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Chapter 69

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

The passionate kiss slowly deepened, and Qiu ZiYan’s hand slid down, lightly hold Tang XiaoYu’s hip.

Tang XiaoYu’s whole body immediately felt hot, and he got all tense.

“Don’t be scared,” Qiu ZiYan softly whispered in his ear.

Tang XiaoYu held his hand and instinctively stopped the other party from continuing.

Qiu ZiYan just bent over and took him into his arms, putting him into the bathtub.

His thin clothes got wet from the water and stuck onto his body. It felt very uncomfortable, but looked very erotic.

Tang XiaoYu decided to drown himself in the water.

Had he known earlier that this was going to happen, he would have never even signed that damned contract about having to shower together if his French test’s score was B or lower! Also, if it really was to improve his studies, shouldn’t the conditions be more of a ‘if I didn’t get a B I have to be punished by reading words or go to tuition’ kind of thing?! Why is it showering with him!

This is definitely on purpose!

However, there was no such thing as a pill that would prevent this kind of regret. Hence, Tang XiaoYu could only be hugged by Qiu ZiYan from behind and sit in the bathtub, naked.

“I can take this off by now, right?” Qiu ZiYan’s finger touched the seam of his underwear. “Since there is so much foam, I can’t see anything anyway.”

Tang XiaoYu mind went blank; his thoughts were a blur, hence… he did not protest.

“Be good,” Qiu ZiYan raised him up with one hand and successfully took off his little underwear. The wet underpants got hung over the side of the bathtub; the visual effect was really shocking.

“Brother ZiYan,” Tang XiaoYu began to feel a bit panicky.

“Relax baby, don’t be so tense.” Qiu ZiYan held his earlobe while using just one hand to play with his chest until he felt that the other’s small nipples had completely stood up, then he slowly went down. His hand slid past the other’s round navel, flat abdomen and finally, he stopped in between the other’s legs.

It was like electricity running through his body; Tang XiaoYu bit his lower lip while his eyebrows tightly furrowed.

Qiu ZiYan kissed his cheek with love, but his hand’s movement did not stop.

Tang XiaoYu’s eyes began to water, and he wanted to avoid it by moving backwards to dodge it, but accidentally bumped into a hot hard thing, and he could clearly hear it when the other’s breath hitched by his ear.

“Did you do that on purpose?” Qiu ZiYan’s voice was a bit hoarse.

Tang XiaoYu shook his head furiously.

Qiu ZiYan turned the other over to let him sit on his lap facing one another; his legs just happened to be on either side of the bathtub. His soft, young buttocks were plump and elastic. Qiu ZiYan eyes darkened; he held onto his hip to make Tang XiaoYu stick closer to him. He then pulled Tang XiaoYu’s hand to cover their most vulnerable parts.

“En…” Tang XiaoYu’s breathing became faster; his legs were so drained of strength that he almost slid down.

Qiu ZiYan let him lie on his chest; his left hand played at the slightly trembling waist while his right hand brought Tang XiaoYu’s own to a quicker pace, until they finally reached climax.


The bathroom finally calmed down; Tang XiaoYu was being held on the other’s chest, with the redness in his face not yet gone but his shoulders already a bit cold.

The water in the bathtub had cooled down; Qiu ZiYan was worried that if he were to keep going, Tang XiaoYu would catch a cold. Thus, he took him to stand under the showerhead together to wash off the foam, and then he covered the other’s body with a towel.

They returned to their room.

A soft blanket was touching his back; Tang XiaoYu could guess what was going to happen next.

It was probably going to be very painful, but if it was him, then there was nothing that could not be done.

“Good night.” Qiu ZiYan turned the bedside lamp off and hugged him closely.

Tang XiaoYu was a bit surprised.

Even though he had no experience, he also knew that this… was still not enough right?

“As for the rest, let’s wait until you grow up a little before we keep going.” Seemingly having seen through what Tang XiaoYu was thinking, Qiu ZiYan giggled.

