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Chapter 70
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translations

Something like going to a spa was just too boring, and as such, at times like this, reading a great love story was the best!

Su Nuo lay on the bed, he enthusiastically took out his phone.

Just as Su Nuo thought, the author had updated, the chapters were long and thick!

Did you people think the essence of a love story were lingering emotions?

Wrong! The essence was chaos!

This was so unexpected!

After Su NuoNuo and Ouyang JingLong made up, the two of them began to live happily ever after with each other. Their everyday lives were peaceful and filled with bliss, silver-bell-like laughter came out of the castle every day. The laughter seemed so happy that… it made everyone feel jealous!

The rest of the pursuers could only scratch their own face. Who would be fine with letting someone else have this beautiful, delicate flower of a person?!

As such, a storm came suddenly one fateful night, and Su NuoNuo went missing! Like a drop of rainwater which fell into a pond, he was gone without a trace!

“No matter the consequences, I will bring Nuo back!” Ouyang JingLong was brimming with anger, so much so that he lost his mind. His body suddenly stretched out and his clothes were burned to ashes, sudden rays of gold light engulfed him, and gold scales appeared on his skin!

He transformed!

The huge dragon soared into the clouds in rage, he broke the laws of time, turning the clock wheels of fate. The stars above shifted, causing wars to rise, and mountains and oceans to move in the human realm. All the deaths and calamity, it was horrific!

“Puwhahaha!” Su Nuo couldn’t help laughing, he was completely unsympathetic.

“What’s the matter?” Dai An walked over to him with curiosity.

“Nothing,” Su XiaoNuo immediately turned his face back to his usual serious look. He couldn’t let anyone know that he was doing something as inelegant as reading third-rate novels! Even if it’s Dai An!

“Nuo Nuo,” Ouyang Long called him and asked, “Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Tonight I… Ah! It tickles!” Su Nuo was being massaged on a sensitive part, so he screamed! Ouyang Long was confused and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m at a spa,” Su Nuo replied. Then for some reason he had a feeling as if he was a housewife! His husband was out at work while he was lazing at a spa while reading a novel. This realization was really shocking!

I’m doing this for my job! Su XiaoNuo made himself an excuse!

“Do you want me to come and pick you up?” Ouyang Long asked.

“No need,” Su Nuo looked at the time and said, “You probably won’t be able to make it in time. I’m with Dai An now, so we’ll eat together. We may be home a bit late.”

This conversation was so loving! It was as if they were a pair of married couple!

How blissful is this!

After Ouyang Long hung the phone up, he called Mu Qiu.

“You want to have dinner with me?” Director Mu was very unfriendly, “I don’t have time.”

“What are you busy with?” Ouyang Long asked without much thought.

“Our company is going to open a new shop recently, so there’s too many things to do,” Mu Qiu said solemnly.

“Don’t touch my waist!” ZhongLi FengBai screeched.

Ouyang Long, “……”

“Maybe we can talk next time,” Mu Qiu said calmly, then hung up.

“Who was that?” ZhongLi FengBai asked.

“You don’t have to care about him.” Mu Qiu said enthusiastically, “What do I need to prepare for tomorrow?” It was the first time for them to show their relationship; to announce his ownership was just super awesome!

“We are just going to a movie exhibition together, what do you need to prepare for?” ZhongLi FengBai glared at him and said, “What? Do you want to give a speech or something?!”


Overly extravagant!


Make people absolutely!


“Maybe we should go get some new clothes together tonight?” Mu Qiu enthusiastically suggested.

“I’m not going.” ZhongLi FengBai sat on Mu Qiu’s office desk and asked, “When are you going to get off of work?”

“I can get off right now. We can leave right away.” Mu Qiu lacked a sense of responsibility, he was very willing to give up his work time for his lover!

“Then we should go home early,” ZhongLi FengBai stood up.

“Do you really not want to eat dinner here?” Mu Qiu grabbed ZhongLi FengBai’s hand, “I especially hired a cook to make you cordyceps.”

“I don’t have an appetite.” ZhongLi FengBai sounded listless.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Qiu asked him.

Director Zhong was anxious!

The second he thought about holding hands with Mu Qiu and going to the movie exhibition together tomorrow, he got nervous, he felt dizzy and he thought the world was spinning. However, telling people that he was nervous was just too embarrassing, yet, he just couldn’t stop the suffocating feeling!

ZhongLi FengBai’s fingertips turned cold, he was almost shivering.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Qiu was shocked by ZhongLi FengBai’s complexion; his face looked so very pale.

“Give me some time to calm myself.” ZhongLi FengBai buried his face into Mu Qiu’s chest.

“… Nervous?” Mu Qiu asked carefully.

ZhongLi FengBai didn’t speak, but he hugged him tighter, hoping to feel more reassured.

“Don’t worry,” Mu Qiu kissed the end of ZhongLi FengBai’s bangs. “No matter what happens, I’ll be with you.”

“Where did you learn those third-rate sentences from?” Director Zhong raised his head to look at him.

“Those are my real thoughts,” Mu Qiu said seriously1.

ZhongLi FengBai stared at him for a few seconds, then he decisively closed his own eyes.


