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Based on Su Nuo ultimate illusion, he really wish his older brother would say something like “Directive OuYang, my younger brother will be on your care for now on”, “please take good care of my younger brother”, “my younger brother eat quite a lot, are you sure you are able to take care of him?”, this sort of sentence and have a friendly conversation with Mr. Directive, in the end the prince and prince happy ending! Isn’t this very beautiful and sweet!

However, the reality and fairy tale are always the opposite, towards this man to snatch away his beloved younger brother, Han Wei cannot control himself to dig a hole and bury him, he does not want to talk to him, let alone a friendly compromised!

“Brother……” noticed his brother expression is not right, Su XiaoNuo heart wrenched, using his eye to beg him.

But Han Wei still heartlessly said, “I’m Su Nuo older brother. If you don’t want to die, in two days’ time, get out of Italy!”

Shshshit! Su Nuo immediately felt like he was struck by lightning!

How could you be so heartless!

Even in transitioning period is not so illogical!

“……Can’t we meet up and talk about it?” OuYang Long was startled for a while, obviously he did not expect the other party to be so straightforward.

But Han Wei did not reply to him, because Su Nuo has suddenly……fainted!

His head bang into the table and looks very terrifying!

Han Wei was successfully being shocked by it. He doesn’t care if he is still talking to someone on the phone, after he hung it up, he immediately carry Su Nuo up, “Nuo Nuo!”

Su XiaoNuo tightly shut his eyes, looking as though very weak like he really fainted!

But actually, he just faked it!

This is because if he continues to let his brother talk, his handsome man may be scared away, therefore he has to turn the attention around! Fainting or whatever may look stupid, but in such a desperate situation, nothing seems to be a better alternative. Hence, he could only use it temporarily.

After acting in two or three movies, Movie Emperor Su’s acting skill is basically skilful, at least his older brother is really shocked by it.

After the family doctor checked finish, thinking that the patient does not seem to have any problem, he chat with Han Wei for a while, after which, he came up with the conclusion, “your brother seems to be shocked by something, his mentality is too weak, hence I advised you the next time you talk to him, please be caution on your word.”


Han Wei does not know if he should laugh or cry.

“Brother……” Su Nuo weakly called him.

“En.” Han Wei sit next to him at his bed.

“Are you currently still very angry?” Su Nuo weakly asked.

Even though the older brother is indeed angry, but looking at his pale face, his heart still feeling a bit helpless, “it’s ok, just rest for now.”

“I didn’t mean to make you angry.”  Su Nuo eyes turned red, “I……” I really like him.

“I know, don’t say anymore.” Han Wei helped him cover up his blanket.

“You won’t go to him and for trouble, right?” Su Nuo clenched his heart and asked.

“If I say not, are you going to faint again?” Han Wei asked.

Su Nuo: ……

“Your forehead even has a bump.” Han Wei rubbed his forehead, “next time when trying to fake a faint, remember to faint onto the sofa.”

Su Nuo face suddenly become red, being discovered or whatever is really embarrassing!

“What’s good about OuYang Long that you are willing to do this to yourself.” The older brother sighed.

“We are serious about it.” Su Nuo nose turns sour.

Cannot be because both are men, hence, we are rejected so violently, this is so unfair!

But Han Wei still remains silent.

“Daddy, there is a guest!” Just as the two brothers continue to be in a stalemate, Han XiaoJi suddenly open the door and run inside, “it is a really handsome uncle, wearing a black windbreaker!”

“Who?” Han Wei furrowed his eyebrows.

“He just said, I forget it.” Han XiaoJi scratched her head, remembering name or whatever is so hard!

I go and look.” Han Wei stood up.

Su Nuo heartbeat is so fast as if it is going to stop, could could could it be, his handsome man?

This scene is very sudden!

Han Wei walk down the stairs and look through the door hole, his expression immediately darken.

Because he saw the bastard who snatch his younger brother away!

How dare he walks towards his house, he is really…… owning some punches!

OuYang Long waited outside for exactly five minutes before seeing a man walked out, his expression is really dark and fierce!

Even though he has not talk, but no matter how much you look, it does not look like he sell Mahjong!

Mr. Director slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

“I didn’t remember inviting you to come to my house.” Han Wei voice did not have even the slightest temperature.

“You are Nuo Nuo brother?” OuYang Long asked.

“If you know then quickly scram.” Han Wei turned around to walk inside.

After that he bumped into the younger brother who is dashing out!

“What are you running outside for?” Han Wei carry him up.

Su Nuo struggle free from his older brother and dash towards the hug of his handsome man.

He is really really going for the outsider!

“Han Yi!!!!” Han Wei exploded.

But Su XiaoNuo does not have time to pay attention to him, only know to tightly hug Mr. Director, his nose turn sour, he asked, “How do you know where is my house?

Your dessert good’s receipt is still in the hotel, there is the address on the top.” OuYang Long patted his back, raises his head and look at Han Wei, “if you really are for Nuo Nuo good, then we sit down and calmly talk for once.”


Looking at his younger brother like a koala hanging on his neck, Han Wei feeling is so complicated that he cannot form into words.

“Brother.” Su nuo turned his head, looking at him with his red eyes.

“……Come in.” Han Wei finally released his mouth. Even though he really does not want to talk with this man, but if he continues to reject, he does not need to think and know how much shadow will leave in his younger brother’s heart.

