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Chapter 111: A dragon dog took it.

“I think we can get in first, but we don’t know how to get there.” Winchester walked up and down the gate of the Castle of Fernando. “Otherwise, everybody’s waiting here. What if Ivan runs away?”

“If you go to the army now, you can’t find Ivan. I can’t smell him anywhere. We’re really going to slaughter all the planets without looking back,” Jamie said.

Primitive machine armor fighters could sense each other’s positions, Red Shield and Nightmare were outside Titus Star, not within the scope of sensing, as long as Cessie installed the Nadine core, they could find Raven and Ivan.

Cessie moved quickly. It took only five minutes for thousands of parts to be assembled. After putting the blue-emitting Nadine core into Pier’s chest, Cessie shouted, “Stand back!”

Pier pulled off the human skin, revealing the underlying mechanical skeleton. The whole body was constantly pumping high and deformed. Purple armor was shining with cold metal in the sunshine. Pier opened his eyes. He looked at Cessie and then turned around, broke through the gates of Fernando Castle and rushed in. All the buildings and plants on the road were crushed as he ran directly into an empty road.

“Well, is there no way out?” Jamie pulled the bolt and said to Winchester.

Winchester: “…”

Pier’s movements was very fast. As he ran, he transmits the coordinates of Raven to Nightmare and Red Shield. After they entered the airspace of Titus, Lydney deactivated the protective shield of Titus and opened the blockade wall device near the military headquarters.

Ivan looked at the sudden rise of transparent blue light near the military headquarters, squeezed her fist, and gave orders to Raven, “Use chanting the moon to transfer us to position.”

“Don’t you mind leaving Miss Ariella?” Raven lifted its wings and looked sideways at the room where Ariella was – next door to Ivan’s. Ivan hesitated for a moment and looked out the window without speaking.

“You go, Ivan.” Ariella suddenly opened Ivan’s door and leaned against the wall and said to her.

Ivan heard her words and looked back at Ariella. Her left eye was wrapped in a thick bandage, and she wore only a thin white nightdress. Her brown hair was scattered in disorder. Her only right eye also lost its luster, became dull and lackluster. Her lips were dry, and she had lost her good looks before the war.

“The war will never end, right…” Ariella swallowed a few times and said it with a trembling voice.

Ivan didn’t reply to Ariella’s words. She had no expression on her face. She looked away and sat in the cab. “Go, Raven.”

Raven smashed the window and jumped down the stairs. The white wings spewed out pale blue flames and then disappeared in mid-air.

Ariella rushed to the broken glass window. Among the broken glass, there was a simple necklace. On the thin black rope, a beautiful blue soul stone was tied. It was on the day of her adulthood that she put it on Ivan’s neck herself, which condensed all the love of her life. Ariella knelt on the ground, picked up her necklace and put it by her chest. She began to cry in a low voice.

Raven used the ability to Yongyue Transition and instantly moved outside the blockade wall. Ivan looked out at the prosperity of Emperor Duxing. He opened his mouth coldly: “Contact Luke and let him attack the protective shield of Emperor Duxing at any cost.”

“Yes.” Raven sighed helplessly.

But then, the whole world began to crumble and rotate before them, and finally gave out a dazzling white light. Ivan had to cover her eyes. When she put down her arms, she was in the air of the army, but she had just gone out.

[Pier]: The cooldown of Yongyue Transition has been reset, with 58 minutes and 42 seconds remaining from the next release.

Pier sent this message to Dean and Red Shield to their nano computers, giving them the exact coordinates of Raven. He hid naked by a big tree – the only one of the twelve primitive armored fighters who had no wings, because Oliver died before he made wings for him. Later, he and Cessie went to the Tomb Star. The material was not enough and wings could not be made, so it was delayed.

In order to reset the cooling time of archive, he only had three archiving opportunities a day, while Yongyue Transition only needed one hour of cooling time and unlimited use, so it seemed that they had at most three hours to go. If Ivan could not be killed in three hours, they would have no chance.

“Pier?” Raven looked at the pale blue blockade wall in front of him and wondered. It was Pier’s ‘reading file’, but wasn’t Pier dead? When he left the black market, like Nightmare, he took away the heads of four primitive Mechatron fighters, leaving only Pier’s head, because Pier’s head… was too big. Ivan had recycled the nine Nadine cores that were out there, and Oliver had died. Was there anyone else in the world who could make Nadine cores?

Without waiting for Nightmare to find him, a big shield exploded. The ground snapped him on the face, and then Raven felt that his wing had been attacked too. Nightmare had cut off his wing from behind. Raven fell sharply, hit the ground and rolled on the spot, avoiding the huge sword swung down by Red Shield.

