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Chapter 27: Solid

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the beast, known as the Tiger King, was brought on the stage, not only did the face of Dewitt’s side change, but the audience also complained a lot.

[Hey, why did you change from a good man to a bad man? There’s a big difference in size.]

[Challenges can change the people competing too? I heard that this JU would not be frightened by the appearance of a black mask. It was not clear when one was on stage and the other off the stage. These two beasts standing together, regardless of their stature or momentum, it’s it’s easy to see who will win.]

[Wait, why do you all say God J? God J sent his own contract beast. They both have contract beasts and the strength is entirely determined by the master. Where is the unfairness?]

[Insert funny face. A Qi beast has no abilities, ability is provided by it’s master, so there is no difference, GQ on the stage has been accepted, let’s have a good play on it.]

The auditorium was noisy, but it did not affect the people on the stage at all. Ever since Wen Jin whined, Dewitt took the challenge directly. Archie was still a little worried, but he knew that no one could control Dewitt’s decision, so he thought for a moment and stood aside.

“This is my beast, King Tiger.” The two beasts were brought up. Although they were not happy just because of this guy’s retreat, JU could not repent in the battle, just thinking that it would be better to slow down. Moreover, he could not find a better choice than King Tiger. After all, King Tiger was not only tough, but also had the energy core that most Assyrian beasts did not have.

Noticing the mood of the audience, JU turned on the microphone and explained to them, “Please don’t misunderstand, after the contract, the contract beast and the master’s energy core are bound together. The contract beast has no abilities, so the ability is provided by the master and the hammer determines the strength of the ability. In other words, it is entirely possible to use the contract beast to represent the master.” 

“Why don’t you just go on your own?!” There was a roar under the stage.

“Because I want to take this opportunity to let you know King Tiger.” JU said, blinking his eyes. “I know that many people have a very big prejudice against the contract beast. I was just bound with King Tiger and I don’t want to hide it from you.”

It was full of skills, full of cheap and well-placed meaning and JU’s voice was really good. He did not use that kind of too weak voice, but with a little clarity and integrity, coupled with the unique charm of Uttar people, the audience’s mood was almost calmed by him.

At that moment, however, a voice interrupted him. It was Wen Jin. His claws stamped impatiently on Dewitt’s arm. “Chee!” Is it better than nothing?

Squeezed by a soft, cold little meaty paw, Dewitt squinted and felt unexpectedly that it was weighty. So he lowered his head, grabbed Wen Jin’s small claws and looked at them. At first glance, Dewitt’s lips could not help but lift in a smile.

This little claw was now quite round and as thin as possible. It seemed that it could break at any time. When it was kneaded slightly upwards, it has a distinct sensation of flesh. Even though it felt thin, it was probably –


Wen Jin’s attention was on the hammer at the moment and he didn’t care much about Dewitt’s movements, let alone what was going on in his mind.

Nevertheless, once the decibel of his chitter interrupted JU’s speech through the microphone, the latter paused, turned around and looked at Wen Jin glaringly.

DeWitt touched the little fox’s head and said softly, “He has a bad temper and doesn’t like waiting for people.”

It sounded as if he was accusing the fox of urging him, but the doting tone of his voice was obvious. Dewitt was simply urging him according to the beast.

JU was a little stunned at first. When he looked back, his face turned cold. He swore that he did not want to know why the beast called out. On the contrary, his eyes clearly meant to keep the little fellow quiet. He did not believe that the black mask in front of him could win with the small beast.

JU’s throat was tight and his eyes were a little angry as he looked at Dewitt sharply as if he could pierce everything. “Yes, with all that said, the challenge should begin. As I just said, the Challenger takes precedence. So, the first one to challenge the hammer will be my contract beast, King Tiger.”

In a bad mood, JU did not continue to dally, but his mood obviously did not affect his speech, the audience’s attitude at this moment had reversed.

“Yeah, it’s not a fight. What’s important about body shape? The aim is to get a higher score from the hammer!”

“Supporting JU, you choose what you want to tie. If GQ promises to compete, it means that he agrees with the way of the game and God J won’t force him. Now that both sides have agreed to the game, what can we passers-by say? Come on, King Tiger!”

JU wiped his lips and laughed. He stepped back and looked at King Tiger.

Next to him, the assistant next to King Tiger looked slightly at the light and immediately lowered himself to untie the collar on King Tiger’s neck. He took out a small needle without any trace where everyone could not see it and injected the contents into the body of King Tiger.

The stage was a little bit away from the hammer. As usual, they should go over to the hammer and enter the passage. They begin to use their abilities. But JU laughed when he watched King Tiger change his old ways and mass with his paws furiously.

“Go ahead.” JU said, his red pupils flashed with a ray of light. That light was sharp and attractive, as if it was an invisible dagger going straight into King Tiger’s eyebrows. The latter received a death order in an instant. He bent down, kicked the ground with his back foot and then rushed out.

The title of King of the Colosseum was absolutely not a fictitious one. King Tiger was running very fast. Every time he stepped on the ground, he released a sense of strength. In the second after JU’s order, King Tiger ran like the wind under the hammer and jumped up the channel of the hammer. It was fast and steady, with a clear goal and went straight to the bottom of the hammer. Then it bumped the hammer with its shoulder.

A huge energy hit the hammer body, followed by the explosion effect which was simply too dazzling!