Am definitely!

Not moved!

Mu Qiu’s eyes were filled with happiness; he lowered his head to kiss ZhongLi FengBai on the lips.

He’d just eaten candy, so it was very sweet.

At the same time, on the upper floors of a high-end estate. Tang XiaoYu was watching TV with Qiu ZiYan, on the TV played an advertisement starring Qiu ZiYan. Qiu ZiYan’s buffed upper body was naked, and a few beautiful ladies were entangled with him. Advertisements for furniture these days are so full of content!

“Are you jealous?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“Nope,” Tang XiaoYu shook his head.

“Liar,” Qiu ZiYan said in a wise manner, “Children should be honest.”

Tang XiaoYu continued to eat his ice-cream and ignored him.

“Darling.” Qiu ZiYan kissed his ear.

“You can’t have any.” Tang XiaoYu quickly rejected him.

“I don’t want to eat the ice cream,” Qiu ZiYan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“You also can’t have any of my snacks.” Tang XiaoYu said firmly, “Mai Ke told me that if you grow meat again this month, he will kill himself in front of me.”

“This has nothing to do with eating,” Qiu ZiYan hugged him tightly. “I just want to discuss something with you.”

“What?” Tang XiaoYu seldom heard Qiu ZiYan speak so seriously, so he turned his head around to look at him.

“Do you still remember Han Wei?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

After hearing the name, Tang XiaoYu immediately froze up, and the bucket of ice cream in his hands almost fell to the floor. Luckily, Qiu ZiYan caught the falling bucket.

“Don’t be scared,” Qiu ZiYan hugged him closer.

“What’s that with brother Han?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“He called me and arranged to meet us in a café. He said he wanted to get to the bottom of what happened.” Qiu ZiYan held his hand and continued, “I won’t let anyone hurt you, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I can go there by myself.” Tang XiaoYu said anxiously, “You don’t have to get dragged into this.”

“Tell me first, why did you lie to him before?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“… I was tricked,” Tang XiaoYu bit his lip, “The gang of people who were scamming money out of Han Wei’s casino had a strong position in the casino. I was there, staring for a long time before I understood what was actually happening. They were in it with the card dealer; the dealer would deal out the hands that they wanted. After I noticed that, I decided that I would tell brother Han about it the next day.”

“And then?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“In order to aid in my search for the traitors, brother Han gave me a lot of tools to blend in as the normal customers, and for all the previous nights, I’d stay in the casino until very late. However, on the day I noticed what was going on, I left the casino very early. Perhaps that mistake alerted them about my role.”

That night, the card dealer came to the hotel room Tang XiaoYu was living in. After she entered, she immediately knelt on the floor, cried that her judgement was clouded, and asked for Xiao Tang to let her go.

“At the time, she said that she has a younger brother at home, he was still in school. Plus, her father was in a coma, so she needed the money, so she wasn’t thinking straight. Then she begged me again to not tell brother Han.” Tang XiaoYu’s voice got smaller and Qiu ZiYan hugged him tighter.

“If the card dealer was found to have been colluding with the gamblers, the consequences would be severe. Basically, her whole life would be over,” Tang XiaoYu continued, “She kept crying and groveling, I couldn’t push her away, no matter how I tried.”

“And then you let her go?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“She let me look at the photos of her father and younger brother on her phone. It sounded really bad.” Tang XiaoYu said, “At the time, she promised that she would never scam brother Han again and she said she was going to find a way to get away from all this. She wanted to find a proper job, maybe open up a small shop. I was moved, so I promised that I wouldn’t rat her out. So, the next day, I returned all of the commission fees brother Han gave me, telling him that I couldn’t catch the culprit. After that, I’ve never been to that casino again.”

Tang XiaoYu paused. “Originally, I thought that was that. Who would have thought, one day, there was a bunch of people who were trying to find me. After asking, I heard that the card dealer made a mistake, their whole group were caught red-handed by everyone there. In order to stay alive, they revealed a bunch of stuff.”

“Including the fact that you let them off the hook?” Qiu ZiYan surmised.

“Not only that, they said I was with them and that I got benefits from them,” Tang XiaoYu said. “When it comes to these things, if they caught you once, they wouldn’t just let it go. Plus, that night, the card dealer was caught on camera when she visited my room, so there was no way brother Han would doubt it.”

“Then, I might be wrong, but I’m guessing that the card dealer’s backstory was also a big lie?” Qiu ZiYan asked as he sighed in his own heart.

“Hmn,” Tang XiaoYu sounded dejected as he said, “Everything was a lie. After I left, she didn’t change one bit. Colluding with the gamblers was something unforgivable to begin with, no matter the reason was—and her ‘reason’ was actually fake.” As such, he didn’t dare and didn’t know how to explain things to Han Wei. Tang XiaoYu could only hide and run, until he was finally picked up by Qiu ZiYan.

“Okay. I know everything now, it’ll be fine.” Qiu ZiYan kissed his cheeks and said, “Let’s go together tomorrow.”


“I must go,” Qiu ZiYan cut him off; there was no room for compromise in his tone.

