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Chapter 89
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You could not hurt those juvenile beasts that ridiculed and despised you. What’s more, you did not even have the courage to viciously beat up that beast whose fighting power was definitely lower than you and was standing nearby to ridicule you. You can only swallow all your depressed emotions into your stomach.

It really…made Cheng Liang, who had gloriously risen to a Rank Eight Hunter, feel rather depressed and frustrated.

However, there was no way for him to vent that stuffy feeling no matter how depressed and frustrated he was. In addition, they would start to travel around the globe soon. Hedgehog haired Cheng-daren decided that he would not lower himself to the level of this fellow with no knowledge and no parents.

However, the so-called not lowering himself to that level did not mean that he would not retaliate. Just as XiaoBao happily and proudly eyed him in disdain, Cheng Zi-daren suddenly looked at the little guy and retorted, “You still have the cheek to say I’m brainless? You’re a panda that can even choke on bamboo while eating it and you still have the face to call Lao Zi brainless?!”

The scene suddenly froze and XiaoBao, who was sitting on WangWang’s large head, abruptly turned to stone. That rigid appearance made JinYu worry about whether this fella was going to choke again.

A few minutes later, XiaoBao’s petrified state was undone after much difficulty. Its first sentence was-

“Ao ao ao ao -!!! Who are the traitors who sold Lao Zi out ao!!”

BaoZi, DaBai, XiaoBai, WangWang, ErHei, XiaoXue collectively shook their heads to express that they would not make irresponsible remarks. Besides, do you think everyone could talk human language like you? Even if they had the intention to say it, they also could not express it, okay?

Thus, XiaoBao turned around and accused JinYu with his little eyes that were full of aggrievement. Since it was not a beast, then it could only be the boss!

However, JinYu did not react to the look. He coolly retorted, “I’m not so free to do something like that. If you’re looking at me, you might as well look at Xiao~ Xiao~.”

Li Xiao, who had been named, shivered in the next moment. He felt that the two words ‘XiaoXiao’ could not be accepted after they were spouted from the mouth of a certain fish. Clearly Cheng Zi had called him this way too. After he shivered, Li Xiao reminded it kindly after seeing XiaoBao’s pitiful and depressed look, “Well, yesterday your cries were very loud. You know that right?”

XiaoBao stiffened and nodded.

“We were exploring the terrain nearby…”

XiaoBao howled in grief and lay stiff like a corpse on WangWang’s head. It covered its eyes with its claws and dispiritedly ao-ed twice. It did not even want to talk human language any longer and it could be seen that it had suffered a great psychological shock.

“Cough cough, okay, okay. Everyone should stop picking at each other’s weak points. We have limited time. Hurry up and prepare. We’re going to explore all kinds of beautiful and fertile places! Anyway, as the first group of tourists, I have especially drafted tours of several distinctive places for you to visit and explore. Would you like to choose them?”

JinYu mischievously laughed and snapped his fingers. Then BaoZi, XiaoXue, XiaoBai and ErHei lifted four big cards that they pulled from somewhere. There were four big words on the card—

“Cold, hot, dry, wet?”

Shan BaiLu was puzzled after looking at these four words, but he didn’t ask directly this time. He thought about it seriously for fear of being despised. Finally he clapped his hands and said, “Does this represent the climate of four places? Boss, are you going to lead us to the North Pole or an iceberg? But if the climate of these four places are really so different, they should be far from each other. In one day’s time, will we- I dodge!!”

Young Master Shan hastily dodged the claws of a certain unscrupulous doctor with his quick eyes and feet and then he cockily laughed, “Ahahaha! Let me tell you! You better not even think of hitting me again! This young master’s reaction is super fast! Hit me again and I’ll fall out with you!”

However, Jin Qian who was threatened and treated cockily only gave a sinister smile when he heard the words. In the next second, he turned his head away and acted like he would not hit Shan BaiLu, when he was on guard. “Since you are the agent here, you should have some special method to go where you want, right?”

Jin Qian looked at JinYu. He seemed fairly certain despite the words from his mouth being in a questioning tone. Jin Qian thought about it carefully last night. Although the whole process of arriving here was so strange that he couldn’t understand it, he was sure that JinYu himself was uncertain about being able to come here before they arrived. This was why JinYu was frowning throughout the journey on how to find a place for the beasts, and sometimes he would even mutter something about ‘no connection’. Yet now the whale was suddenly showing a confident and in-control look. It must be that something had happened after he came here which enabled him to find out everything.

Thus, the only thing that could explain all this was – JinYu being surrounded by a blue light and floating in mid-air after arriving here. He was sure that JinYu was in a mental battle during that period. Perhaps, he had felt something at that time? Or he had heard something?

Jin Yu looked in Jin Qian’s eyes, which seem to have guessed everything and could not help but lament at how black-hearted this fellow was. It’s a pity that this fella didn’t become a psychologist or detective! But fortunately, he was only a beast veterinarian and could only bring harm on the poor beasts.

