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Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


The sunlight shined through the thick curtains, making the air lukewarm and pleasant. 

Su Nuo was curled up in the quilt, and felt really really happy and satisfied.

But his waist is particularly painful, and Su Nuo is super tired.

What a petite little human! 

Ouyang Long scooted close to kiss him and asked, “You tired?”

“Yeah.” Su Nuo felt a little embarrassed.

“Then sleep for a bit.” Ouyang Long covered Su Nuo up with the quilt.

 “…… I’m a little hungry.” This sentence sounds really unmanly but this problem is kind of troublesome ah!

Su Nuo’s stomach made a sound. Since he ran out of his house without eating breakfast, and then he also did a lot of physical exercise, Su Nuo really need some food. This is an urgent matter!!!

Ouyang Long lost his smile, and called delivery. He asked for rice but also specifically ordered the rice to be super soft. Ouyang Long is super attentive.

“I probably can’t eat dinner with you.” Su Nuo mumbled as he rubbed his face against Ouyang Long’s hand. “I need to go home before it’s too dark outside. I don’t want my brother to suspect anything.” Even though Su Nuo’s butt hurts like heck, but he doesn’t dare to provoke the empress back at his house.

Ouyang Long felt really helpless and heart-aching. Having a relationship with this little fool, why does this feel like a junior high school student early love illusion? We’re even afraid of being discovered by the parents.

 “Can I have some mango juice?” Asked Su Nuo in a dry voice. 

“I’ll go to the supermarket and buy it for you.” Room service is too slow, and Mr. Director doesn’t want to wait, “I’ll be back in five minutes.” 

“Well… Then also buy a sandwich with the green package.” Su Nuo actually also wanted a hot dog, but considering that they just met, he should act a little weak. So he forced himself to endure it! Ouyang Long ruffled his head and walked out of the door.

His pampering is so full of love. Su Nuo laid on the bed rubbing his small waist, his heart praising his handsome man is such a  gentlemen! If Mr.Director really needs to fight my brother, he might be able to win against him. But if my older brother lost, I still won’t be very happy ah! 

It’s simply just a contradiction!

Just as Su Nuo was about to calculate the possibility of his brother and Mr.Director having a tie, his phone suddenly rang!

That must be from my brother!

“Hey,  I’m driving. I was in a coffee shop, I just finished the history of philosophy. I’m going home right away.” Su Nuo, like an amazing singer, practiced his voice to make sure that his hoarse voice wasn’t obvious, before he calmly picked up the phone.

The men who acts calm in a dangerous situation are the real men!

I’ll give myself a pat on the back! 

“Why aren’t you home yet?” Han Wei tried to stay calm and collected.

“I’ll be home in a minute.” Su Nuo didn’t hesitate or stuttered.

“Where have you been for so long?” Han Wei continued to drill questions.

“I’m in a coffee shop. It’s great here!” Su Nuo had all his lines down.

“Which one? I’ll pick you up,” said Han Wei.

The fuck! Why do you want to pick me up? I don’t need to be picked up ah! ! Su Nuo’s body shook, “No, it’s okay. I’ll be back in a minute.” Su Nuo cannot panic at this time! 

“You need to be home in half an hour, I need to talk to you.” Han Wei ordered.

 “…… What’s the problem?” Su Nuo froze.

There was a beep on the end of the phone, Han Wei hanged up. 

Why so overbearing? Su Nuo complained. Mafias!

And if I only have half an hour to go home, I probably can’t eat the rice! 

What a pity!

“I’m back.” Mr. Director quickly bought the food. In addition to the juice and sandwiches, he bought a bottle of hazelnut hot chocolate drink.  

“Just eat half of it. You need to save your stomach for dinner.” Ouyang Long handed him the heated sandwich.

“…… I’m leaving soon.” The two cannot bear to be apart from each other! 

“Why?” Ouyang Long’s hand froze.

“My little niece just called me.” I must not increase the hatred of Mr. Director toward my brother, so I have to temporarily borrow Han Xiaoxi as an excuse!It’s a bit shameless but there’s no other way. 

“Is she looking for you?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Yeah. When she’s sick, I have to tell her a story before she can fall asleep.” Su Nuo’s excuses has no limits. 

“Okay.” Ouyang Long sighed, and moved to hug him, “I really want you to be my own.”

Su Nuo’s nose turned sour. It’s unbearable to stand those love-talking! The moment of separation is like tearing both their hearts and lungs! 

But even though it hurts, there’s no other way. The short separation is to better the long-term happiness! Su Nuo comforted himself and sat on the bed for the director to dress him. 

“I’ll take you home.” After tying his shoelaces, Ouyang Long stood up. 

“No. It’s okay, you don’t have to.” Su Nuo stood up from the bed and moved. Although his waist was still a little uncomfortable, there’s  nothing wrong with walking. 

“Why are you so stubborn?” Ouyang Long touched Su Nuo’s nose.

 It’s not me, it’s because my brother is horrifying! Su Nuo suffers, and looked up to kiss him, “Really, it’s okay, I’ll call you when I get home.”

“Then I’ll walk you downstairs.” Ouyang Long didn’t press on.

Su Nuo nodded, still hesitating to leave. His man is very affectionate!

And at home, Han Xiaoxi is in the kitchen. She carefully mixed the yogurt with the cookies, and then poured it in the cute little rabbit bowl for daddy, acting super super obedient.

But Han Wei obviously is not in the mood to play with her. He didn’t even give her a compliment, and told her to play with the wood piles at the corner. 

Han Xiaoxi sighed in her heart. Dad is a really  boring person!

“Brother, I’m back.” Su Nuo stood at the door, taking off his shoes, while holding a box of macarons in his hands – he bought it by making a special detour to the cafe to show that he had really been in the cafe, super super effective! 

