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Chapter 56: Grumpy Brother and Making a Call

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


“Why did you think I was talking about Qiu Ziyan?” Su Nuo looked at his brother with an appalled expression. 

“It’s not him?” The older brother stared at Su Nuo with a confused look. 

OF COURSE NOT!! Su Nuo felt like he was going to collapse right on the spot.

“Then who is it?” Han Wei aksed.

“…….If I tell you, you’re not actually going to kill him right?” Su Nuo asked cautiously. 

“I won’t,” said Han Wei with an awkward smile trying not to look mad. 

But Su Nuo is still very nervous! He cares about Mr. Director too much!

“Just say it.“ The older brother patted his head.

“Well…It’s…..umm…..Ou….” Su Nuo was so embarrassed.

“If you don’t spill, I’ll go kill Qiu Ziyan!” Han Wei said through gritted teeth.

“Then you go kill him first.” Su Nuo went back to being in the corner, “after killing him and until your mood is good, I’ll tell you who it is.”

Han Wei was so angry that he wanted to laugh.

“You won’t mind my sexuality, will you?” Su Nuo asked his brother carefully with puppy eyes.

Of course I mind!!! Han Wei roared in his head. But the point of this conversation if to find out who the other person is, not to brainwash his brother. 

So the older one lessened his anger and made a very kind expression, “as long as you like the person, I won’t judge you.” It’s so hypocritical to the point it’s unbearable to look at! 

”He was really kind to me. The only reason that we broke up was on my part.” Su Nuo kept hesitating.

“Okay.” Han Wei nodded.

“You promise you won’t get angry!” Su Nuo held his brother’s hand.

“Stop trembling.” HanWei gritted his teeth,  “I promise, just say it.”


“…… Do you remember the Renrui Group… Ouyang…… Long?” Su Nuo was so nervous that he almost suffocated. His voice was so low like a mosquito.

But the older brother still heard him, “Ouyang Long?”

Su Nuo nodded. He stared at Han Wei with a frightened look.

This moment is really stifling.

 The he saw his brother’s eyes go cold, his face plastered with a grim expression.

“Brother,” Su Nuo was on the verge of spilling tears, “you said you won’t get angry.”

“This animal, how dare him seduce my brother!” Han Wei clenched his hands, his knuckles cracking.

Su Nuo was terrified, “…What are you doing?”

“I am going to talk to him.” Han Wei stood up.

“No!! You can’t!” Su Nuo pulled him back with all his strength, “We…we already broke up. What business do you have with him?”

“Has he contacted you recently?” Han Wei asked. 

Su Nuo shook his head desperately. 


Su Nuo’s eyes turned red at an instant.


“Stop crying first.” Han Wei doesn’t have the heart to see Su Nuo’s crying appearance, so he switched to the soft tone again.

“Please, don’t go to him. Let me solve the problem myself.” Su Nuo begged. 

Han Wei didn’t say anything.

“Please.” Su Nuo paled. He particularly worried about what murderous things his brother would do!

Even though Han Wei spoiled him a lot during his childhood, but this kind of thing is unacceptable. 

And he really really really wanted to hit this Ouyang Long!

My brother is so naive and stupid, he must be blinded by this playboy’s seductive words. So then he will think that he’s into males.

As for being to the stage where they’ve already slept together …

Han Wei spent five full hours, trying to calm himself down but failed miserably. 

He just can’t stand it.

Before going to bed at night, Han Xiaoxi stood on the bench to brush her teeth. She looked at the bedroom in fear, feeling that her dad is acting like a monster! 

“You’re scaring your daughter.” His wife reminded him.

“How can he sleep with a man at will!” Han Wei fumed, squeezing the remote control in his hands. 

Han Xiaoxi’s jaw dropped open. Dad is really really angry.

“Brother…..” Su Nuo trembled at the door, “ Co…Could…. We ta….talk….”

“Now?” Han Wei was very surprised, can’t believe that Su Nuo actually offered to speak.

“Yeah.” Su Nuo had some courage to ask.

Han Wei nodded and threw the remote control residue that was in his hand into the trash. The fierce side of his older brother is so intimidating.

