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Chapter 68: Let’s Eat Together and It’s a Long Night

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations

Since Ouyang Long came on too strong, he totally delayed Su Nuo’s ‘crackers delivery plan’. Su Nuo woke up almost at lunch time. 

“Does it hurt?” Ouyang Long sat on the edge of the bed.

Su Nuo complained, my small waist was sour and hurt.

His man was really really aggressive. He’s literally Mr. Aggressive!! 

“I bought you some sizzling casserole chicken porridge.” Ouyang Long helped him up and peeled off Su Nuo’s little underwear. 

Su Nuo’s ears turned hot and red. Even though they had already done the most intimate things, but showing his butt was still making him a little embarrassed.

“It’ll be more comfortable if you take a hot shower,” Ouyang Long lifted him into the bathroom, “Do you want me to help you?” 

That must not happen!! Su Nuo shook his head.

Su Nuo rejected him because when Ouyang Long helped him last time, they ended up on the bed again. His delicate butthole just couldn’t stand it!

“Okay. I’ll warm up the food for you.” Ouyang Long kissed him on the forehead, showed a massive amount of affection and dotting.

Su XiaoNuo suddenly felt very happy and content, just like a cat when the owner scratch it’s tummy! His eyes almost squinted with happiness….

Super super shameful!

Before walking out of the bathroom, Ouyang Long put a duckling toy into the water. 

Su Nuo: ………

“Got it when I bought some body wash. It looked a lot like you.” Ouyang Long stifled his laugh and walked out of the door.

What do you mean it looks like me!!! Su Nuo was shook!

How am I like a duck!

This was really really too much!

In the kitchen, Ouyang Long poured the casserole porridge into a glass bowl, and then… stole a piece of the salty biscuits.

He acted so childish that it was hard to look at!

“Smells good!” After Su Nuo took a bath, he ran with his slippers into the kitchen.

Mr. Director quickly drank a glass of water in order to not to choke on the biscuits.

“What are you eating?” His food lover sense was really strong, “Something with a sesame taste.”


“When I went to buy you some snacks, the owner gave me some sesame crackers.” Ouyang Long was very calm, completely maintained his posture, and didn’t even say anything about the crackers.

“They came out with another brand?!” Su Nuo asked, “Is it good?”

“It’s okay.” Mr. Director kept a straight face, and turned around to open the lid of the pot.

“Is it sweet or is it salty?” Su Nuo was serious.

Ouyang Long was annoyed and wanted to laugh at the same time because of the questions, so he turned around, and went with a kiss while he held Su Nuo’s head.

Kissing with tongues with the person I love was really romantic and sexy at the same time!

Three minutes passed, and Mr. Director released the little fool that was in his arms, and turned around again to check the soup in the pot. 

Su Nuo licked his lips with a confused gaze, and then seriously said, “It’s salty.”

Ouyang Long’s hands froze, he was so annoyed that he wanted to laugh.

Just earlier Su Nuo kissed and sucked and licked me, and I also thought that he finally learned how to take the initiative, but apparently he just wanted to taste the biscuits?

I really want to… punish him hard.

“Can we eat meat soup tonight?” Su Nuo asked as he his bowl with soup.

When eating lunch to discuss the food for dinner, this is real food lover showing!

“Aren’t you eating with your brother tonight?” Mr. Director looked like he didn’t care, but he still felt he was a little jealous.

“He has a dinner meeting today.” Su Nuo licked his fingers, “I’ll come back and make the soup for you. It’ll help you recharge.”

Su Nuo was super sensible and well-behaved!

He patted himself on the back!

Even though his butt was hurting a little, but after lunch, Su Nuo still rejected Mr. Director’s ‘I think it’s better to ship these crackers’ suggestion, and insisted on leaving.

His driver parked the car in the usual place. Su Nuo opened the door and sat at shotgun. He popped a golden coconut candy ball into the driver’s mouth, smiled and said hello, “Hello Uncle Li.”

The gray-haired driver had a hard time chewing the candy because he recently had a sore tooth.

Sweets are really annoying!

“How did you get a sore tooth?” Su Nuo started to worry with a creative mind, “My brother’s not in trouble is he?”

“It’s all right at home.” Uncle Li swallowed the candy with hard effort, “I ate too much barbecue.”

