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Chapter 94: Mischief at the Gambling Table and Coincidences

Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

The days passed by in a flash, and the day of the gamble has finally arrived.  

“You really don’t need me to drive you home?” Qiu Zi Yan stood by the door of the bedroom, watching him pack.

“It’s fine. I’ll just take the train. You just worry about focusing on your event tomorrow,” Tang Xiao Yu locked his luggage and stood up. “It’s not that far anyway. I’ll be back in two days.”

“All right, whatever you say,” Qiu Zi Yan went up and embraced him, “you have to sing my accolades in front of your grandpa okay?”

Tang Xiao Yu couldn’t help but smile as he lightly pinched his nose.

“You’re showering?” Qiu Zi Yan picked him up.

“No,” Tang Xiao Yu firmly replied with a negative. God knows what’s going to happen if they shower together. It’s all okay if things go well tomorrow, but in the off chance that a fight occurs, then him going in with a sore waist and aching legs will surely be a miserable scene.

“Why?” Qiu Zi Yan doesn’t plan on letting him go this easily.

“Wait until I return.” For the sake of spending the night in peace, Tang Xiao Yu had no choice but to reveal a bit of what’s to come in hopes of gaining cooperation.

“All right… Then you have to listen to all my demands when you return.” Qiu Zi Yan whispered in his ears as he pressed him onto the bed.

Tang Xiao Yu’s face flamed up instantly. How can this person be so shameless!

“Agreed?” Qiu Zi Yan asked as he proceeds to create a dark hickey on Xiao Yu’s neck, while his unscrupulous hands slowly paint a trail downward towards his target.

Tang Xiao Yu massaged his head, feeling both a bit annoyed and wanting to laugh.

“Hmm?” Qiu Zi Yan slightly loosen his hold and looked directly at him with his alluring eyes.

“Mmm.” Tang Xiao Yu wrapped his arms around his neck; his cheeks scarlet red.

Ah, he’s embarrassed…. Qiu Zi Yan used the back of his fingers to gently rub Xiao Yu’s cheeks, and then came down for a deep kiss.

Fingers intertwined and their lips touched. Their passion so extreme that even the air around them is warm.

“I’m a bit nervous!” In another scene, Su Xiao Nuo said solemnly as he sat crossed legged on the bed.

“Then don’t go.” Ouyang Long replied as he blows dry his hair. “We’ll go eat fired dumplings tomorrow.”


Su Xiao Nuo used his eyes to chastise him. “How can you be like this?! Shouldn’t you be a bit more gentle and say something like ‘Baby, don’t be scared. You’re the best! You can definitely sweep the floor with them.’ It’s bad enough that you’re not giving me words of encouragement, but you dare entice me with the translucent crispy skin and soup filled inner stuffing of fragrant fried dumplings!”

“That’s right, a foodie can instantly transform the simple two-word food “fried dumpling” into a lavish description of praises.

“Don’t think too hard on this. Rest.” Ouyang Long said as he straightens out Xiao Nuo’s pajamas.

“Hurrying up and invigorate me.” Suo Nuo is like a bandage, sticking to his skin.

Mr. CFO gave him a kiss on the face.  

Don’t use your actions, use your words. Su Nuo can only strategically ask: “Do you think I look domineering?”

Ouyang Long suppressed his smile.

“Hurry and answer me!” Su Xiao Nuo held him up by his pajama collar menacingly.

Mr. CFO immediately used exactly five thousand words to sing praises of his manliness and courage, amongst which included majestic phrases such as “scaling the city walls in the midst of blazing flames, and braving the sea at dusk.”

Unfortunately, these praises are merely the figments of Su Xiao Nuo’s imagination.

The reality is him being French kissed again. On top of that, Long continues to flirt with Xiao Nuo unconsciously.

“… you’re so annoying.” Su Xiao Nuo puffed in anger as pushed Long away with both his hands and legs and pulled up his pants.

This is without a doubt a challenge to the dignity of his manliness.

“Be careful tomorrow.’ Ouyang Long restrained his flirtatious smirk, and pulled him into an embrace.

“I know.” Suo Xiao Nuo rearranged himself into a more comfortable position, “Elder brother will be there tomorrow too. There won’t be any problems.”

“Even if you add ten of these gambles together, they’re still not as important as one of you.” Ouyang Long held him hands in his palms and went in for a soft peck. “So, take care of yourself all right?”

Gods, these words of endearment are truly moving!

Bright fireworks immediately materialized in Suo Nuo’s mind; his man is both masculine and gentle – a man amongst men. Not only does he have a core of steel but can also sing words of love; such perfection! It’s unfortunate that he still has business to do tomorrow, otherwise it’ll be such a shame to not immediately do a round on the bed.

“Goodnight babe,” Ouyang Long hugged him tightly.