Tang XiaoYu’s face turned red again. Even though he never thought of himself as a little kid, at such a crucial time he still could not say ‘I am already an adult’—this was just too bold, so he could only be silent.

The body in his arms had the faint scent of milk and roses; Qiu ZiYan hugged him tightly, feeling extremely good.

Much like the gentle night breeze, even their dreams were sweet.

At the dawn of the next day, Tang XiaoYu woke up very early, like always, and he turned his head to see that Qiu ZiYan was still asleep. Hence, he carefully tried to leave from under the blanket to prepare breakfast—but he ended up being pulled back.

“Morning,” Qiu ZiYan pinned him under his body.

“… morning.” The distance between them was so small that their noses almost touched.

“It is still early, just sleep for a little longer.” Qiu ZiYan tucked him into the blanket.

“I want to go and make breakfast.” The blanket was very warm, and Tang XiaoYu’s face turned red.

“No need, it’s troublesome. We can just have sandwiches later.” Qiu ZiYan held onto his hand and kissed it. “Later, after we get up, let’s go for a walk.”

“What if you are recognised?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“So what if I am recognised.” Qiu ZiYan laughed, “a superstar also need to photosynthesise, otherwise I will have no energy to grow leaves and I end up bald!”

Tang XiaoYu was amused by this, and his eyes began to twinkle.

“Do you want to listen to a fairytale?” Qiu ZiYan lowered his forehead onto Tang XiaoYu’s own.

“I don’t,” Tang XiaoYu rejected it; the Frog Prince fairytale from last time left psychological scars!

“At a certain street on Christmas Eve, there was a little boy who was selling matchsticks.” Mr. Qiu completely ignored his opinion—he really had a very possessive mentality.

Tang XiaoYu seriously recalled from him memory, the Little Match Girl story did not seem to have any plot with an ‘unconscious prince who needed the princess’ kiss which can break the spell’!

“The little boy walked through the snow, barefoot; he was very cold and very hungry. The store windows around had aromatic roasted turkey and beautiful clothes, but none of this belonged to him.” Qiu ZiYan’s fingers interlock with his. “No-one was willing to buy his matches. The little boy could only hide in the corner; trembling, he lit up one matchstick, wanting to have at least that, even if it was just a few seconds of warmth.”

Even though it was an old fairy tale, listening to it will still feel a bit sad.

Tang XiaoYu raised his eyes to look at him.

Qiu ZiYan’s expression was very serious. “The firelight radiated to the wall, which suddenly became transparent like a thin cloth, and he could see the inside of the house. The table was covered with a snow-white tablecloth, and decorated with exquisite plates and bowls; a roasted goose stuffed with apples and plums was emitting an alluring aroma. What was even more mystical, there was a prince inside.”

Tang XiaoYu hesitated.

Was there such a plot in this fairy tale?

“The prince walked out to the window, and holding onto the little boy’s hand, he asked him, ‘Would you like to come to my house, to enjoy a memorable Christmas Eve dinner?’” Qiu ZiYan pinched his face, “Come, now it is your turn to say the lines.”

Tang XiaoYu showed reluctance in his eyes; when did I agree to practice acting with you!

“Quickly,” Qiu ZiYan continue to pester him.

“… en, ” Tang XiaoYu could only compromise, his voice small like a mosquito’s buzz.

“Then the prince asked, ‘Then, what presents do you bring me?’” Qiu ZiYan continued to ask.

Tang XiaoYu didn’t know if he should cry or laugh, “Where is there such a petty prince?” Inviting someone to eat and then asking people for presents!

“The prince also needs a Christmas gift!” Qiu ZiYan said it as though it was reasonable.

“… I think I’ll just go and make breakfast,” Tang XiaoYu freed himself in an attempt to flee.

“The prince does not lack a chef.” Qiu ZiYan pressed himself on Tang XiaoYu, and his eyes were filled with mirth, “The prince needs a pretty spouse.”

