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Mr. Wolf Has a Secret

 by tunnel

Chinese Information:


Year: 2020

Genre: BL

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 13 Chapters, Complete

Translator: Addis

Editor: Kiramekineko

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A short story about a wolf and a fox in the forest.

Chapter 1-4: Mr. Wolf Has a Secret

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


  1. Mr. Wolf Has a Secret.

He wanted to grip Mr. Fox next door from head to tail and grip him until Mr. Fox was lying softly in his arms, looking at himself tearfully.

Just the thought of it made Mr. Wolf itchy.

Mr. Wolf licked his paws and looked at Mr. Fox wagging his big fluffy tail as he passed in front of him, and he got up gracefully, shook his fluffy hair and smiled a greeting.

Well, today is also a wolf-like day. Mr. Wolf, who got a polite response from Mr. Fox, thought like this.


  1. Mr. Fox was Confused.

He felt that Mr. Wolf next door was looking at him in a strange way. It was as if Mr. Fox himself had seen the eyes of his prey.

Mr. Wolf was tall, handsome, and gentlemanly, so how could he have bad thoughts?

Mr. Fox, who once again ignored Mr. Wolf’s hungry eyes, was paralyzing him today.


  1. Abduction

On this day, Mr. Fox was hunting in the woods. The gentle Mr. Fox never teased his prey and preferred to kill them with a single blow rather than tormenting them slowly.

Mr. Fox was walking briskly towards home with his prey in his mouth. The back of his neck was cold, and Mr. Fox found himself suddenly up in the air before he could react. The prey in his mouth flew out, hitting the ground hard and tumbling around a few times.

Mr. Fox turned his head and found that it was Mr. Wolf next door who had grabbed the back of his neck. Mr. Fox found that Mr. Wolf had no intention of letting go with his mouth. 

“Mr. Wolf?” Mr. Fox was puzzled. 

Mr. Wolf lingered on the touch in his mouth for a while and slowly put Mr. Fox on the ground, licking the back of Mr. Fox’s neck without a trace while releasing his mouth, before gesturing to Mr. Fox to look at the trap hidden in the grass.

“Thank you, Mr. Wolf.” Mr. Fox thought with great gratitude, Mr. Wolf is really a good wolf. Only when he found that his prey had turned gray, Mr. Fox was full of tangles inside.

Mr. Wolf approached Mr. Fox, who was in deep thought, and deliberately lowered his voice and said, “What, little fox, are you scared?” Mr. Fox felt the hot breath of Mr. Wolf’s nose spraying on his ear, and his heart suddenly jumped two beats.

Mr. Wolf’s voice is so nice, Mr. Fox thought dizzily. “Nothing, Mr. Wolf, I was just thinking that I should go hunting again.” Mr. Wolf knew that Mr. Fox was a little bit clean, and the dirty prey did not let the beast down.

“Come on, let’s take you to the stream to wash up.” For fear of trouble, (lazy) Mr. Fox wanted to refuse, Mr. Wolf has been no matter how to pick up the prey in front.

So, Mr. Fox, confused by Mr. Wolf, was taken home…


3. Heating up

“Good morning, Mr. Wolf.” Mr. Fox went out and saw Mr. Wolf next door lying on a rock and sunbathing. He cocked his head and greeted him pleasantly.

Mr. Wolf twitched his ears and said back, “Good morning.”

Mr. Fox and Mr. Wolf’s relationship had become closer after the last trap incident, and from time to time they brought each other small gifts. The small black stone around Mr. Fox’s neck and the flowers in Mr. Wolf’s house are the best proof of this.

“Are you going to pick flowers today too?” Mr. Wolf leisurely waved his tail and asked lightly. 

“No, that’s enough.” Mr. Fox’s face was red, himself as a carnivore, but he also liked flowers and such delicate things. In front of Mr. Wolf, Mr. Fox felt a little embarrassed.

Mr. Wolf narrowed his eyes and remembered his chance encounter (secretly trailing) Mr. Fox to the flower field when he accidentally harvested that silly little fox rolling around in the flower field.

“Everyone is going back to Fox Valley today for a party, and I can’t miss it,” Mr. Fox said. 

Mr. Wolf buried his head between his forelegs and sounded a little sullen when he thought he couldn’t see the little fox rolling around. “Oh, go on then, don’t be late.”

Mr. Fox didn’t know why he suddenly had a sense of guilt, as if he had done something wrong to Mr. Wolf. Does Mr. Wolf think I left him behind? Mr. Fox, who thought he had hurt Mr. Wolf’s “fragile heart”, thought dully.

Until the journey, Mr. Fox was still secretly torn.


  1. Mr. Wolf always thinks too much

Mr. Fox left, but Mr. Wolf still had to hunt as usual. When he saw the empty cave next door, Mr. Wolf also felt his heart was empty. He was so stupid that he wouldn’t be bullied by the beast on the road, right? In Mr. Wolf’s mind, there suddenly appeared a shivering, weak, pathetic and helpless little fox, and the more he thought about it, the more panicked he became—his mind even saw the little fox hiding in a corner, licking its wounds alone. No! The more and more bad images made the action-oriented Mr. Wolf no longer able to hunt at ease. He immediately chased after Mr. Fox in the direction he left.

“Mr. Wolf?” Mr. Fox was startled by the sudden appearance of Mr. Wolf and stumbled under his paws. Mr. Wolf pounced and put himself under Mr. Fox, catching the scared little fox with his soft belly.

Why is the ground so furry? Mr. Fox found that there was something wrong, opened his eyes, and Mr. Wolf was looking at himself with a smile, and his deep pupils reflected a bewildered little fox.

Mr. Wolf looked at the flustered Mr. Fox, who scampered out of his arms at once. Mr. Wolf rolled over, and quietly lay in place, patiently waiting. Sure enough, not long after, a small fox probing from behind the tree trotted over.

“Mr. Wolf, why are you here?” Mr. Fox sat down nicely in front of Mr. Wolf.

Mr. Wolf suddenly froze; he did not know how to answer Mr. Fox. Can not say I think you are in danger, right? Mr. Wolf shook his head in his heart. No, it will be taken as a psycho. I have one! Mr. Wolf had a flash of inspiration.

“You guess.” Mr. Wolf stood up, pretending to say.

“Mr. Wolf is really scared. Mr. Wolf is really afraid of loneliness, right?” 

Mr. Wolf’s old back flashed. “NO! I am worried about you!”

Mr. Fox: “….”

Mr. Wolf: “….”

A wolf and a fox walked in the forest for a long time without speaking to each other.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr. Wolf.” Mr. Fox wondered why his face was a little hot.


“Uh huh,”an equally red-faced and unexpectedly innocent Mr. Wolf responded.

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October 29, 2022 4:24 pm

I always appreciate everyone’s hard work. But this reads like a Dick and Jane book from first grade.

October 29, 2022 6:14 pm

Well this is different! Interested to see where it will go and if it is some kind of analogy or just a sweet fairy-tale like story.
Thank you for translating and editing this new short story.

October 30, 2022 12:07 am

Aaa aaaa aaaaaa they both sound so cute and warm. All the ‘Mr. Mr.’ adds flavor too (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु 💕

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