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Chapter 65

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations

Because of the ‘They didn’t go eat at a booked restaurant’ thing, Mr. Director made Su Nuo very comfortable. But Su Nuo was still pretty annoyed, and even after his shower, he was still complaining!

Thus, Ouyang Long immediately felt guilty and was aware of his own mistake. Did he take the initiative to kneel on the washing board, crying for forgiveness, saying he’d compensate Su Nuo with ten times the food?

Wrong! In fact, that was just Su Nuo’s beautiful fantasy!

Su Nuo’s brother continued to coax him,  “My wife just cooked some delicious salted meat and rice, the salted eggs are very flavorful, and there’s also an especially tender steamed fish.”

Nani? Su Nuo’s eyes glowed instantly, and his love for Mr. Director was immediately forgotten. “I’ll be back soon!”

Ouyang Long: …..

“Good.” Han Wei was very satisfied,  “There’s also cake and sweet orange pie.”

This was lit! Su Nuo immediately got up and dressed.


“But you said you wouldn’t go back,” Ouyang Long hugged him from behind.

But you wouldn’t give me food! Su Nuo kissed his forehead and continued to put on his little underpants without hesitation.

Although his butthole was slightly in pain, from his point of view, going home was way better than sleeping here! The first thing I could do is go back to have some food, then second I could also protect my image in front of Mr. Director! I would make him feel like he doesn’t need to waste money on me.

“What the heck did your brother even say?” Ouyang Long had a headache.

“My niece has a cold, so I’m going back to tell her a bedtime story,” Su Nuo shamelessly shirked his responsibilities!

Han Xiaoxi was already sleeping, and her nose suddenly felt itchy, as if a small bug flew in!


“I really want to lock you in my house and not show you to anyone else.” Ouyang Long felt really helpless, but he got out of bed to help Su Nuo with his buttons.

“We’re going back home anyways,” Su Nuo comforted Ouyang Long. “Then we can live together!” So these one or two days were worth the wait.

“Are you sure?” Ouyang Long pinched his nose, “Your brother also called me before, and said to avoid being caught by the paparazzi. I can’t go look for you often when we return home.” Although Ouyang Long knew that Han Wei had other things in mind, the idea wasn’t unreasonable.

“Rest assured. My ability to hide from the paparazzi is super strong!” Su Nuo was serious and especially confident in himself.

Because as a seductive and good looking model, I could not eat anything! But as a food lover, I still need to eat!

Since the conditions of being a model were arduous, in order to fit both expectations, Su Nuo had to full-on use his abilities, and expanded his hiding and fooling ability to the extreme—sometimes even his brother wouldn’t know where he was, not to mention the paparazzi!

Through the hard times came talents and ability! 

Everything was forced out…

Because Su Nuo was too stubborn, Ouyang long had to drive him home. Ouyang Long pressed him into the seat and had a hot make-out session before he finally left Su Nuo go. In contrast to Su Nuo, his mood was much more joyful. 

Su Nuo trotted back, and he pushed the door open, immediately smelling the delicious scent of meat.

The smell of food was really wonderful!

“Are you back, Nuo Nuo?” His sister in law heard some noise and came down stairs. “I’ll warm up the meal for you.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it myself,” Su Nuo hurried to her side to hold her.

“Xiaoxi had gone to bed, and I couldn’t sleep.” She was really gentle!

“Where’s my brother?” Su Nuo asked curiously.

“He went to the supermarket to buy you some fruit juice. He said he’ll be right back,” she said. “The last bottle was spilled by Xiaoxi; your brother said you don’t like pure water, so he was afraid you’d be thirsty when you come back.”

Su Nuo’s nose instantly scrunched up. His brother and his sister-in-law were so kind to him!

When Han Wei came back with his shopping bag, Su Nuo was stuffing himself with meat. He already had three bowls finished in front of him, his power of eating was especially strong.

He was really hungry!

“Ouyang Long didn’t let you eat?!?” Han Wei was angry when he first glanced at Su Nuo.

No! Stop guessing! Su Nuo looked at his brother seriously, “I didn’t want to eat myself.” 