Of course it was still this ah! Tang XiaoYu has nothing to say as he reproached the gods.

“What do you really want the ending to be?” Qiu ZiYan poked his face.

Tang XiaoYu calmly said, “The kind prince would buy all the matchsticks and then release the boy.”

“How is that a fairytale, that’s non-fiction,” Qiu ZiYan unbuttoned the buttons on Tang XiaoYu pyjamas. “The ending of the fairy tale should be the boy got married to the prince, received everyone’s blessings and lived a happy life!”

“You—! Quickly, let me down!” Tang XiaoYu protested as he held onto his clothes.

“Be good and let me kiss your stomach,” Qiu ZiYan said shamelessly.

What good was there about kissing someone’s stomach! Tang XiaoYu flung his fist towards him. It was an instinctive reaction and it was also a habit… anyway, Qiu ZiYan was very agile, so every time he would successfully dodge it!

However, there is an exception to everything.

“Ss…” Qiu ZiYan breathed in a breath of cold air, holding his right eye.

Tang XiaoYu just sat there motionless, unsure what kind of expression he should wear to face him.

“You should also care for an injured person ah!” Qiu ZiYan reminded him.

“Then you should also hold onto the right place,” Tang XiaoYu throw a pillow toward his body; hit the shoulder and then hold the eye, what kind of unbelievable acting was this!

With his evil plan ruthlessly revealed, Mr. Qiu could only regretfully look at him running to clean himself. 

Ten minutes later, there were the sounds of a pan and a spatula clashing in the kitchen; it really had a homely feeling!

The phone at the head of the bed suddenly rang. Qiu ZiYan threw the book in his hand aside, and he picked up the phone, “Who is it?”

“Mr. Qiu,” the other party was a young man’s voice, “Brother Han is back, and he would like to invite you and XiaoYu for a meal.”


Han Wei?

Qiu ZiYan was a bit shocked; so much time had passed and he already thought the other party was not going to care about this issue.

“Worry not, brother Han has no ill intent,” the other party explained right on time. “It is only that XiaoYu was at fault in the first place, so there are some things we need to discuss clearly for the benefit of both sides.”

“I’ll come alone, where is it?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“Sorry, there is something that can’t be settled with just you alone.” The other party’s tone of voice left no room for negotiations. “XiaoYu needs to come together with you.”

Qiu ZiYan became silent.

“Mr Qiu.” Han Wei took the phone from his subordinate, and his tone was a bit cold, “This is an issue you have no right to think about.”

“Brother Han?” Qiu ZiYan had not spoken to him through the phone before, so he took a guess.

“It’s me.” Han Wei doused his cigarette, “I know you have your own concerns, but I can guarantee that I am not going to trouble you or Tang XiaoYu. It is up to you if you believe me or not.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Qiu ZiYan asked, “… where do we meet?” 

Han Wei returned the phone to his subordinate to let him discuss the meeting time and place, and he went into the next room to call Su Nuo in order to simply talk about this issue.

“May I come to secretly listen to it?” Su Xiao Nuo was very nosy.

“No,”his big brother was very cold.

“Ok,” Su Nuo sighed with regret, “then you remember not to be too harsh on them.” People like such violent maniacs had a tendency to worry others.

“Nuo Nuo, come eat strawberries.” OuYang Long pulled the balcony door open.

“Ok!” Su Nuo loudly replied and then happily said into the phone, “Then, brother, I’ll hang up first! See ya!”

“I haven’t said…”

Du—, du—, du—.

Han Wei felt like his head suddenly grew twice as big.

“So sweet.” Su Xiao Nuo hugged the jade bowl as he ate happily.

Mr. Director rubbed his head, very coddling!

“Won’t you be late?” Su Nuo looked at the clock, “It’s almost 10.”

“I’m going to leave soon,” OuYang Long pinched his nose. “Be good and stay at home, waiting for me to return.”