“Follow me upstairs.” Han Wei left his book on the sofa and didn’t look at him.

The atmosphere was intense, Su Nuo’ heart almost jumped out of his throat!

To know that although his brother is very fierce outside, but at home he has always been very nice and kind, but what kind of expression is this? 

Su Nuo’s is very nervous and scared.

In the study, Han Wei sat on the sofa without saying a word. 

“Brother, what’s going on?” Su Nuo closed the door and asked carefully. 

“Where the hell did you actually go?” Han Wei looked coldy at him. His voice is not raised, but for Su Nuo it’s like a bolt out of the blue! How can his brother ask this kind of question? What if if if he already knows about him going on a date. This is terrifying!

“Talk!!!” Han Wei slapped the table hard, the teacup fell to the floor with a shattering sound.

So Nuo was instantly frightened and his face turned white, a little lost.

“I’ve taught you how to behave for more than twenty years, but how come you came out like this?!!” Han Wei’s eyes are full of blood red lines.

“…… I…I’m sorry.” Su Nuo’s lips trembled.

“Who is that man?” Han Wei forced himself to calm down.

Su Nuo’s hands were coated of cold sweat, his brain was a mess with multiple thoughts racing inside.

“Ouyang Long?” Han Wei asked.

Su Nuo’s back was cold and he didn’t dare look at his brother in the eye anymore.

“I’m really disappointed in you.” Seeing him act this way, Han Wei stood up and walked to the door, “Don’t go out anymore.”

Brother! Su Nuo’s tears poured down from his eyes. He desperately clinged to his brother just like when they’re young, crying until he starts coughing. “I really didn’t mean to deceive you. I’ve already decided  to bring him to see you …… Please don’t be angry….. Please….”

“Where is he right now?” Han Wei asked.

“………” Su Nuo didn’t dare to speak.

“You think that I can’t find him?” Han Wei said coldly.

“Bro,” Su Nuo’s head is a mess, “Let’s talk about it, okay?”

It’s bad to the point that I don’t have to think about what’s going to happen if my brother went to Mr. Director now. 

So I must not let him go.

Han Wei stayed silent. 

“Brother.” Su Nuo won’t give up.

“Sit down.” After a minute of the staring standoff, Han Wei finally let go and told the babysitter to make a cup of tea.

“Do you want to calm down a little….?” Su Nuo frightently handed his brother a cup of tea. 

 Looking at the hot tea fuming with steam, Han Wei had a headache, “Want to say something, say it.”

“I just like men, there’s really no way to change the fact.” Su Nuo sounded like a mosquito. Although this problem is very likely to make his brother more angry, but there’s no other way than to say the truth!

“There are so many beautiful girls out there in the world, but you like men!” Han Wei roared.

Su Nuo was scared to death. If you want a good conversation, then why suddenly roar out ah!

This is super super intimidating!!!

“Over and over you take the initiative to do it, do you know what makes you look like when you do that?!!” Han Wei continued yelling, “Aren’t you even embarrassed of yourself!”

Su Nuo was red-eared, and he felt like he was on fire. 

“In short, break up with him as soon as possible!” Su Nuo’s brother acts like a tyrant

“……… I’m serious about him.” Su Nuo’s hands were shaking a little, but he had the courage to say the words, “I really like him. I’m not just messing around, I’ll like him for a lifetime.” 

“You’re serious, but what about him?” Han Wei simply hate iron that’s not  steel, “There’s all kinds of people crawling in this industry for many years, what if he’s one of those people that has an ulterior motive? HM? What if he sold you to help him earn money!!

“No, he’s sincere!” Su Nuo spoke back, full of weak counterattacks. 

“Sincere?” Han Wei almost burst out laughing because of this adjective. 

“It’s true.” Su Nuo argued, “I’ve been tricking him saying that you sell mahjong for a living, and he doesn’t doubt me at all! He trusts other very easily!”

“What did you say that I do?” Han Wei felt like he hallucinated.

“That you…..Sell, uh… Mahjong……” Su Nuo felt guilty. What he’s saying right how is really stupid and brain-damaged!!

Han Wei’s head buzzed. “Um …He asked me, so I made one up.” Su Nuo looked carefully at his brother, “You… You’re not angry, right?”

“Forget it.” Han Wei waved with no energy, “We’re continuing the talk about your intention to break up with him.”

I have no intention of breaking up with him though! Su Nuo teared up again. How can he have such a brother! And in this critical moment, Ouyang Long also made a phone call! This is just horrible that the phone suddenly starts to shake on the table!

Han Wei grabbed the phone before his brother did, and took the phone. He pressed the answer button. Su Nuo was so nervous that he almost peed. Even his hands began to shake violently !!!

This unavoidable moment is finally coming!

I feel like I’m running out of air!

“Are you home yet?” Ouyang Long asked.

It’s this hypocritical man who is both mean and shameless and definitely deserves a hit to the head for seducing his lovely younger brother!! 

Han Wei’s heart instantly filled anger and burned! 

“Brother!” Su Nuo gabbed his hand that wasn’t holding the phone. Su nUo was so nervous to the point of breaking out of cold sweat.  

Please don’t explode!

Because that’s your handsome brother-in-law!

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I feel like you mixed up chapter 58 and 59 here ^^’

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Thank u… been waiting for the updates 😘 the most awaited moment is here! Bro & lover encounter 😆😆😆

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This brother is seriously soooo hardheaded.! I so hope Mr. Director will be able to stand up to him!

Thank you for the chapter!

July 5, 2020 11:44 am

I wish Nao Nao would warn Director that his bro is in the mafia. Bros anti gay tirade is making me angry, imagine if you could just choose to be gay! I’m sure many would rather avoid the stigma, but that is who we are!

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