“You’re hopeless!” He hates that Su Nuo doesn’t live up to his expectations!

Why was his brother so unwilling to cooperate, Han Wei really wanted an excuse to beat up that trashy person. He felt really annoyed inside his heart.

As an obsessive brother, Han Wei really wanted an ear-to-ear session to teach Su Nuo ‘even if you have a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean anything! Not to mention you guys don’t have to go live together! If he dares to bully you, I will beat him to a pulp!!!’ and that sort of things. But helpless Su Nuo was really not supporting his brother and after he was full, he began yawning.

Han Wei: ………..

Su Nuo looked at him with sleepy eyes.

“Go to sleep early.” Han Wei had to swallow those words.

“Good night, brother.” Su Nuo was very well-behaved, and he cleaned up his chopsticks and went upstairs to sleep.

His bed was very soft, and the covers were also very soft. Su Nuo rolled back and forth on the bed, and felt really happy!

Right now I have to look at the gossip site!

Even though the home page was still familiar, the posts were unrecognizable. Su Nuo had to use the search engine and wondered why this blood-sucking novel is hidden so deep! It was reasonable to say that this novel should be like on top of the top and it should be super hot right now!

He opened to post and scrolled to the end only to  find that the author was on leave and asked to take a break! The authors who like to take breaks are not good authors!

Su Nuo sighed in regret. After waiting for so long, there was only one chapter update that Su Nuo could read. He felt very unhappy!

After Ouyang JinLong left, Su Nuonuo was in a depressed state. Those two diamond-like eyes shed tears everyday, every night. The white and breathtaking flowers in the castle withered and no longer expressed happiness.

In the bitter moment, fortunately there was a golden snake to comfort his broken spirit and his dry, thirsty body. 

Su Nuo couldn’t help but exclaim, the author was really talented! Dry and thirsty were the same meaning, but if put together by the brain, there was a totally different meaning. The former was a deceively and calculating bottom, but then the latter instantly evolved into a cold, tear-dropping beauty. The main character changed and leveled up!

The night descended, Su Nuonuo wore his sexy robe and sat on the bed gazing at that star river.

The golden snake slithered onto the bed, and skillfully wrapped his tail around the beauty.

“No, stop!” Su Nuonuo’s eyes were filled with hot tears, “We can’t do this kind of thing.”

But the pure little beauty simply was too weak, and how could he escape? Even if he struggled using his full strength, his legs were still forced apart and his places were revealed in the air. 

“Please, don’t.” Su Nuonuo begged, chewing his fingers while his eyelashes glittered with teardrops. “I, I love him only.”

When the golden snake heard, it suddenly froze, and looked up with golden eyes. 

“I really love him,” Su Nuonuo said while crying his eyes out, “Even if he treats me like this, I still love him very much!”

The readers all left comments, saying that this was torture and they couldn’t stand it. This is so shattering!

The golden snake released Su Nuonuo and patted him lightly with gentle eyes. But this gesture was ignored by Su Nuonuo, who was still crying for Ouyang JinLong.

The golden snake bit the bedding and used it to cover up Su Nuonuo.

The atmosphere instantly changed to soft and warm mode, which was clearly not the author’s usual style of writing. 

So in the next second, the plot immediately flew down three thousand feet! Su Nuonuo suddenly took out a dagger from under the pillow and stabbed the golden snake’s body!

In a flash, blood coated the golden bedsheets.

What the fuck! Su Nuo was shocked!

How could this kind of content have that many bloody scenes!?

This was not scientific at all!

“I HATE YOU!” Su Nuonuo’s tears fell uncontrollably, “You know that I love him, so why do you do these kind of things with me?” 

The golden snake curled up, its body shaking and shivering.

Su Nuo was literally speechless with Su Nuonuo. It was clear that he was drunk and mistakenly identified the golden snake as Ouyang Jinlong, and then they did the unthinkable! How can he have the face to even ask such questions!?

“I hate you, I hate you!” Su Nuonuo dropped the dagger in his hand while crying and hugged the snake, “but I don’t want you to die.”