“He he, you guessed it correctly but I won’t give you any prizes.” JinYu’s words made Jin Qian speechlessly roll his eyes, but he finally managed to restrain himself from talking.

“All right, hurry up and choose a destination. We’ll reach as soon as you close your eyes.”

Hearing this, Jin Qian, Li Xiao and the two others all revealed their shock. Although they had suspected something, they had never thought it was actually instantaneous transportation! Wasn’t this really in defiance of the natural order?!

Ten seconds later, all the people and beasts were standing on an immense glacier and shivering. Shan BaiLu stared at a certain whale who was also slightly frozen stiff with an extremely reverent look was his whole body shivered, “B-b-b-boss! You are the ultimate idol in my life!!”

Instantaneous movement in addition to becoming the administrator of a planet?! Fuck, this is so fucking awesome!!

After hearing this, JinYu leaned back against the human stove which was radiating warmth and nodded to give him some face, “Work hard, I’m supporting you… But, I say, who was the one who requested this as the first destination? This is the South Pole, the South Pole okay!! Holy crap! Who’s hoping to find food and minerals here?! Do you eat dead grass? Or are you going to deep fry up the glacier?!”

Fuck, even though he had made a general guess about the situation in the South Pole and the North Pole, he could not help being irritable and resentful when he saw that there were only huge icebergs and glaciers here and nothing else. Once upon a time, even though it had been called the ‘forbidden region of life’, there were still many beautiful and strong animals here… Fuck, the high protein krill he wanted to eat doesn’t even exist ahhhh! It’s really too disrespectful, old man!!

“I-I-I… Achoo!! L-leader! It’s t-too cold here… Oh, a w-w-w-warm a-area?!”

After everyone stood here and beautifully enjoyed the glacier, Shan BaiLu could not help but open his mouth. Listening to this fella that could not even speak now, JinYu’s mouth twitched and he closed his eyes and waved.

It was warm when they opened their eyes again.

Then after standing for a while, it was hot again.

Chirp chirp chirp chirp!! [Holy crap!! Lao Zi hates the desert most! Why did we come to the desert?!! I want to go back to the place just now ao ao! That place was just too beautiful, all right?!] JinYu stood in the desert and looked at his slowly sinking body and thought hard. He didn’t plan to come to the desert just now. Really, he just thought that the desert might be very warm and could defrost him, don’t you think so?!! Actually, the place he wanted to go was the tropical rainforest!! Without insects and vipers, the tropical rainforest was practically a paradise for delicious food!!

However, they would not be able to go there without waiting for at least three hours.

“Hey, Jin-zi, can’t we go somewhere else? Go back to a wet place!” Li Xiao could not help speaking up. But what he got was the disregard of some fish that was quickly dying without water.

“…” Li Xiao looked past JinYu and met the gaze of the Boss Qi behind him for a few seconds, then turned his head with a scowl.

“XiaoXiao? Why are you not speaking? Quickly ask Jin-zi to change to somewhere else!! It’s too hot here!” Li Xiao’s mouth twitched upon hearing this, “You have to think about why Jin-zi only gave us four choices in the end when he had this kind of instantaneous movement ability.”

“Ah?” Cheng Liang was somewhat unresponsive. Instead it was Jin Qian who replied with a black face, “He probably can only use this ability five times in a day. Moreover, there is a time limit after every usage.”

“What?!” Shan BaiLu, Cheng Liang, as well as the beasts, collectively fell to the ground, while XiaoXue was already lying stiff like a corpse.

JinYu coughed twice and spread out his hands, “Congratulations, you guessed it right again but there is still no reward.”

Therefore, the first and second stop of their Earth trip was far from as beautiful as people thought… Looking at the unending desert, Shan BaiLu felt that he should worship his eldest brother carefully, because sometimes this person would not only dig pits for his enemies, he would also dig pits for his own people till they wanted to spit blood!!

“Tch! Since this is so, we should accept it! Even if it’s a desert, it’s also worth seeing, okay!! Although there are fewer plants and other things, all the treasures and stuff will be hidden underground!” Looking at how dispirited everyone was, JinYu mobilized with the fastest speed. After speaking, he pulled on a Boss that was pretending to be dead.

“Hey, the quicksand is already up to our necks. Are you planning on letting us all die?”

Qi QingLin shook his head seriously, “In fact, I was thinking if there were any lost treasures, ancient cities or minerals under the quicksand. Anyway, we won’t die even if we sink down.”

Everyone had stiffened in shock instantly. Shan BaiLu looked at Boss with admiration, while Big Boss Jin did not even want to speak anymore and directly stared at DaBai.


DaBai acted in concert and used its powers. JinYu only knew how excessively wrong he was after DaBai acted. Fuck, how could DaBai, that fool, not tell him that it could only make the land become quicksand and stop the movement of quicksand ahhh?!! Now they were all just revealing an exposed head that was fixed in quicksand as the hot sun shone down on them… This was a group suicide, all right?!

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