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A Glimpse of the Muscular Man by Starry Sand

Genre: BL, exhibitionist, SM, smut, yaoi, bara, peeping tom, stalker

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete, 30 chapters

Translator: Addis

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Every Friday morning, the muscular man will masturbate in front of the French window in his bedroom. The voyeur, Yi Qi, watches him with his telescope and vows to push him down. He has the cutest muscles!!!

Chapter 1- 4: Voyeur Yi Qi

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mizu and UA

At eight o’clock in the morning, Yi Qi opened his eyes, rubbed his disordered hair, since he had been asleep, turned over, and stretched comfortably. His half-naked body trembled a little because of the cold air. He looked at his lower body, because it was morning, his penis held up his underwear so high that it was very uncomfortable.

He pulled down his underwear and covered his glans. If he didn’t vent his desire, he would feel suffocated. However, it was not exciting enough to masturbate like this.

Fortunately, he was prepared.

He quickly walked to the living room and opened a corner of the curtain slightly. Yi Qi picked up the high power telescope on the table and aimed at the building opposite, on the same floor as him.

The layout of the opposite building was different from that of his side, but the bedroom was exactly opposite his balcony. Yi Qi counted the time secretly and felt that it was almost ‘performance time.’

Sure enough, the curtain, which had been closed tightly on the opposite side, was forced open. He didn’t know what the reason was, but the bedroom opposite was refitted with a huge floor to ceiling glass window, which was usually covered up, except during this particular moment.

The furnishings in the bedroom were basically unchanged from last Friday. There was still a king-size bed, a big wardrobe, and a dumbbell beside the bed. Besides those, there weren’t many other furnishings. Yi Qi didn’t focus on that, he moved his telescope and focused on the man standing in front of the French window.

The man’s face was cold, like a hard-cut statue with defined features, he looked so abstinent and cold. Like Yi Qi, the man’s whole body was almost naked except for a pair of extremely tight briefs that show off the huge penis holding his underwear high. It was almost as if his underwear would burst off at any moment.

The man stretched his arm and his upper muscles suddenly bulged. Seeing his strong chest muscles, Yi Qi’s mouth became dry. Good. That chest is bigger than some women! If he could, he really wanted to grab it hard. Needless to say, it must feel great!

And the eight abdominal muscles, sexy mermaid-line, plus that very rigid cock, and meaty buttocks… This muscle man is really the best, ah!

Yi Qi forcefully took off his underwear and skillfully stroked his penis. At this moment, he felt that he was burning with fire. He would like to rush over and press down on the muscles of that fierce man. He would be very happy to watch him beg for mercy under his body for a day and a night!

Yi Qi fantasized about that scene, knowing how refreshing it would be to shoot out right now, but that’s not urgent and the performance hadn’t started yet!

Through the telescope, he could see that the man’s strong and powerful hand gently stroked his own body, and kneaded his nipple with force, playing happily. Looking at the little nipple gradually swelling and standing up, Yi Qi felt his mouth become drier and drier. He stretched out his tongue to simulate the action of licking as if he could lick those beautiful nipples from afar.

The other hand of the muscular man is circling his underwear, but he doesn’t touch his penis. The boy is good at teasing, but he will soon put an end to his playing!

Yi Qi has an obscene smile on his mouth, and he is not in a hurry to stroke his trembling penis. Although the swelling there is as uncomfortable as an explosion, constantly urging him to comfort it, Yi Qi knows that shooting out before the end of the performance is very impolite!

It’s such a good show and it’s just about to start!

Sure enough, soon the muscular man ate his own evil fruit. He felt his nipple and his other hand pulled off his underwear. His huge penis was like a tiger pouncing on Yi Qi, revealing its ferocious and frightening side.

However, Yi Qi doesn’t think it’s ferocious at all, but very delicious. If he could, he wouldn’t mind having oral sex with this muscular man. Just imagining the expression on the muscular man’s face, who is masturbating in front of him, Yi Qi feels a burst of pain from his lower body, which makes him as hard as steel.

His eyes closely watched the muscular man’s every move through the telescope. With the muscular man’s strong hands, he constantly comforted his big penis, which could be grasped by one hand, akin to the thickness of a baby’s arm. The huge purplish glans that Yi Qi could see made his mouth dry, and it was no use swallowing any more saliva, especially with the action of the muscular man. Some white liquid near his glans oozes out and falls to the ground. Yi Qi exclaims. It’s a pity that such a good tonic has been wasted!

The muscular man’s package is also very huge. Yi Qi knows that he has the habit of abstinence, which is related to his daily needs, something Yi Qi had investigated and found out about. The muscular man’s package has risen so much that he could guess that he had not vented for a long time. In fact, on Fridays every week, the muscular man would open the curtains and masturbate in front of the French window for people to watch. However, the reason why he was so bold was that he was on the top floor. Whether it was his building or the one opposite, there were no additional floors. Only Yi Qi could see clearly through the telescope.

But every time he peeped, he was very careful. The curtain only opened a slit, and his movements were quite secret. The muscular man never realized that there were a pair of lustful and obscene eyes raping him. He had raped him more than ten thousand times with his thoughts!

If he guessed right, the muscular man has a habit of exposure. Otherwise, why would he tear down the wall and add a floor to ceiling window, then masturbate in front of it every week, at the risk of being discovered?

Maybe it was pleasurable for him to do this?

Yi Qi wanted to thank the muscular man for exposing himself. In his opinion, every Friday was the day he looked forward to the most. Every Friday morning, he was able to  see the live performance of a man masturbating free of charge. Even after watching it many times, he was still not tired of it. He was full of desire every time, just seeing the muscular man could  make him incredibly hard.

