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Chapter 75: Broken Bones

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Due to JinYu’s imperious but reasonable words, Bai Honghu – who originally held the upper hand – completely lost the advantage he thought he had.

But the situation right now was no longer as simple as just losing the advantage. On the grounds of the royal hunting academy, which had just finished its beast contract ceremony, he was about to be laughed at by thousands of people because of JinYu’s words.

Even though he couldn’t tell what kind of expressions were on people’s faces right now, but just from the clamor and raging curses alone, Bai Honghu could guess that they were definitely going crazy with anger.

Bai Honghu stared straight at JinYu. Besides wrath and annoyance, he also felt a bit of fear. The way this person did things was the prime example of what his father used to tell him: ‘fanning the ignorance of the masses’! Back then, he had shown disdain at that kind of method. Since they were ignorant masses, what was there to fan? Shouldn’t the ignorant people just do whatever he told them to do?! But now that he was really experiencing criticism from the masses, Bai Honghu finally knew it was too late to regret.

Since words would no longer be able to resolve the issue, then how about force?! In any case, with his status, even if he shot the basket up to the sky, his father would still be able to fix it! What’s more, the only one blocking his way was a penniless, powerless shop owner. Perfect, if he killed off this road-blocker, he could also nab the man’s six A-rank beasts all for himself! That way, his father would definitely praise him!!

So, as Bai Honghu’s thoughts whirled, he swiftly formed a hand gesture. He would’ve never guessed that, just because of his one hand gesture, it would cause his Bai family to be driven out of the political circle in the future, and nearly even wiped out by their enemies!

When Bai Honghu made the hand gesture, what happened first wasn’t actually Qi Qinglin, but DaBai. Even though boss was wholeheartedly concentrated on his mate, his feelings towards others was quite blunt. In any case, Qi Qinglin could guarantee that he could eliminate anyone before they made a move, so when there was no attack, he wouldn’t care.

But DaBai wasn’t the same.

DaBai had followed Bai Honghu for twenty entire years. Those twenty years was enough for it – a devoted beast – to figure out all of its master’s moves, and even how he thought!! So when Bai Honghu made that movement, DaBai knew that Bai Honghu wanted to kill someone! In a mere instant, all of DaBai’s fur stood on end, and even its heart chilled.

It truly didn’t want to believe that its former master was someone so vicious and merciless. It even remembered how its master used to ignore all social invitations to accompany it when it got hurt, and clumsily cook a grand beast banquet for it… Even if the master only did that when he still young, no matter what, its master had once treated it kindly. Except, it just didn’t understand from what point onwards its somewhat awkward but very sincere master had changed, becoming blinded by greed and ignorantly arrogant, so much so that even now he was just as self-serving and reckless as before.

It abruptly faced the sky and howled. With a distraught expression, DaBai flew towards Bai Honghu, its speed fast enough to astonish the others. Simultaneously, six shadow guards flew out from nowhere, and they were all buried firmly half into the ground!!


Each howl was more and more mournful and sorrowful as it came from DaBai’s mouth. Its claws pressed Bai Honghu firmly onto the ground, but it kept its head raised, refusing to look at him.

“BaiHu—!! How dare you attack me!!” Even if it was something cruel someone had once done before, as long as it wasn’t aimed at oneself, everyone would always consider it alright. But as long as it was approached slightly from the other point of view, there was no way to accept it at all. “I raised you for twenty years!!”

DaBai’s movements abruptly stiffened because of what Bai Honghu said. Seeing that, Bai Honghu narrowed his eyes and was about to move, but an enormous tear smacked onto his face, and he was a little stupefied.

It was precisely because it had been raised by its master for twenty years and knew how beautiful such an experience was that later, when it had been abandoned and hunted down, it had despaired completely and even secretly waited to die.


Suddenly, DaBai’s body tilted to the side, and JinYu, who was observing still, felt his expression change greatly. “DaBai!!”

“It wasn’t going to hurt you! Yet you want to deliver it to its death?!” JinYu looked at the dark switchblade, a mere inch from DaBai’s heart, and he was so angry his entire body shook. “I’m going to kill you!!”

Exactly when JinYu roared that, Bai Honghu suddenly rose into the air as if someone had grabbed him by the neck, and then he abruptly shot forwards, slamming straight into a completely invisible wall in the air. Instantly, blood started to flow from his head.

Bang, bang, bang, bang bang!

The sound of the suicidal knocking against the wall, each slam louder and louder, made all the people in the stadium feel their hearts go cold. Actually, who hadn’t slammed against a wall before? Deliberately or accidentally, basically everyone had had intimate relations with a wall at one point or another, but right now, a person was slamming against an invisible wall in midair as if a ghost was grabbing onto him, his head bleeding. Such a scene was seriously not one everyone could accept.

But even if the audience felt that the scene was a bit too cruel – both heartbreaking and tyrannical – when they looked at DaBai, who had collapsed in a pool of blood, and JinYu, who was urgently holding DaBai and crying silently, they gritted their teeth and looked up to watch again – fuck! Slam him ah! Even a little more viciously! It’s not a problem even if you slam him to death!!

