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Chapter 84: Aren’t you jealous and I love you

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Translations

“Seriously! I didn’t arrange with him to meet in the hospital!” Su Nuo clutched his man’s hand, “You must trust me!”

 “Yeah. I trust you.” OuYang Long nodded.

In truth, ever since he wooed him back when they were overseas, he stopped caring about his relationship with Qiu ZiYan. After all, this dummy’s line of thought was particularly bizarre; he would never think like a typical person would.

However, Su XiaoNuo clearly had no idea Mr Director had a change in mindset. Besides, Qiu ZiYan was once the spark that caused their break up, so that must be cleared up! It must be treated seriously!

 “I really, really did inform Director Zhong to call me only when Qiu ZiYan left!” Su XiaoNuo solemnly raised his hand to attest and even said ‘really’ twice.

 “Ok.” OuYang Long pinched his cheeks.

What does he mean by ‘OK’? How can he dismiss what I said with just an ‘ok’? He clearly is still pissed! Su Nuo grew even more anxious. He finally wound up together with his handsome partner, this mustn’t be destroyed by that evil muscle man!

 “Wanna take a bath?” OuYang Long asked

Su Nuo inhaled sharply. Was Mr Director planning to punish him in the bathtub? How horrifying that would be! It’s simply too embarrassing!

“It’s really fine.” Su Nuo’s expression almost made OuYang Long chuckle.

 “Is it really fine? I might have touched Qiu ZiYan in the hospital, you know?” Su Nuo reminded.

 “Do you want me to punish you furiously that much?” OuYang Long pinched his cheeks again.

Of course not! I’m not an extreme masochist! Of course, it’s best if I can avoid being spanked on the butt! However, you being pissed off by this should be the norm! How is it possible for you to just brush it off? This is so weird!

 “Stop letting your mind run wild. I’m going to the study room to settle my work in the company. I’ll rest with you after that.” OuYang Long patted his shoulders before leaving. He just left like that!

Him leaving is really scary!

Su Nuo tiptoed to the study room door and peeked in, letting out a sigh internally. Hah…!

“Woof!” Mr Samoyed tugged on the edge of his pants, wanting to play dead with him.

However, Su Nuo didn’t have any mood to play. Thus, he shoved Samoyed cruelly to the lop-eared rabbit before turning on the computer in the living room covertly to surf the net.

Getting help from the internet was a must! After all, many hands made light work.

[My boyfriend stops being jealous of someone he believes to be a love rival. Does anyone know why is this so?]

Such queries pull on the heartstrings of many; it elicited the interest of numerous lonely girls and guys who were staying up late. Hence, replies flooded the thread. The first comment gave a fairly obvious answer.

[he obviously doesn’t love you anymore!]

Fuck off! How is this possible? Su Nuo felt nothing but contempt at the reply. My man not loving me? No way! His love for me is so strong, he will break down if I leave! Don’t bullshit if you don’t know what’s going on!

[No way! He loves me very much!]

What a confident answer!

A bunch of people criticised the original poster. [OP is too egotistical], [OP is too stubborn to heed advice], [OP is utterly crazy and an idiot!], [You are not your man, so how can you know how deep his love for you is?! Maybe he just appears to love you, but someone is already living in his heart!] 

Su Nuo sulked and let out a humph. You guys aren’t me, of course you don’t know how awesome my man is! But I can’t divulge too many details. What if someone ended up stalking my account and find out my identity?! I must cover things up! Thus, Su XiaoNuo continued typing on his keyboard.

[Some time ago, when we went for a stroll, I almost got into a car accident as I was crossing the road. My boyfriend selflessly pushed me away and got knocked by the car in my stead. He had to stay in the hospital for one whole month! Also, there was once when we went to the mountains and got trapped. He gave the only bread we had to me! When the hospital misdiagnosed me with a terminal illness, he still didn’t break up with me!]

Although all of that was a fabrication that was inspired by melodramatic TV dramas, even if that really happened to them, Mr Director would definitely do exactly like how he wrote, so it wasn’t an exaggeration at all!

 Su XiaoNuo hit the enter key resolutely.

As expected, the belief of those incidents being true was great(*the strength of reality was huge)! After reading the reply, everyone started to toss away their suspicions at once and instead, began complimenting. [OP is so fortunate!] [OP’s boyfriend is awesome!] [A match made in heaven <3!] [I’m so envious! Stop displaying how loving you are to us singles!]

That’s right, this is how they should react! Su Nuo heaved a sigh of relief before reverting the discussion back on topic. [But why didn’t he get jealous when I went out with his supposed love rival?]

Still, no one gave him an answer. Instead, everyone condemned him strongly. [Your bf is so nice to you1 How can you go out with other guys?! You should cherish your relationship with him!] [ OP is such a disloyal, indecisive, slutty partner who is never satisfied! OP must be thrown to the sea in a pig cage and drown!] [Unforgivable!] [ OP, why don’t you let go of that guy and leave him for other girls that know how to cherish their partner?]

What in the world?! They are still not on topic! Su XiaoNuo was about to break into tears. Why is the world so cruel? Why is everyone online so brutal? They didn’t even give any useable advice! Besides, why should I break up with Mr Director? That’s impossible! We will live happily ever after forever!