Su Nuo’s knees are going soft! In fact, he doesn’t want to talk to his brother at all! But he can’t avoid it! Because he knew Han Wei must be really angry now! If the anger accumulates too high and there is no way for him to vent the anger out, Han Wei is probably going to explode and go crazy when they go back home. Then Mr. Director will be facing a very dangerous situation ah! So then Su Nuo has to leave his pride behind and asked to talk with his brother. Even if Han Wei can’t be persuaded to accept his sexuality, at least don’t go to the director for trouble!

 If you’re really going to hit someone, hit me… Su Nuo‘s heart is filled with tears, especially for Mr. Director.

“When did you guys first met each other?” Han Wei asked.

Su Nuo sat cross-legged on the bed and said, “Honestly, not that long ago. I was shooting the Renrui brochure when we met.”

The older brother was furious when he heard this little piece of information. It’s not even that long ago and those two are already at the stage where they’ve slept together. When you were six years old, I taught you to not show the places that were blocked by your underwear! Why can’t you remember it!

“How long did he go after you?” Han Wei asked again.

“Not that long.” Su Nuo answered.

NOT!  THAT! LONG! Han Wei clenched his fist once again.

Su Nuo looked at the ground with his head low.

“Is he good at sweet-talking?” Han Wei tried not to look angry.

“He’s not particularly good at it.” Su Nuo looked at his brother carefully.

“He can’t even sweet talk and you’re going out with him?” Han Wei punched the bed with anger.

Su Nuo was scared to death and quickly said, “Um …Actually, he’s really good at sweet-talking… I just forgot it at the moment…..”

“I knew it!” The older brother got angrier, “He’s just a liar with trash in his mouth!” 

“It’s not like that!” Su Nuo was literally going to cry, how can his brother be so unreasonable. No matter what he says, it’ll always be wrong!

“Did he seduce you so you could sleep with him?” Han Wei stared at Su Nuo.

Su Nuo’s face instantly turned red. You can’t ask this kind of question ah!

“It’s okay, don’t be scared. Just tell your dear brother.” Han Wei held his brother’s hands, like a mom.

What do you mean don’t be scared! Su Nuo thinks he’s going to suffocate from the tension. His brother is way more terrifying than Voldemort.

 “You didn’t make the initiative sleep together right?” Han Wei changed his question.

With what happened before, Su Nuo learned from his experience and said, “Yes, I did. I asked him.”

Han Wei took a breath and asked, “You?!”

“Yeah. I asked him!” Su Nuo opened up completely. In order to protect Mr. Director’s life, Su Nuo was determined to cover and lie about everything! Super touching!

If this situation is converted into a romance novel cliche, the title would be《A Heaven’s moving tragedy, that fragile, crystal like beauty, tolerating the unthinkable, only for that unforgettable romance》

To match with the prequel, there needs to be a sequel called《The heartbreaker on the other side, do you still know that someone is still bitterly in love you?》

The beautiful scenario was so tearful. 

“How can you…. Be like this…” The older brother was completely shook. Even his tongue started to go hard.

“I truly really like him.” Su Nuo’s voice was small.

“Then why did you guys break up?” Han Wei asked again and was especially hoping to hear the answer ‘because he cheated’, ‘because he split his leg to someone else’ and ‘because he is impotence’, because then Han Wei can be honest and give Su Nuo good advice! But the younger brother was particularly disappoint and said, “because I was stupid.”

“You are stupid.” Han Wei agreed.

Su Nuo shot a pathetic look at his brother.

“But you can’t break up because of this kind of reason!” The older brother went back to the good side and rolled up his sleeves. “I’ll help you beat him!!!”

“It’s not like that!” Su Nuo was dejected, and laid his head on his brother’s shoulder. “It’s because I went behind his back and collected a lot of information about Qiu Ziyan.”

Han Wei froze, “Qiu Ziyan?”

Su Nuo nodded in vain.

The older brother had to temporarily put down the business regarding Mr. Director and wondered, “Why did you secretly collect Qiu Ziyan’s information?”