Su Nuo breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Old people should really learn to maintain their health.”

“But your brother has been a mess and busy lately.” Uncle Li said while driving. “If you have time, please look out for him more.”

In the casino, Han Wei smoked while in front of the window.

“Brother.” Su Nuo pushed open the door and entered the room, choking a little on the smell of the smoke.

Han Wei extinguished the cigarette butt and opened the window to let the smoke out.

“Why did you smoke so much?” Su Nuo looked at the ashtray and complained.

“It’s alright.” Han Wei rubbed Su Nuo’s head, “Why did you suddenly think of baking cookies for me?”

“You’re busy and you don’t eat breakfast, and my sister-in-law isn’t here.” Su Nuo helped him organize the papers on his desk, “What the heck is going on?”


“It’s no big deal, you don’t have to worry.” Han Wei comforted him, “I’ll fix the issues.”

“But you should always tell me what’s going on.” Su Nuo frowned, “Even if I can’t help, at least I’ll know your safe.”

Han Wei signed ,”What did Uncle Li tell you?”

“He didn’t say anything, so I had to ask you.” Su Nuo insisted.

“It’s not that much of a big deal.” Han Wei handed him a bottle of juice, “Recently I wanted to buy a hotel, but someone’s making it difficult.”

“Who?” Su Nuo asked.

“Chu Heng’s boss.”Han Wei said, “But it doesn’t matter, it’s almost settled.”

“Don’t overwork yourself.” Su Nuo was a little worried, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“You don’t have to do anything for now. But I want to see Tang XiaoYu.” Han Wei said.

“Him?” Su Nuo confused and shook. “Why are you looking for him?”

“Last time he deliberately betrayed us, I want to know why.” Han Wei sat on the sofa.

“But it’s been so long….” Su Nuo looked at his brother carefully.

To be fair, his first impression of Tang XiaoYu wasn’t all bad, especially when he saved ZhongLi FengBai yesterday!  

“Don’t worry, I’m just trying to figure out what happened.” Han Wei said, “If it’s really his fault, I’ll let him go since you like him, but if he really didn’t intend to betray us, I would like to work with him once more.”

“Work with him?” Su Nuo was even more surprised.

“I need a skilled person,” Han Wei looked at Su Nuo, “and he’s pretty fast in getting things done.”

“Who are you going to bet with?” Su Nuo was curious.

“I’ll tell you when I’m finished in a few days.” Han Wei pinched his face, “You want to eat with your dear brother tonight?” 

“Ah?” Su Nuo was a little confused and couldn’t decide! His handsome man was still waiting at home for him to cook the soup!

“You don’t want to?” Han Wei frowned.

Of course not! Su Nuo started to feel anxious. My brother is also very important ah!

There was no way that I can be at two places at a time, so Su Nuo had to… Invite his brother to Mr. Director’s house for dinner!

Because that was the only way he can take care of these two at the same time ah!

This situations really sounded like miserable labor ah! I was such a great person ah!

“Three people together?” Han Wei frowned again.

“…… You don’t want to go?” Su Nuo looked at his brother tentatively. His imagination quickly thought about the classic scenes of the those dramas – the mother-in-law doesn’t accept anyone, and he’s  the tragic man caught in the middle of the conflict!

“I’m going!” Han Wei decided.

Su Nuo sighed with relief, “Then I’ll go home first to prepare the food, once you finished working, come.”

“You’re cooking?!?” The older brother was fuming when he heard Su Nuo.


But he can’t cook, and you won’t cook! Su Nuo complained inside, but he didn’t say it out loud.

Han Wei was very upset, and he really really wanted to fight Ouyang Long.

I took of him while he was young and now he’s all grown up, how dare you let him cook for you?!

Han Wei really can’t stand it.

“Your brother’s coming for dinner?” Mr. Director was surprised when he received su Nuo’s call.

“Yeah… You don’t want him to come?” Su Nuo was worried.

“No, it’s okay.” Ouyang Long said, ‘It’s just kind of surprising that he wanted to come.”

“I’ll come back straight away.” Su Nuo told him, “Also, clean the house. Remember to hide the condom that’s on the bedside table, and the lubricant too!”

Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Your brother will search inside our bedside table?”

