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Chapter 5 – 8: From A University

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mizu and UA

Today, the muscular man was wearing a very ordinary sweatshirt and sports pants. The clothes that should look quite loose were not loose on the body of the muscular man. On the contrary, it was a little tight, especially for his big fat buttocks, which made Yi Qi’s penis have an immediate reaction, he swelled.  Wearing trousers, he was very uncomfortable.

Yi Qi covered his trousers with a briefcase in embarrassment, and secretly scolded the muscular man. It was just a big butt that made people have desires. If it was not for fear of being seen, he really wanted to jump on him, take off his pants, and dry him!

From the back, the well built muscular man had a very good figure, with wide shoulders and big buttocks, which aroused people’s reverie. Even if he was uglier, his figure alone could attract many people, let alone his good looks. His cold face can arouse Yi Qi’s desire. Therefore, even though he has watched his masturbation performances many times, Yi Qi still wasn’t bored.

In fact, Yi Qi and the muscular man are also quite predestined. Yi Qi had picked up a high-quality high-power telescope on his way home one day. He guessed that it was the neighbor’s, but wasn’t sure who had left it there. He waited for others to recognize it, so he put it aside and didn’t care much about it.

Until one Friday morning, when he was awakened by a phone call that turned out to be a wrong number. He became sleepless and got up helplessly to go to the balcony to have a breath of fresh air. Unexpectedly, when he opened the curtains, he found something wrong on the opposite side. Because of the distance, he couldn’t see very clearly, but he could still see a vague shadow… the man didn’t seem to be dressed?

Yi Qi, who was curious, found that the telescope became useful. He sat quietly in the room, lifted the curtains, and peeped furtively at the man opposite him. As a result, he could not help but vent himself in his hands, which made him lose control later.

It was only on Friday mornings that he slowly found out that the moral man had a different set of rules.

In order to learn more about the moral man and achieve his ulterior motives, Yi Qi quit his job on a Friday morning and secretly followed the moral man. As a result, he found a big secret!

It turned out that the muscle man and Yi Qi were both from A University. The well-built muscle man was a senior student, but it had been a year since Yi Qi had graduated and the muscular man was still studying. However, their professional courses were not the same. The muscular man was from the Institute of Physical Education. No wonder his muscles are so developed and his body so strong. It turned out that people in that institute practice hard every day. Moreover, he seemed to be on the football team, which had competitions every week. Only on Fridays and weekends can he rest without going to school. No wonder he chose to vent his desire after a week on Friday mornings.

Physical education students have a stronger desire than ordinary people, but in order to compete, they can only abstain. Sometimes it is normal for them to abstain for a month to reach their best state. It is estimated that there are no large-scale competitions, only  some small competitions within the college. Therefore, he could always vent his desire openly under the expecting eye of Yi Qi on Fridays.

Tsk tsk. If this sports student knew that every time he masturbated, there was a pervert who peeps at him with a telescope, what expression would he make? It will be quite wonderful!

Yi Qi has always known that his tastes are strange. He doesn’t like beautiful white skin, tender faces, good appearances, and good skin. Instead, he likes muscular men, who look very manly and think that they are strong semes. Yi Qi likes to conquer those kinds of men. He feels very satisfied when he sees them lying under his body.

This can be said to be a kink or a fetish, but Yi Qi is not ashamed at all. It’s not too difficult to conquer this type of man, a seme can easily be topped. So far, Yi Qi has not met a person who he has not been able to conquer.

He is not a virgin, and has done a lot with those beauties. However, he is still not happy enough. Sometimes it is difficult to get an erection. Only since he met Yin Dang Shou, could he get an erection quickly and be full of desire.

Yin Dang Shou is the name of the well-built muscle man. Yi Qi found out his name easily because his team is also very famous within the Sports Institute. He can be regarded as a star figure that is very popular. Many girls come to cheer for him in every football match.

Yi Qi was just thinking about it. Even his name was so meaningful and could be called lascivious. As expected, he is a little greedy shou who is eager to be done by others!

Yi Qi vowed to hold Yin Dang Shou firmly in his hand even if he didn’t want to do anything. Otherwise, the little greedy shou would have to rely on masturbating to vent his desire. He would be bored to death. He would be unable to vent until he could not feel it. He could not hold back?