More than once, he fantasized that one day he could touch that burning body, break open the mysterious chrysanthemum, stab his big penis into the tight chrysanthemum, and manipulate it fiercely until the muscular man begged for mercy in front of him, revealing an expression of happiness as if he was about to die. He would constantly implore Yi Qi to let him go, but the chrysanthemum hole would constantly tighten to prevent him from leaving until he screamed and shot out again and again until his heart was completely conquered!

Yes, he’s going to conquer the muscular man! He’s going to fuck him!

The muscular man grabs his big breast muscle and squints his eyes to show a comfortable and incomparable expression. He is very lewd, especially with that big red penis full of blood. His hands were just playing with his package. He kneaded the two round eggs about the size of a cow’s balls, giving birth to a strange sense of excitement. The muscular man’s strong and thick thighs separated, his mouth slightly opened, and he kept shaking as if he was saying something. Yi Qi’s heart trembled, and he could not help imagining that the muscular man was spitting out some obscene words.

“Hiss… Ah… How good. Your big cock is so good. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel like this!”

“It’s a pity. How big is my cock? I was born to be a coquettish whore. I just like to be fucked. Even if I’m a muscular man, even if I’m in good shape, I can’t change the fact that I’m eager to be fucked!”

“Ah! I really want to have a handsome man do me! How I want a big cock through my hole! Oh! Big cock, do you hear my call? Come and kill me!”

In Yi Qi’s fantasy, the muscular man has a coquettish desire to be fucked hard. He looks like a seme on the surface, but in fact, he doesn’t know how eager he is to be the uke and manipulated from behind!

Yi Qi strokes his penis while responding to the call of the muscular man in his mind.

“Come on! Here comes your favorite big cock. Pucker up your little hole to meet him.”

“No, do you want to try the big meatloaf first? Open your mouth.”

“Hiss! Your mouth is really warm, your tongue is good, and you’re so flexible. Do you lick men’s cocks often? Hum, you must have sucked a lot from your lewd appearance! Even if you haven’t, you must have practiced with a fake dildo.”

“How is your hole so tight! You’ve been doing this countless times! Maybe it’s still a loose product! If I’m not big enough, how can I satisfy you?”

“Move your thighs. I want to see your asshole!”

“Oh! I can’t believe your asshole is still so tight, so good! Does it feel so good to be fucked by a big cock that you can’t even speak?”

“Look at your coquettish expression now, if you stood on the streets, all the men who see you wouldn’t be able to help taking off their pants to fuck you! Or did you have that in mind already?”

“Shit! Don’t close the hole so tightly. Would you like to take out my semen so quickly? You thirsty, bitch? You want me to feed you with semen so soon?”

“Good, if you are hungry, you can be fucked again, and wait for me to feed your hole. If you don’t do it until you kneel down and beg for mercy, don’t think I’ll shoot out like this!”

“Can’t help it? Can’t help but give me more? Or would you rather I fill your stomach rather than satisfy the hole? Are you not afraid to starve?”

“Well, I’ll take out my big cock and let you eat.”

“Ha ha, I knew you would not give up a big cock.”

“Since you have chosen him, you should be aware that you can’t get out of bed! Are you happy to hear that? How many people in the world have the ability to dry you out like me? You should be grateful for your luck.”

Yi Qi constantly insults the muscular man with words. In his mind, he fantasizes that his face is enticingly humiliated. Although the muscular man is not happy, his honest reaction tells Yi Qi that he doesn’t know how cheerful he is right now.

While dreaming, he peeked through the telescope at the muscular man. He saw that the speed of his hands became faster and faster, especially the nipples that had been pinched by himself. It looked like a ripe cherry, which was extremely attractive. His abdomen was taut with force, forming very beautiful lines. The distinct abdominal muscles made Yi Qi envious, knowing that he was worthy of being a strong man.

In particular, because he was excited, his arm muscles were even more prominent, a very large portion was tense. If he hit him hard, Yi Qi would have to worry about whether he would be injured.

Yi Qi paid special attention to the lower body of the muscular man. The big penis was getting more and more excited under the constant strokes of his big hand  and seemed to be on the verge of release.

Yi Qi, because he was just unable to endure this awesome scene, slowed his hand and stared at the big glans of the muscle man. He caught the sudden swells and trembling.

Yi Qi stared at the top of the penis as he accelerated his own movements.. The milky white turbid liquid was emitted almost at the same time as the muscular man.

Exhaling gently and relaxing his tense muscles, when Yi Qi picked up the telescope and looked at it again, the other party had cleaned up the liquid shot on the floor to ceiling window and drawn the curtains.

Yi Qi knew that the muscular man was in a hurry to go to school. He had to prepare, take a bath and go to work himself.

It’s not too much to say that Friday is Yi Qi’s favorite day. Not only because there are regular performances to watch, but also because today is the last day of the workweek, with two days of rest afterwards . For office workers, it’s a day to leave work early.

After a quick and habitual bath, Yi Qi took care of himself, combed out a mature hairstyle, changed into his suit, picked up his briefcase, and then carefully looked at the handsome man in the mirror. Only then did he lock the door and leave.

When taking the elevator downstairs, Yi Qi even hummed in a good mood. He suddenly had a premonition that something good would happen today. He didn’t know why. Even though he had such a premonition, he couldn’t tell where the feeling came from.

But when he got out of the gate, he found that his premonition was very accurate, and actually made him expect good things to happen today.

Not counting the performance and the coming weekend, Yi Qi looked at the strong figure walking in front of him and showed a faint smile. How long has it been since he saw him in clothes?

Obviously, they both came at the same time, but they always missed each other. The chance of meeting on the road was so rare that it could only be attributed to the trick of fate. However, unexpectedly, he appeared in his sight. Fate’s ability to tease people was so ridiculous.

Although it’s getting late, Yi Qi doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to look at the muscular man up close.

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