Su Nuo and the golden snake both threw up blood. You didn’t want it to die, but you still stabbed it! How can you even think like that!!!

The golden snake’s mouth was covered with blood, but its eyes were still filled with love. The snake licked off Su Nuonuo’s tears with its tongue, super soft and gentle.

The readers started commenting like crazy, and they wanted Ouyang JingLong back immediately. They wanted to see some 3P!

“Does it hurt?” Su Nuonuo hugged the snake’s body, shedding tears continuously.

The snake shook its head tenderly, and pushed him onto the bed.

Then came a large section of the beep——. Super hot with a lot of writhing and tangling, they’d been doing it from late at night to early morning, and then from early morning to late at night!

“Pervert! Please stop!” Su Nuonuo started hitting the snake repeatedly with his weak fists.

The golden snake lowered its head and bit down on the other’s white and delicate shoulder. Its poisonous teeth sunk into the clear flesh, bringing a burning sense of pleasure like waves of electricity.

“Ah…….” Su Nuonuo’s chin raised high, his body drowning from the pleasure that started shaking and shivering. His face glistened with tears of joy.

The readers always liked these kind of scenes, so at least some readers will draw some fanarts of the characters. Su Nuo stared at the screen that has him in a shirt that was half open, his body twitching and writhing. He felt super conflicted.

Why keep using my face?! Qiu Ziyan is also very good ah! Su Nuo muttered and continued to scroll down.

Even though Su Nuonuo’s bed was made of diamonds, it was still not strong enough to endure what they were doing. So, it collapsed. The golden snake curled up its tail around Su Nuonuo, and put him on the table to continue beep——. They didn’t even stop for a second! Su Nuonuo gasped seductively while his legs opened wider, wanting it to go inside more. He mistakenly screamed out, and called out Ouyang JinLong’s name!

Ouyang JinLong, these four syllables were like a spell, and instantly everything came to a halt!

The golden snake stopped, and its eyes didn’t blink and stared at Su Nuonuo.

Su Nuo was a little worried, the snake probably wouldn’t do something sutpid out of jealousy, would it?

The answer, of course, was no! Because then a golden light flashed, and the golden snake became Ouyang JinLong.

The heck! Su Nuo was stunned.

What the heck is this!

The other readers were also stunned!

“Ru!” Ouyang JinLong gazed at him with affection.

“You… You….. How could… It’s you…” Su Nuonuo couldn’t believe it!

“It’s me, it’s really me.” Ouyang JinLong held his delicate little hands, “You still love me, don’t you?”

“It’s really you,” Su Nuonuo whispered, looking at the bleeding wound on Ouyang JinLong’s shoulder. “I cut you…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ouyang JinLong said, “All the injuries that you gave me, I see them as treasures.”

Su Nuo’s back was numb.

Su Nuonuo was moved, but he was also embarrassed to find that, although Ouyang JinLong turned into a human form, Ouyang JinLong’s beep—was still placed in his beep—and even a little movement from either of them made it feel electric.

“… Take it out.” Su Nuonuo’s cheeks were red.

“Do you really want me to take it out?” Ouyang JingLong patted his butt, “I think you body thinks otherwise.”

Then the two continued to do it again! During the session, sometimes things like ‘call me husband’ ‘you’re hard again’ ‘oh Ru is so tight and hot here’ appears and so on and so forth! The authors glowed green eyes and continued to write things like ‘Oh that feels so good, don’t stop, can’t hold it anymore!’ Only Su Nuo was a little worried. Ouyang JinLong’s shoulder was still bloody, how come no one remembered that? Blood was still seeping out of his wound, but he was still doing that, Su Nuo was super anxious and worried.

With Ouyang JinLong’s last advance, the series also came to an end. The author said that recently because she had no inspiration to work and was really busy, she temporarily wanted to rest for a while and hoped that the readers wouldn’t forget about the book and also about Su Nuonuo and Ouyang Long! 

Su Nuo stared at the three characters of  ‘Ouyang Long’, feeling a bit depressed and confused because the name was missing a letter! It became his own man’s name! What is this?! The author even spelled her own character’s name wrong, this is really bothering me ah!

