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Chapter 85: Stage encounter and There’s something behind me

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations


As a particular no-shame food lover, the days Su Nuo look forward most to are the ones that he could sleep in late, woken up by a gentle and warm kiss that come from Mr. Director, finish eating a delicious breakfast, clean the room, read some books, and then finish eating dinner?

No! Of course not!

Because the afternoon tea must also be included! After the afternoon tea, then you could start dinner!

The steps towards the end of the day must be correct! This is what you call an ideal day!

And then after dinner, rock paper scissors with Mr. Director to see who will wash the dishes, then read the gossip forum on the internet while letting CottonCandy and RiceBall run around, and then finally at eleven o’clock, Mr. Director and I will beep —. Even if we don’t beep—, we will definitely be in a hot makeout session for five minutes, maybe I will touch his abs in the process too. After all this, then I can have sweet dreams.

But after all, all of this was just Su Nuo’s little dream. As a man who needs to support his family, I must still consider my work first. So I can be more manly!

I seriously need to pat myself on the back!

So this weekend, even though Su Nuo wanted to stay home with his handsome man and do naughty things, he still ended up complaining and driving to the company to prepare for the walkshow this afternoon.

“Why do you have dark circles under your eyes?!” Dai An was furious when he saw Su Nuo, “Did you not get a good rest yesterday night?”

“Really?” Su Nuo stood in front of the mirror feeling confused, “No, there’s something wrong with your eyes.” There’s not a smudge on Su Nuo’s face, “I went to bed at ten yesterday.”

“Tsk.” From the moment he found out about Su Nuo and Mr. Director’s relationship, no matter what perspective he viewed Su Nuo from, Dai An felt that Su Nuo is full of sexual desires. Even though he knew that these kinds of thoughts are caused by his emotions, he still can’t control what he thinks.

“Princess, you’re too jealous.” Su Nuo handed over the boba to Dai An, “You need to stop hanging out with ZhongLi FengBai too much, his taste in men is too strong! Over a long time, it will be hard to marry you off!” Most people are still into men that are clever and caring, for example, my handsome Mr. Director.
“I’ve already told you so many times, I like men!” Dai An roared, “Please don’t think this as a laughing matter!”

Su Nuo grew teary, “My princess you finally faced yourself and admitted it! Me, the emperor, is very proud of you!”

What? Dai An froze for two seconds and then with a red face he screamed, “I said it wrong! I like women!” Whether if it’s those big boobs mature women or those sweet little girls, I definitely don’t want those men with big muscles! That sounds terrible!

“I’m not going to say anything, so why can’t you just admit it!” Su Nuo was heartbroken.

“Don’t talk about this topic anymore!” Dai An roared, “It’s work time!”

Su Nuo shut his mouth, and then he signed in his heart. Princess’s face was so red!

The way he acts really want people to spoil and love him ah!

The walkshow this afternoon was a public service event, so that the little kids who live around the area can be supported by fundraiser money. Usually, celebrities that aren’t that popular won’t attend this kind of event, so one could say that there’s only hot and famous celebrities attending this event. But even so, Su Nuo is still the one the shines the most!

My pride is super satisfied!

“Haven’t seen you for a while.” After the event is finished, Qiu Ziyan greeted him.

“En. Hello.” It’s better if I never see you again! You bad guy who destroys other people’s relationships!

On the surface are all smiles while on the inside Su Nuo roared. This kind of hypocrisy acting I knew best!

“Are you attending the party tonight?” Qiu Ziyan really was nice to Su Nuo. Well, he’s nice to almost everyone.

“Yeah, I’m going.” I need to hold myself to my standard. I cannot lose my temper by complaining. He’s not my handsome Mr. Director.

“XiaoYu is going too.” Qiu Ziyan continued, “He just told me yesterday how you saved him.”

“It’s no bother.” Su Nuo’s tone was very temperament.

“Thank you very much anyway.” Qiu Ziyan smiled at him, “If you need any help in the future, call me anytime.”
What a joke! Why would I need your help when I’m in trouble?! I’m super hot right now! Su Nuo yelled coldly in his head. But if you are willing to be the actor of a beggar or pervert in my film, I would still consider that as a possibility. An old grandpa is fine too. I will feel really nice!

“Nuo Nuo.” Dai An ran over to him, “The makeup artist is ready, and we need to get ready for the evening party.”

“Okay.” Su Nuo said goodbye to Qiu Ziyan, “Then I’ll take me leave.” Su Nuo acted like a little prince.

“See you later.” Qiu Ziyan waved at him.

“Why are you talking to him again?” In the empty dressing room, Dai An started fussing Su Nuo again. “The rumors on the internet finally toned down a little, do you still want them to be spreading again?”

“He’s the one who talked to me first.” Su Nuo wasn’t satisfied. Why would I go and have a conversation with this hated abs man! I’m not a psychopath!

“Of course he’s the one to talk to you! Because you’re more famous than him!” Dai An reminded him, “Climbing onto the top of the film industry is human nature, we have no way to stop that. But that’s not the main point, the main point is you definitely don’t even have to socialize him. Always remember that you, are above him.”

