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Chapter 32: He can’t hurt a man who is caught in the middle. 

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After Qi Boss exploded with anger, half of the beasts in Jinyu’s beast shop fainted and the other half formed a tacit agreement to pretend to have fainted. They were well-experienced beasts, not those that just stopped weaning. So, anything they saw they truly understood it. And having the beasts faint, Jinyu’s expression darkened. Boss Qi was completely unaware of how his roar protected his rights. To him, all he did was vent out his frustration and anger this night.

Rolling his eyes, Jinyu gloomily walked a few steps to pick up the fainted domestic beasts near him. He turned them over to check if there were any issues. It was only afterwards did his face return to a more peaceful expression and he sat down once more on the suitable sofa, kicking aside one of Baozi’s wings, then turning around to face Long Chang, saying in a very carefree manner, “Mr. Long, I think you must be mistaken? My beast store sells beasts and beasts that produce very valuable and special objects. I can still buy the beasts you’ve abandoned but you need to be clear on this, I’m not a beast clinic. I won’t treat their illnesses. So, mister, please return~”

Long Changxiao’s expression remained the same. He fixed both his eyes on Jinyu, “Boss Jin, an honest person says nothing deceitful. Before I came, I did research on your store and previous actions. As a matter of fact, besides this evidence, I think you should be able to cure beasts from chronic diseases that the hospital can’t cure them of. Otherwise, those three A ranked beasts and that A+ ranked beast by your side wouldn’t be able to move about with such energy and fight over food to eat. They were beasts already dumped at the garbage disposal site.”

Hearing Long Changxiao’s words, Jinyu squinted. At the same time, Da Bai, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Xue who had originally pretended to faint along with Baozi who was gnawing on a wing, all stood up. They thoughtlessly formed a circle around Long Changxiao. Even though they still paid no heed to him but the fierce expression in their gaze aimed towards Long Changxiao made his body slowly rise.

At the moment Long Changxiao couldn’t help but sigh in approval of these A grade beasts. Even though they were undoubtedly flaunting their strength, they were also showing that they were quite the experienced fighters who had been severely tested by many harsh battles. Thinking of the time before Jinyu picked them up, these beasts were surely considered treasures. Who knew why in the eyes of their former families they were abandoned. Even if they were hurt and had no way of healing their injuries, did their owners not even want to look after beasts that had endured so many battles for them?

When a beast had no more use, it was cruelly abandoned. This caused these beasts to regard humans extremely lowly. It seemed as though in these beasts eyes, that kind of alert and killing emanated directly from the heart.

And thinking about this Long Changxiao couldn’t help but look at Jinyu. Just how exactly was this man able to heal these abandoned, high-caliber fighting beasts and make them believe in him and respect and love him? He had to say, at the moment some of the beasts were extremely loyal to Jinyu to the point if Jinyu opened his mouth and told them to die, they would without hesitation make this happen.

And in comparison, these high-level beasts were always betrayed by humans. Just how shameful was this?

Long Changxiao suddenly thought about his beast that was unable to even open his eyes, all relying on other people to get them places. At the moment when it could open its eyes, he saw something like despair. Maybe it thought I would abandon it? That may be why they have such an expression in their eyes. However you can’t say that he’s never seen this kind of expression. Even though he himself didn’t have any thoughts of abandonment but he will never look for someone who could cure a beast regardless of its loss. At most he intended to take it to the yard and keep it, then get a new beast.

In reality he came here to say that a new A+ grade beast is difficult to find but people have found it. Right now, guilt spread in Long Changxiao’s heart. He didn’t think he would ever abandon those beasts. Those beasts eyes were the same as those A grade beasts with the same killing intent and icy look. All he could think of at this moment was why those beasts had unmatched loyalty for that other man.

Don’t abandon, don’t give up.

This was the original agreement between beasts that fought on behalf of humans. However, humankind mercilessly broke this balance, asking for infinite loyalty from the beasts only to ruthlessly trample on their loyalty the next moment.

Hah……. Sighing deeply, Long Changxiao slowly stood up from the sofa. In front of the fierce and attentive gaze of the beasts, he stretched out his body, “Boss Jin. My beast is very important to me. He already fought and killed, saving my life several times. At times, he was even injured because of me. I don’t want to abandon him and want to get him healed. No matter how much the cost is, I’m willing to pay it. Think about it, he’s only one beast. No matter the cost I’m willing to pay it. So I’m begging you, please save him!”

