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Chapter 55: Give you time and Europe’s tiny towns

Translated by Lisa of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Su Nuo was very stunned by ‘his own elegant man being jealous of Qui ZiYan’ situation and felt very dizzy of the chaos.

“I don’t even like him!” Su XiaoNuo was totally speechless, how can I like men with abs? This is too abstract and Sci-fi! This is literally a dreadful eighteen banned horror movie! It’s scarier than the creepy bell that rings at midnight!

“There are some things, that you need to think through carefully.” Ouyan Long pinched his cheeks softly, the movement still intimate, but his fingertips are somewhat cold.

I don’t need time right now, I need a French Kiss! Su Nuo felt that he was going to break down soon. The way that his elegant man thinks is so unusual. It’s unscientific! He quickly answered, “I didn’t pay any attention to any of his tweets!” Sometimes, lies in a relationship are crucial! It’s always done in movies!

But the reality is harsher than in the movies. Ouyang Long looked at him with a wry smile, “I’m….sorry. Last time, you left some login history on my computer when you used it.”

Shitttttttt. Su Nuo immediately felt an ominous hunch, “What login history?”. Think about it, last time when I was at his house, I only logged into my main profile and .…ah ah ah, Bald Demon. No… This is not real! Recalling those vulgar and lewd comments and profiles pictures, as well as those foolish pieces of thoughts, Su Nuo couldn’t argue and stayed silent. He can only complain inside his head.

Self-incrimination is indeed unavoidable, this is exactly what’s happening right now!

“You really are a good person.” Ouyang Long rubbed his head with a hoarse voice.

Can’t believe I just received a good person card! Su Nuo’s expression couldn’t be described in words. As usual, the next sentence would probably be, “so you deserve a better man.” This is reality! Not a bloody love story! Stop being so low! This doesn’t work!

Fortunately, Mr.Director’s not the protagonist of an idol drama, he can’t say these weird, cheesy lines.

But this isn’t any better!

Ouyang Long looked at him, “Let’s talk, after you clear things up.”

“I’ve thought about this very clearly!” “Su Nuo felt deeply wronged, the deviation from the development of this plot is not scientific!

“I’ll wait until you come back from Europe.” Ouyang Long opened the car door for him.

SuXiao Nuo cried besides the embarrassment, “I really don’t have anything do with Qui Zihan. Can you please believe me?!”

“I only want to give you some time.” Ouyang Long wiped off his tear. “It’s okay, don’t cry.”

“I don’t like him at all, the one I like is you.” Su Nuo has no idea how to explain his feelings.

“You like it when I’m nice to you, you like it when I pamper you, you like it when I give you delicious food, don’t you?” Ouyang Long asked.

Suo Nuo nodded with teary eyes. These things you don’t need to ask! You already know the answers! Then do you expect me to like you when you hit me, scold me, abuse me! I’m not into that kind of thing!

“Even without me, there will be others who are willing to be nice to you. Treat you better than I did.” Ouyang Long looked at him.

“So what?” Su Nuo said with red eyes.

“You have a long life, and I don’t want you to regret your life decisions.” Ouyang Long leaned back onto the back of the chair, “Let’s …. both think this through.”

Su Nuo dazed, glaced foolishly at his side face .

Ouyang Long closed his eyes.

Three minutes later, the door was pulled open and closed. So Nuo didn’t look back once as he ran away from the car.

Ouyang Long clutched the steering wheel tightly.

“You’re still in the parking lot?” When DaiAn got the phone call, he felt particularly interested, “I already left!” Didn’t he say that he wanted to eat with his friends?

“…… I, he’s got something to do, can you come back and pick me up, I don’t have my wallet.” Su Nuo crouched in the bathroom, with pathetic a face.

“Wait ten minutes.” DaiAn could hear that he didn’t sound well, so he turned around and went back.

Then he saw SuXiao Nuo with his rabbit’s eyes. His hair a little messy, wearing light-colored suit with water stains on it- that was when he accidentally splashed water on it while washing his face! In short, he looked very unkempt, totally different from the usual elegant and cold prince.

“I’ve been hiding in the bathroom so I haven’t been caught on camera by the media.” Seeing DaiAn looking angry, Su Nuo explained in a hoarse voice.

“I’m not angry if you were photographed.” Dai An pulled out tissues to help him wipe off the water, “I’m angry because someone did this. Who bullied you?” That person has a death wish.

“No one bullied me.” Suo Nuo coughed.

” You’re already crying so hard, no one bullied you?!” DaiAn rarely argued with him.

