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Chapter 95: Encountering Hostage and Strange Savior
Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations
Editor: Rattie

“Want me to take you to XiLa Hotel?” Han Wei asked as he drove.

“No. It’s fine,” Tang XiaoYu quickly turned down the offer because that hotel usually hosted celebrities. If someone found out that I went there, and if they told Qiu Ziyan, I would die!

“Why not stay at my place?” Luo Li turned his head around and asked Tang XiaoYu.

Fuck! Tang XiaoYu didn’t even have the time to open his mouth to answer before Su Nuo sat up straight and glared at Luo Li with his eyes.

Not only do you ogle me, you ogle my friend! HOW DARE YOU! This person really has problems!

“……” Luo Li didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, since he was being sincere this time. He thought to let Tang XiaoYu stay at his house for the night; after all, he helped a lot during the gambling.

“I’ll just stay at a random hotel.” Tang XiaoYu didn’t want to go to Luo Li’s house either, and told Han Wei to stop the car when he saw a hotel on the side of the road.

“Then, be careful,” Su Nuo reminded him. “If something happens, call me. Get home early tomorrow.”

Tang XiaoYu nodded and dragged his suitcase into the lobby.

“What about you?” Han Wei turned to look at Su Nuo, “Coming home with me?”

Su Nuo immediately felt awkward, because he was wondering just moments ago how to French kiss with Mr Director or even considering touching his abs while kissing.

“You have to think about that?” Han Wei frowned.

“… How about on the weekend?” Su Nuo asked tentatively. Although my brother is very important, Mr Director and I have already decided to eat spicy crab after I get home! If I miss the spicy crab again, I will certainly die!

Luo Li laughed while leaning against his seat.

Why is this pervert always laughing?! Su Nuo was very upset and annoyed.

Han Wei sighed in his heart. Sure enough, when one’s younger brother is growing up, it’s hard to keep him in check.

So, Han Wei had to drive Su Nuo back.

Ouyang Long arrived home earlier, so when Su Nuo stepped into the living room, the smell of spicy crab had already filled every corner of the house.

“Hubby!” Su Nuo rushed to the kitchen with a satisfied expression, wanting to take a bite of the crab first.

However, he was stopped by Mr Director and got dragged onto the sofa for a five-minute French kissing session.

In the mind of this foodie, the only thing that could possibly compare to the spicy crab was French kissing. So, Su Nuo didn’t feel any regret, and he even felt a little satisfied as Mr Director kissed him over and over.

“I’ll never let you do those things again.” Ouyang Long hugged Su Nuo tightly.

“It’s not that serious.” Su Nuo ruffled Ouyang Long’s hair, and felt his heart melt a little.

“What’s with the explosives that they were talking about?” Ouyang Long sat up, and lifted Su Nuo to seat him on his lap.

“Chu Heng was the one who wanted to make trouble. But the situation was fine, my brother was prepared from the start.” Su Nuo put his hands around Ouyang Long’s neck, “Don’t worry.”

Ouyang Long pinched Su Nuo’s cheeks, but he was still a little bit worried.

“Oh yeah. How come you were near the LiWei Building?” Su Nuo suddenly remembered what happened.

“Your brother didn’t tell you?”Ouyang Long asked.

“He wouldn’t tell me, so I have to ask you,” Su Nuo was super curious.

“It’s really nothing. When you told me that you were going to the casino, I got in touch with your brother and asked him for the address,” Ouyang Long told him the main point.

“When do you even have the time to contact my brother? How come I wasn’t told about this?” Su Nuo was shocked.

“I was afraid that you would get distracted while playing, so I didn’t tell you,” Ouyang Long kissed Su Nuo’s cheek, “Don’t be angry, okay?”

Of course I am not angry, in fact, I actually feel a bit touched by what you did! He knew that it was dangerous, but he still stood by my side. He even happened to hear about Chu Heng’s plot. Su Nuo thought that his man really was handsome and caring!

“Let’s go eat the spicy crab,” Ouyang Long picked Su Nuo up and dragged him into the kitchen.

“I thought we were going out to eat?” Su Nuo sniffed the air hard, and took in the delicious smell of the food.

“It’s a bit more comfy to eat at home, so I just called for takeout.” Ouyang Long pressed him onto the chair, “Besides, you can eat without any care.”

The rain flew down outside the window while the two ate. Their lives couldn’t be nicer and more peaceful.

