said I have the flu, how could you still kiss me! Su Nuo instantly remembered the forum saying ‘If you are sick and he still does that, he’s a beast with human skin,’ and was shocked!

Fuck, he could not let it be! There must be a misunderstanding! And so Su Nuo weakly and hurriedly emphasized, “I have the flu! My head is dizzy!” Hurry and get off!

But obviously, things would not go as he wanted, because, towards these fake and wrong excuses, Ouyang Long was too lazy to bother with it. Furthermore, his anger was still burning, and so he did not stop, and even became more and more crazed in his actions!

Pain came from his neck, and Su Nuo pushed him away with more force and was struggling with a lot of resistance—he had an event in a few days, having a kiss mark at this sort of prominent place would be written about a lot by gossip magazines, and he had no way to explain to his brother, his brother was really really fierce! 

 “You won’t even let me touch you anymore?!” Men lost control very quickly, especially in front of the people they liked.

… I didn’t let you touch! I’m very willing to let you touch! Su Nuo was confused by the question.

Ouyang Long could not even be bothered to remove the buttons, and directly ripped open his pajamas, the duck-shaped buttons all following, especially pitiful.

 “What are you doing!” No matter how much he liked him, Su Nuo was also a bit angry.

 “What do you think I’m doing?” Ouyang Long’s eyes were a bit bloodshot, and there was no longer the gentleness of the average day.

Su Nuo paused, a bit scared of him that was like that.

Seeing the resistance deep in his eyes, Ouyang Long became even angrier,

Even though they had already gone all the way, he had still refused to let go of his longing and stalked Qiu ZiYan, commenting on every post, and placing photos of the two together, and resisting intimacy with him.

 “… You should go and sleep in the guestroom,” Su Nuo’s heart was a mess. “I’m tired already.”

Ouyang Long wore his clothes properly, his head not turning back as he went downstairs.

The door of the living room was opened then closed again, Su Nuo lay in the blankets, feeling that his head was so painful it was about to explode.

He was just unwilling to help him with his mouth only, why was he so angry?

And it was even when he said he had the flu!

And it had not even been a week since their first time!

How could he go so far!

I’m not sad at all! Little Su Nuo hugged his bolster tightly, his eyes red.

Ouyang Long drove the car out of the neighborhood and directly went to a bar.

“Why are you here,” He bumped into Mu Qiu as soon as he entered.

“Accompany me for a drink,” Ouyang Long pulled on him and walked inwards.

“Eh!” Mu Qiu practically wanted to cry. “I came here to buy cheese baked rice as supper, and am leaving soon!”

“I feel stifled in my heart,” Ouyang Long was extremely tired.

After being friends for many years, of course, Mu Qiu knew that Ouyang Long was very rarely like that.

So he could only call Zhong LiFengBai, “I have something on suddenly and can’t go back, you… can you cook some dumplings for yourself, there is minced pork in the fridge.”

Director Zhong became angry on hearing it. “No!” Who wants to eat pork dumplings as supper! He was really an asshole after managing to chase him and then leaving him alone! Furthermore, he had yet to accept him yet!

This sort of bad habits!


Be forgiven!

“It’s true, I met Ouyang in the bar,” Mu Qiu was very helpless. “It looks like he is in a nasty mood, I’m scared something will happen.”

As for Ouyang Long this person, although they only met briefly, Director Zhong admired him a lot.

So he could only agree unwillingly.

Mu Qiu let out a breath of relief.

In the private room, Ouyang Long raised up a can of beer and poured it into his mouth like drinking water. 

“What happened?” Mu Qiu sat opposite him.

Mr. Director did not say anything.

“Is it concerning the location of the new event you are organizing?” Mu Qiu guessed.

“Something happened with the company you are working with?” Mu Qiu continued to speculate.

“Then you must have fought with Su Nuo,” Mu Qiu said.

“Shut up,” Ouyang Long glared at him.

 “It’s really because of that,” Ouyang Long did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “It’s common to fight between couples, and you can make it up in bed, why must you come and drown in alcohol in the middle of the night.” Thinking about that time when he was rejected so badly by Director Zhong, he was not as bad as this!

Ouyang Long continued to drink beer, thinking of Su Nuo.

“Stop drinking so much,” Mu Qiu pressed on his beer can. “Go back and sleep well, you still have to work tomorrow.”

“I know my limits,” Ouyang Long pushed his hand away.

“It’s one thing if it’s drinking for business meetings, why do you torture your body in your free time,” Mu Qiu was helpless. “Mind your stomach.”

“If I don’t drink, I feel awful,” Ouyang Long was frowning.

“What happened between the two of you?” Mu Qiu was really confused, by right, with his abilities, that little thing should be very devoted, why was he so angry.

Ouyang Long shook his head and continued to pour beer into his cup.

In the villa, Su Nuo pressed out his brother’s phone number and then deleted it, pressed out Dai An’s phone number and removed it again, not knowing who to tell this thing to. So he felt even more uncomfortable in his heart, and lay on the bed and refreshed the web page listlessly.

It was still crowded in the forum, Love In Troubled Times had a new upload, but he had no mood to read it at all. Even though it was someone he wanted to be close to, why did he become so foreign suddenly?