“….” Su Nuo wiped his nose, “Drive.”

“I’m your manager and I have the right to ask what happened!” DaiAn didn’t give up.

“Could you please let me be alone.” Su Nuo closed his eyes, his thoughts were all jumbled up.

DaiAn was so anxious and worried. Exactly what happened?

After DaiAn dropped Suo Nuo at his house, he was still worried. But he has to attend an important meeting, so he had to call Han Wei.

“It’s you?” Han Wei was surprised.

“Sorry, I know that I shouldn’t bother you, but Nuo Nuo’s not feeling well today. I can’t stay with him tonight, so are you free right now? DaiAn carefully asked.

“What do you mean, not feeling well?” Han Wei said while frowned.

“After today’s event, Nuo Nuo said he was going to meet a friend and called me halfway there.” DaiAn tried to explain the situation as briefly as possible, “When I went back to pick him up, he was crying.”

“He cried?” When Han Wei heard this, he was furious, “Which friend bullied him?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t get it out of his mouth.” DaiAn replied, “And lately he’s been … he’s been acting weird.”

As a brother complex, Han Wei was super concerned about his younger brother’s wellbeing. After he got off the phone, he immediately drove to Suo Nuo’s house.

DaiAn had already left, leaving Su Nuo who was still lying on the bed. Unaware that his brother had entered the door, he stared blankly at the ceiling.

“Nuo Nuo!”Hanwei shouted.

“Ah!” Su Nuo was startled, and jumped.

“It’s me.” Han Wei was between laughter and tears.

“…… When did you come in? Su Nuo was dazed.

“Just did.” Looking at his red eyes, Han Wei held back his questions and didn’t ask!

“Why didn’t you make a phone call in advance?” Su Nuo sat up and took out some tissues to wipe his nose.

“I was close by, so I wanted to take a look at how you’re doing.” Han Wei patted his head. Suo Nuo’s hair was hard and spiky—Because Su Nuo just left the event, he probably had a lot of gel on.

Then Han Wei got more anxious. Since SuXiao Nuo has always been a clean freak, he usually takes a shower right after an event, and then he will put on pajamas and go to bed! But apparently, he’s lying on the bed with stiff hair while wearing a shirt that’s soaking wet!

“You’ve been passing by my house a little bit more often recently.” Su Nuo complains, even if it is an excuse, but also change it ah!

“What happened to your eyes?” The brother changed the topic.

“A little bug flew in my eye and I rubbed it” Su Nuo said very quickly.

“…… You think I believe that?” Han Wei gritted his teeth.

“I don’t want to tell you.” Su Nuo was too lazy to hide, and was not in the mood to explain the situation to his brother.

“Who bullied you?” Han Wei asked.

“No one bullied me.” Su Nuo covered his head with a blanket, “I’m not a three-year-old.”

Sometimes when you’re stupid, you’re worse than a three-year-old! Han Wei roared inside, but he still stayed very calm, “Is it Qiu Ziyan?”

“Who?” Su Nuo sat up against the blanket and looked at his brother in shock!

Why does everyone have to mention that abs man? It doesn’t make sense!

“You wouldn’t tell me, so I’ll have to guess for myself.” Han Wei looked at him.

“I have nothing to do with him!” Su Nuo’s head is buzzing.

“Then what the hell happened?” Han Wei asked.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Su Nuo got out of bed.

“….” HanWei almost fuming with anger, but he doesn’t want to yell! It’s like something that’s scratching your heart!

Then he pulled open the drawer and tried to find some oil, to calm himself down.

But after the drawer’s open, he can’t stay silent anymore.

Han Wei was fuming!

“Han Yi!!” Han Wei roared, his voice super tense and deafening.

There was a noise in the bathroom, because Su Nuo, frightened as heck, fell on the bathroom floor.

Don’t make this loud sudden noise! From a young age, Han Wei will only call his name when he’s super angry, so SuXiao Nuo didn’t care about his butt pain, limped out of the bathroom and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Then he saw his brother with a condom in his hand.


Su Nuo instantly felt dizzy and nearly passed out.

After Han Wei yelled at his brother, he thought that maybe he somewhat over-reacted, after all, his brother is already an adult, this desire is normal! So he tried to calm down a little, and with a normal tone said, “When did you get a girlfriend? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“No….” Not a girlfriend! Su Nuo was frightened.

“You don’t want to tell me?” Han Wei feels he should be open-minded and openly accept that his brother has a lover. So he smiled and looked at his brother, “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s just me.”

“Stop asking.” Su Nuo grabbed the condom from his hand and threw it in the trash, blushing super hard.

