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Chapter 57: Which Hotel and Coming to Find you

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


“You’re going to pick up Su Nuo?” Mu Qiu was particularly surprised when he heard the news! Because Mr. Director is usually a very calm and collected person! Whenever he has something to take care of, he will think about it before deciding what to do. But he left the company’s business just because of a phone call from Su Nuo to fly to the other side of the world, and he didn’t even tell the committee. This is really, really, unscientific! 

“I truly like him.” Ouyang Long said while he packed his bags.

“….. Your acting like an eighteen year old right now!” Mu Qiu signed.

“When you’re chasing Zhongli Fengbai, you act like an eight year old.” Ouyang Long said with a sharp tongue.

“I’m just praising your innocence!” Said Mu Qiu angrily. We’re not talking about IQ here, you wanna fight again.

The answer is obviously no! Mr. Director isn’t in the mood to talk to Mu Qiu and dragged the luggage out of the door. Clad with a black coat that swayed because of the wind, he looked really handsome!

President Mu’s extreme dissatisfaction was ignored, so before leaving, he opened Ouyang Long’s wine cabinet and took not only a bottle, but multiple. Even the fruit in the refrigerator was taken too!

He loves to take advantage of cheap things, it’s an unbearable sight.

“How come you’re back so late?” Mu Qiu arrived at home nearly in the morning, so Zhongli Fengbai asked coldy, “Where did you go?”

Mu Qiu felt really good inside, this kind of cross-examination of where he’s been is so blissful.

“I’m asking you!” Zhongli Fengbai fumed, stop smiling.

“I went to Ouyang’s house, and he left for Italy an hour ago.” Mu Qiu said.

“He went to find Nuo Nuo?” Zhongli Fengbai asked with a shocked expression.

“Yeah.” Mu Qiu dropped the shopping bag in his hand onto the table, ” It seems that Su Nuo called him and told him he wants to come back.”

Zhongli Fengbai was very touched. In the dark late night! Holding a beating heart!  Across the silent sea! To go after! The love! Of his life! This is very very! Touching!

“I’ll help you wash the fruit.” Mu Qiu went to the kitchen with his bag of goods.

Fengbai’s daydreamings were interrupted, and he felt super miserable.

Why on earth would I want to live with this unromantic man! 

“Come eat!” Mu Qiu cried from the living room.

Zhongli Fengbai shuffled to the living room in his slippers. 

“I stole it from Ouyang’s house.” Mu Qiu bragged, feeling very proud, “ and I also stole a bottle of wine!”

 The manners of this man…

Zhongli Fengbai felt very bitter and leaned his head on Mu Qiu’s shoulder.

I’m want a divorce! 

“You don’t have work tomorrow right?” asked Mu Qiu as he cleaned Zhongli Fengbai hands with wet wipes because the juice from the fruit is a little sticky.

“Yeah.” Zhongli Fengbai nodded. 

“That means you don’t have to get up early?” Mu Qiu’s claws began to fidget.

Zhongli Fengbai felt a chill, “I’m going to bed early today.”

“Let’s just do it once.” Mu Qiu had no shame and forcefully carried him directly to the bedroom.

Zhongli Fengbai was outraged! At the very least! Let me eat the fruit!

I can’t stand it!

Director Zhong felt extremely grumpy!

But his legs still consciously wrap around his waist when they’re doing it!

He’s so bad at speaking his own mind to the point that it’s intolerable.

Then, as usual, it always felt pretty good when they’re doing it. 

After the intense session of doing, Zhongli Fengbai fell on Mu Qiu’s chest, and didn’t want to move a finger. 

“Tired?” Mu Qiu stroked his back.

Zhongli Fengbai closed his eyes and felt very sleepy and at ease.

The few months I spent with him, I wouldn’t lose sleep every night.

This really can’t get any better.

He dreamed a sweet dream that night.

But this night was obviously very difficult for Mr. Director!