Contrary to that, Tang XiaoYu was a bit depressed in his hotel. The hotel’s dining hall was being renovated, so he had to get takeout. But his food was cold and hard, so Tang XiaoYu put down his chopsticks after just two bites.

“Baby,” Qiu Ziyan called him, “What are you doing right now?”

“At home with Grandpa.” Tang XiaoYu lay on the bed, “You?”

“Just finished attending the event. Eating with Mai Ke right now.” Qiu Ziyan said, “How about you stay home for a few more days?” Although Qiu Ziyan wanted him to come back early, Tang XiaoYu was visiting his relatives after all. It wouldn’t be fair if I only let him visit his grandpa for one day.

“……” Tang XiaoYu felt a little shocked, why was he being so generous?

“Okay?” Qiu Ziyan asked.

“That’s fine.” Tang XiaoYu didn’t know what to say to him, so he gave a vague answer.

“Then come back after five days.” Qiu Ziyan kissed him through the phone, “Be good, and then I’ll pick you up then.”

“Ok.” Tang XiaoYu lay on the bed helplessly, and decided that he would just watch TV for five days —his grandpa recently joined an elderly cycling group, so even if he did go back, he wouldn’t be able to see him a lot anyway.

After hanging up, Mr. Qiu kicked Mai Ke who sat opposite of him, “Go pay the bill.”

“Let me calm down first.” Mai Ke choked, “You’re actually dating XiaoYu right now? How did this even happen? I’m going to tell auntie.”

“Then I’ll skin you.” Qiu Ziyan was very calm.

“You really can’t like girls?” Mai Ke teared up and held Qiu Ziyan’s hands, “Smooth skin, big breasts, soft!” Must be better than that thin little boy!

“No.” Qiu Ziyan coldly broke his fantasy, “But if you like that kind of girl, I can introduce you to some.”

“I like D-cups.” Mai Ke reminded Qiu Ziyan with red eyes.

“Enough, enough. Now go pay the bill.” Qiu Ziyan leaned over the railing to watch the rain, “Also, order some tea, let’s stay here for a while and then go home.” Even if he did go back, there was no wife at home. It was better to breathe fresh air outside anyway.

Two hours later, Mai Ke was snoring on the table. Qiu Ziyan had watched enough of the night scene, and started to drag Mai Ke home to play some video games.

Then just after they left the restaurant, he saw a familiar figure walk into a fast food restaurant on the opposite side of the street.

“Cousin?” Mai Ke pushed him, wondering what the heck Qiu Ziyan was staring at. “What is it?”

“… Nothing.” Qiu Ziyan threw his car keys to Mai Ke, “You can go back first.”

“What about you?” Mai Ke asked.

“I just saw a friend. Might take a while.” Qiu Ziyan turned and walked to the fast food restaurant.

The heck! I’m not leaving! There’s obviously something going on here! Mai Ke followed Qiu Ziyan, and wanted to hear the gossip.

In the fast food restaurant, Tang XiaoYu was eating a hamburger. He was going to go straight to bed after watching TV, but apparently the hotel was too broken down. The wifi sucked, and Tang XiaoYu didn’t know what to spend his time on. He wanted to come get some food, but somehow, out of all the people in the world., Mr Qiu just happened to see him.

In other words, life had always been a drama and drama was life.

Tang XiaoYu was unaware that his lie had already been found out, and he slowly walked along the quiet street after he finished eating his hamburger. He thought to buy some bread and bring it back to the hotel, but unknowingly, he walked into a dark and gloomy backstreet.

“XiaoYu!” Suddenly, someone yelled his name behind him, and then a bald person ran over to him.

“Why are you here?” After seeing who the person was, Tang XiaoYu was shocked.

Tang XiaoYu met the baldy in one of the past casinos and they soon became friends. Because he created some trouble concerning Han Wei, the baldy had disappeared for a while. Tang XiaoYu never thought they would meet again.

“That’s because I happened to have an enormous streak of luck and met someone influential.” The baldy grabbed Tang XiaoYu’s shoulder, “But then again, my luck is nothing compared to yours. Didn’t you create some problems around Han Wei? How come you didn’t get into trouble, but I have to hide everywhere?”

“What kind of people did you meet?” Tang XiaoYu broke free of the baldy’s arms.

“Chu Heng. Brother Chu Heng. Have you heard of him?” The baldy’s tone was very proud.

“You’re hanging out with him now?” Tang XiaoYu frowned.

“Yeah. With him, there are good days ahead. You?” the baldy asked.