“Other things I can’t ask, but you must tell me about this!” Han Wei is very persistent, because he’s afraid of Su Nuo being deceived, after all, he’s an idol, very easy to be used.

“We broke up.” Su Nuo said half-heartedly.

Han Wei was shocked again, “When did this happen?”

“…… It was a long time ago.” It was actually this afternoon! Su Nuo began to feel down but this kind of thing is simply not in control!

Han Wei slowly saw his brother changing into a little rabbit ! Han Wei forced his brother to sit down next to him, “No matter happens, I won’t blame you, so tell me, okay?”

“……Really? Su Nuo looked at him.

“Yes, really”. Han Wei stopped smiling, “From a young age, you got into so many troubles, when did I ever scold you?”

Su Nuo thought carefully. Yeah, he never said anything when I did something wrong.

But Su Nuo still doesn’t want to spill!

But…… they’ve already broken up, and Su Nuo doesn’t want to keep it to himself.

“Just say it.”said Han Wei gently.

“…… He thinks I like someone else,” said Su Nuo vaguely.

T/N: The gender is not specific in this content.

“Because of the misunderstanding?” Han Wei asked.

“No, not really.” Su Nuo sat cross-legged on the bed, his head dipped down, ” When he said it , I also got a little bit confused.”

Han Wei continued to listen to him.

“He thinks I don’t really like him because I’ve been secretly following someone on social media.” Su Nuo said dryly.

“Why did you secretly follow someone on the media?” His brother asked.
“I don’t know…… It’s a habit.” Suo Nuo said with a stuffy nose. When Qiu Ziyan was chosen for a magazine’s new selection, the model was boasting a lot, even more aggressive than his brother! So he instantly began to envy and hate that man! Since then, SuXiao Nuo has been particularly yearning for the musclarness and the abs! Unfortunately, Su Nuo’s body is different, so he can only look at his flat white belly while sighing. So then every time he will glare hatefully at those various males that have abs on the magazine cover.

And then, the two are often pulled together by the public to compare – after all, they did debut at the same time. So the number of times Su Nuo saw Qiu Ziyan is getting higher and higher, and it’s super difficult to ignore the bothersome man. What’s more, he was invited to participate in the film 《Dark night Detective》. Although the sheriff played I played was a supporting role, but this is my favorite comic book hero from childhood ah! I’m so jealous that I’m going to die! Then SuXiao Nuo didn’t hesitate to create an account named “Bald Demon”, and posted his first comment — Such bad acting!

Because at the time Qiu Ziyan wasn’t very popular, so this post was actually at the top of the comments section, and many people agreed with Su Nuo. Qiu Ziyan simply ruined the role! His acting was garbage.

Su Nuo felt better afterwards, and then boasted – I think this role fits Su Nuo perfectly!

Such a hypocrite!

Of course, this comment wasn’t really popular as well, or more specifically, was ignored by everyone collectively! Because it’s just weird! It just doesn’t work!

Su Nuo was a little disappointed, but it didn’t affect his mood much!

From then on, the bald demon began to be attack Qiu Ziyan’s various forums and main accounts, he was quick and left many nasty comments. At first, the fans will sharply scold him back, but after a long time, they got used to it and didn’t even bother to reply back. Su Nuo is literally the king of the anti fans. Even his existence is legendary!

How can this feeling be love?! At best, this feeling is a little envious and a little jealous, I just used a very childish way to express it! Su Nuo was super depressed and fell onto the bed, thinking he’s really stupid!

“Since you’re going out with each other, of course you can’t pay too much attention to other girls.” Han Wei patted him, “The girls need to be taken care of. Just explain it to her.”

“I explained it to him already, but he wouldn’t listen. He also opened the car door and told me to go!” Su Nuo covered his face with the pillow.

T/N: Lol, they’re using different genders. Han Wei doesn’t know that his brother is dating a man.

That sounds unreasonable! Han Wei frowned and said, “Then break up.”

Su Nuo shook his head in frustration, “I’m going to think about it.”

“…… Well, don’t be sad.” Han Wei pulled him up, “Go take a bath, and I’ll take you to dinner.”

Su Nuo’s head is hurting, and he has no appetite!

Mr. Director has no appetite at all too!

He sat in front of his computer at home and cleared his automatically saved account password.

“Did you really break up with Su Nuo?” Mu Qiu asked with a surprised expression on his face. This is far from what he expected!

“…… Not really. I told him that I’ll wait for him until he thinks it through.” Ouyang Long handed him a can of beer, looked a little tired, “He’s still young, and he probably didn’t know what he wanted.”