Hence, he can only take a step back.

Han XiaoJi has a favourable impression to this ‘handsome uncle’,  she took the initiative to go to the fridge to take her yogurt and tries to act cute to sit on Mr. Director lap! Han Wei almost wanted to grit his teeth, why does his daughter and younger brother have interest with this bastard!

“Hello.” OuYang Long have a friendly handshake with her.

Han XiaoJi have not even self-introduced herself, Han Wei already called the nanny to carry her out of the living room.

Therefore, Daddy is really annoying ……

“Say it, what do you want to talk to me about.” Han Wei voice is very cold.

“I am serious with Nuo Nuo.” OuYang Long looked at him and replied.

Su XiaoNuo immediately felt tears in his eyes, love words or whatever is really touching!

Han Wei stared fiercely at his brother, look at your such little capability!

“Even though sexual orientation cannot be changed, but I can promise that I will give him everything that a normal marriage should have.” OuYang Long continued to say, “I can guarantee he will live a good life.”

“Why must I trust your promised.” Han Wei looked at him as asked, his tone is obviously not friendly.

Su Nuo panicked, why is his brother so unreasonable!

“What do you want me to do, then you can believe me?” OuYang Long asked.

Su Nuo brain ring, this sort of dramatic story really can’t let people stand it! If his brother says, “if you want me to believe you then kneel down at the lawn three days and three nights under the rain to prove to me your unyielding heart!” this sort of speech, then he would definitely faint again.

Because that is too shocking!

But Han Wei next sentence is not any better than any dramatic story.

“Fight with me first.”

“You can’t!” Su Nuo was shocked and immediately tries to stop it first and even used his thin body to shield Mr. Director. He is so determined a courageous that one doesn’t even dare to look at it.

How can brother be so barbaric! Only knows how to talk about fighting! He is really violent and embarrassing! Only shows that he is not even cultured!

“We already agree on sitting down and talk about it, why do you still want to fight?!” Su XiaoNuo protested.

“If after the fight you let me take him away, then I accept.” OuYang Long said.

After hearing this Su Nuo is more panicked, and even feels a bit like exploding! My older brother fight very fierce, you anyhow agree to it for what, what will happen if you are injured! Taking a step back, even if your fighting capability is especially good, but if you injured my brother, I am going to fight against you with my life! This sort of things which hurt three parties only idiots will do! Hence, he turned his head around and fiercely told OuYang Long, “I told you not to speak already, quickly shut your mouth!” they are really really manly!


Mr. Director does not know how he should react to it.

“No matter what happened, no fighting is allowed!” Su Nuo continue to angrily stare at his older brother, “only barbarians will like using fist to solve problems.”

Han Wei did not say anything, but frankly, he is a bit shocked at how biased his brother is.

From small to big how many times fight has he helped his brother fight, now because of a man he said he is barbaric!

“Sexuality this sort of this I really have no idea how to change.” Su Nuo is afraid the both will really start fighting. Hence, he could only continue to talk, “even though we couldn’t have our own child, how is he any bad! He is so handsome! He also treats me very well and knows how to cook! I didn’t even wash the dishes before!” it is literally the model house-husband!

OuYang Long held to his hand tightly.

“How well do you know about him!” and you are so dead lock towards him! Han Wei almost feels like roaring out loud!

“You don’t even let me date with him, how am I supposed to know about him!” Su Nuo courageous retaliated.

Han Wei has a headache by Su Nuo’s words, but he could not think of any words to reply.

“You discriminate homosexual!” Su Nuo clenched his fist, his eyes filled with justice!

Han Wei: ……

“I will treat Nuo Nuo very well. I know you would not believe me now, but at least give me a chance.” OuYang Long asked sincerely.

Even though this sort of dialogue is very dramatic, but it is also very touching, Su XiaoNuo nose immediately turned sour as he looked at his older brother, “even if you forcefully break us up and want me to marry a girl, that will only harm others only, why do you want to do such a thing?”

This is so sensational!

“……Nuo Nuo, follow me towards the upstairs.” After a brief silence, Han Wei stood up.

“What do you want to do?!” Su Nuo was immediately alarmed, is he going to put him under house arrest?!

This is really cruel!

“I have things to talk to you.” Han Wei said as his tone is very calm.

“Why can’t you say it here?” Su Nuo tightly hold onto OuYang Long hand.

Han Wei went up on his own.

Su Nuo was startled for 3 seconds and turned his head to look at OuYang Long.

This is what situation?!

He just walk off like that!

“Your brother should really have things to talk to you.” OuYang Long let go of his hand, “just go, I’ll wait for you here.”

“……en.” Su Nuo nodded his head and hug him for a while, “no matter what happened, I am going to be with you!” it is so determined.

“I know.” OuYang Long pinch his face, “me too.”

Even though Mr. Director is very important, but older brother is also very important! Su XiaoNuo have to temporarily left his handsome man, nervously walked towards the study room.

“What will the problem be?”

It is really nerve racking!

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NuoNuo’s niece nailed it “Daddy is really annoying” I agree 100%!!! Even if NuoNuo looks weak he really can control both Mr. Director and his brother! Yes don’t let them fight! Argh, this development is so nerve-racking.

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