“NuoNuo,” OuYang Long walked out of the study room, “why are you still at the computer?”

Su XiaoNuo was riddled with guilt. Immediately, he minimised the tab and switched to a tile-matching puzzle game. He did that at one go, evidently a professional in that.

“playing for too long is not good for your eyes. Go on and take a shower.” OuYang Long stroked his head while thinking ruefully in his mind that such games were a perfect fit for his intelligence.

“…Kay. I’m going to shower then.” Su XiaoNuo decided to shamelessly seduce him a bit, so he took the initiative and unbuttoned his collar. What an erotic sight it was; a mere thought of such a view would get hearts pounding.

Then, Mr Director pounced on him, tearing away the shirt that partially concealed him before whispering dirty talk like ‘You slutty little thing. Do you want me again?’

Of course, that was just Su XiaoNuo’s imagination.

In reality, Mr Director didn’t even look at him. As the computer in the study room, was still transferring files, he turned and walked away, leaving Su XiaoNuo unbuttoning his shirt in the living room alone. A bunch of expletives filled Su Nuo mind.

Why did it turn out like this?

Su Nuo got even more depressed.

Even relaxing bath couldn’t cheer him up.

Don’t tell me he’s planning to give me the silent treatment? Is he trying to make me constantly on edge by not mentioning his love rival? As such thoughts sipped into Su Nuo’s mind, he got even more gloomy. If that’s the case, I would rather he just use violence on me! Although this is a self-degrading mindset, at least I will be gently touched after being spanked on the butt, and we might even get on the bed and -beep- That is still not all that bad!

“ugh!” Su XiaoNuo sighed. Qiu ZiYan is seriously a huge source of disaster!

Right after, he knocked on the wall.

This is so damn manly!

The towel rack on the wall shook a bit, causing a small yellow rubber duck to fall off. it stared right into Su Nuo’s eyes.

On the other hand, Mr Director strolled towards the living room after finishing his work. Realising that the computer was still on, he was about to turn it off when he noticed the minimised tab.

Question: Who would make the same mistake twice consecutively?

Answer: an idiot.

Due to OuYang Long making the mistake of forgetting to sign out last time, Mr Director ended up finding out his account – I’m a bald little imp. The mistake was worse this time around; he just minimised the website and hide it right below another tab!

How stupid can he be?!

Ten minutes later, Mr Director pushed the bathroom door open.

Su XiaoNuo was still playing with the rubber duck gloomily.

What an endearing sight! Thus, the pent-up frustrations in OuYang Long’s heart were slightly dissipated, replaced with a cute pink.

“Hmm? When did you get in?” Su Nuo came back to himself all of a sudden.

“Just now.” OuYang Long removed his clothes.

Su Nuo shifted in obediently to make space for him.

“What did you do in the office today?” OuYang Long sat in the bathtub and had his arms around Su Nuo.

The air around them was still warm and sweet! Su Nuo let out a relieved sigh before answering, “Nothing much. I just took a look at the work plan and then chatted with Dai An.”

“I see.” OuYang Long help to wipe his body.

“Erm… I told Dai An our relationship.” Su Nuo turned his head to him, “Sorry for not discussing with you beforehand. You won’t be angry, right?”

“Of course not.” OuYang Long kissed his cheeks, “This is something you should have told him.”

“Dai AN treats me well; he will never disclose it to others.” Su Nuo leaned onto his embrace, “So you don’t have to worry.”

“I’m not worried.” OuYang Long hugged him tightly, “Baby, let me tell you something, ok?”

“What is it?” Su XiaoNuo grew nervous. Is it about Qiu ZiYan?

That’s seriously terrifying!

I have nothing to do with that muscle man!

“It’s my fault for suspecting you and Qiu ZiYan previously.” OuYang Long’s tone was soft and gentle, “I don’t mind your relationship with him, so don’t worry.”

“You don’t mind my relationship with him?” Su Nuo turned around to face him.

“It’s just a normal working relationship with a colleague. I really don’t mind at all.” OuYang Long held his hand and gave it a kiss.

Those long-winded stalker-like messages Su Nuo sent could just be treated as the display of a dummy’s envy. Thus… it could also be overlooked.

Oh god, he is so gentle, I can’t…!

Su Nuo’s nose turned red at once.

How can my man be so gentle!

He’s just so, so handsome!

“dummy.” OuYang Long kissed his nose.

“You are so good.” Su Nuo hugged him, his heart filled with bliss.

“You are great too.” OuYang Long kissed his shoulder, “I love you.”

Romantic talk is so… Su XiaoNuo’s neck and back started to flare red visibly. The blush swiftly spread to his submerged butt. He’s so sensitive! Give a like for this uke!

“Good boy.” OuYang Long gave him another kiss on the shoulder.

It seemed to be a fitting atmosphere for them to do it. Su XiaoNuo looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

“Let’s not use that today.” Mr Director’s voice was gentle, “We just did it yesterday. It’s not good for your body if we do it often.”

Su Nuo’s face got even redder.

The handsome, considerate Mr Director was super-duper endearing!

“it’s alright, we still have a lifetime’s worth of time.” Both of OuYang Long’s arms circled his waist before pulling him into his embrace, “So there’s no need to rush.”

Su XiaoNuo nodded and hugged him tightly.

What an idyllic life they had!

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