The huge scoreboard started counting quickly.

“What the fuck? How fast is King Tiger?”

“Ma, I want to go home. I now have tinnitus! It’s so very painful! God J really is super fierce! It’s an explosion!”

“Wait, the scoreboard is already at five thousand? Wasn’t the last record only three thousand?”

“A record breaker! Ten thousand already!”

JU squinted his eyes, looked satisfactorily at the scoreboard on the stage and then at the assistant who brought King Tiger up. Just then, his eyes slipped and fell on Karst not far away.

By this time, the Tiger King’s score had reached ten thousand, nearly four times that of the previous record holder. JU did not understand why he could still see a worried expression on Karst’s face.

Did he think that the white beast could hit harder than King Tiger? Just now, he used a manic agent and even he could not get such a high score. So what happened to make Karst look this way? 

A manic agent, which only appeared in the Colosseum, could not be commonly used. A contract beast must not use more than three needles in its life, otherwise its own energy core would burst and the effect of the second needle would be stronger than that of the first one.

Just then, this was King Tiger’s second.

No one cared about the death or replacement of a beast. This was a hidden rule that everyone in the arena knew. However, in front of ordinary Assyrians, they may not even know the existence of the arena. They may not know the arena, they may not know that a beast had an energy core, so naturally it was impossible to see through it, at least in his mind.

JU looked at Wen Jin coldly, he could not believe that this little thing could score higher points than the tiger king who used a manic agent.

“Thirteen thousand, thirteen thousand already!” Another exclamation.

“It seems that the score is about to be fixed. Can it break through fourteen thousand?”

“Thirteen thousand eight hundred ninety-one! The last record was only more than three thousand six hundred, even less than a fraction of King Tiger’s!”

The audience screamed and at the same time, Wen Jin’s attention was completely attracted by the scene when King Tiger hit the hammer. That special effect was so handsome! He wanted to do it too!

Two short legs stepped on Dewitt’s arms. Wen Jin put out his tongue and licked his nose. His eyes were full of eagerness to try.

JU saw that the score had been set, some proud eyes, picked up the microphone but suddenly a whilte light flashed by.

The speed of the white light was very fast, just like a sharp dagger, which made JU feel as if it was born to cut off the general. He was a little stunned and then suddenly reacted. It was the contract beast that had been nesting in Dewitt’s arms! 

Wen Jin was so excited that he could not wait to rush out when the score of the contract beast was determined on the scoreboard. He only saw the end of the sledgehammer and just after the King Tiger rushed up, burst open special effects. With such excitement, urgency and longing, he went on like a small wheel with four short legs, faster than the former King Tiger!

In less than one-tenth of a second, the fox rushed under the hammer, jumped up, drew an almost perfect arc in the air and stepped directly on the head of King Tiger who was still in the passage. In the next second, a white-haired claw stretched out and pressed fiercely on the hammer.

The turbulent energy exploded in an instant and even a crack appeared in the glass beside the big hammer that protected the crowd! Wen Jin directly consumed as much spirituality as a Lingshi. At that moment, the audience close to the stage could almost feel the energy fluctuation of that claw.

The whole audience was silent. Only Wen Jin, the little fox, kept his claw on the hammer. His black bean eyes were eagerly staring at the hammer, waiting excitedly for its special effects.

However, this special effect never came.

Wen Jin tilted his head and looked curiously at the hammer. His sharp ears trembled. He looked at the unresponsive hammer. He looked at his claws again. He hesitated to rub his claws on the hammer and touched it.

“Chee?” A muddled cry. Why haven’t you responded yet? Did he hit the wrong place?

Wen Jin looked hesitantly at his paws and the audience blew up with a bang.

“Who can come and wake me up? Is it true what I just saw? The scoreboard soared to 50,000?!”

That little fox hit 50,000?!”

“More than 50,000! After 50,000, the hammer exploded. Is that as high as it can go? Look, the scoreboard crashed! It’s already dark!”

“I can’t, King Tiger is JU’s beast. Even if JU loses, it won’t be so ugly. Fifty thousand? How many times is this? Are you sure the machine didn’t break down long ago?”

Wen Jin did not seem to hear the sounds around him. He looked at the unresponsive hammer in front of him. He felt as if he had cold water poured on his head. Every little white hair on his body was full of depression.

Why didn’t the hammer respond to him? He also wanted the special effects of King Tiger just now.

After staring at the hammer for a long time, Wen Jin was so disappointed that he sat down on King Tiger’s head and painfully recalled the reiki  he had just spent again. The successive blows almost knocked him out. The tiny heart in the chest was already painful and inflamed. Wen Jin looked back piteously and looked at Dewitt. “Chee?”

What about special effects? What about the super-handsome effects? Is your hammer discriminatory? Why don’t you give me one? I want special effects…

Accepting the disappointment of Little Black Bean Eye, Dewitt was moved in his heart and took a long step forward. Chen Xiong, who had been quiet to the side, also followed him.


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Muahaha.. Sorry WJ… you need to control your power to have special effects..

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Thanks for the chapter! 😊

October 2, 2019 11:05 pm

“He has a bad temper and doesn’t like waiting for people.” – meaning, “Just shut up, stop stalling and let’s do it!” And then the little fox broke the hammer… I bet JU is now really regreting issuing the challenge.

Thank you for the chapter!

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