“I need to return to my own home. I have an appointment with Dai An,” Su Nuo said. “Since I’ve returned back to the country, I’ve just contacted him through phone and never met him face to face.”

Desolating the lovely imperial concubine too long is not good! Since men still need to put work as priority! Then I can have enough money to care for Mr. Director! 

With such a big dream, Su Nuo put on his sunglasses and his mask and happily ran back home.

“Boss!” Dai An spread his arm as he screamed in the kitchen.

“My love!” Su Xiao Nuo dashed towards him and hugged him.

This scene was really really touching, hot tears would fill up one’s eyes!

“During this time, did you miss me terribly?” Su Nuo interrogated him seriously.

“That is a must!” Dai An tugged him as he looked him over, then he visibly sighed in relief.

“What’s wrong?” Su Nuo asked curiously.

“Don’t even ask. I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that you become a 120 kg fatty.” Dai An still felt scared. “And then I cried so hard I woke up.” 

“What about Qiu ZiYan?” Su Nuo continued to ask, “did you dream about him?”

Why do I need to dream about Qiu ZiYan! I am not envious that that person has abs! Dai An screamed in his heart, then he calmly and seriously said, “I dreamt about him, I dreamt that he is pregnant and also grew breasts.”

Su Nuo covered his mouth and breath in a puff of cold air, what a heavy taste!

“This is also something unavoidable.” Dai An made an innocent expression, “Who asked him to wear a pink-red bow thong.”

“Indeed, he also likes to wear a transparent lace skirt,” Su Nuo added on.

“Yes, it is like this!” Dai An use flattering eyes to look at him. It has already has been a few months, yet he still remembered the details from then, he really was dedicated to his job.

“Don’t talk about him. What is my work arrangement for next week?” Su Nuo gave him a truffle.

“It’s the one from before, there have not been any major changes,” Dai An said. “The photoshoot at the villa at the half of the mountain is to extend from two days to three days, and end at the last day. The sponsors want to invite the whole team to eat together.”

“Another food meeting?” Su Nuo hesitated; he actually wanted to quickly finish his work and return home and watch TV with his handsome man! That was then the beautiful life!

Also, every time, regardless of the food meeting’s type, the banquet party would also specially prepare meals like boiled mushroom with broccoli, cauliflower and flower petals… anyway it would just be very disgusting to eat, very psychopathic! It was just the worst food ever!

“Even if it is just for etiquettes, you have to attend for a while.” Dai An console him, “Just show your face, and I will think of ways for you to leave earlier.”

“Ok.” Su Nuo sighed; as a person in the industry, he really had little choice for himself as opposed to Su Nuo Nuo!

This was because Su Nuo Nuo still had his evil charming OuYang JinLong as support, hence he could whole day light-heartedly cry into the white lotus and didn’t need to worry about his job being stolen by muscle man or other people.

Of course, his handsome director also had an evil sort of charm, but obviously did not reach the point where everything was under his influence! He could not snap his fingers to make Qiu ZiYan eight packs turn into a piece of fat.

Hence, he could only continue to work diligently. Being compared was really frustrating!

“Later, during the afternoon, I booked a spa for you,” Dai An reminded him, “so don’t eat too much during the afternoon.”

“Is there a need?” Su Nuo touched his elbow. Yesterday, the handsome Mr. Director just praised him for being soft and tender! Even though the word tender did not seem too manly, it sufficed to say that a spa was not needed!

“The shooting this time is very important, so it is better to take it a bit more seriously.” Dai An was very serious.

“It is just a normal advertisement shooting; at most, it’s like the previous one, but with a bit more attention, what are you nervous about?” Su Nuo was puzzled.

“I’m also not sure as well.” Dai An made a very bitter expression, “I just feel like you might get into trouble!”

“Why?” after hearing it, Su Nuo was very dissatisfied, “I am a professional model!” Even when seeing a busty big sister’s chest, he was able to calmly do all sorts of poses!

Real dedication to work!

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