“Night.” His voice was exceptionally soft. Suo Nuo’s still in a mental state of being moved that he’s not able to fall asleep.

He might as well feel up Ouyang’s abs while idling about.

“Don’t move around so much.” Ouyang Long pressed his hands down.

“I can’t fall asleep,” Su Nuo stared at him in the darkness.

“You need to get a full night’s sleep in order to have a clear and alert head tomorrow.” Ouyang Long pulled Su Nuo onto his chest. “Close your eyes.”

My man sure is commanding and dashing. Su Nuo poked at his chest.

He deserves a like.

“Want me to count ducks for you?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Why isn’t it counting sheep?” Su Nuo asked in perplexation.

“It’s because you’re like a duckling.” Ouyang placed a kiss on the top of his head.

“Hmm, ok.” Su Nuo closed his eyes in compliance.

“One little duckling, two little ducks….” Mr. CEO’s voice is magnetic, low and heady.

Taro fried duck is freaking delicious! Pan fried ginger duck is tasty too. The duck breast soaked in beer sauce can be more fragrant, and the piping hot duck dipped in eight treasure sauce in which when you rip open the meat you will find sparkling marinated meat with eight spice rice and possibly the sweet crispy corn pieces scattered on top is just mouthwatering! Suo Nuo can’t help but salivate. In the quiet peaceful night, the sound of gulp is quite apparent.

Ouyang Long: ……

“Honey.” Su Nuo hugged him as he rolled and turn and twist around the bed.

He’s even more hungry now! It’s impossible to fall asleep! Not only that, he was reminded of the painful memory of the “lost meal of fragrant spicy crabs.”

“Be a good dear. I’m going to use the bathroom.” Ouyang Long placed him to the side and opened the bedside lamp.

Like a puppy, Su Nuo shamelessly lied on his stomach on the bed, his face beet red while hugging the pillow, and his eyes sparkled.

Mr. CFO internally took a huge sigh, and proceed to give Han Wei a call.

“Why are you calling at this hour?” Han Wei asked in surprise.

“Nuo Nuo is too excited and nervous, and seem to be a little bit horny too.” Ouyang Long feels slightly helpless. “He won’t sleep no matter what.”

Han Wei massaged his forehead.

“Is there any way to make him fall asleep?” Ouyang Long seldomly go to Han Wei for help, but he is truly out of his wits right now. Han Wei is, after all, Su Nuo’s closest family.

“He’s okay. Just leave him be.” Han Wei said. “The worst-case scenario is him pulling an all-nighter. It wouldn’t affect him much. He didn’t sleep at all the night before the college entrance exam and instead played the piano all night. He still ended up placing 3rd in his entire school.”


What kind of ailment is this.

Ouyang Long hang up the phone with a complicated heart, and return to the bedroom only to see Su Nuo examining gossip magazines in seriousness.

“I truly don’t know whether you are stupid or smart.” Ouyang Long pinched his neck. He’s obviously just a little dummy, yet in some areas he is overwhelmingly incredible.

Su Nuo avoided him with a snort, and continues to lie on the bed and help Qiu Zi Yan draw bowties.

Ouyang Long couldn’t help but laugh, and proceed to grab a book and accompany him through the night.

Suo Nuo finally fell asleep as dawn nears. Ouyang Long picked up the magazines, and gently covered him with a blanket.

“Honey…” Suo Nuo held onto his hands in the hazy mist of sleep.

“Here.” Ouyang Long closed the lights.

“Honey….” His mutters and mumbles were extremely adorable.

“I’m here.” Ouyang Long held back his laughter. He sure knows how to act spoiled when he’s asleep.

“I want to eat spicy crabs.” Ah, he’s still on about that after all!

“All right.” Ouyang Long brought him in for a hug. “We’ll go eat spicy crabs when you come back; and beef stew too.”

Su Nuo trilled in satisfaction, and let out long little snores.

Ouyang Long lowered his head to give him a gentle and pampered kiss on his lips.

The noon of the next day, the driver came to pick up Su Nuo and Han Wei at the agreed upon time and they left the city together.

Tang Xiao Yu is used to looking for Qiu Zi Yan’s news on his phone. The collar of his shirt is opened slightly, revealing a snow-white piece of skin that is marred by a vague red mark.

“Eh… what happened to your neck?” Su Nuo scooted closer to look out of curiosity.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Xiao Yu covered the mark out of reflex.

Why so stingy? Su Nuo curled his lips in annoyance. Jesus, it’s just the neck. A true man would even uncover his chest and let his sensual chest hair dance in the air.

It is with deep regret to say that I surprisingly don’t have chest hair.

Su Nuo took a deep heartfelt sigh.

In consideration of being fair, the gamble did not take place at Han Wei’s casino, but rather at another location.

The VIP room currently sat Chu Heng, who was drinking tea with three blue-eyed blond haired man.