“Were you willing?” Mu Qiu’s eyes were sympathetic.

“I wasn’t.” Ouyang long had a bitter smile on, “Even though I was reluctant, even though I can pretend not to know, continuing this relationship. One day he will realize that he didn’t want to be with me, there will be this day.

“Is it because of that Qiu Ziyan?” Mu Qiu frowned.

“To be honest, I’m a little confused.” Ouyang Long looked out of the window, “So I gave him some time.”

“You guys are really…” Mu Qiu simply didn’t know what to say, “maybe it’s all a misunderstanding!”

“What would you think if Zhong Li Feng Bai has information about Ye FengWu, while there’s none about you on his computer, lying when you asked, and struggling to get him to dinner?” Said Ouyang Long in a low voice.

Mu Qiu got angry, “Don’t mention that soul-destroying name ah!”

“Look, you can’t stand it either.” Ouyang Long laughed at himself and threw half a can of beer into the trash, “Come on, let’s go out and have a drink.”

Mu Qiu looked at him with sympathy!

Losing a lover is really a sad reminder!

This night, Suno was dazed while in bed.

And Mr. Director was drinking at the bar until three o’clock in the morning.

Love is a sad thing.

A few days later, Su Nuo boarded the plane and went abroad with his brother’s family.

After a few days, Ouyang Long packed up, took his subordinates to D City, and talked about the new shopping center cooperation program.

The two never contacted each other.

Time passed quickly, the family originally prepared to live abroad for a month and then go home, but Su Nuo’s sister-in-law is pregnant with a second baby.

Han Wei was super ecstatic, so he unintentionally extended this holiday. The air was good, and the neighborhood was quiet, so it’s more suitable for raising a baby.

Su Nuo stayed in an art school class and went to see an exhibition, he’s living well. Without posting, a large number of fans were crying and complaining in the comments section, saying ‘when will you come back Su Nuo, we miss you!’ kind of thing.

Mr. Director prepared for the opening of a new store in D City, busy to the point of no sleeping, but still uses the time before bedtime, and he went to checkout Su Nuo’s personal home page, to see his photos of being in class, to see his new bought toys.

Opening the mail to write a sentence, but Mr. Director hesitated. Ouyang Long laughed at himself, this behavior dates back to being an 18 year old, is really childish and funny.

The beautiful autumn leaves fall onto the ground and the branches of trees are covered with winter snow.

“Nuo Nuo, “ Han Wei knocked on the door, “Are you up yet?”

“Yeah.” Su Nuo sat up with a confused face, with his body wrapped in the quilt.

The small towns in Europe were warm, and the sun poured into the windows, like golden feathers.

“Go wash your face, there’s a guest at noon.” Han Wei pushed the door and walked in.

“Too lazy to move.” Su Nuo went back to bed super annoyed, “You said we’re on vacation, so why there are always guests coming to our house?” It’s even worse than back home!

“Today’s the last time. Father’s friend is coming.” Han Wei pulled him up, “Come on.”

SuXiao Nuo had to yawn and went into the bathroom.

“What the heck are you wearing?” Half an hour later, Han Wei looked at Su Nuo and was very disappointed.

“….. It doesn’t look good?” Su Nuo looked down at his SpongeBob T-shirt.

“Wear something formal.” Han Wei threw him a shirt.

“Why do I need to wear something formal?” Su Nuo was very confused.

“Just do it.” Han Wei was very determined.

…… I shouldn’t have just gone to an island, sleep until I wake up, and eat lots of seafood! Su Nuo was super regretful that he stayed with his brother, but he sat on the bed and put on his clothes.

After changing, Su Nuo looked like a prince. His brother was satisfied.

“Why aren’t you in formal attire?” After getting into the car, Su Nuo noticed.

“Because the point is you.” Han Wei said.

Su Nuo was very confused.

But after they reached the restaurant, Su Nuo knew something was up.

Because the ones coming to the diner wasn’t just dad’s old friend, there was also an aggressive girl as well. That spaghetti-strapped dress looked horrifying!

“You!” Su Nuo gritted his teeth and looked at his brother.

Han Wei laughed with an evil smile! The girl was obviously very satisfied with Su Nuo, and this meal definitely meant something. But when Su Nuo was eating, the girl’s flirting was ignored. Both families are worried about the situation.

But then the girl still didn’t give up, and put herself next to Su Nuo.

Don’t be so blatant! Screamed Su Nuo inside his head.

