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Chapter 60: Want to be responsible?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The air was fresh and the sun was shining on a suspension car heading for the scientific research institute. Wen Jin was lying on a small, cold seat, looking seriously at Dewitt’s big hands clicking on the light screen.

His palms were big, knuckles long and powerful. When the screen was turned over, the tendons on the back of his hand slightly protruded, showing strength. As Wen Jin watched, his eyes could not help moving with the fingers of his opponent and his mind could not help imagining the words “and you” that Dewitt had said before.

Thinking of such a powerful hand holding the dark mosaic in the picture he saw that day… Wen Jin felt his heart beating fast, his imagination was uncontrolled and images rushed into his mind one after another, almost filling his whole head.

Wen Jin tried to shut it off, but it was useless.

With his mind completely occupied by those colored mosaic images, Wen Jin felt that they were about to develop into motion pictures. The little fox quietly raised his eyelids and looked at Dewitt.

This action should have been straightforward, but with those images, Wen Jin inexplicably shrank up, claws nervously pressed on the metal table.

“How long did you look at it?” Just as Wen Jin’s eyes drifted past, Dewitt was still staring at the screen. But he did not know when Dewitt had turned to look at him. There was still a slight absent smile in those deep eyes.

Wen Jin twisted his neck and refused to admit that he had seen it.

“Hmn.” Dewitt was not surprised by Wen Jin’s action. He reached out to touch the white furry head, but the movement of that hand was hastily avoided by Wen Jin, who had been ill at ease since that morning. 

Dewitt watched his reaction and squinted his eyes. “That image shocked you a lot.”

“… Chee! ” Wen Jin heard him mention the image again and hit the metal seat unhappily. At last, he felt that his action was not enough for this man. So he straightened out his chest and said, “Who says it shocked me!? It didn’t! Not at all! I’ve seen such images thousands of times before!”

The veteran little fox would never allow the big fool to tease him with this type of thing! 

Dewitt glanced at the little fox on the seat and stared at him very dully. He turned his eyes back to the screen and pulled out a document at random.

Wen Jin, who had just finished his big talk, looked forward to Dewitt’s surprised expression, so that he could naturally change the person he had previously complained about. But this guy’s reaction was so dull… Just when Wen Jin was disappointed, Dewitt, who was looking at the screen, suddenly said coldly, “Have you really?”

When the words suddenly came out, Wen Jin did not respond. He looked at Dewitt for a moment, then the scenes of passion rushed straight to his head. He jumped up from the seat, two front paws stepped forward and said, “What are you talking about?”

Before he had finished, he felt the suspension car tremble violently. He was standing on the slippery metal surface, his warm paws failed to grasp for a moment and the fox fell forward.

Dewitt reacted quickly and immediately reached out a hand and caught Wen Jin.

Unexpectedly, Wen Jin was about to jump away when he came into close contact with his big hands, which he had been watching all morning. However, Dewitt put his hand around Wen Jin’s belly without saying a word and took him into his arms.

As he hugged the fox, Dewitt frowned, “Why are you so cold?”

Wen Jin, who had wanted to struggle, was stabbed by such a sentence. His four paws stopped moving in an instant. After a while, he took the initiative to rub against Dewitt.

“The contract beasts that have fur are generally warmer than human beings.” As Dewitt spoke, he put his hand over Wen Jin’s belly, passed him the heat of his body, frowned and said, “You’re so afraid of the cold.”

Wen Jin, surrounded by warmth, squinted comfortably, regardless of Dewitt’s outstretched hand. Hearing the man’s words, he waved his tail and responded casually, “That’s because I’ve been frozen before.” 

This was the root of his fear.

Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s belly and paused the work on the screen. “Hmm?”

Few people would ask about it, mainly because Wen Jin seldom showed his fear of cold. In the past, when he was in the Honghuang, he always carried a heated element with him everywhere. Besides his Master, nobody seemed to know about it.

His little tail wanted to know if he was okay, Wen Jin thought. The story wouldn’t hurt him anyway.

“When I was a child.” Wen Jin licked the fur on his paw. “A man wanted to use me… for an ingredient. In order to be more effective, I was thrown into the cold pool for a few days and not allowed to get out. But it didn’t work like they wanted it to.”

In fact, they claimed it was a medicated bath. At that time, Wen Jin’s last relative, his only little sister, had just died. He wandered around the world alone. His snow-white fur and unusual beast behavior attracted the attention of a large family and was caught by the head of that family.