“There’s nothing wrong with being prepared.” Su Nuo was very serious, “Being careful with most things and they last longer, I’ll come back and check!” What the ancients said must be heard!

After hanging up the phone, Ouyang Long felt helpless as he picked up the things and threw them into the closet.

Living with a smart and clever wife, my life must be filled a little it of weirdness!

Half an hour later, Su Nuo had a large bags and small bags when he hauled a pile of vegetables and meat back home.

“Why did you run to buy food yourself?” Ouyang Long was surprised and was he not afraid to be recognized by the reporters?

“No, I made a list, and my brother’s workers bought it.” Su Nuo changed his shoes at the door, “I also bought your favorite cabbage!”

“You also bought lamb and coriander that I’m allergic to.” Ouyang Long scraped Su Nuo’s nose.

Su Nuo coughed while looking up, the coriander and the lamb were for my brother!

Ouyang Long dropped his smile and lowered his head to kiss Su Nuo.

He is so stupid that it’s cute!

“When my brother comes, you guys cannot argue!” Su Nuo washed the dishes while saying, “You cannot fight either!”

Ouyang Long helped him tie his apron, “Why would we fight?”

“…… I’m just reminding you.” Su Nuo flung the water off of his hands. The ancient problem that every man was afraid of is the relationship between the mother-in-law and him. Even the most handsome and hardcore men were no exception!

And my family’s business was even more serious than the mother-in-law relationship!

Because if the mother-in-law and the daughter started fighting, the husband would be able to force them apart. But if the director and my brother starts fight, Su Nuo thought that the only way to stop them would be pretending to cut himself on the wrist with a fruit knife. 

After his brain started to imagine these vivid pictures, Su Nuo’s mood suddenly became complex to the point that it can’t be expressed in words. 

Knowing this, I should have learned some taekwondo, or martial arts!

“What are you thinking about?” Ouyang Long waved his hand in front of Su Nuo’s face.

“Uh. Nothing.” Su Nuo’s mind wandered, “just about work.”

“Are you thinking about the disgusting naked picture photoshop again?” Mr. Director was very angry whenever this top was brought out.

“Don’t say it like it’s so vulgar! And you promised me that I can do the shoot!” Su Nuo annoyed and complained.

“Can I take back what I said?” Ouyang Long asked.

Of course not! “You can’t interfere with my work!” The manly men cannot not let other people interfere with their work! 

Then Mr. Director had to give up on the real estate developer idea.

Every food lover than can’t cook are not real food lovers! Two hours later, Su Nuo made a table full of plates filled with food. It looked really delicious!

“My baby is so capable!” Ouyang Long hugged Su Nuo from behind.

“Yeah.” Su Nuo was a little smug and felt a sense of accomplishment.

“Kiss.” Ouyang Long held him against the window.

Su Nuo behaved and slowly leaned toward Mr. Director, but before they can get into a hot tongue session, the doorbell rang.

He can really pick a good time to interrupt us ah…

“It’s my brother.” Su Nuo abandoned his handsome man and cheerfully opened the door.

Looking at his brother’s pink apron, Han Wei held a sign of annoyance inside his heart!

This strong sense of wife that Su Nuo had made Han Wei really really grumpy!

“Come in and sit down.” Su Nuo took his brother into the living room, and went back to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Ouyang Long and Han Wei sat together in the living room. While on the outside, they both looked calm and collected, but on the inside, they felt warily and was ready to attack…

The two didn’t talk at all!

He’s definitely not just a mahjong dealer! 

Mr. Director was slightly distressed.

At the same time, the older brother was also very annoyed.

His brother’s eyes were really rotten to a certain state ah!

What’s so good about this man!!!?

Dinner was very nice, but Su Nuo didn’t stuff himself with food because he has two men to take care of! They’ll fight for the fear of uneven distribution!

This was so tiring!

I was just struggling!

“It’s okay. Just eat.” Ouyang Long really couldn’t stand it anymore and helped Su Nuo to some soup, “We can get the food ourselves.”

Han Wei also gave him to a spoonful of fish, “Yeah. Just eat. You don’t need to worry about us.”

Ouyang Long helped Su Nuo to some vegetables.

HanWei followed with some eggplant.