“Origins unknown, do you know them?” Han Wei faintly frowned as he stood in front of the surveillance screens.

“We only know that they were invited from America. Other than that, we don’t know anything.” Luo Li said. “If they were just here purely to gamble, then it doesn’t matter who they look for. We’re just worried that they have ulterior sinister motives.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Han Wei patted him on the shoulders. “Let’s go. This is Uncle Qian’s territory after all. We gotta give him some respect.”

Half an hour later, Su Nuo and Tang Xiao Yu arrived at the casino.

“Don’t be nervous.” Han Wei didn’t say much. “Two out of three. We still have another person named Duke who’s been rather busy lately and just arrived yesterday.”

“Hello.” The other party is a rather tall and muscular white man.

After a brief introduction, the whole party went directly into the casino.

The owner of the casino is an elder with high standing and reputation within the circles. Regardless of how virtuous he truly is, at the very least on the surface, Han Wei and Chu Heng shows him great respect. The will guarantee the fairness of the gamble.

“What are you doing here.” Chu Heng started at Luo Li with cold contempt. His tone belies his distaste.

“Just enjoying the scene. Don’t tell me I can’t even do that.” Luo Li’s lips curved up. “You sure are a busybody when Uncle Qian and A Wei haven’t said anything yet.”

Apprehensions of his Uncle’s reputation along with not having any good rebuttals, Chu Heng can only return to his seat in anger.

The more complicated the gamble is, the easier it is to cheat, thus this time, they have chosen the simplest Blackjack as their game of choice. Both sides will choose a representative and each will have ten thousand dollars of bargaining chips. Whoever loses it all first will be eliminated.

Even though it looks like a simple and time saving game, it determines the outcome of a humongous business contract worth millions of dollars. No one will take this lightly.

The first one up will be DUKE, second is Tang Xiao Yu, and third is Su Nuo.

At the end of the day, Han Wei’s arrangement does contain a slight selfish motive. If the first two people win, then Su Nuo won’t have to go to the gambling table. Gambling is like drugs, the less interaction one has with it the better.

He Guan is a distant relative of Uncle Qian. With her large eyes and pony tail, and a dimpled smile, she looked just like a college student.

“Why do this when you could have done something else.” Su Nuo said with a regrettable tone. “she could have gone to school.”

Tang Xiao Yu did not reply.

“Ah, I didn’t mean anything by that.”  Su Nuo just remembered as he finished his words. Tang Xiao Yu dropped out of school to get into gambling, hence he felt a bit guilty.

“It’s all right.” Tang Xiao Yu said quietly. “It’s my own fault for not doing better. I have to pay the consequences of my actions.”

“But you’re doing really well now.” Su Nuo held onto his hands, “Thank you for coming back to help my brother even after retiring.”

Even though it’s through the barrier of a mask, Tang Xiao Yu still turned towards him and gave him a smile.

His eyes curved into half crescent moons.

Luo Li stood behind Uncle Qian’s chair and helped him massaged his shoulders while sighing in annoyance; how dare they still chitter chatter in full swing at this time.

The first game had already begun, and in front of the two players stood a stack of blue gambling chips.

“What’s DUKE’s background?” Tang Xiao Yu quietly asked Su Nuo as he watched the table. According to Han Wei’s arrangement’s, not only does he have to win this game today but also watch to make sure the other party doesn’t cheat.

“It was reported that he was master of his trade, specially invited from Las Vegas.” Su Nuo said. “He caused too much trouble and was put on the hit list. My brother promised him to resolve his troubles. The condition is him winning this gamble.”

Tang Xiao Yu nodded his head, his eyes still focused on the gambling table.

If there’s no cheating involved, then Blackjack is the haven for mathematic experts. Based on the inherent calculation patterns and the cards already shown, experienced players will calculate how many strong cards remain in He Guan’s deck and from there determine whether the current situation is favorable or detrimental to oneself.

He Guan shuffled the decks with fluid technique, and gave Duke and his opponent, a bald man, each a revealed card and a hidden card.

“Are there any issues with the shuffling.” Su Nuo asked Han Wei.

Han Wei shook his head. “It’s just a regular shuffling technique.”

Su Nuo felt a little bit at ease. To be honest, he is really afraid of losing; not only the gamble but also to lose due to trickery.

“Don’t be nervous.” Han Wei pinched his neck. “You’re my lucky mascot. We’ll definitely win.”

What lucky mascot! Su Xiao Nuo grumbled in annoyance.

Just hearing it reminds him of a soft cuddling furball. It’s not manly at all.

Even though he is extremely unwilling to be labelled a lucky mascot, but the crazy thing is that it actually had some affect.

Because DUKE unexpectedly won without much ado.

His opponent cursed profoundly as he left the gambling table, obviously pissed off.

