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Chapter 66: Wherever you are, I’ll be there.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin glared at Dewitt, slapped him with one paw, opened his mouth and tried to howl, but his eyes fell on Dewitt’s slightly raised thin lips, as if suddenly remembered something. His big tail shook uneasily in front of him, as if trying to hide his whole face.

“Was it you?” Dewitt’s fingers touched Wen Jin’s belly, his eyes were deep and his voice was light, as if he were afraid of something. As he spoke, Wen Jin was still looking around.

According to Archie, when his energy exploded, Wen Jin was always around him and he knew that his energy exploded uncontrollably during the time he was unconscious. He was afraid that Wen Jin was injured.

Wen Jin chittered, hesitated for a moment, did not deny it, but did not admit it. The pair of black eyes looked to the side and he did not struggle, looking like a dead fox.

After repeatedly checking him for any obvious wounds and gently pressing some key parts, seeing Wen Jin’s face was no different, Dewitt felt relieved. His hand moved to Wen Jin abdomen fur and turned his fingers in a circle, “Do you not want to say anything?”

Wen Jin’s dead eyes moved and then he glanced down.

“I said I wouldn’t force you,” said Dewitt, squeezing his hand on Win Jin’s paw and kissing it intimately. “But don’t let me wait too long.”

The little paw pad was soft and cool and there was a familiar feeling on Dewitt’s face, especially the temperature, which was exactly the same as in his dream. It seemed that the feeling still remained ingrained in his body.

The thought that little fox had not been affected by him at his most painful time made him feel calm. Dewitt understood everything. His eyes were sincere when he kissed the paw pad again. “Thank you.”

Wen Jin’s tail wobbled uncomfortably and his head was thrown aside. The firmness of Dewitt’s voice always gave him a very special feeling, a special… Ahhh, Wen Jin felt that if he continued to follow the other side into this atmosphere, maybe he would be impulsive like the devil.

“Now,” After a long time, Dewitt heard a voice, clear and crisp, “the lingshi… Don’t absorb too much reiki. Don’t be greedy and let the new core adapt to your body first.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin. “And what’s wrong with your body? It’s very hot and so on.” Wen Jin asked, uncomfortably looking down at the sheets.

Ancient demons and beasts had strong bodies, which were not easily accepted by ordinary people. Although they could absorb many benefits, it was also a question whether they could build up any resistance.  

Dewitt paused and said carefully, “Nothing is wrong, why?”

Wen Jin looked up at him, looked at Dewitt’s body again, thought for a while and said nothing more. Wen Jin always liked to be noisy. In the past, as long as Dewitt was in Wen Jin’s space, he would be quiet for a few minutes, but recently the silence had become more frequent.

Dewitt frowned and reached for Wen Jin’s paw. “What’s wrong? Not comfortable?”

Win Jin clapped Dewitt’s hand and his voice was a little dull. “Do you want me to be human?”

Dewitt was stunned, of course, the answer was yes, but he always felt that it was a little strange to answer so intuitively, which was different from his original intention. On second thought, Dewitt did not speak, but looked at Wen Jin and wanted to hear his story.

“Dewitt, do you know what I’m going to give up when I’m human to be with you?” Wen Jin’s voice was very serious.

As a demon who had lived for over a thousand years and was focused on being alone, although it was a bit scattered and now there was no one he would miss in Honghuang. Although it was the place where he had lived for a thousand years, he had his favorite places and his favorite reiki was extremely abundant there. He had pursued being an apex demon that could fly for so long.

But in this world, it was impossible to fly. To promise Dewitt, in Wen Jin’s view, meant to abandon everything from his past completely. Wen Jin had always warned himself to use his feelings cautiously. His parents, brothers and sisters who died after their short lives had given him a bang in the head. People here, their lives were really just a drop in the ocean, but every time, he was sad for those little drops in the ocean for a long time.

Wen Jin’s nature had always been noisy, but since Master’s ascent, he began to hibernate, thinking every ten years was a single day. He did not like to go out to play or eat. He stayed in his cave every day and slept for nearly a hundred years.

It was not until the whole land was almost renewed that he came out of his cave again.

And if he stayed here, he would not even have his own cave, only a small tail. Could this small tail bear the choice of living?

There was only one person in his life who lived with him in any world. Wen Jin had never tried and never thought about it finding someone else. He was a little afraid. Wen Jin was curious and interested when he listened to the stories of the storyteller, which lasted for only a few dozen minutes, but he didn’t want the ups and downs of these types of feelings at all.

