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Chapter 60: Habit Became Reflex

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Following JinYu’s former worries, the rules and order in the beast shop were restored to the former peace~ Although there was no way for him to summon the blue water and phantasm planet, he at least understood one condition: he was very angry at the time and there were beasts that were injured.

Even though JinYu wanted to imitate the situation before, no matter how many times he tried, he had no way of achieving that level of anger. In the end, the only way a dejected JinYu could console himself by telling himself there was a hidden trigger or the circumstances weren’t clear enough. Maybe if he waited some time, he could see the lovely planet again.

JinYu thought this was rather splendid. If, in the future, he could move freely on the planet and in the capital, it wouldn’t matter if there were no living things on the planet. He only thought that if his beast store continued to receive injured beasts, there would be beasts sleeping in the courtyard. If only they could be thrown onto the planet!

Eh, even if there were a few more beasts with wings or powers, the Mother Earth should still happily accept the pitiful beasts with understanding. JinYu would certainly be very willingly. When the beasts had a new homeland, and when they were aware that their new homeland was unlike any other wasteland planet where it was difficult to even exist, the beasts would love this utopia with fervor and would protect it to death.

They were more worthy of Mother Earth’s approval and protection than the humans who thought they were dictators and wreaked havoc as they pleased. Similarly, the beasts cherished the beautiful planet much more.

Perhaps, in the future, there would be a day when humans once again destroyed their mother planet, another time when they would destroy and harm it was they wished. However, JinYu believe that when people eventually returned after roaming for so long, they would have a chance to cherish the plane again.

This really was something that would only occur in the far, far future. Boss Jin showed that as an original human 1 , he had no intention of giving his lovely planet to these new humans and the degraded demi-humans. He preferred to use it as a back garden for injured beasts or brave and kind beasts so they could have a habitat. He would make it a place where the elderly could live as well. And as for himself, he would choose to be buried in his old home.

“Ah….When will I be able to see the flower garden again…, it’s already been three days!!” JinYu angrily bit into a chicken drumstick, anxiously biting it as it could take his frustrations.

When big boss Qi saw his partner’s resentment he felt very intrigued. Tilting his head, he took a whiff and was immediately handed a bite of chicken.

“Don’t go looking for trouble when there is none. I’ve already tolerated you for so long!!” Since the last fucking time they slept together, this guy has been taking advantage of him to the point where he did it by reflex!! What this guy was doing was reflecting his desires!!

However, what displeased Boss Jin was that even though this habit became a reflex but his own response to not beat the other also became a reflex! This was extremely dangerous!! Thinking of this, Boss Jin faced a certain cold boss and shouted, reaching out to grab that boss’ most disgusting bittersweet dumplings and shoved them directly into Qi QingLin’s mouth. Afterwards, he watched the boss’ eyebrows furrow and JinYu laughed happily.

Seeing JinYu laugh, Qi Qinglin grew furious. He shut his eyes then reached out to embrace JinYu. Afterwards he licked into JinYu’s mouth, transferring his food, and even brushed tongues with the other. He then watched his partner’s eyebrows furrow.

At the moment the beasts in the house saw the two masters without a bit of integrity or anything blocking them. They used their paws to cover their eyes, hearts quite jealous, but still left a small crack. Those beasts without claws used their wings, intent on not letting these two dirty their own spiritual energy!

JinYu looked at the beasts in the room holding themselves like this and his lips twitched as he took another bite out of his drumstick. Why the fuck are you guys pretending so be so pure and chaste?! Some of you guys even have your families here! The thought suddenly struck him, that for quite some time Qi Qinglin’s icy expression could change into a smile so naturally. He even started to put him in an important place.

“…What a despicable habit!”

Woof woof woof……[Wang wang you ass!! You’re trying to take my meat bone!! You have your own!!]

Roar. [Sorry, it’s a habit. How about I split it between us? You have more bones than I do anyway.]

Woof woof woof—! [Your fucking awful habits ahahahaha! I’m going to fight you — !!]

Consequently, the fight for food continued for another three days. Da Bai, Baozi, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Xue, as well as the other beasts, watched Wang Wang and Er Hei fight it out. The newbie got along well with the rest of the group. Everyday, he really knew how to put on a good entertainment program, en, don’t think that it’s outward appearance seems rough and fierce, in actuality it’s quite gentle.

Woof woof woof –!! [You’re whole family is gentle hahaha, I can’t see a bit of gentleness on you!!!]

Of course, this kind of beating was a gentle reprimand of love. When Big Boss Qi saw this scene, Wang Wang actually enacted that saying. Anyway, after bullying Er Hei, the guys will hurry up and send the bones…the boss thought that this guy was looking for really having quite the time owing people, wasn’t he now? This dumbass loved to stir up trouble.