Proper venting of desire is of great help to physical and mental health.

Yi Qi has been observing Yin Dang Shou, but he does not dare to act rashly, for fear of scaring the snake. If the muscular man is frightened and refuses to accept him, Yi Qi would really cry without tears and wouldn’t know how to explain this to his little brother. It is not easy to find a capable small hole. However, he will regret it if he goes without saying anything.

However, in Yi Qi’s dictionary, the word ‘failure’ does not exist.  Any  prey that Yi Qi  sees, doesn,t  have the ability to escape from his hand.

Yin Dang Shou, Yi Qi is going to top him!

The blazing eyes stare at Yin Dang Shou’s back. He will let him rest for a while. When he comes up with a perfect plan, Yin Dang Shou will be inseparable from him!

However, he has not thought of this method for the time being. Although there are several alternatives, he still has some scruples. If it’s not good, he doesn’t want to do it. Once he decides on a proper plan, he must go all out to achieve the goal directly.

Maybe he was too nervous and cared too much. Yi Qi had never considered his actions so much for a person since he was young. He repeatedly pondered how to get this person’s heart. It was not only a physical attraction, Yi Qi was also attracted to Yin Dang Shou’s heart. Yi Qi not only wanted to conquer his body but completely conquer his heart as well.

In this way, it was increasingly difficult, but the higher the difficulty, the more interested Yi Qi was. It was more of a challenge that way. If he hooked his fingers, the muscular man would automatically come over, but he wouldn’t  feel a of accomplishment at all. So his hobby was really strange!

He had planned to enjoy Yin Dang Shou’s back for a long time, but there  was not enough time for him to look. He had to turn to the garage and prepare to drive to work.

Unexpectedly, during the whole work day, Yi Qi was thinking about Yin Dang Shou. Maybe it was because he met Yin Dang Shou after venting his anger this morning, which aroused his desire even more.

Yi Qi is a man with a brain. Compared with those men who think with their lower body, Yi Qi has a much stronger self-control. Moreover, he can quickly adjust his state. When he should work and when he should vent his desire, do not affect each other.

It had been the same in the past. He could always finish his work with the best energy and state after he came, but now something seemed to be wrong.

He tapped the table with his fingers, wondering whether masturbating alone could no longer satisfy him now. He was still a man in his twenties. He was young and strong, it was normal to come once a day. However, he felt so bored that he didn’t feel satisfied at all. It seemed that masturbating just to ejaculate would only make him tired and affect his health.

Although Yi Qi’s muscles are not as developed as Yin Dang Shou’s, he still has muscles. However, long term masturbation is not good for his health. It seems that he really needs to consider how to get on top of Yin Dang Shou. Even if he doesn’t think about himself, he should think about the sexual blessing of his lower body.

A man in a half unbuttoned floral shirt that revealed a vast expanse of bronze light walked over. He lifted his slender eyes, sneering rudely, “Hmn? Why does our general manager look so listless in the early morning? Is it love?” 

Yi Qi looked at the man angrily and said, “I can’t compare with you. You’re like a female dog in heat. If you see people, you will fuck them sooner or later.”

“Fuck, this flower isn’t refined at all What are you afraid of?! But it’s not that I said you, Yi Qi, you are such a big man, and you don’t have a partner. Does it pain your heart that your little brother can only touch your fingers? What a pity…” As Yi Qi’s best friend, Hua Zixiao knows his character very well. He knows that Yi Qi would rather have nothing to fuck than nothing to gain. Seeing his dissatisfaction with his desire, Hua Zixiao knows that he has not found a suitable partner. He has been holding on like this, and Hua Zixiao feels sorry for him!

It was rare for Yi Qi to not refute Hua Zi Xiao, but this time he only knocked on the table thoughtfully, which surprised Hua Zi Xiao. He grabbed Yi Qi’s hands excitedly, “Yi Qi, you found a target who wants to be pushed down? Excellent! I don’t have to worry about you getting married! How excited I am!”