Chu Hen face darkened quite a bit.

The next round will commence in ten minutes. Both sides took on the mentality of “out of sight out of mind” to heart and each went into their own lounge.

Duke successfully accomplished his task. With a hearty mood, he leisurely leaned against the wall and lit up his cigar.

“How was it?” Han Wei asked Tang Xiao Yu.

“There’s nothing wrong with the match, but I keep feeling that there’s something off.” Tang Xiao Yu scrunched up his brows, “I can’t place my finger on it though.”

“Strange?” Su Nuo looked a bit miffed. “I didn’t see anything wrong.”

“You don’t see anything off because you don’t regularly hang out in the casinos, and also because whenever you play blackjack, you always win and never loses.” Han Wei fixed his hair. “A real gamble should not be like this.

“Then how is it supposed to be like?” The more Su Nuo listened, the more baffled he is.”

“Look at it this way, DUKE won too smoothly just now.” Han Wei replied. “Even though the opponent looked prudent on the surface, he continuously made several small errors. It doesn’t look like the level of someone who Chu Heng would specially invite.”

Su Nuo didn’t really understand.

“You don’t have to worry about these things.” Han Wei said. “Do what you need to do and leave the rest to me.”

“okay…” Su Nuo took a few deep breaths to relax himself.

“Do your best.” Han Wei patted Tang Xiao Yu’s shoulders and pinched down hard.

Tang Xiao Yu quickly exchange a look with him, and didn’t say anything extraneous.

Ten minutes quickly passed. Inside the casino, it is apparent that Chu Heng is in a terrible mood – probably because he just lost the first round. His stares are even more provocative then before.

“What’s he all pissed about.” Su Nuo mumbled. “His acting sure is superficial.” He should be given to Zhongli Fengbai to be trained for three months.

Tang Xiao Yu took his bargaining chips and went to the gambling table.

“Where’s Duke?” Su Nuo looked around curiously.

“He took his money and left.” Han Wei replied.

Su Nuo looked shocked. “Damn, he sure is efficient.”

“His goal was money in the first place. Of course, he’ll leave after he accomplished his task.” Han Wei smiled. “You think everyone’s like you, who never put much emphasis on money?”


Who says I don’t care about money. I am obviously someone who loves money. I’ve been secretly saving up money since high school. Brother definitely doesn’t know about this.

Su Nuo complimented himself internally. He was actually able to escape his brother’s supervision and saved up money on his own. Gods, he’s such an evil bastard!

“Don’t let your imagination run wild.” Han Wei patted his head.

Su Nuo had no choice but to sit up straight and continue to play his role as the lucky mascot.

“Isn’t Xiao Yu a bit too nervous?” After watching a few round, Su Nuo asked his brother in bewilderment. “How come he look so absent-minded?”

Han Wei creased his brows, and didn’t say a word.

This game in comparison to Duke’s was much more normal. Regardless of cards and both side’s performances, it all looked to be a regular and standard game.

“Mister, do you want another card?” He Guan smiled sweet and kindly.

Tang Xiao Yu hesitated. His pointer finger continues to sit on the table without any moves or declarations.

He Guan remains calm and waits patiently for him until he softly knocked on the table before quickly giving him another card.

Tang Xiao Yu slowly revealed the card, saw it’s a 2 of spades. He let out a long-held breath internally, though his face did not have many expressions.

If it went according to his own calculations, then the opponent should have had the advantage. But the tattooed man after much hesitation surprisingly gave up on this game.

Even though he won a bargaining chip, Tang Xiao Yu still couldn’t relax. Rather he felt even stronger than before that something is wrong. Usually, normal people cannot see whether someone’s cheating. Even a gambler often can’t make out whether there’s trickery in a game. However, for someone who regularly hangs out in the casino, he could determine whether there is something wrong based purely on instinct.

Su Nuo felt something was off too and did a mental calculation at the speed of lightning. No matter what methods he used, Tang Xiao Yu had an extremely high chance of going over 21 points and lose the round. Yet his opponent still did not bet on it.

Han Wei patted his shoulder to indicate that he should relax.

It’s as if to confirm Su Nuo’s premonitions; in the next few rounds, lady luck seems to have dawned on the opponent and in a flash of the eye, he won away all the bargaining chips.

We lost this round? Su Nuo looked on in shock.

Chu Heng’s mood finally improved a bit. With a large smile, he patted the shoulder of the tattooed man.

“Brother Han, I’m sorry.” Tang Xiao Yu’s said in a low and despondent voice.

In reality, it’s not that bad. We’re even, and now, there’s me! Su Nuo didn’t feel overly nervous because he thinks quite highly of himself.

From the opposite corner, Chu Heng roared in laughter. It is evident that he is goading them on.