“Okay!” These kind of talk that makes Su Nuo feels very good are acceptable! And he even acted a little bit crazy and shameless by wishing for a television live interview called 《Who do you think is more popular, Su Nuo or Qiu Ziyan?》. Then sent reporters to interview people on the street and ask them this question while the answers will be a hundred percent Su Nuo. This will make me really happy and proud! If someone asked ‘who is Qiu Ziyan?” after answering the question, that will be even better!

“Why are you smiling?” The cause of Dai An’s biggest headache is when Su Nuo have this dreamy expression that looks very stupid and idiotic.

“Nothing.” Su Nuo quickly returned to his serious self.

Even if he’s my princess, there’s still some things that I can’t share with him. I will feel very embarrassed if I do that.

Dai An sighed in his head.

The evening party was held in a high-end and expensive clubhouse, and is part of the Renrui’s company.

Since Su Nuo is Renrui director’s boyfriend, he immediately felt like the owner of the place. If it wasn’t for Dai An to stop him, he would totally go up to the dessert table and guard it.

“What are you going to do?!” Dai An felt really tired because of all the tortures that Su Nuo creates. He clearly took the IQ quiz and he’s not stupid at the least, so why is his way of thinking so out of the world!? He can literally make people so angry that they die!

Because Princess was too strict, Su Nuo had to follow his orders and stayed as an elegant prince holding a glass of wine showing all kinds of people how beautiful he is.

“Hi.” Tang XiaoYu waved at him.

“Oh, it’s you.” Although seeing the abs man is really painful, but Su Nuo would not stoop to such a level. Besides, his first impression of Tang XiaoYu wasn’t bad.

“I came with Ziyan.” Tang XiaoYu smiled at him, “Haven’t seen you for a while.”

“En. I’ve been busy with a lot of work.” Su Nuo took him to sit at the corner of the room, “I heard you’ve been learning French lately.”

“How do you know?” Tang XiaoYu was very surprised.


Oops. I’m so careless.

Actually, it was his brother who investigated and found out about his information but Su Nuo can’t say that. So instead, Su Nuo said, “Dai An told me.”

Occasionally using Princess as cover wouldn’t matter, and he is also very into gossip and drama as well.

“Yeah, but it’s a bit hard to learn.” Tang XiaoYu gets a headache everytime French is brought up in the conversation.

“I think so too!” French really is hard to learn! I almost bit my tongue off when trying to learn the language. French people are really annoying too!

Once finding a common topic, the two continued to socialize even more. Dai An saw them from afar and was very confused. He didn’t understand why those two would talk so long. But it’s not a big deal, so he didn’t intervene in their conversations.

“Sorry, I have a phone call.” In the middle of the conversation, Su Nuo’s phone rang and it was from his brother. Su Nuo smiled at Tang XiaoYu apologetically, “Excuse me for a moment.“

“Okay.” Tang XiaoYu nodded and watched Su Nuo going to the balcony.

“Brother,” Su Nuo pressed answer, “Is something wrong? I’m in an event right now.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Han Wei said, “I just got home. I want to ask you if you need to practice.” Even if Su Nuo’s god-level at this game, but he hasn’t been playing for a while. He might be a bit rusty.

“Of course, but I’ll come in just a few days.” Su Nuo said, “Don’t worry, I remember how to play”

“I’m not worried that you will forget.” Han Wei lost his smile, “What kind of event?”

“A charity show.” Su Nuo leaned against the railing, “I also just saw Qiu Ziyan and Tang XiaoYu who came with him.”

“Is he going into the entertainment industry?” Han Wei was a little surprised.

“No, probably not. He’s just here because of Qiu Ziyan, and he’s also learning French right now.”

“Qiu Ziyan’s pretty nice to him.” Han Wei said.

Nothingless, you could see that their relationship is not ordinary just from last time when Qiu Ziyan was with him to settle their business with us.

“What about you?” Su Nuo hasn’t been at ease because of the gambling against Chu Heng. “ If Tang XiaoYu does not agree to cooperate, what are the chances of you finding another person?”

“Two wins in three. Frankly, I only have trust in you.” Han Wei said, “The opponent is also a person with connections and backgrounds. So a lot of people might take both sides and won’t be punished for it. It’s really hard to say who’s on the upper hand, plus there’s not many experts out there. It’s difficult for me to actually feel at ease.”

“Brother.” Su Nuo felt a little distressed, “You don’t have to care so much, even if you lose it shouldn’t matter. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.”

“I know.” Han Wei smiled a little, “It’s fine, the situation looks better than you think it is.”

“Okay. I’ll hang up now. The event is coming to an end.” Su Nuo said, “No matter what, thank you for forgiving Tang XiaoYu.”

“Since he’s your friend, I certainly won’t be indecisive.” Han Wei smiled again, “Okay. I’m going to sleep now, get home early.”

“Goodbye brother.” Su Nuo was very obedient, and hung up the phone ready to leave. But suddenly he saw Tang XiaoYu standing behind him.

Ah ah ah!!! There’s someone behind me! This almost scared me to death!

“Your wallet fell on the soft….” Tang XiaoYu was very surprised, “You’re Han Wei’s brother?“

Although he asked it softly, but it sounded as if a bomb exploded!

Su Nuo turned nervous in an instant.


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Poor Dai An, for having to deal with this emperor. He said “I like men” off-handedly or was it really misspoken? Or too much NuoNuo? Also I want to read NuoNuo’s reaction to that question. Will he find some excuse or admit being Han Wei’s younger brother.
Thank you for the chapter!

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