Dewitt looked at Win Jin. The fox was facing him with his back. But at this moment, he could clearly feel the heavy, sad and turbulent feelings in the other’s voice.

Just then, a voice came from the door in the quiet room. It was five minutes Archie had reserved for them. The expert group and Melson would come in to examine him. The birth of a level 5 miracle was a great surprise to Assyria as a whole.

Wen Jin also realized this and his head, which had been propped up, leaned down and looked out of the window from afar without knowing what he was thinking.

That was a move that made Dewitt’s heart ache.

So just as the door was about to be opened, Dewitt suddenly pulled out the bedside control panel, locked the door from the inside and sent a message to the private terminals of Archie, Professor Lin and Cassey.

[Give me a little bit of time.]

Outside the door, the people were stopped by the suddenly locked door and they looked at each other. The narrow corridor space almost caused an accident. At that moment, the terminals of the three people rang at the same time.

Melson, standing in the middle of the crowd, saw what was on Archie’s terminal and looked deeply into the room.

Dewitt’s style of action had always been precise, which was closely related to his many years of life on the battlefield. As a Marshal when he gave orders, they were exact. If even a commander uttered vague and uncertain words, once the situation went south, morale would also go south.

The word “a little bit” was not something he would normally say.

What did that mean?

Thinking of the fox who caused all kinds of legendary events, Melson rubbed his painful temples and knew that something could not be hidden no matter how he tried. In everyone’s eyes, Melson unexpectedly did not give Archie any pressure on the matter, waved his hand, turned and stood outside.

“What would you have to give up?” Inside the room, Dewitt asked after sending out that text. He rubbed Wen Jin’s head as he listened to the disappearance of the fumbling voices outside the door.

Wen Jin opened his mouth and after a while he choked, a little depressed. He thought it was boring to settle these things with his little tail. Besides, how could he possibly tell Dewitt that he feared that Dewitt would go one day and disappear? He had a bad temper. If one day he knew that they would be together for a lifetime, while Dewitt thought it was only for a time… At some point, Wen Jin felt like he might want to kill somebody angrily.

If the little tail was stolen from him one day, he might want to kill.

“When you first came, I told you that I would respect your opinions and would like to wait until you trust me and want to tell me something about you. But you don’t seem to have said that I haven’t done enough, right?”

Wen Jin shook his head and knew that Dewitt meant well. He would have a reason to run away, but he couldn’t say that, so he thought about it and said, “You didn’t ask.”

Dewitt’s lips twisted, “I’ll ask now. When Mark sent you here before, he said you were injured from being captured but this is wrong.” What kind of person would bruise Wen Jin all over his body? Dewitt felt that even he could not do it himself. Within his cognitive scope, if Wen Jin was to be seriously injured like that, it would have to be an entire troop from the military department. The reaction of scientific research institute after seeing Wen Jin was sincere. From the point of view that the scientific research institute had no reaction before Wen Jin showed his ability, Dewitt believed that ninety-nine percent of the injuries were not caused by those from Assyria.

“Before the beginning of the Zerg War, the main project of the scientific research institute was cross-universe research, so I dare to guess, is your hometown in our universe?”

Wen Jin glanced at him, did not understand the word universe, but understood the other side’s meaning. He was silent for a long time, eventually nodded his head.

Dewitt felt something in his heart. Although he had a hunch, it really have a positive response form Wen Jin made him feel as if he had been hit by something. He was somewhat depressed. He remembered the little fox, who had just come to him, couldn’t speak for a while.

It was Wen Jin who thought Dewitt would go on to ask him questions about what the world was like in the past, how to get here and so on — after all, for Assyrians, this question was probably the most attractive one. There were so many mysteries around him, many of which were far beyond Assyria’s knowledge. Wen Jin himself knew that, even more clearly after seeing the researchers in the research institutes always staring at him.

But after a pause, Dewitt just looked at him and asked in a low voice, “Do you miss home?”

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s eyes. For a long time, the tip of his nose was sour and he whined softly.

Dewitt’s eyes softened and he reached for Wen Jin and held him in his arms. This time, the little fox did not resist his movements. The more he recalled the bruised look of the little fellow who had just come to him, the more distressed Dewitt was. The black hole problem was shelved after the war began, but before that, Dewitt had heard a little about it.