Doesn’t he worry that he might choke on his laughter? Su Nuo finally had a chance to curse someone. Just when he was about to console Yang Xiao Yu and asked whether he needed to have a drink in the lounge, Han Wei suddenly raised his foot and harshly kicked Tang Xiao Yu in his guts.

“Useless garbage!”

Tang Xiao Yu was caught off guard and fell on the floor; almost landing on the corner of the table.

“What are you doing?” Su Nuo freaked out and quickly went to help Xiao Yu up.

“I’m sorry.” Tang Xiao Yu couldn’t even stand up straight; his hand held onto his stomach as he stood half bent. It must have been very painful.

“Are you okay?” Su Nuo asked anxiously. How can his brother do this!

“I’m fine.” Tang Xiao Yu used the help of the sofa to stand up straight. “You go and prepare. I’m really fine.”

The opponent’s laugher is even more apparent now after observing that scene.

“Go.” Han Wei patted Su Nuo.

“Humph.” Su Nuo swapped away his brother’s hand angrily.

Those who use violence are despicable.

“I’m really okay.” Tang Xiao Yu held his hands and quietly said, “Go and win this round. Perhaps then Brother Han will forgive me.”

“……You have to go to hospital if you’re feeling awful.” Su Nuo helped him to a chair before heading off to the gambling table.

Everyone held their breathes as the third and most important game commences.

I must win this! Su Nuo surreptitiously curled his hand into a fist.

I’m a man of steel! I must not lose!

Ten thousand bargaining chips is not a lot. Yet because it’s not a lot that it’s going quite slowly.

After a few rounds, Su Nuo roughly understood what his brother and Tang Xiao Yu meant by “something’s off.”

The opponent seems to know whether his hidden card is high or low.

Even a genius can’t fend off someone who is cheating. Yet he’s unable to spot a weak point. Su Nuo creased his brows. Han Wei and Tang Xiao Yu shared a look.

At the same time, Tang Xiao Yu’s already a bundle of nerves.

There’s definitely a scam going on the gamble table, yet he can’t see where the problem is stemming from no matter how hard he tried. There’s no way they could have switched the cards, there’s nothing wrong with the velvet surface of the gamble table, the card holder is transparent, and the card stack is on a black surface so a reflection is impossible. Removing all these components, there remains only one possibility, and that is, there’s something wrong with He Guan?

Tang Xiao Yu is freaked out by his own assumptions. He Guan is Uncle Qian’s distant relative! Technically speaking, she shouldn’t be partial to any side, and even if she is, she didn’t look at the cards when she deals them out. How can she know what the hidden cards of both sides are?

Han Wei sat next to him and unconsciously tapped on the sofa with his fingers.

Soon, Su Nuo lost yet another round. Tango Xiao Yu further affirmed his own hypothesis.

With Su Nuo’s level, there’s no way he could have lost this many rounds. The only explanation is that trickery is involved. But with these things, he can’t just say it out loud.  Without any evidence to back up his hypothesis, everything will be for naught.

Tang Xiao Yu told himself to calm down and quickly rearranged his thoughts.

In many situations, doing something in a frenzy versus a calm manner will result in different outcomes.

After starting at He Guan for a few minutes, Tang Xiao Yu finally discovered that each time He Guan dealt a card, she would habitually lick her pointer finger and then go retrieve the card from the deck.

There’s normally nothing wrong with this action. Since the cards are rather old, when dealing the cards, it is typical to lick one’s finger with saliva to make it easier to retrieve the cards. However, Tang Xiao Yu discovered that every time she finished dealing the cards, she will surreptitiously perform a small movement, and each time she does that, the opponent’s line of sight will land on her.

These tiny maneuvers that both sides engaged in were performed in extreme secrecy, thus even if Tang Xiao Yu discovered their trickery, he cannot immediately confirm this with confidence. It was only until Su Nuo lost the last bargaining chip that he nodded his head at Han Wei and whispered a few words into his ears.  

Han Wei smiled coldly and harshly slammed his tea cup onto the table, splashing tea everywhere.

The surrounding subordinates immediately rushed up, pulled out their guns, and encircled the gambling table.

Su Nuo was originally feeling listless and dispirited after losing the match, yet after realizing there was a problem with the game, he immediately jumped down from the gambling table and ran to his brother’s side like an astute rabbit.

He really does understand the art of self-preservation!

Tang Xiao Yu stood by his other side in protection.

“A Wei!” Uncle Qian obviously did not predict this scenario. His tone encompassed an immeasurable amount of anger. “What do you mean by this? Since you have chosen me as the mediator, don’t you have any trust in me then this?”  

“Uncle Qian, this is my offense.” Han Wei looked at him with respect, yet towards Chu Heng, there is only detest. “I suspect someone is cheating.”