“I’ve seen the entertainment news back in China, and I didn’t think you were the son of Han uncle.” The girl said shily.
Su Nuo’s hands shook, and poked through the crab shell in his browl.

The girl was instantly smitten, super manly!

“There’s a concert in the evening, I was wondering if you’re interested?” said the girl softly.

Han Wei hate iron that is not steel, why isn’t Su Nuo taking the initiative! Can’t believe the girl is leading the conversation!

T/N: ‘hate iron that is not steel’ is a figure of speech. It basically means not living up to my expectations.

“I….. need to go to the restroom.” Su Nuo deserted the girl and fled to the bathroom.

The girl felt very awkward. The older brother went to the restroom with Su Nuo.

“What were you doing?” Su Nuo growled in a low voice.

“The girl likes you. How can you be so ignorant!” Han Wei patted his head.

Su Nuo was literally going to faint, “Who asked you to arrange to meet a girl?”

“You need a second chance after being dumped.” said Han Wei with certainty.

“But I don’t want a girlfriend!” said Su Nuo with a headache.

“This girl is very nice, she must be better than the once you broke up with.” said Su Nuo’s brother.

“Please, just let me be alone.” Su Nuo was particularly irritable.

“…..” Han Wei wished that he could get into his brother’s head and yell at him.

Why is he like this?

After the sad and awkward meal, Su Nuo came home and shut himself in his bedroom. He even skipped afternoon tea!

“Bad Dad, you’re Voldemort!” Han XiaoXi was eating biscuits while glaring at Han Wei, “You made brother unhappy!”

“Your dad is Alteman, not Voldemort! Besides, he’s your uncle, not your brother!” Han Wei didn’t know how many times he already told his daughter. She’s literally the same as Su Nuo when he was younger!

“Go apologize!” Han Xiaoxi kicked the bench.

There…… is no human rights in this house! Mr. Han, the gang boss, knocked on the door with a plate of biscuits, “Nuo Nuo, come out for dessert.”

“I’m not eating.” Su Nuo never really thought about Mr.Director until now. His head was going to explode!

“I was just taking care of you.” Han Wei pushed open the door, and sat on the bed with a helpless expression.

“I know.” Su Nuo turned over and looked at his brother, his eyes a little red. “I’m not angry, and I’m sorry for what I did at noon.”

“Fool.” Han Wei laughed and rubbed his head, “You still like your girlfriend back home, don’t you?”

The afternoon sun was warm. In the bedroom, Su Nuo hesitated, and then nodded.

“Then go and get her back.” Han Wei pulled him up, “There are things that you keep in your heart, and she will never know if you don’t tell her.”

“Brother,” Suno closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Han Wei asked.

“Are you in a good mood right now?” Ten seconds later, Su Nuo opened his eyes and asked.

Han Wei was stuck between laughing or not, “It seems to be a really big thing.”

“It’s worth about a hundred servings of mashed vegetables and carrots.” Su Nuo said while clutching the pillow tightly.

“Just say it.” Said Han Wei.

“…… You can’t get angry.” Su Nuo told him first. “It’s kind of….. A shock.”

“Your ex-girlfriend is pregnant?” Han Wei asked.

Su Nuo almost choked on his own spit, “No!”

“Your ex-girlfriend had a husband?” Han Wei took a breath of cold air.

“No, that’s not it!” Su Nuo said angrily.
“The rest of that I could probably accept.” Han Wei turned back to the kind mode, “Come on, spill.”

“I’m… In the evening, I want to eat shrimp.” Su Nuo was very unpromising.

Han Wei had no idea which expression he was going use to face him.

Well, I’m going to be dead sooner or later! “I don’t like girls,” said Su Nuo, breathing deeply and clutching his hand.

The world instantly became quiet, super silent! Han Wei opened his mouth, “What did you say?”

“I’m… I don’t like girls.”

Su Nuo looked at him nervously, his hands quivering a little. “Wait, you don’t like girls, so you like mature women?”

Han Wei tries to bring things in the right direction.

“I like men.” Su Nuo finally said these shocking words!

Han Wei felt a bit light headed and dizzy!

What was his brother talking about!?

“I’m sorry.” Su Nuo dared not to look at him.

Han Wei didn’t speak for three minutes.

“You really want to hit me right now, don’t you?” Su Nuo looked at him.

“I won’t hit you.” Han Wei took a deep breath, and then he went crazy, “I swear to god that I’m going to kill Qui Ziyan!”

A lightning bolt sounded in the bright blue sky, Su Nuo almost collapsed!

Why……why is it this man again!

This is really really unscientific ah!!

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