It was an area where the Empire had never made breakthroughs and the Assyrian efforts to study spacecraft and machinery to withstand the tremendous pressures of space distortion were unsuccessful. Thinking about such a heroic and high-spirited ability and temper, it would have really hurt to actually go through the wormhole. But even so, the grumpy little fellow saved him time and again.

Dewitt looked at Wen Jin and finally buried his whole face in his belly, sniffing the faint fragrance. Dewitt muffled, “Baby, baby.”

“Chee.” Wen Jin extended his paws and pushed him in the face. “Don’t talk.”


“…Chee!” Wen Jin kicked Dewitt’s face with his paws and stared at him. “I said don’t talk!!”

Dewitt, as if he hadn’t heard him, said after a long time, “Do you know how to get back to your hometown?”

When Wen Jin mentioned this, he was puzzled. He had too little information. How could he possibly know that his body could go against heaven to tear up space and travel through it? Wen Jin felt a headache when he thought about it.

“I don’t know.” He said.

“I’ll help you.” Dewitt promised, “Help you collect methods and information and when the war is over, I will donate money into the Research Institute’s project, but only after the war is over.”

Wen Jin stared, as if he didn’t understand what Dewitt was saying and this guy was trying to help him find his way back? Even after the end of the war… Who was the war with? The Uttar or the Zerg?

Wen Jin was too lazy to think about it. It wasn’t a problem in his eyes. He stared at Dewitt closely for a long time and asked inexplicably, “What about you?”

Dewitt held his head in one hand and looked at Wen Jin. After a long time, he touched the furry little head. His eyes were doting. “Wherever you are, I’ll be there.”


It took nearly thirty minutes before the door was unlocked. As soon as Archie came in, he saw the red claw marks on Dewitt’s hands and was shocked. He thought about what was going on inside, but instead of looking at Wen Jin’s brilliant spirits and a pair of sparkling eyes, Dewitt looked at the little fox on the table with that look on his face.

The results were quite shocking. Almost all the people in white coats ended up looking at Dewitt’s data panels and saying, “This is just as exciting as seeing gold.”

Professor Lin also made repeated tests for Dewitt with trembling hands. Time passed very slowly, Wen Jin watched his little tail and his head started to lower. When he saw that he was about to fall asleep, Professor Lin announced that the examination was over. Dewitt, on the other hand, reached out and held the head of the little fox, who fell asleep standing up and leaning sideways.

The latter woke up from his sleep and sneezed.

“Very spiritual.” At that moment, Melson came in from the door and commented lightly, without knowing who he was talking about.

Dewitt looked at him.

“In the next few days, you must pay attention to physical exercise. Don’t be negligent. If you have any problems at any time, tell me and Archie.” Professor Lin was still chattering and after that he thought of something, “By the way, did you wound your hand? Or where did you bump into it by accident?” Professor Lin pointed to Dewitt’s hand as he spoke. “Although your healing ability is better than before, in terms of the index, it’s still better to have fewer such wounds.”

Wen Jin sneaked his paws away and pretended not to hear anything. Dewitt squinted as he watched the little fellow withdrawing his paws.

“And.” Professor Lin said, smiling again. “I’ve got some special cakes. I’ll send them back with you later.”

On the other side, Archie was about to remind Professor Lin that Dewitt should not eat at the moment, Professor Lin smiled and watched Wen Jin lift up at the second half of the sentence, “For the little dumpling, he is fat and he must be particularly fond of eating. I am old and I cannot taste much anymore. Just remember to give him something to eat, ah.”

Archie: …

Wen Jin: …

Dewitt: …

Looking down at his chest fur, Wen Jin instantly felt his paws start to itch and looked up at Dewitt’s arm with a silly eye.

Professor Lin was right. This guy’s healing ability had really improved. He was bleeding before and now there were only a few red marks left. Feeling that he had found something good to grab, Wen Jin smiled and squinted his fox’s eyes.

As Melson sat down, everyone finished and after checking it out, they stepped back one after another.

“What’s the matter?” When those people left, Melson instantly entered a conversational state and began to gestate. Dewitt asked him directly.

After a pause, Melson said, “Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, the Prince of the Uttar will be here.”

“That’s fast,” Dewitt remarked, not too salty.

As the times began to change, Melson couldn’t understand the meaning of Dewitt’s words. He coughed lightly. “Something, their representatives mentioned to me. First, I fully respect your opinions, but I’ll ask them for help.”

Dewitt looked at him and Wen Jin looked at him, wondering why the man was so inky.