Bai Honghu’s head was covered in blood and he had already passed out, but he was still slamming against the wall. Below, Qi Qinglin knelt by JinYu’s side and took his hand, and he looked threateningly at a certain half-baked doctor who was doing his best to treat DaBai. Never mind how currently JinYu’s spiritual energy wasn’t stable and couldn’t be used; even if he could use it, Qi Qinglin wouldn’t have let him. After all, everyone would definitely see everything that happened here today. He didn’t care about the trouble caused by differing opinions and arguments, but he couldn’t let JinYu be found by other people or powerhouses because of his special ability. At least not before he could completely control the qilin clan.

Fortunately, DaBai’s skin was thick, and he had been supported by JinYu’s spiritual and chaos energy before, so he had abundant life energy inside of him. Even though the energy was quickly flowing out right now, it was still being replenished fairly quickly as well. In addition, although Jin Qian appeared very unskilled on the surface, in reality he was quite formidable. So, half an hour later, DaBai was out of danger.

Once DaBai’s blood stopped flowing, the beasts kneeling at its side – XiaoBai, XiaoXue, BaoZi, ErHei, WangWang, and XiaoBao, who had finally crawled back onto WangWang’s head, all leaped for joy. XiaoBao even rolled around a few times on WangWang’s head, waving its little claws and clamoring loudly ‘thank goodness!’

The only one who could make them act as such was a companion.


DaBai opened its eyes after its blood flow was staunched, and it felt the warmth hugging its head. Tears began to flow slowly again, and it howled weakly at JinYu, which made JinYu’s expression become quite ugly.

“You want me to let him go?! He almost stabbed you to death just then, okay!! It’s not like you’re a white lotus flower or a holy saint beast, yet you want me to let him go?! Fuck! And you want me to treat his wounds?!”

JinYu was so mad his face was red, but he was unwilling to do anything to DaBai as he looked at its dispirited appearance. As a result, he gritted his teeth and pinched Qi Qinglin’s claw firmly. That made Qi Qinglin so depressed that the frequency at which Bai Honghu slammed into the wall increased another level.

… roar… 【Without him… the me right now wouldn’t be here… no matter what, he still raised me… boss let, let him go, after today, I can completely put down the burden in my heart…

DaBai’s words sounded like the last dying words of someone who refused to give up a final grievance. JinYu was so mad that he was heaving for breath. Fortunately, because BaoZi cuddled up next to him and patted his back a few times, a certain someone wasn’t angered to death. He abruptly stood up from the ground. 

JinYu, enduring the vertigo, recklessly kicked BaoZi’s butt, who then looked at JinYu, wronged. JinYu said sinisterly, “You suffered that kick in DaBai’s place. Once it’s better, you can return that kick tenfold.”

Once he finished speaking, he grabbed Qi Qinglin’s hand, looking very begrudging.

“He’s ruined. All his limbs are broken.” Qi Qinglin knew what JinYu was thinking, and he said extremely softly in his mate’s ear, “You can’t tell right now, but once he goes back, unless he doesn’t move at all – the moment he does move, he’ll break a limb every time.”

Hearing that, JinYu’s eyes lit up, and he firmly grasped Qi Qinglin’s hand. GJ! Tonight we can sleep naked!

Qi Qinglin also seemed to understand JinYu’s meaning, and his originally cool and stiff expression now gained some warmth. After that, everyone saw Bai Honghu, who was basically the definition of ‘a river of blood’, slowly descend from midair. Except, he still hadn’t seemed to have woken from his unconscious state yet.

“On behalf of you once raising DaBai for twenty years… fuck, even if you raised it for twenty years, Laozi would still rather slaughter you! On behalf of my DaBai’s final plea for leniency for you!!” JinYu clenched his teeth. “Things will end here today! In the future, if you still dare to shamelessly come seek out DaBai, I’ll throw you straight into Niluo River so you drown!! That way you won’t bring harm to other beasts anymore!! Take your master and get lost! Even if it was the emperor himself, his behavior is still despicable and should be punished!!”

JinYu narrowed his eyes and glared at Bai Honghu for a long time before he finally waved his hand and let those fearfully silent shadow guards take the man away.

“Even if I didn’t kill you, I’m still going to torment you to death…” JinYu muttered to himself in a voice only he could hear. Then, he turned to look at DaBai, all smiles.

Hopefully his newly refined spiritual energy attack was useful! From the very instance, wouldn’t it be great if it could make someone have the most frightening nightmares every day about thoroughly losing – use – of – a – certain function!

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November 3, 2019 4:02 pm

He deserved death. Dabai is too kind.

November 3, 2019 4:17 pm

Ahhhh. My anger now subsided. Im satisfied😤. I really want to see their reaction once they know JinYu and QiQinglin’s background.

Thanks for translating😊😊😊😊😊😊

November 3, 2019 11:00 pm

One broken bone hurts like hell, I can’t even think how much it hurts to have all bones in the limbs broken with the perspective of breaking a bone every time you move. But it’s fitting for this idiot for what he had done and what he wanted to do.

Thank you for the chapter!

January 21, 2021 7:07 pm

We don’t deserve them holy shi-
I cried and had a moment with my pup. This Laozi swears to not treat my lillte pups with ignorance anymore! QQ

May 19, 2021 4:54 am

I love how Qi Qinglin’s malicious violence will be directly rewarded by sleeping naked together! 💀🤣

October 4, 2021 1:24 pm

Bai Honghu will now find out what it was like for DaBai, living with broken limbs and DaBai was even poisoned too, left that way in a garbage dump. BH got off lightly.
Thanks for translating.

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