“What bogus are you going on about?” As soon as the other side heard the accusations, they began slamming tables and shout and holler, saying provocative words such as: “It’s just a bunch of losers who can’t admit they lost,” and “doesn’t even show respect to their elders.” Uncle Qian’s face is abnormally red with anger and look to fall out with Han Wei any second now.

“Uncle Qian, you saw it right? The first to take out their guns is his people. We didn’t even take out a knife.” Chu Heng stared at Han Wei with his slanted gaze. “Don’t hang out here if you don’t have the skills.”

“You know yourself whether you cheated or not.” Han Wei’s tone was so cold it could have frozen fire. “The guns are so that you don’t have a chance to destroy the evidence, and not a display of disrespect.”

“Evidence?” Chu Heng roared in laughter as he heard Han Wei’s accusation. “Everything here belongs to Uncle Qian. Even He Guan is Uncle Qian’s people. What do you mean by this?”

“Enough!” Uncle Qian is evidently even more pissed off.

“I suspect there’s something wrong with the poker cards.” Tang Xiao Yu said as he stood Han Wei’s side. 

“Fool! Where did this no name come from? You think you have a right to talk here?” Chu Heng’s expression was filled with malice.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that this poker definitely have problems.” Tang Xiao Yu spitted out the words one by one.

“Bozo, this deck of cards is Uncle Qian’s!” Chu Heng deliberately tried to stir things up. “What you’re saying is that you suspect that I bribed Uncle Qian?”

The atmosphere became grave in a flash. Both sides had their weapons out in open hostility and Uncle Qian is apparently at the peak of anger.

“Give me the poker cards!” Tang Xiao Yu held out his hands.

“It’s the most basic of basic poker cards. You can find this all over the streets. Do you want to scrap for magnetic powder or heat it up?” Chu Heng continues to holler.

Tang Xiao Yu took the deck of cards into his hands. It is truly the most basic HoneyBee poker cards.

“You must give me an explanation for today!” Uncle Qian slowly stood up, his tone is tainted with anger. It is clear that he is extremely unhappy with Han Wei.

“Go ahead and check! Do you need me to lend you a lighter?” Chu Heng threw a metal lighter over, almost hitting Su Nuo’s face in the process.

Shit! Su Nuo started angrily at Chu Heng.

“What’s the problem?” Han Wei turned and look at Tang Xiao Yu.

Victory and defeat all depend on this moment. Tang Xiao Yu lowered his head and licked the side of the poker cards.

Xiao Yu’s action looked so much like a little puppy that Luo Li, who has been standing silently behind Uncle Qian all this time, couldn’t help but let out a sound of laughter. Yet Chu Heng’s coloring immediately took a turn for the worse.

“What? Scared?” Han Wei was fixated on Chu Heng’s face, and the rock in his heart immediately settled as soon as he saw the shift in emotions.

“The cards have a flavor.” Tang Xiao Yu took a few poker cards and handed them to Uncle Qian. “Bitter, sweet, salty, and sour all corresponds to different number segments of the cards. When dealing with the card, the dealer pretends to habitually lick her fingers and use a signal to tell the other party whether or not to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Adjusting the hair means it’s a low number card, touching the pointer finger means it’s a high number card and as for the other signals, I’m sure that after reviewing the recordings a few times, I will definitely be able to find out what they mean.”

Other than shock, Su Nuo also felt a sense of extreme admiration. Such boldness!

Uncle Qian took the cards doubtfully, wetted his finger and took a test run. Sure enough, an extreme taste is sweetness exploded in his mouth. It’s evidence that mischief is at play.

“What is going on!” He harshly flings the cards onto the floor.

He Guan was already trembling and shaking in fear, so much that she cannot even stand straight. Someone grabbed her by the collar and threw her onto the floor.

“Explain!” Uncle Qian was already breathing harshly in anger. “Why would something like this happen in my casino!”

He Guan couldn’t even speak a word and only continued to cry and shake her head. The consequences of colluding with the gambler is grave. No matter how courageous she is, He Guan is still merely a girl. She’s already so scared that it seems as if she’ll faint any moment.

“Just let it go. She’s only a girl.” Luo Li help Uncle Qian back to the general’s chair. “Rather than asking her, it’ll be more practical to ask someone else.”

In terms of who to ask, well, it’s quite obvious.

“A Heng.” Uncle Qian perceptibly understood his message.

“How would I know.” Seeing the trickery exposed, Chu Heng took on shameless position. “It’s my fault that the cards had flavors on them?”

“Are you saying that I purposely cheated to let you win?” Han Wei smiled coldly.

“Who can say.” Chu Heng raised his eyebrows. “Maybe it’s all a plot for you to purposely frame me in front of Uncle Qian.” He purposely used a stranger to bribe He Guan and the manager in charge of the equipment. He’s not afraid that they will identify him. In regards to the three from America, well, they all have influential people backing them up so no one will lightly touch them.

Chu Heng can only be this egoistic because he caught the right point.