Ouyang Long fed him a spoonful of green beans.

Han Wei fumed. How dare him! In front of me!


Can we please eat a normal dinner? Su Nuo shedded tears inside his heart.

Han Wei wanted to give Su Nuo some chicken wings, but Su Nuo’s expression turned sour, he gave the chicken wings to Ouyang Long.

Mr. Director: ………

“You eat some too.” Han Wei said coldly.

“…….Thank you.” Ouyang Long was confused and befuzzled. He then returned Han Wei with a bowl of soup.

Even though this situation was kind of weird, but at least they’re getting along. Su Nuo released a sigh of relief, and knocked over a cup when he lowered his head to drink some soup.

“Ah Ya!” Su Nuo stood up, the watermelon juice coated his pajamas.

Ouyang Long quickly took out some tissues and wiped Su Nuo.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll just go change.” Su Nuo ran to the bedroom, opened the closet, and was hit by a wave of unidentified things.

“Ah!” Su Nuo yelled on instincts, and was super surprised.

Ouyang Long and Han Wei heard the noise, and ran to check on Su Nuo, only to find the floor coated with condoms with multiple colors, …….and the lube too!

Han Wei’s head was instantly filled with blood.

What kind of situation was this!

“Uh…. I’m fine.” Su Nuo cried inside, and stared at his man with murdering eyes.

Mr.Director felt wronged. You told me to hide it….

“I have something to deal with at home, I’ll leave first.” Han Wei thought he should go home right now, or he’ll be really angry.

“……I’ll change my clothes and walk down with you.” Su Nuo knew he had to explain it to his brother, though he didn’t know how to! But if he doesn’t clear it up, his brother would be more grumpy, he might even explode! In that case, the consequences would be very terrible and that cannot happen!

Ouyang Long just wanted to speak, but Su Nuo pinched in the waist, so he had to swallow his words. “Do you need me to drive you?”

“No, I drove here myself.” Han Wei’s tone was cold.

Su Nuo’s legs turned a little soft and wobbly. 

Both brothers went all the way down to the parking lot, and Han Wei opened the door and sat inside the car.

“rother…” Su Nuo looked at him carefully.

“Sooner or later I’ll be killed by you.” Han Wei took pinched his brother’s face and didn’t know what to say.

“I … I’m already an adult.” Su Nuo’s ear were red, “Sometimes, we need to do ….. You know……the thing.” Otherwise I’ll be pent up! My XiaoXiao Nuo probably couldn’t even stand up anymore due not releasing… that sounded really depressing.

Your condoms were not just sometimes, you guys could do it for a whole year! Han Wei had a headache, “Okay, okay, go back already.”

His soon to be married brother lost his virginity already!

Su Nuo stared at his brother’s car that was driving away with a tomato face. After Han Wei left, Su Nuo went back home and started shaking his handsome man.

“What’s wrong?” Ouyang Long pinched Su Nuo’s nose with a helpless expression.

“Why did you put those things in the closet!?” Su Nuo was red all over.

“How am I supposed to know that you’ll open the closet?” Mr. Director said innocently.

“I can’t believe that those things were seen by my brother.” Su Nuo died on the couch, and wanted to crawl into a deep dark hole.

So shameful!

And there was so much!

My brother must have seen it as Mr. Director and I beep —— everyday!

Feeling like an unsatisfied little bottom, Su Nuo really gave the Han family’s history shame ah!

Su Nuo didn’t know whether to live or die.

“Baby, you’ve grown up already. So it’s okay to do this kind of thing.” Ouyang Long hugged him, “Why are you so shy?”

What you were saying was right, but it was still embarrassing! 

Su Nuo short-circuited, and lifted up Ouyang Long’s T-shirt to drill his head in.

Ouyang Long: …..

“Don’t move, I need to calm down.” Su Nuo was serious and sullen.

Looking at his oversized t shirt, Ouyang didn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, Qiu Ziyan was checking Tang XiaoYu’s French test scores!

The bright red C was really really…….visible and big.

“I tried my best.” Tang XiaoYu muttered.

His basics were already very bad, so he couldn’t understand a lot of things that were taught in class.

“It doesn’t matter. You have a lot of time to study and learn.” Qiu Ziyan held him on his lap, “I’ll tutor you every night.”