“… I’m an apprentice working in a hardware store.” TangXiao Yu hailed a taxi, “I’ll go back first, if I have time, I’ll go drink with you.”

Unexpectedly, the baldy pulled him back.

“What are you doing?!” Tang XiaoYu’s eyes glared.

“Nothing. Let’s go for a drink.” The baldy put his arm around him and started dragging him into the alley again.

“Let me go!” Tang XiaoYu threw his punch at the baldy.

And then Tang XiaoYu felt something cold against his waist. It was a knife.

The baldy laughed coldly by Tang XiaoYu’s ear, “If you keep struggling, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“What the hell do you want?!!” Tang XiaoYu’s mind raced through a million possibilities about why the baldy would be doing this, but he still wasn’t sure.

“If you want to live, you’d better stand still.” The baldy forced him into the dark alley and took out his phone to send a text message.

“Is it Chu Heng?” Tang XiaoYu asked him.

“You’re pretty smart,” the baldy grinned.

Tang XiaoYu’s heart sank, and he secretly tried to think of ways to escape this situation.

“Don’t move!” Aware of what Tang XiaoYu was planning, the baldy applied some pressure; the knife immediately went through Tang XiaoYu’ shirt and skin, causing sharp pain.

“I didn’t do anything to Chu Heng, so why is he coming after me?” Tang XiaoYu pretended that he didn’t know what happened.

“Drop the act! Chu Heng knew it was you from the beginning!” The baldy forced him against the wall, “I thought you would be hard to find, but I didn’t expect you to run out on your own. Behave! And maybe he’ll have mercy upon you.”

I was too careless!

Tang XiaoYu clenched his fists.

At the same time, outside of the fast food restaurant, a man who wore dark sunglasses yelled, “It’s Qiu ZiYan!”

“Ah!!!!” All the females on the street screamed with joy, and looked at the person pointed to.

Mr Qiu had his hands in his pocket while standing under the streetlamp light with a handsome smile.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” The hearts of the fangirls almost jumped out. It really was the hottest male actor Mr Qiu! The fangirls all surrounded Mr. Qiu and some even asked for hugs or autographs. The fast food restaurant already had a lot of people, but with Mr. Qiu, the place became even more crowded.

“It’s very cold today, isn’t it?!” Qiu Ziyan asked loudly.

“Yes!” The fangirls were very cooperative.

“Then I’ll run with you guys!” Qiu Ziyan called out.

“Okay!” The fangirls cheered.

Qiu Ziyan turned around and ran towards the back streets.

The fangirls screamed and pushed to follow Qiu ZiYan, even the man with the dark sunglasses followed him too. The man even wore a cap to hide his face —the person was actually the unwilling Manager, Mr Mai.

“Qiu Ziyan, We love you!!” Mai Ke screamed thinly with his voice. Trying to act like a girl was really hard!

“Qiu Ziyan, We love you!!” The fans followed suit.

“Qiu Ziyan, we want to marry you!!” Mai Ke felt like he was going to puke.

“Qiu Ziyan, we want to marry you!!” The screams and shoutings of the fans echoed through the streets.

More brain-washed fans appeared, and even some passengers who didn’t know what was happening joined the running too. The number of people following Qiu ZiYan increased to almost a hundred. The bizarre scene was almost like ‘crowds of people celebrating the Olympic Games’.

The baldy in the alley was wondering how the streets had become so noisy. The reason was shown a minute later, with a large group of people waving mobile phone flash or a flashlight while shouting ‘we all love Qiu ZiYan’ in a really loud voice.

The baldy was petrified. What the heck is happening? 1

Tang XiaoYu saw the opportunity and kicked the baldy in the shin, and turned to run to the crowded streets.

“Get back here! You little shit!” The baldy got anxious, and hastened to chase after Tang XiaoYu — but he ran into the fangirls following Qiu ZiYan.

“Qiu Ziyan is really in the front ah!” The fangirl had tears in her eyes and clenched the baldy’s arms tightly.

It was so exciting to see Qiu ZiYan in person!

Tang XiaoYu was also caught in the middle of the fangirls, but Mai Ke soon found him, grabbed his hand and the two squeezed out of the crowd and ran in the opposite direction.
“What about Qiu ZiYan!?” Tang XiaoYu asked.
“He’ll be fine!” Mai Ke stuffed him into a taxi, “Let’s go home first!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. You and I both, man. This is the dumbest deus ex machina I have seen in a while. —Rat


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