After more than ten hours has passed, his chin started to grow out stubbles, only wearing a half-long windbreaker jacket, the gentleman’s image changed into a mess!

From the airport to Florence, the sky has just lit up, so Ouyang Long first found a hotel and slept? No! 

In fact, he cleaned and dressed up!

And he looked really handsome.

 “Nuo Nuo, get up.” At eight o’clock in the morning, Han Wei knocked on the door.

“…… Okay.” Su Nuo half opened his eyes.

“Get up for breakfast.” Han Wei pushed opened the door and went inside the room.

“What time is it?” Su Nuo rubbed his eyes. 

“When did you go to sleep last night?” Han Wei frowned, “Your eyebags are so dark.”

“ I didn’t sleep well, I had a nightmare last night.” The younger brother mislead his older brother.

But actually it’s all because I’m too excited so I lost some sleep!

Since three days ago with Mr. Director on the phone, Su Nuo was perturbed but hoping at the same time. He really wants to see his handsome man soon, but was also afraid of being found out by his brother. His mood complex has gotten worse, even his face has gotten thinner. 

“Go brush your teeth.” Han Wei rubbed his head and walked out of the room.

Su Nuo sat on the toilet, sneaking a peak at his cell phone. 

Sure enough, there’s a text message from Mr. Director!

Even though it’s only a simple ‘I’m here’, but it’s way better than a ten thousand-word love letter! 

Su Nuo froze, his hands began to tremble. His heart filled with love and hope but also feeling a little wronged. This feeling is particularly unbearable!

—— Which hotel are you in?

Su Nuo texted him back immediately.

Almost within five seconds, Mr. Director called!

So fast! 

“You up yet?” Ouyang Long asked in a warm voice, with a hint of laughter. 

“Yeah.” Su Nuo’s eyes instantly turned red. He felt that the two were still together yesterday, and never left each other.

“Send me your detailed address.” Ouyang Long said.

“Which hotel are you staying in?” Su Nuo hesitated, “I’ll come meet you.“ Even if you want to confront my brother, you can’t just do it! You need to prepare to leave a good first impression!

Ouyang Long didn’t say too much, and he soon sent the address. Although Su Nuo would like to run desperately all the way to the hotel, directly into the arms of his handsome man but it’s obviously unrealistic! Because his brother is still downstairs! My brother is simply annoying!

Su Nuo signed deeply. There’s a strict and forceful parent lurking in this house, who can understand this pain! 

“Are you going out?” Han wei was shocked when Su Nuo came downstairs wearing a heavy jacket. 

“I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m going out for a walk.” Under the powerful influence of love, Su Nuo did a particularly good job in acting! He looks tired but not too much that will make people worry. I can be awarded the best actor in the whole world.

“Okay, but remember to find a coffee shop for breakfast.” The older brother didn’t say much. Han Wei fussed for a while before letting Su Nuo go. 

“Okay.” Su Nuo crouched down to change his shoes. He’s so nervous that even his shoelaces are not tied correctly!

Fortunately, the older brother didn’t pay any attention. He’s been feeding his daughter, so the younger brother was able to escape smoothly! 

In the successful moment, Su Nuo is almost on the verge of spilling tears! Nobody can understand this kind of happiness!

Separated for so long, I must go hard on the French kiss! 

I really miss him… Sitting in the car, Su Nuo shamenessly started to sob. 

Even though we’re deeply in love, but we are still so far away from each other. This is torture.

Around the same time, Ouyang Long is also in a hotel looking at the clock from time to time. He’s like a totally different person from when he’s calm and collected.

When he heard a knock at the door, he felt that his heart was going to stop.

 But apparently, it’s only the room service who came up to deliver the lunch menu.

Ouyang Long wanted to scream!

After picking up the menu and returning to the room, a second knock rang three minutes later.

Ouyang Long took a deep breath to calm himself down and gently opened the door of the room. Still it was the boy from before that delivered the menu. The boy smiled and said, “Because you came from China, so we specially prepared something extravagant!”