“…….You’re good at French?” Tang XiaoYu was surprised.

“Yeah.” Qiu Ziyan looked at him, “Teaching you won’t be a problem.”

“But I don’t think I can ever learn anything in my life.” Tang XiaoYu was upset, and covered up the big red C with a tissue box.

“After my model career ends, I’ll slowly quit the industry and then switch to a French restaurant manager.” Qiu Ziyan held his hands, “You learning French will be a benefit in the future.”

“You plan to quit??” Tang XiaoYu was a little surprised.

“I can’t be a model for a lifetime.” Qiu Ziyan pinched his nose, “We can talk about this later, but right now let’s discuss your test score first.”

“…….I need to use the restroom.” Tang XiaoYu ran away.

Mr. Qiu grabbed his collar and prevented him from fleeing. “If you get below a B, do you remember what to do?”

He was really …really sinister!

“I don’t remember.” Tang XiaoYu struggled.

“Then I’ll help you remember.” Qiu Ziyan dragged him into the restroom.

Tang XiaoYu’s ear were red, trying to escape from Qiu Ziyan’s arms.

“A child that doesn’t keep his promise needs to be punished.” Qiu Ziyan smiled while he pulled Tan XiaoYu into his arms.

Bathing together this kind of thing is really…. Tang XiaoYu gritted his teeth and swung his fist at Qiu Ziyan.

Qiu Ziyan easily caught his wrists and pinned them behind Tang XiaoYu’s back. “So violent, you need to fix your habit of hitting people.”

“…….” Tang XiaoYu was surprised, even though he didn’t use his full strength, but he still swung at him at top speed.

“You’re not the only one who can fight.” Qiu Ziyan bended over and picked him up, “If you make a fuss, I’ll just tie you up.”

Tang XiaoYu really wanted to faint.

The steam in the bathroom was warm, and Qiu Ziyan turned on the faucet to fill the bathtub with water. He even dropped a few essential bath bombs into the water- last time Su Nuo sent a gift, just like a normal friendly exchange, but in fact, Su Nuo just want to imagine his ‘Transgender girl bathing with essential oil and petals’ obscene fantasy!

Su Nuo was very very low.

But Mr.Qiu clearly didn’t the truth, and he was happy to see the bubbles and pedals in the water.

Tang XiaoYu stood on his side, silently calculating how to escape this situation.

“We’re just showering, I promise not to do anything.” Qiu Ziyan hugged him from behind, “We both are not going to wear clothes, so you’re fine.”

Tang XiaoYu: ……..

Qiu Ziyang fumbled on Tang XiaoYu’s clothes. One button after the other was untied.

Tang XiaoYu’s hands tried to stop Qiu Ziyan on instinct.

“Don’t be afraid.” Qiu Ziyan kissed his ears, but his hands didn’t stop.

“Ziyan.” Tang XiaoYu panicked.

“Don’t hit me again.” Qiu Ziyan faced him, and kissed him on the forehead while Tang XiaoYu’s eyelashes shaked.

“Close your eyes if you’re scared.” Qiu Ziyan’s voice was soft and gentle.

Tang XiaoYu hesitated, and then he slowly closed his eyes.

His pajamas were unbuttoned, and it revealed a healthy and flexible body underneath.

The old scars that he had on the body had been treated and it was gradually fading; although he was thin, but you could still see some muscle lines.

“You look beautiful.”Qiu Ziyan complimented.

Tang XiaoYu’s eyes were tightly closed, as his pajamas slid down his shoulders. His shoulder was imprinted with a wet and itchy kiss.

Qiu Ziyan lifted his jaw, and kissed the light-colored lips.

Tang XiaoYu’s hands climbed up to Qiu Ziyan’s waist, his breathing almost stopped.

Qiu Ziyan moved his hands down, and untied Tang XiaoYu’s pants.

The yellow briefs wrapped around his bubble butt, seductive and cute at the same time.

Tang XiaoYu’s back was all red, and his breathing became rapid.

We haven’t even done anything, how can he be so sexy….Qiu Ziyan pinched his nose, and his eyes were full of love and cherish ness.

It was a pity that someone closed his eyes and didn’t see anything.

The night was long, and ….. beautiful.

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