“The little prince they sent to us is very interested in you.” Melson touched the bridge of his nose. “I haven’t seen the little prince, but the Uttar royal family is pure in blood and usually looks just as good…”

“Aren’t they dreaming?” Dewitt frowned, his face was cold and his heart was not amused.

“Chee!” The little fox in his arms followed him angrily.

“… I also feel it is a little dreamy.” Melson said, “But there’s a strong will on their side. Have you ever met them? You know, the Uttar people are particularly troublesome in this respect. They are too good at charming… You have to resist.”

Dewitt heard the words enchantment and paused. Suddenly he remembered the cold lips on his in the dream kissing him. He licked his lips and looked at the warmth on his stomach. “I really have to worry about it.”

Melson, who thought that Dewitt, a man who did not have human feelings, would be stunned if he knew the man was changed by a dream. He noticed the fox on his stomach, paused for a moment, touched his chin and changed the subject. “I have to be away. The prince will be brought directly to the House tomorrow morning and then the chief of the guard will be there, an hour apart. Will you pick them up?” After a pause, Melson added, “Then you can eat well.”

“As I said, I will not be involved in it.” Dewitt’s voice was firm.

The thought of the man who came to the scientific research institute to take the fox away forcibly led Dewitt to launch an attack on Sendo. Melson felt that the first two were big. “I really can’t find a suitable person except you.”

Uttar people look at those with the royal blood as Gods in the sky. The so-called chief of guard was the captain who guarded the whole Royal Army. In other words, it was actually the one with the highest military powers in a country. It would be better for Dewitt to go.

“Fitt.” Dewitt squinted and thought of the count who had lost his temper with Sendo outside the corridor that day. He could barely remember his name. “Your brother, who is in that position, is a man of great alertness, quick-witted and knowledgeable, very good.”

Melson: “…” Was this a brother he had never seen? But on second thought, this person was really a bit better, Melson thought for a moment, nodded and agreed to this matter.

“Man, I have to give them back that person.” Finally, the key to his arrival. Melson took a deep breath and seriously talked about the Uttar.

“Give him back. What else can you do?” Dewitt gave him a sidelong look. “Or are you really not going to give everything back to Uttar?”

“During your time unconscious, the House didn’t do anything.” Melson said, patted his knee and stood up. “What’s in their mind is very important. The House of Representatives knows more about this than the Military Department.”

Wen Jin, who was still quiet in Dewitt’s arms, suddenly remembered such a person as the one he saw in the room the other day. Wen Jin wagged his tail and slapped Dewitt, thinking that enchantment was just like playing in front of him. He had been kissed by his little tail for so long that he needed to slap him.

“Give me another day,” said Dewitt, with a little bit of a kindness.

Melson looked at him suspiciously.

“In exchange, Cassey will personally protect you that night.” Dewitt kept his subordinates working overtime without blinking his eyes, especially ruthless.

Melson did not know what to think. After a while, he really agreed. Just before leaving, he could not help looking at Wen Jin for several seconds. Finally, with some deep emotion, he asked, “Dewitt. Are there people who are guilty for tampering with history?”

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November 10, 2019 3:22 pm

Dewitt is so caring; “Wen Jin, do you miss home?” 👍

November 10, 2019 4:29 pm

I was asking the same question for some times, if Wen Jin is so strong and powerful – could destroy a troops of army single handedly, who or what caused his severe injury? So bad that he could get captured and forced to sign a contract with Dewitt. I’m glad this chapter shed some light to this matter.
Thank you for the chapter.

November 10, 2019 5:42 pm

So would the special cakes be salad cakes to make Wen Jin get shocked that its crunchy and vegetables tasting, and instead annoyed that the special order isn’t the very sweet and calorie loaded cakes? 😸😼😽

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I love it when they’re getting closer to each other. Wen Jin is slowly opening to Dewitt, and he has feelings for Dewitt but, I think, he is not ready to name them yet. What Marshall said: “Wherever you are, I’ll be there.” is soooo sweet and I couldn’t help laughing when he called Wen Jin “wife”.

Thank you for the chapter!

December 18, 2019 1:03 am

nobody’s gonna talk about the PMs question? Remember he was the one who abolish the intermarriages between Assyrians and Qi beasts. He was also an anti beast yet he asked such a question. Could it be that there’s a reason behind his actions? Was he trying to protect or destroy something? What’s the point of tampering history? Is there’s something worth hiding?

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A very moving and revealing chapter.
Enchantment? With WJ around? Ha ~ dream on!
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