“Nuo Nuo,” Han Wei saw that the lights were on and knocked on the door, “Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?”

”I’ll sleep right now!“ Su Nuo turned out the lights, put his iPad back on the table, and went to sleep. Did he?

No, of course not! He took out his phone again! Because he needed to say good night to the handsome director before going to bed!

“Still awake?” Ouyang Long got on the phone.

“I’m in my bed right now.” Su Nuo layed on the bed, “You?”

“I’ll go to bed after smoking.” Ouyang Long said softly.

“Don’t smoke,” Su Nuo reprimanded him, “It’s bad for your body.”

“Okay.” Ouyang Long threw his half done cigarette into the trash can, “ I’ll quit, then.”

“Go to sleep early.” Su Nuo rolled over with the covers, “We can have breakfast together tomorrow morning.”

“Does it hurt over there?”Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo blushed in an instant.

“Remember to apply the ointment I gave you,” Mr. Director said. “I’ll check tomorrow.”

What do you mean check… Su Nuo’s face was on fire!

“Well, go to bed early,” Ouyang Long kissed him through the phone. “Good night, baby.”

“Good night.” Su Nuo was well-mannered, and then he rolled around on the bed happily.

Such days were really nice…

Even his dreams were sweet!

Although Su Nuo wanted to continue this leisurely life without any bother, he still needed to go back to the mainland. Su Nuo said goodbye to sister-in-law, and then he stared speechlessly at what was happening next to him.

“Uncle, please don’t leave.” Han Xiaoxi was in tears, and she was desperately holding onto Ouyang Long’s neck as though it were a matter of life and death.

Han Wei had a major headache.

“It’s okay, uncle will come and visit you,” Ouyang Long held her. “Don’t cry.”

“We haven’t even eaten strawberry cake together yet,” Han Xiaoxi was in mourning.

“Uncle will come and eat with you next time,” Ouyang Long crouched down and put her on the ground. “It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

“Then you have to come back soon,” Han Xiaoxi hiccuped.

“I promise,” Ouyang Long raised his right hand.

“Next time I’ll wear Snow White’s dress, and you’ll wear a prince’s costume,” Han Xiaoxi said seriously.

What the heck, why! Su Nuo eyes widened. He’s my man!

Han Wei had no strength to even be angry anymore.

“Xiaoxi is the prettiest princess.” Ouyang Long handed her back to her mother. “Be good, and say goodbye to uncle.”

“Goodbye, uncle.” Han Xiaoxi was reluctant, but she did wave her little hand, saying goodbye to him.

“Why can’t you say goodbye to your own dad?” Han Wei finally couldn’t but get angry.

“Bye, dad,”  Han Xiaoxi waved, but her eyes were still glued to Ouyang Long and didn’t move away.

“How could she say those things!?” Su Nuo was kind of annoyed.

“You’re not any better!” Han Wei got into the car angrily.

What does this have to do with me?? Su Nuo felt wronged. You can’t use this excuse to lash out at me… I’m innocent!

After a thousand hardships, the silver car was finally on the way to the airport. Su Nuo looked out of the window, feeling a bit regretful; he didn’t really want to leave. His heart had undescribed feelings like ‘coming into an unfamiliar city with a broken heart’ or ‘originally thought never to be in love again’ or ‘didn’t expect to harvest love again before departure’ and other such lines.  These things were so cheesy that it was simply hard to look at!

Even though he was a food lover, he was also the food lover in the entertainment industry, ah! Su Nuo couldn’t help but give himself a pat on the back!

 Before entering the highway to the airport, both the brother and the director told him, “Close the window.”

Su Nuo silently sat up straight, and felt a little bit of pressure in his heart.

Originally, there was only one person bossing him around, but there were two now!

I feel really really miserable right now!

This was literally ‘The Xiao Su Nuo who sells matches’ kind of story.

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Su Nuo, you act like a spoiled princess! Being pretty and a famous model for that matter, be your own person, independent, famous, and confident in your skin. Buckle up sweetie, don’t let these men control you, OK?

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Gosh!! Stop playing the victim here! 😆😆 thanks exr.. 👍🏼

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