Su Nuo must bow down to how thick-skinned Chu Heng is. In comparison, he himself is sorely out of league.

“You’re so stupid.”

Even though this word might be slightly too straightforward, but it has its reasons.

“What did you say?!” Chu Heng exclaimed in indignation.

“It’s the truth.” With his beloved brother by his side, Su Nuo is not a bit afraid. “There’s cameras everywhere here. Do you want me to broadcast your expression just now for everyone to see? It’s quite interesting.”

Han Wei touched his chin as he swallowed his smile.

Chu Heng’s face froze and didn’t reply.

“If you didn’t know there was anything wrong with the cards, why were you so nervous when he merely licked it.” Su Nuo purposely deepened his voice; one to pretend and second, to seem manlier.

“Go and pull out the video.” Uncle Qian ordered his subordinates.

Chu Heng feels a bit disordered now. Honestly speaking, he doesn’t remember what kind of expression he made when the other party licked the card. Uncle Qian is a respected figure in the area. In the face of hard evidence, it’s a bit hard to shake off all responsibility.

Very quickly, a copy of the video and a laptop was placed in front of the audience.

“You sure you don’t want to think this over?” Su Nuo continues to purposely piss him off. “Let us count down from five!”

“….Fool!” in just a few seconds, Chu Heng suddenly turn around and slapped one of his subordinates on the face. “Did you do this behind my back? Explain!”

Han Wei’s lips curved up and watched this farce with cold eyes.

“Brother Chu, please forgive me!” That person clearly could read Chu Heng’s face, and immediately knelt down to the floor, sobbing profusely in despair as he slapped himself over and over. “It all because of my moment of stupidity that I went behind your back to find that girl. Brother Chu, I know I’m wrong now.”

Su Nuo’s eyes widened in surprise. This is the what you call an actor amongst actors! Zhongli Fengbai will definitely love him. Perhaps he might even create a movie just for him.

“Uncle Qian, I will definitely discipline him when I get back.” The drama’s just about done. Chu Heng changed into a humbling stance. “To make up for my carelessness, I’ll yield the territory contract to A Wei.”

These words are already words of defeat and compromise. Uncle Qian looked at Han Wei, as if to get his opinion.

“I’ll listen to whatever Uncle Qian decide.” Han Wei is already giving him a lot respect.

“Then we’ll do as A Chu says.” Uncle Qian sealed the deal with a clap. “This situation ends here. Manage your subordinates well in the future.”

Chu Heng swallowed his anger and says his goodbye before leaving with his people.  

“It was so exciting.” Su Nuo’s heart was still racing frantically as he sat in the lounge.

Tang Xiao Yu’s hands too are filled with cold sweat.

“Oh right, are you okay?” Su Nuo was still concerned about Han Wei’s kick and quickly opened up his shirt.

“I’m fine. I was just cooperating with Brother Han in this act.” Tang Xiao Yu consoled him. “He didn’t use a lot of strength. I just used the opportunity to fall onto the floor.”  

“An act?” Su Nuo started blankly at this response.

“Brother Han and I both confirmed that there’s something wrong with the other party, so we purposely acted out this show to let the opponent think we were starting to get flustered. This way they would let their guards down and makes it easier for us to identify their tricks.” Tang Xiao Yu explained.

“When did you guys discuss this?” Su Nuo exclaimed in surprise.

“A lot of things don’t need to be discussed out loud. An expression is sufficient for a smart person to understand.” Han Wei interrupted while rubbing his head. “You won’t understand.”

“So you’re saying I’m not smart?” Su Nuo immediately became unhappy and extremely angry.

Luo Li broke into laughter again. His little expressions are quite cute.

“This has nothing to do with you!” Su Nuo stared at him in irritation.  

“Of course not. Nuo Nuo is brilliant.” Han Wei readily replied.

“Yes, you are very smart.” Tang Xiao Yu agreed.

Luo Li cracked up at this image of a parent coaxing a child.

Su Nuo’s head is buzzing with noise, feeling like he’s being discriminated against.

At times like this, is when he must give his dashing lover a call!

“Nuo Nuo.” Ouyang Long immediately answered. “I was about to call you.”

“What’s up?” Their souls are connected. They’re definitely going to do it tonight. Even though it is a bit embarrassing, it’s honestly refreshing!

“A bunch of rascals just passed by the convenience store, mumbling something about explosives.” Ouyang Long said. “I followed them from the Ligong Building. The leader had a head full of red hair. Does he have anything to do with you?”

“Eh, how do you know I’m at the Ligong Building? The redhead is that dumbass who just got his ass handed to him by Chu Heng, but that’s not important.” Su Nuo said in shock, “explosives?”

Han Wei’s eyes sunk, and took the phone from his hand.

“Brother Han.” Tang Xiao Yu became nervous.