“Because I seem to be… a little jealous of him.” Su Nuo finally admitted this tragic reality!

“You don’t like him?” Han Wei confirmed it again.

Of course not! Su Nuo shaked his head furiously.

“No matter who you like, you guys broke up already,” Han Wei said patiently, “I think It’s better to find a girl to date, okay?”

“I don’t like girls.” Su Nuo refused.

“But you never dated one! Before I met your sister in law, I never thought about marriage.” The older brother used this case, “Love at first sight is a very romantic thing, I will help you arrange a few dates for tomorrow!”

“No!!!” Su Nuo wanted to shed tears, “I’m not going to those dates!”

“Just try it, nothing will go wrong. Maybe there’s a surprise!!” Han Wei said with a straight face.

“No!” Said Su Nuo firmly, “I want to go back!”

“NOW?” Han Wei’s face instantly turned black, “No!”

“You’re being unreasonable!” said Su Nuo anxiously.

“No is a no!” Han Wei raised his voice and put on his scary face.

“I trusted you so I told you!” Su Nuo eyes turned red, like a rabbit.

Han Wei ‘s heart turned soft in an instant.

But he instantly forced himself to turn back to his hardcore self! Because this situation concerns his brother’s happiness

“Go to sleep early. We’ll talk about this later.” The older brother grabbed some paper towels and handed it to Su Nuo.

Su Nuo felt wronged and ignored his brother.

Han Wei walked out of the room, his posture and expression cold!

Su Nuo was felt really depressed and climbed out of the bed with red eyes to take out a box of chocolate from the small refrigerator. 

That chocolate happens to be the brand that Mr. Director often sends to Su Nuo when the two were dating! The sweet bitter taste spread around the tongue and the entire mouth, making Su Nuo miss Mr. Director even more. 

Su Nuo took out his cell phone and took several deep breaths before he dialed the phone number! 

“Who is it?” Since Su Nuo has a new number while abroad, so Ouyang Long doesn’t know who he is. 

“…… It’s me.” Su Nuo said quietly. His heart was about to jump out!

“Nuo Nuo?” Ouyang Long also choked.

“Yes.” Su Nuo was so nervous that he couldn’t hold still the phone.

“You’re back?” Ouyang Long asked.

“No, I’m still abroad.” Su Nuo’s nose is a little sour.

“Why are you not happy?” Ouyang Long could sense his emotions.

The feelings in Su Nuo’s heart grew even stronger! Ouyang Long asked with such a warm and kind voice, Su Nuo couldn’t hold it in.


“Don’t cry.” Ouyang Long is a little worried, “What happened?”

“I’m… I’ve thought it through.” Su Nuo started crying shamelessly, “I want to come back to find you, but my brother wouldn’t let me!” So his brother is really like the mother of a king ! ! 

“It’s okay.” Mr. Director closed his eyes to stay calm, “Where are you? Tell me your address.”

“…… You’re coming?” Su Nuo can’t believe it.

Then Mr. Director said something particularly cool.

 “I’ll pick you up so we can go home.”

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October 2, 2019 10:29 pm


Thank you for the chapter!

October 3, 2019 12:36 am

I hope this idiot director could apologize to Nuonuo. Wei ge is right. Nuonuo is too young and naive. He doesn’t understand complicated things. Didn’t the director made Nuonuo realize Nuonuo’s admiration to QZY? Then why did the director… *sigh i hope the director could get a punch or two from Wei ge. He deserves a beating for making Nuonuo sad and cry

October 3, 2019 3:08 am

Just by the title it makes me laugh 😂 Naturally I anticipated whole lot of drama … 😆

May 26, 2020 10:12 pm

So, after the last sentence, a really, big smile bloomed on my face. 🥰 Then, I thought, I’m just like Su Nuo reading about Su Nuo Nuo and OuYang JinLong, minus the me being a super model…and male. Haha

December 16, 2020 6:50 pm

That phone call 😍😍

June 2, 2021 5:34 am

Su Nuo got his courage up and told the truth, and he may be a total ditz but he did figure out the right answer to the tangle and if big bro messes with Nuo Nuo’s lover he’ll really regret it.

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