Saying this, Long Changxiao’s cheeks became a bit red. Once he said these words allowed, he much more clearly knew how much he owed his beast. At the same time, he was more fortunate that he saw those eyes held great pain and despair so he didn’t do much more to hurt his partner.

Long Changxiao’s words and actions surprised Jinyu who was right in front of him. In his opinion, this was a very powerful and strong man, extremely arrogant, and a person who would absolutely be able to heal these beasts and use money and power to crush him even if he were to treat beasts with extreme respect.

There was a strange stare glued to Long Changxiao while he held still without any moment. He finally stooped and bowed for a long time without any other movement. Jinyu sighed helplessly, waving his hand to get Da Bai over, then said, “My price is very expensive.”

Long Changxiao only heard this sentence and then got up. That cold face finally showed a hint of relief. With a slight smile, he said, “No matter how expensive, I will pay.”

That kind of sudden iciness melting into warmth made Jinyu stumble in his original spot. He couldn’t appreciate the new scenery for a second before he was suddenly pulled from behind. Both his eyes were covered. An icy voice devoid of happiness, but full of love, said next to his ear, “Even if you spend your whole’s family fortune, you can’t buy him!”

Qi Qinglin’s sudden appearance shocked Long Changxiao as well as Jinyu. In the next moment, Jinyu was unable to appreciate beauty. Quickly pulling off Qi Qinglin’s hand and then furrowing his eyebrows, Jinyu said, “Why did you come out like this?!  This qi is for your emergency reserve! It’s a petty matter and yet you come out like this?!”

Jinyu’s worried face made the Boss’ original anger cool a little bit. Although when he heard Jinyu’s words, Qi Qinglin said to Long Changxiao coldly, baring his teeth, “Just a petty matter?!”

“Nothing more serious than this!!”

Fuck, if your own partner had his soul removed by another man, how could he be the superior?!

Even more, the next step was then penetrating the enemy’s rear. In front of his eyes, this paralyzed guy was a sinister one. If he didn’t go, then if there was an accident, he wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

At the moment, Long Changxiao was watching as surprise, doubt, and befuddlement passed through that perfectly handsome boy’s eyes. His position made him perfectly aware of the secluded family in the south. At least those with heirs pure lineage could take on the body of a beast. However, the qilin clan…wasn’t there only one young master? And even more, the guy had a bad personality, arrogant of his own abilities. At the moment, if this was really a qilin that transformed, how come Long Changxiao had no information on this? Even more if this person really was that qilin, the qilin clan would definitely definitely suffer…a black qilin was the strongest god beast there was.

However, even though Long Changxiao had his opinions and doubts about Qi Qinglin, he wouldn’t rashly interrogate for information he shouldn’t. Either way, that man and Jinyu’s relationship seemed to be good. As long as he determined he was an enemy, it would be okay…He had to know, if he suddenly had a bit more power than him, it would be very unlucky if he were to be an enemy of someone who had similar capabilities.

“What are you looking at? We don’t have much time, lead the way.” Qi Qinglin said coldly. 

Even though Long Changxiao didn’t want to be enemies with Qi Qinglin, he still wouldn’t be pushed around. He also stared coldly at Qi Qinglin and then said to Jinyu, “Boss Jin, please come. Outside the door is my beast cart. This is much safer than a suspension car.”

Jinyu watched Qi Qinglin and Long Changxiao’s icy exchanges clash with one another, their faces convulsing ever so slightly. Qi Qinglin, already a frigid boss, was already enough for him to endure. Now there was another person who had a thousand years of iciness like Qi Qinglin. These two stoic men despised one another to the point where their faces were paralyzed. Fuck, was he going to get hurt being caught in the middle?! Was he going to freeze to death?!

Rolling his eyes, Jinyu faced that natural born disaster next to him and looked at the lively Xiao Bai, summoning the beast with his hand. “Pah! Xiao Bai come here and let me hug you. You’re so warm, I’m about to freeze to death!!” Jinyu ferociously rubbed Xiao Bai’s chest while looking at the natural born disaster A grade beasts and said, “Your boss is about to leave! Make sure you guys keep watch for me! When I come back, if there’s anything lost then there will be a beast with one less stack of purple coins. You guys will then each owe three years of grass with me! While you’re at it, close the small black room.”

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Long Changxiao that is the attitude you should have when taking care of your beast, very good, keep it up!!! Do not abandon and do not give up! Oh, and your info about the families is outdated, update it quickly.

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