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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“I don’t like to joke.”


Immediately after, Ding Fei heard the youth’s voice like a cold spring say, “To save time, I will complete the energy processor, you continue to build the rest of the parts.”

Ding Fei looked at the materials Xie Quan had found, and there were indeed materials for the construction of the energy processor. Somewhat skeptical and realistic, she asked, “You… You know how to do mechanics? No, even if you can do mechanics, how can you make an energy processor without an energy locker?”

Xie Quan’s hand gave a beat, and he finally raised his eyes benevolently, the light of his quiet ocean-like eyes striking the heart from beneath his falling forehead hair. He said, “If I say yes, then yes. You have less than half the time, and you have more important things to do than to doubt me here, don’t you?”

Ding Fei looked up and checked at the time on the screen, the time was not waiting for anyone, and in the process of their argument also kept passing, now only two hours and forty minutes remained. She bit her lip, and decided to continue to finish her build after struggling.

And at this time, the audience that had been in the back of them also witnessed the whole process.

Lilith was furious, but she couldn’t curse, so she stomped her foot and whispered her condemnation, “They’ve gone too far! How can they steal other people’s materials?”

With her hands clutching the railing in front of her, Lilith thought about how she could no longer stand here and watch, she finally made up her mind and turned around to leave.

However, Ji Cheying’s voice stopped her. “Where are you going?”

Lilith looked up at the young major general of the military, she thought of Ji Cheying’s earlier statement that Xie Quan did not need help, she knew in her heart that Ji Cheying would not help Xie Quan. So she stopped putting her hope in Ji Cheying and didn’t try to ask for Ji Cheying’s help, she said, “I’ll go to the professors and let them do justice.”

Ji Cheying, with his arms around himself, stood by without the slightest intention of giving way, looming like a statue.

Lilith couldn’t resist saying, “Excuse me, Major General Ji.”

Ji Cheying’s gaze had not left Xie Quan’s body, and faced with Lilith’s request, he did not move, did not even move his gaze for a second. He looked at the youth who was already sitting cross-legged, lowering his head and starting to get serious, his gaze focused. His tone did not fluctuate. “Even if you go to the professor, it is useless,” he said, “There is no evidence, like Xie Quan said, as long as there is no evidence, in the eyes of others they are just playing unreasonable and spilling the beans.”

“But…” Lilith’s fingers were twisted white, and because she was too worried and anxious, she momentarily did not hold back a violent cough. After covering her lips with a handkerchief and finally calming her breathing, Lilith raised her head and found that the Major General in front of her did not even give herself a look, but still looked ahead with a very aggressive gaze, as she had just done… Looking at that handsome and beautiful young man.

Does it mean that…

Lilith turned her head and looked at Xie Quan again, she blinked and turned her head again to look at Ji Cheying beside her.

Just as she was wondering, Ji Cheying spoke again, and in a tone of trust that perhaps he didn’t even notice, he said, “Since he says he can, we just need to watch quietly, that’s all.”

Hearing these words, the suspicion in Lilith’s heart grew even more.

There was a question in mind that she would like to ask, but after thinking about it, it was really a bit out of place, so Lilith finally chose to be silent. But she was also no longer in a hurry to get to the professor, so she turned around and decided, as Ji Cheying said, to watch quietly first.

Perhaps she should also trust Mr. Xie a little more.

When Ding Fei’s group appeared on the big screen again, everyone was surprised to find that the vase teammate who had been acting like a spectator actually moved.

And actually not with Ding Fei. He was sitting in a corner, head down with a pile of materials building something. Probably sensing the audience’s curiosity, the camera was drawn much closer to Xie Quan’s location.

The young man’s beautiful hands were like dancing butterflies in the pile of materials, the elegant and relaxed look, not like doing mechanical construction, but more like playing the piano in general. But no one could see what Xie Quan was doing, all they could see was his smooth, random movements and relaxed facial expression.

This made everyone unconsciously begin to speculate, could it be that Ding Fei’s vase teammate was too bored, so he took a bunch of materials and started playing the block game by himself? But I have to say, his movements as well as his face were really pleasing to the eye. It’s almost like a work of art.

Just how beautiful…but this was a mechanical game, and everyone was still more concerned about the game, so the camera, as well as everyone’s eyes, are once again shifted to the main battle force in this team—Ding Fei.

Because there was no need to build the energy processor, the rest was very easy, just some shell and support structure and so on. So on Ding Fei’s side the speed was very fast, a beast mecha power module looked as if it was already half completed.