Luo Li patted his shoulder, signaling him to calm down.

A minute later, Han Wei’s ashen face looked up as he hung up the phone.

“What’s going on?” Luo Li asked.

“If I were to hazard a guess, Chu Heng will definitely not be willing to yield the contract to me this easily. He will probably send people to the territory to install explosives tonight.” Han Wei said. “and create a malicious bombing incident, which will definitely get the authorities involved. We’ll end up with an empty win.” Even though they already set up a new company, but the background, after all, is not clean. Furthermore, an abandoned building like that might have gatekeepers. If it was really bombed, then the aftermath and backlash are too horrible to even think about.  

“This is too ruthless.” Luo Li clicked his tongue. “Do you want to inform Uncle Qian?”

“Uncle Qian is only the mediator after all. We initially invited him because we wanted a fair gamble. In this respect, Chu Heng already gave him enough face. It would not merit Uncle Qian to get involved again if he decides to cause trouble outside.” Han Wei said. “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”

“What do you mean you’ll handle it?!” Su Nuo exclaimed in exasperation. This is explosives we’re talking about!

“Don’t worry.” Han Wei rubbed his head. “Let’s go. I’ll take you home first.”

“No! You must tell me!” Su Nuo is very stubborn; especially so as this involves his brother’s safety!

“I already dispatch someone to follow Chu Heng.” Han Wei can’t out stubborn his little brother, so he can only admit it.

“Follow him?” Su Nuo asked in surprise. “You already knew he was going to install explosives?”

“I didn’t know, but I know for sure that he won’t let things go as is.” Han Wei replied. “ Don’t worry. He can’t hurt me.”

“……Then you must be careful.” Su Nuo nagged him repeatedly.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you home.” Han Wei took up his coat.

“Wait, wait.” Su Nuo suddenly remembered something. “The phone call just now, he’s…. nearby?!” This doesn’t make sense!

“Even though he’s nearby, he can’t pick you up.” Han Wei seized him by his ear. “I’m afraid someone might be tailing us. Everyone get into my car.”

“Why is he nearby?” Su Nuo felt things are being intentionally hidden from him. His brother is unexpectedly colluding with his lover.

This is extremely serious. It’s as if an elementary teacher is colluding with a parent.

“You’ll know when you ask him later.” Han Wei placed the mask onto his face. “Let’s go.”

Su Nuo humph in irritation as he walked.

How can they do this!

That’s too much!

“You go home first. Be careful not to be followed.” Han Wei called Ouyang Long as he walked. Even though the possibility of him being tailed is low, but seeing as he’s his little brother’s lover, Han still need to issue the needed warnings.

“Whose phone call is that?” Luo Li is still teasing Su Nuo.

Su Nuo righteously stared down at him.

“Why’s your face red?” He asked in tone that warrants being beaten up.

Han Wei hung up the phone call, and ruthlessly glared at Luo Li as he pulled Su Nuo behind his back.

Mr. Scarface is overjoyed. “Have you ever seen a cat protecting its youngling?”

Su Nuo exploded. Why doesn’t his brother cut ties with this freak!

He’s such a pain in the ass!

Tang Xiao Yu stealthy maneuvered around Luo Li and stood by Su Nuo’s side.  

“Don’t you find him annoying too?” Su Nuo held onto his comrade-in-battle’s hands.

Tang Xiao Yu nodded his head.

Luo Li seldom ever receive such a blow.

Children these days are not friendly at all.

“Send you home first?” Su Nuo asked Tang Xiao Yu as he got onto the car and removed his mask.

“No, it’s fine. Just dropped me off at a hotel.” Tang Xiao Yu said. “I told Zi Yan that I was taking time off to visit my hometown and won’t return until tomorrow morning.”

Han Wei nodded his head and stepped on the accelerator, making quite a few circles outside the city.

“There’s no one tailing you. Aren’t you too overly cautious?” Luo Li asked.

“If there’s only on you on the car, I wouldn’t circle around even if you paid me.” Han Wei gazed fixedly forward. “Even if you were beaten to death, you deserve it.”

“You don’t have to be this harsh.” Mr. Scarface curled his lips in enmity.

“Which hotel do you need to go to?” Su Nuo asked Tang Xiao Yu.

“Any hotel is fine.” Tang Xiao Yu replied. “I’m just going to stay for one night.”

To be honest, in accordance to Su Xiao Nuo’s usual antics and hospitality, he would have fervently invited him to his house and gossip about Qiu Zi Yan. Just thinking about it gives him a sense of pleasure. However, the situation now is delicate because he still doesn’t know what his relationship with Mr. CEO is. Most importantly, in a night such as this, French kissing his lover is more important!

So, in an apparent display of sex over friendship, Su Xiao Nuo kept his mouth shut.

It’s truly not a loyal gesture.

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