He was thrown into the snowy frozen lake in order to give birth to his demon dan. A demon dan was a supreme treasure for the humans on Honghuang as they believed it would give them an extra hundred years of life. It had been coveted by the monks since ancient times and there were many other such legends in the world.

As Dewitt heard these words, his expression changed, his eyes darkening, “Did it hurt?”

Wen Jin’s action of licking his paw froze and he touched his mouth. “I’m a demon. How can I get hurt?” He did not lie. After being frozen for so long, the whole fox had gone numb. Every day that passed, he could feel the bone piercing chill. His blood was frozen and he could feel only a little pain.

However, when his Master found out about it, he took him to someone else and never asked him if it hurt. Dewitt was the first one.

After a moment’s silence, Dewitt’s voice asked coldly, “What about that man?” 

He didn’t believe when Wen Jin said it didn’t hurt, but it was useless even if he didn’t believe it. The little fox was always stubborn. Since he said it didn’t hurt, it was impossible for him to get a real answer.

Wen Jin curled his hind paws, spit out his tender tongue and grimaced. “Dead. When he was sixty years old, his heart had a hard time functioning correctly, so I dug it out.” Wen Jin’s tail froze and he looked up at Dewitt. “Was that too cruel?”

“Not at all.” Dewitt said from his heart.

Wen Jin wagged his tail, squinted his eyes and laughed for a while. Suddenly he felt something and was stunned. He looked at Dewitt’s abdomen then squinted thoughtfully. It seemed that something was wrong. So subconsciously, Wen Jin wanted to move a little towards Dewitt’s lower abdomen. Two little paws stepped on a new place and one pair of eyes looked curiously at Dewitt’s lower abdomen for a long time.

After a few days, something new had happened to this guy’s dan? Wen Jin blinked his eyes and his agitation did not seem to show but… a light flashed through his eyes.

When Wen Jin was thinking, the space in the suspension vehicle became quiet. And when Wen Jin finally saw something in front of Dewitt’s belly, a mute voice suddenly came out over his head, “All that is in the past.”

“… Chee?” Wen Jing was stunned, looked up and saw that Dewitt’s eyes were looking down at him and unlike before, when they looked at him with a little softness, now they were full of oppression, as if they could swallow Wen Jin whole.

Wen Jin was stunned and his paws stepped on the thing below him somewhat in confusion.

When Wen Jin finished this subconscious action, he suddenly responded because the feeling under his paws was very wrong. When he first stepped on it, it was clear that it was still soft, but now it was a bit hard…

Wen Jin lowered his head somewhat blankly and at the same time, the hardness became clearer.

Not only did Wen Jin not move, but he also looked down. Dewitt almost laughed at him. He reached out and plucked at the little fellow’s paws. He bit his words out. “Want to be responsible?”

“… Chee!” Wen Jin pushed back several steps, stared at Dewitt fiercely and rubbed his paws against his thighs. “Who’s responsible for what you’re talking about?”

Watching Wen Jin’s eyes earnestly for a while, the thin body in his dream flashed through his mind and the feeling in his stomach became a little more enthusiastic. “It’s not nonsense.” As soon as the words fell, Dewitt drew his lips up again. “It’ll happen sooner or later.”

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Vu n
Vu n
November 4, 2019 4:16 pm

So Wen Jin going smack Dewitt to have a few cans of dried jerky in the car then for him to eat then?

November 4, 2019 6:26 pm

Amo demais essa novel, muito obrigada ❤️!

November 4, 2019 9:58 pm

Wow! A development in their relationship! Wen Jin actually talked about his past experiences with Dewitt.

Hmmm… what’s wrong with Dewitt’s dan? It was mentioned in the previous chapter and now Wejn Jin noticed it, but what happened? I hope little fox will be able to deal with it.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 5, 2019 10:53 am

Thank you for the update!
Please first solve the problem of DeWitt’s Dan and Uttar conspiracies before you guys start flirting.
I don’t want the male lead to die in the middle of ***

October 7, 2022 10:09 am

Awful what happened to WJ; people’s desires are responsible for so much cruelty. He got his revenge, somewhat, in the end though. If the man were still alive, I think Dewitt would want to find and punish him.
DeWitt is really getting forthright now… Wen Jin, when will you take responsibility for his hard dan? 😏
Thank you for translating.

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