There was a sound of admiration from the audience.

They had never thought that Ding Fei could actually make it this far, and at this rate of progress, she might actually be able to complete a mecha’s power module by the time the time was up! If it was really completed by then, it should also be able to set a new record for the age of successful power pod construction.

The previous record for the youngest mecha engineer to complete a pod independently was twenty-four years old, and Ding Fei was only nineteen.

While everyone was looking forward to this record-breaking moment, only a few people knew that Ding Fei’s side of the power module construction was not so ideal.

Among them was Ding Fei herself.

Without the energy processor, the power module was not a power module at all, just an ordinary one.

Even if she was making good progress, but…

She didn’t hold back and looked up at the youth who was facing her sideways, originally wanting to confirm whether Xie Quan could really finish the energy processor, yet was sucked away from her attention by Xie Quan’s smooth movements.

Is he… Is he really serious about building? No, if he was serious about building, how could he not even have a moment to think?

A layer of sweat seeped out of her forehead, Ding Fei was not in the mood to wipe, so she seriously watched Xie Quan’s movements, as well as the square-shaped object in his hands. She was shocked to discover a terrible fact.

He was not messing around. He was actually building in earnest. And, it seemed that he was actually making an energy processor. With no energy stabilizer.

No, let’s not talk about whether it would work or not, even if it did not involve the part of the energy stabilizer, the energy processor was an extremely precise and complex instrument with a very complicated structure, plus the small size, trying to complete the internal wiring as well as the module building was an extremely difficult job.

But for this youth, it seemed to be effortlessly easy.

How was this possible? Between each step he did not even have much thought or hesitation.

The hair-thin metal wire that in the hands of ordinary people had a mind of its own was now obedient in the youth’s tweezers like a tamed beast, letting it go east never west.

Xie Quan did not even frown at these delicate operations that were difficult enough to defeat countless people. And those complicated could draw ten diagrams of the wiring and structure, he also behaved like 1 + 1 = 2, so simple.

The screwdriver in her hand fell to the ground, smashing on those materials with a crisp sound, but Ding Fei did not care. She did not even dare to blink, afraid that a blink would not be able to keep up with Xie Quan’s movements.

It was too fast.

Not the kind of bright-eyed kind that would make people feel the person was a little impatient or in a hurry fast. It was the unconscious fast that comes with ease and familiarity. There was no hint of superfluous or wrong operation, nor was there a moment of pause.

In this instant, Ding Fei clearly realized that Xie Quan could not possibly be any mechanical whiz at all, his mechanical strength was even far above her own. Even her own professor did not possess such a jaw-dropping mechanical operation.

At that time, his “nothing to see” may be from his heart, he really did not despise the players in the regular season. Because he had that strength. If it was him, he might really be able to create an energy processor without an energy stabilizer.

In the past, it was completely impossible for Ding Fei to believe that someone could make such an unbelievable work. But at this moment, she thought from the bottom of her heart that Xie Quan could really accomplish this almost impossible task!

Besides Ding Fei, there was one other person who was also clear that the winner of this game was never in anyone else’s hands but Xie Quan’s. Ji Cheying looked fascinated at Xie Quan’s hands as if they were enchanted, at his eyes focused to oblivion under his forehead hair and at the slightly pale lips that were slightly pursed.

Is this Yan Bai?

His ears fell silent for a moment, and a sudden thirst and itch rose in his chest, as if someone had taken a feather and ruffled it in his heart.

His throat tightened and his tongue unconsciously pressed against his palate as he looked into the youth. His eyes were gradually tinged with a fearful desire for exclusivity.

At that moment, Lilith’s fingers suddenly twitched, and she looked at Ji Cheying next to her with wide eyes. Because she was a high-level omega, she was more sensitive to pheromone, so although it was only a little, she still felt it.

The pheromone that belonged to the man, a fiery burning pheromone, was leaking out a little from under his glandular patch.

The military’s glandular patch had the highest level of isolation so that meant the man’s pheromone was boiling at the moment.

A look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

What was Major General Ji’s passion?


The author has something to say: 

Major General Ji is ready to settle the score.

 Major General Ji: I’ll just leave you to it, how many peach blossoms did you attract?


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Alright Ding Fei, you see Xie Quan is capable, stay focused and slap Bessemer and his cronies face! 🤣

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Thanks for translating and editing.

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