“Howl -” sharp dragon sounds rose from behind Red Shield, a slightly thinner Ayulon than Auguste’s original form bit Red Shield’s shoulder, sharp dragon teeth pierced Red Shield’s armor, sharp claws tore at Red Shield’s breastplate, like tearing paper, cutting open the cab. Red Shield flickered back, the protective shields flickering open one by one. Alia was in the cockpit and injured. Her arm was scratched by Ariella’s claws, causing a lot of bleeding.

“You tore the artery.” Red Shield had some worries.

Alia pulled open the drawer under the table, pulled out the coagulant and pricked herself with a needle. “Keep attacking.”

“Your wound… Will tear…”


“… Yes.” Red Shield responded and set up a pulse gun to shoot the Ayulon.

When the black Ayulon hit the ground, she stood up quickly and Red Shield saw that her left eye socket was sunken in – it was Ariella. Ayulon’s scales were so hard that it was useless to attack her with a pulse gun. Ariella opened her mouth and spewed a fiery flame at Alia. The temperature of the flame was very high, and the protective shield supported by Red Shield began to fluctuate – a sign that iy was about to break.

Then Ariella let out a low roar, spread out her dragon wings of nearly 20 meters. Facing the dense pulse wave, she fluttered her wings toward Red Shield, who was ready to pop Alia out of the cab. If the protective shield cracked, Alia would surely die.

Red Shield calmly watched as Ariella approached her and started the ejection device quickly, but before her eyes, a dark shadow flashed quickly, hitting Ariella. Auguste bit her right wing. At the same time, Carl rushed over and tore at Ariella’s neck, biting a piece of meat fiercely.

Ariella uttered a terrible whine. Her carotid artery was punctured by Carl. Blood sprayed like a fountain from the ruptured blood vessel and splashed around.

“Shit, is this a monster fight?” Jamie drove the armor to protect Hai’an and Cessie, standing behind a building and spying on the battle.

The Empire had gone all out. Winchester and the captain of the elite squad led other soldiers to stop the emperor stationed near Ivan. The Empire had a lot of fighters, but Winchester’s soldiers were all equipped with aircraft armor and new weapons made by Cessie. The two sides were not on an equal level at all.

“Ariella is dying.” Cessie looked at the struggle on the ground and watched as Ariella gasped for breath.

“Her neck had been bitten off and she is bound to die.”

Cessie and Jamie had no expressions on their faces concerning Ariella’s death. Only Hai’an frowned and clenched his teeth without saying a word. It was not a good feeling to watch others die, even if he knew it was for the greater good.

Like the wars between white elves and dark elves, once compatriots met with each other, blades met with blood without mercy. Dead bodies decayed the land soaked with blood, but tears could not call back the dead.

The blood flowing out of Ariella’s body had stained the ground under Auguste’s feet. Her dragon wings trembled slightly, but she was unable to lift them. Her dark red eyes were staring in the direction where Ivan was. She shed transparent tears, not knowing whether it was because of pain or other reasons.

But Ivan did not look back at her.

Ariella closed her eye and finally let out a sharp cry of extreme despair. Blue flames filled her whole body as she kept roaring. A strong airflow was set up around her, and the dust was blown away with her.

Carl wanted to rush forward and give her a break, but was blocked by Auguste. The next moment, Ariella, who was about to die, stood up, her flesh and blood had begun to burn, and the sound of a howl was heard in the air, gradually revealing her white skeleton, and her whole body was wrapped in pale blue flames. With a long whistle, she took a few steps forward to bite Auguste’s dragon wings.

The blue flame flowed down Ariella’s body and burned Auguste. The black scales were quickly swallowed up by the tongue of fire, revealing red flesh, as the flame spread further.

Hai’an’s pupils shrank, and he remembered that this was the same color flame that Auguste had used on the black market when the dragon’s body was burning. Ariella wanted to drag Auguste down with her.

“JianJian!” Hai’an turned and slipped from Jamie’s armor to the ground, avoiding the artillery shells and fighter planes falling from the air, and ran to Auguste. Jamie shouted and chased him, but only after a few steps he was blocked by the falling fighter plane.

With a roar, Carl rushed up and tore Ariella’s neck. Carl had metal scales that could keep off the pale blue flame. Ariella’s head was broken, but Auguste’s wings were still burning.


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August 20, 2019 9:55 pm

No she coulldn’t just die quietly, that little… Hopefully, Hai’an will do something about it.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 20, 2019 10:31 pm

No one is to blame for Ivan not loving Ariella (well, except for her), so why must this woman try to kill Auguste? To make sure Ivan’s life is protected? Ugh.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 3:07 am

Why can’t you die with some dignity? Ugh. I don’t even know anymore.

April 24, 2021 12:08 am

Wow. Such an intense chapter….

September 25, 2021 9:46 am

Ariella totally discarded since no longer being either useful or beautiful, it seems. After what she’s done to people, no sympathy here.
Will taking down Ivan be costly? Hopefully Hai’an can heal Auguste’s wings.
Thank you for translating.

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