“Go away!” Yi Qi got rid of Hua Zi Xiao’s hand in disgust. At this time, he was not in the mood to watch him play tricks.

“Why… You are hesitating, don’t you know how to push people down?” He was worthy of being Yi Qi’s best friend. He guessed it all at once.

Yi Qi coughed twice and turned his head unnaturally. Although it was true, it was a little embarrassing for him to admit it.

“Yi Qi, if you ask me, I’ll tell you a way to ensure that you can push the beauty down!”

Yi Qi said without expression, “If you have a way, just say it, if you don’t, get out of here!”

“I hate you. Why are you so cruel to others?” Hua Zi Xiao cocks his orchid finger, whines. The result did not disgust Yi Qi.

He took out an object from his trouser pocket and put it into Yi Qi’s hand. Hua Zi Xiao smiled obscenely, “As long as one grain, even if you are a Zhenfu Lienan, you will immediately become a little greedy shou that everyone can do!”

Yi Qi looked at the small medicine bottle in his hand, and the expression on his face was very secretive.

Although it seems that the medicine is too much to achieve his goal, and it also damages his reputation, he just has one more choice. He doesn’t really want to use it. But when Yi Qi leaves work and sits in the car waiting for the traffic lights, he finds it necessary to use the medicine.

He watches  as Yin Dang Shou and a man pass in front of him, talking and laughing. What made Yi Qi uncomfortable was that the man was no worse than him. He was also good-looking. He had a sunny smile on his face. Yi Qi  knew how happy they were.

Yi Qi stared at the man without expression and finally found some clues. The man touched Yin Dang Shou’s body intentionally or unintentionally, or grabbed his arm, or patted his buttocks, or took the opportunity to put his arm around his waist. The two men were on the street like this. These were ambiguous actions, what’s more, Yin Dang Shou didn’t respond. He acquiesced to the man’s behavior.

Yi Qi tapped on the steering wheel with his fingers and guessed secretly whether they were ordinary friends or not. After all, it’s normal to go to a classmate’s house for the night. He and Hua Zi Xiao often visit each other’s houses and regard each other’s homes as their own.

But even if Yin Dang Shou took a man home for sex, he could only be the top. That small white face under that body… If he dares to be conquered by other men, he must be prepared to pay a heavy price!

Yi Qi sat in the living room expectantly. If they really had sex, would Yin Dang Shou open the curtains to masturbate? His habit of exhibitionism must make him want to do that.

But at night, if he wanted to peep, he wouldn’t be able to see clearly, which would undoubtedly reduce a lot of pleasure.

It’s a pity that Yin Dang Shou doesn’t seem to have a sexual relationship with the man. He hasn’t seen the light in his bedroom all night, which makes Yi Qi very disappointed. Even his penis is listless.

He lay on the bed for a few moments, but he didn’t feel anything at all. Sure enough, he was eager to thrust into Yin Dang Shou’s tight asshole. It must be very warm and tight.

Maybe as Hua Zi Xiao said, he did have some spring thoughts. He unconsciously played with the medicine bottle. He sighed low and looked at the opposite floor again. It was still dark.

Putting down the telescope, Yi Qi stretched out and took off his clothes and underwear as he walked into the bedroom.

He lay on the soft bed, his skin touching the cold soft fabric and his muscles slowly relaxing. Yi Qi quickly fell into the dreamland.

 It’s already late, when he wakes up, but it is the weekend, so there’s no need to go to work. Even if he slept in, no one would care..

The first thing Yi Qi does after he wakes up is to run to the living room, pick up the telescope, and look at the opposite floor. The curtain has already been opened. After just a glance, Yi Qi’s meat stick immediately hardens and swells. Just like a long sleeping dragon, his penis wakes up and fiercely points at the location of Yin Dang Shou on the opposite floor.

He swore in a loud voice, but he didn’t expect to rise so quickly this morning. He knew he should just adjust his alarm clock so he wouldn’t miss the foreplay.

Taking a deep breath, Yi Qi moved the telescope and stared at the opposite side, not wanting to let go of any details.

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Why do I feel Yi Qi is the one being weaved into the nest? The telescope and the miss call, it’s so fishy. I bet, it is the muscular man doing! 😁

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