“You don’t have to go,” Tang XiaoYu frowned.

“Who said that?” Qiu ZiYan rubbed against Tang XiaoYu’s neck, “You have seen me completely naked, so I’m basically yours!”

Tang XiaoYu, “……”

“So, you have to bring me with you wherever you go.” Qiu ZiYan leaned down to pick him up, “Let’s go take a bath together.”

They were talking about something very serious just now, how did the topic suddenly changed to taking a bath? Moreover, they haven’t even eaten dinner yet!

Tang XiaoYu struggled in his arms, “Let me down!”

“If the little mermaid princess doesn’t go back into the water soon, his tail would come back out!” Qiu ZiYan placed him under the sprinkler, then turned the nozzle on, “We don’t have the sea nearby, maybe I should add some salt into the bathtub?”

Tang XiaoYu wanted to laugh and cry, he had no idea how he should face this person!

“You have a mole at the corner of your eye, it looks like a small sesame seed,” Qiu ZiYan kissed his eyes.

“I don’t want you to go meet brother Han at all,” Tang XiaoYu argued.

Qiu ZiYan sighed as he took Tang XiaoYu’s pants off, “I did my best to change the topic; why is your focus still on Han Wei?”

“……” So, your method of changing the topic was taking my clothes off? Tang XiaoYu stood in front of him with his face completely red.

“We are having such a lovely time together, don’t think about other men now!” Qiu ZiYan took his shirt off and began to be mean wholeheartedly.

“Brother ZiYan,” Tang XiaoYu called his name.

“Hmn?” Qiu ZiYan kissed his shoulders.

“Thank you.”

“Try calling me your husband.”


Tang XiaoYu really didn’t know what to say to that!

On the other hand, Su XiaoNuo was, of course, the most carefree among everyone! He didn’t have to worry about potentially getting silenced by a mafia boss, or worry about having to come out about his relationship with Ouyang Long! His job was going smoothly, his family was a loving one, everything was so carefree and just perfect for him!!

“I’m back!” Around nine at night, Su Nuo walked in happily, carrying big and small bags of snacks. When he opened the door, he saw the handsome Mr. Director holding a carrot in his hand; he was standing in the middle of the living room.

“… Your snacks are so… healthy,” Su Nuo praised.

“Ruff!” Before Ouyang Long replied, a samoyed rush straight out from the bedroom and hugged Su Nuo’s legs, begging to be patted on the head.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Su XiaoNuo screamed happily, he dropped all the snacks to the floor to hug the dog! He almost wanted to roll on the floor with the dog!

Such a huge surprise! Something like being suffocated by the shock was in order!

“You, you, you are such an awesome person!” Su Nuo’s hot tears started rolling out, he used an especially adorable look to face Ouyang Long!

Ouyang Long had already given up on thinking about how he just received the “Good Person Card”, because… the rabbit was missing.

“And the rabbit?” Su Nuo was very enthusiastic.

“Austin sent it over; he said we can try to care for it for a week first. If we are sure that we can take care of it, we can consider actually taking it in.” Ouyang Long’s head ached as he said, “I was just in the toilet for a few minutes, but when I finished, I saw that the rabbit cage had fallen to the ground and the rabbit wasn’t in the cage anymore.”

“You didn’t eat the rabbit, did you?” Su Nuo looked at the dog nervously while still hugging it.

“Not him, I examined him, he didn’t eat the rabbit.” Ouyang Long put the carrot down on the table and said, “The rabbit is so small, it’s also a scaredy-cat and it doesn’t make any sounds. I have no idea how to find it.”

“If it gets hungry, it will eventually come out,” Su Nuo added his knowledge as a foodie in the critical moment. “Have you heard of the story about how to catch a sparrow2?”

“I’m beginning to regret having agreed to get pets.” Ouyang Long was exhausted from trying to find the rabbit, “Is it already too late to change my mind?”

“I will take good care of them when I’m free from working.” Su Nuo was reluctant to let go of them. Then, after some hesitation, he said, “But, if you really don’t want to, then we can send them back.” Su Nuo sounded very obedient but also sad.

The expression was just too much… it really made people’s hearts soften. Mr. Director sighed in his own heart, then he kissed Su Nuo’s forehead, “We’ll keep them.”

Su XiaoNuo’s eyes began to glow!

“When we aren’t busy with work, we’ll take care of them together. If work gets too busy, we can let Austin take care of them temporarily. Is that okay?” Ouyang Long asked.

Of course, that’s okay! Su Nuo nodded his head; he was so happy that he was almost going to fly up into the sky!

His own man was just so handsome and considerate!

At a time like this, a long French kiss was in order, only that could fulfill the audiences’ wishes!

That’s why one could say that the samoyed was very lucky… he got a lovely show on the first day of his arrival!

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Translator Notes:

  1. He’s saying your thoughts are third-rate, lol.
  2. It is in a short novel written by Lu Xun, the short novel is called “Homeland”. In the story, RunTu was someone Lu Xun admired, Lu Xun wanted to catch some sparrows. RunTu suggested that they should do it in winter; he made a basket with bamboo, then made a trap with food as bait, and they caught a lot of different birds.


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