Opening his personal webpage, Su Nuo posted a crying face on it.

Although it was late at night, it was not lonely on his web page. The fans comments increased every few seconds by over ten comments, and they all expressed what happened to Nuo Nuo, is Nuo Nuo not happy, who bullied you Nuo Nuo, Nuo Nuo don’t cry, muacks! Although there was no actual use, being cared about by people made him feel better in his heart by a bit.

Of course, The QiuSu shippers were everywhere, and instantly a lot of fans reposted this at Qiu ZiYan, and expressed that Nuo Nuo’s mood was not good, hurry and comfort him! Extremely anxious!

Qiu ZiYan lay on the bed, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry as he looked at the comments.

The fans these days were really… too strange!

Tang XiaoYu was curled up by his side and was sleeping very deeply – before this. The two of them had a discussion around ten minutes about ‘Why Mr. Qiu had his own bed but wanted to squeeze here,’ and there was no further discussion.

Tang XiaoYu could not manage to chase him away for one, and for two, he did not really want to chase him away, and stayed under the covers and slept. Mr. Qiu, on the other hand, remained at the side to accompany him and looked at the news on the phone.

The phone was lighting up again and again, and Qiu ZiYan frowned, got off the bed and went to the balcony to pick up the phone.

 “Did you see Su Nuo’s new post?” Mai Ke asked.

 “You’re calling me in the middle of the night for this?” Qiu ZiYan did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

 “I just wanted to remind you, definitely don’t reply!” Mai Ke instructed, “Recently there are a lot of rumors about you and him, don’t get yourself blamed for trying to make gossip to get people talking about you.”

 “Alright,” Although he was very annoyed at his nagging, Mr. Qiu was still very patient.

Since he chose this path as a celebrity, then he needed to be able to accept him being a pawn piece to be discussed in business deals, as long as it did not go overboard, there was nothing to complain about. Furthermore, what this occupation brought to him was much more than what he lost due to this job.

Standing on the balcony and smoking a cigarette, Qiu ZiYan lay back on the bed and switched off the light.

It had been less than three minutes when Tang XiaoYu woke up, and went to find the table lamp in the dark, and switched it on.

“Sleep properly,” Qiu ZiYan grabbed his hand and carried him in his embrace. “I’m here.”

In the dark, Tang XiaoYu rested on his chest, his ear being able to hear Qiu ZiYan’s heartbeat.

“Don’t worry,” Qiu ZiYan said next to his ear, “These sort of bad habits, I’ll help you correct it one by one.”

Tang XiaoYu closed his eyes and did not say anything else.

The night was long, and also very warm.

But for Little SU Nuo and Ouyang Long, the night was obviously dreadful, and perhaps Mu Qiu was also having a bad night, he was suffering innocently! Not only did he have to accompany Mr. Director to drink alcohol a lot, and he still needed to be responsible for carrying the drunken him into the hotel – he definitely could not return home, because Zhong LiFengBai was at home! If he caused him to wake up by going home, he definitely could not be forgiven!

“Where is this place?” On the morning of the second day, Ouyang Long woke up due to the sunlight shining on him.

“Zhou Continental Hotel,” Mu Qiu said, upset. Yesterday night, while he was drunk and checking in at the front desk, he was totally attacked by the receptionist’s strange gaze! He really wanted to yell that although he was gay, his appreciation of beauty was not so bad that he would go to bed with this crazy person! How many times do you need to check my identification card!

He was outraged!

Ouyang Long was having a hangover and fell back onto the bed.

“Why do I need to be your friend!” Mu Qiu exploded and yelled, and threw a cold cloth onto his forehead.

And Little Su Nuo was actually, even more, a mess than Mr. Director, because at least Ouyang Long had Mu Qiu taking care of him, Su Nuo was depressed the whole night alone.

In the morning when he was brushing his teeth, the guy in the mirror had both eyes swollen and facial expression pale, his eyebags were very bad. Su Nuo lowered his head and randomly used cold water to clean his face.

“Nuo Nuo!” Dai An’s voice sounded from downstairs.

“I’m here,” Su Nuo’s voice was hoarse.

“I’m ba—My gosh why do you look like such a mess?” Dai An was scared by his condition.

“I didn’t sleep well,” Su Nuo hung the towel back on.

“You don’t look like you did not sleep well for only one night!” Dai An said in shock and anger. “Your eyes are red and swollen, and you have bad eyebags, how many days have you not rested well for?”

“It’s really nothing,” Su Nuo walked out of the bathroom helplessly.

“You don’t have any work planned out recently,” Dai An nagged from behind him. “Is it that you spent the night looking at good food forums?” Drooling and not sleeping was really troubling!

Su Nuo climbed onto the bed and used the blanket to cover his head.

“Alright, I won’t talk about it anymore, alright?” Dai An was helpless to deal with him. “Get up, I’ll help you heat up yummy pepper biscuits.”

“I have no appetite,” Su Nuo said, troubled.

“What are you talking about?” Dai An was troubled, feeling like he was hallucinating! When he lost to Qiu ZiYan for the judge-chosen Most Popular Male Celebrity, he still had an appetite!

What was going on?



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This is what happens when when a partner overthinks things. Communication is always the key. Never fails.

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