Aside from this increasingly harmonious and beautiful day, the beasts who had formerly been idle without anything to do now had basic jobs and goals. It was only thanks to the phontoencephalon (computer made of optical fibers) that Long Changxiao had Da Bai Xiong (big white bear) bring over.

This optical computer was connected directly to the capital star’s network task hall. The Network Task Hall included all tasks issued by the capital star, Desert Star Base, the Hunter Association the Adventurer Association, and the Hunting Academy. So, with this, the beasts could choose the tasks they wanted to do on their own. From then on they broadened the income that Beast Store 138 received and this made a certain Boss Jin, who claimed to not be greedy, unable to shut his mouth.

Of course JinYu wasn’t a mean landlord (周披皮=famous villain/bully landlord from a story). Besides helping the beasts examine the tasks and determine which ones were suitable for them, half the earnings went back to the beasts. Even though gold coins and purple coins were useless to the beasts— the shop already fed them! However, they were still conscious of the possibility of bankruptcy and in that case they could be a solid back up for the boss.

Either way at Beast Store 138, the beasts thought that as long as the boss doesn’t go bankrupt, they didn’t run out of money, then they would always have a home to return to and they would never be abandoned by anyone again.

Of course, there were still beasts that saved up their own money privately. Baozi was the head of the private savings, it even wanted to take a wife! And how could it possibly marry if it were poor?! In any case, when proposing it had to buy a large energy stone as a bride gift to show that Baozi, as an adult, was a beast with money. Not even Er Hei could look down upon it then!

Of course, if Baozi knew that its savings were being eyed by a certain loyal and sincere big white bear. In fact, if the crooked white sand tiger took it all to the boss’ treasury, perhaps there wouldn’t be any discussion of marriage and it would jump on a certain fellow and fight to the death with them! Of course, right now Baozi was oblivious to the true state of affairs and every time Da Bai held a meat bone with a paralyzed face, Baozi really thought that this was a good friend!

Xiao Bai, who had always understood the situation and watched the state of affairs unroll from afar, used to scratch the walls whenever he saw Da Bai’s behavior with Baozi. Afterward a long, deep discussion with Xiao Xue about how the dumbass Baozi was being controlled by Da Bai. Eventually, Xiao Bai came to hate Da Bai.

Chirp chirp…..[Wow, really wow…I hope that the wife I marry will be like Baozi and Er Hei. This seems to be a good idea, better than being like the boss. Haven’t you seen how the boss isn’t full every day?]

Chirp chirp—! Meow meow!!

Not even waiting for Xiao Bai to nod in approval, a sudden gust of wind burst out. In a flash this dumbass was blown into the mud in the courtyard.

The boss was currently sitting on the sofa and it seemed that even if the beasts saw the truth, they would have to deal with it! Whatever fucker wanted to say it aloud had a suicide wish!

Just like this the beasts exercised and worked every day, bantering with one another and falling in love. At the same time, JinYu studied his new strength and searched for a gate, also bantering with the boss and falling in love. After two days, the long unseen Xiaolu and Da Wei Ba Lang (big tailed wolf) came rushing into the yard with a bulletin hanging in their mouths.

Roar roar roar roar—-!!

Hoot hoot hoot—–!!

[Hurry up to come and see! The Hunter Academy is going to pick new beasts but this isn’t the important part! The important part is that we’re invited as honored guests! Hurry up and see our good looks!]

Xiaolu and Da Wei Ba shouted cheerfully. However, this tiger whistle and wolf howl were really not pleasant noises. When JinYu heard from inside the house his eyebrows furrowed. He gave Da Bai and Wang Wang a look and the two immediately stood up, running outside, then slapped the two dumbasses to the ground before finally howling in their ears.

With the roar Xiao Bai and the big tailed wolf almost fainted.


Hoot hoot hoot……

[Pah! We’re powerful beasts being bullied by those below us! They’ll be beaten by thunder….hehehe]

Da Bai and Wang Wang sneered when they heard this. They then turned around and flicked their tails to show their contempt. Before getting chopped they’d definitely make them show responsibility, if they want to die then fine.

In reality, Da Bai and Wang Wang were actually complaining that these two irregular guys could be chosen as honored guests even though they were much stronger than them!!

Afterwards, Boss Jin picked up the leaflets on the floor and raised his eyebrows. Then, he looked down and thought for a moment before telling Baozi, “Baozi-ah, the doll you picked up has been living outside for almost a month now. Go tidy up a bit and remember to bring it in. I’ll give you some spare change, it’s only natural~ Let’s go and see how the little guy’s life is going and see if Lanzi is taking good care of the baby wolf pup. We can also go see if anyone’s abandoned their beasts there as well.”

I can’t beat him to death!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Technically 古人类 but since this is taking place in the far far future, changed it to match the circumstances.


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