Ouyang Long feels that he’s already on the verge of getting heart rate disorder with a hidden tendency to be violent! 

When the third knock on the door sounded, Mr. Director was ready to burn! What is this rotten room service, send everything at once okay?!

He opened the door with an annoyed expression.

On the other side stood Su Nuo.


“You … are you all right?” Su Nuo was a little scared, the expression on his face is so fierce! Just in the car, Su Nuo’s been fantasizing about the scenes after the two met. He thought it would be a heated tongue kiss when Ouyang Long opened the door. Now this is way too far from what’s going to happen!

 “…… Nuo Nuo?” Ouyang Long couldn’t resist staring at him, and he suddenly choked.

“It’s me.” Su Nuo was so nervous that he couldn’t mutter a single word.

But he didn’t need to say anything, because in the next second, the director held him tightly in his arms. 

“It’s really you.” Ouyang Long repeated the question in a raspy voice.

“Yes. It’s really me.” Su Nuo started to cry.

“Would you like to come back with me?” Ouyang Long asked near his ear. 

“I do.” Su Nuo hugged him, his voice tinted with crying, “Even if my brother doesn’t agree, I will be with you no matter what!”

These lovely words are so touching.

“I’m not going to let you fall out with your family.” Ouyang Long heart softened to the point that it’s almost melted and promised, “I will take care of your brother.”

What do you mean, take care of? Su Nuo looked up, tears overflowing in his eyes. 

“Are you going to fight him?” When my brother fight, he is super scary and brutal, and he’s professional too! If you fight with him you’ll certainly suffer! You have to be sneaky… But in advance, both of you can’t bring a knife!” If anyone gets hurt, I’m going to be devastated!




Ouyang Long looked at him with a complex expression, “I just want to talk to him.”

“But he won’t  talk to you.” Su Nuo looked so desperate. Because his brother is completely parental creature that will ignore everything you say! If this temperament is in the Republic of China, a perverted mother-in law wearing a chinese traditional with crutches and abetting his son to write a Book of Rest all day long! Very realistic!

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Oyang Long pushed Su Nuo onto the bed, “ Let’s not talk about your brother now, okay?”

What are you doing? This position is too ambiguous! Su Nuo couldn’t help but start thinking about touching some places. 

“You’ve gotten slimmer.” Ouyang Long pinched his cheeks, lowered his head and planted a wet kiss on Su Nuo’s forehead.

Su Nuo closed his eyes gently and felt Mr.Director kiss him all the way down to his eyes, nose, and cheeks until their lips and teeth were smashed together again. Romantic to a hot mess.

Their heated tongues entangled and intertwined, with each move, the atmosphere went from soft to intense. With familiar and strange sensations, both of them can’t stay calm anymore.

“I want you.” Ouyang Long whispered in his ear.

 I also want you too! Even Xiao Nuo Nuo has stood up! But after a long separation, shouldn’t we first confide in our hearts, and tell each other about our feelings and complaints… How can we do this kind of thing right after a hot tongue kiss! Su Nuo shook his head firmly, “We can’t do this right now!”

“Why?” Ouyang Long kissed his nose

“Because we need to discuss what you will do to deal with my brother!” Su Nuo said seriously.

That’s the most important thing right now!!!!!!

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October 2, 2019 3:38 pm

I have been blessed with not only one but two chapters this morning, and I get to have fluffy feels? Thursday suddenly got a lot better. Thank you!

October 2, 2019 10:44 pm

I write it again: Finally!!! Finally, some development for this couple. They are my favourite couple and their separation was seriously driving me batty.

Thank you for the double update!

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I’m curious how OL is going to react when he finds out that baby Nuo has already told his brother about him… Will he be happy that Nuonuo was willing to come out of the closet for him; facepalming at his baby’s lack of delicacy; worried that the threat level of the first meeting will now be even higher… The possibilities are endless, and multiple can happen at the same time

October 3, 2019 11:34 am

THank you for the chapter!! I’m so happy our lovely couple is reunited!!

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