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Chapter 101: This damn dog food

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo cannot sit still out of excitement 



There was a dead silence. Hundreds of millions of star viewers watching the morning news shut up at the same time. Even the STARNet forum and micro-blogs, which were just under lively discussion, had presently become brief and strangely silent.

A royal cloak of deep ochre, with excellent feeling, densely woven with the most luxurious and rare expensive fibers, and a rose outlined by the dark stitches.

A careful audience would find that it was the same as the pattern on Gu YuMian’s clavicle that one time he didn’t fasten his collar and people got a peek at it.

That’s all there is to it.

Once upon a time, there was only one person qualified to wear it.

Now it was taken off lightly and draped over a human’s shoulders.

Tailored for the monarch’s figure, it was big for the tall and thin youth. After the button was fastened, only a small section of the white delicate neck was exposed, which sharply contrasted with the dark color of the cape.

However, this effect was more satisfactory for the Emperor, because it could block most of the gazes — whether it was gazes of malice, curiosity or goodwill. Most of the scrutiny on Gu YuMian made him feel unhappy.

He kissed Gu YuMian on the corner of his lips and didn’t notice the strange atmosphere. After a long time, he raised his eyebrows doubtfully and looked at Gu YuMian, “What’s wrong?”

Gu YuMian, “……”

From any point of view, the scene in front of them was too much information for the interstellar masses who were unaware.

All platforms of social media exploded in the same instant!

[Lius: He MianMian…… They???? I am, aaaaah!!!! ]

[yishutao: No, no, no, let me sort out my thoughts. First of all, His Majesty doesn’t like to appear in front of the media, so we don’t know what His Majesty looks like. But from the Cape and the momentum, you are right. Combined with the blog post that His Majesty recently sent, the cape that is now placed on Anchor Gu’s shoulders, and the kiss that they just shared, Anchor Gu is probably…]

[Sheep BAABAA: Is this a fake, huh? Do you think His Majesty will really like others? Although MianMian is very good, it’s too mysterious.]

[mimimi: Why is His Majesty here? Zerg? I haven’t been able to move into the refuge area. Just outside the window, I could hear the rampant sound of the Zerg. But all of a sudden, it’s gone. It’s dead?]

——First of all, from Shuo Han’s appearance here, many people could already guess that the troubles related to the Zerg Queen may have been already taken care of, which was surprising.

And besides that, there was the kiss.

In itself, it was inconceivable that the legendary tyrant, who never appeared in public, should have such an expression and possessive attitude towards anyone.

This person was Gu YuMian.

The national level was very high, which made countless people yearn every day to watch the top stream of the live broadcast room and become popular anchors…

Of course, although the performance of the two people in front of them was very intimate and ambiguous, they couldn’t be blamed for thinking that way. But because the two didn’t say things clearly, there were different opinions on the Internet for a while.

This “live broadcast” in front of them was almost beyond their understanding!

Shuo Han also had the sword he killed just the Zerg with on his waist, but it didn’t smell of blood and death. His lazy and absent-minded appearance was like getting up early and going out for a walk.

In such a space, whether it was the violent people who just shouted and blamed the Academy of Sciences and His Majesty’s inaction, the Lan Family who led the way, or the officers who escorted them, everyone was bent down in the direction where Shuo Han and Gu YuMian stood.

This was engraved in the genes of all living things, to the strong above all, to the sovereign who could protect them, from the heart of submission and awe. Even though the five features of Lan Xuan, which boasts of nobility, were all jealously distorted, he still had to bow down to salute Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian gave a slight cough and felt very embarrassed.

Maybe he was the only one who remembered what was going on.

Shuo Han looked down and played with Gu YuMian’s fingers. He was still in the position of casually circling the youth with his arms. The little husky rubbed along Gu YuMian’s pants, climbed into his arms, and huddled with the little fox.

Gu YuMian thought to himself, now we need to solve the urgent affairs. Since Shuo Han said he should continue, then, “Yes, I just said that the infection of Zerg can be cured, and it can be proved to you immediately.” He looked at the camera and the people around him, “Excuse me, where is the hospital that is closest to the Academy of Sciences and specializes in caring for the infected?”

The land officer answered with a place, which was in the Upper Urban District, very close to the Academy of Sciences.

Gu YuMian nodded. Since this was already a live broadcast, why not be more thorough?

But was it really right for him to do it?

Gu YuMian looked down at the fox.

“I need half an hour to prepare.” Gu YuMian recalled the information he got from his dream and what happened to the miner when he was treating him at grey Saturn.

“At the same time, I hope this information can be transmitted to all the people in the interstellar.”

“Half an hour? I think you are afraid! Because you don’t know the way, and you can’t know… Want to use that power?”

Lan Xuan was really dead. The melon eaters couldn’t help admiring him. He was really not afraid to die if he dared to talk to Anchor Gu like this under His Majesty’s eyes.

The Emperor’s eyes seemed as though he wasn’t looking at a living thing anymore. But Gu YuMian was not enraged. He was stunned and asked, “Which power? Which?”

As we all know, the royal family had many privileges, especially in wartime.

If there was any urgent message that needed to be conveyed to the whole public, but the time was urgent and no delay was allowed, the current monarch could directly exercise the privilege to let all citizens receive the message.

Gu YuMian listened and nodded thoughtfully.

Five minutes later, the online discussions continued.

[lemon tea: It is estimated that the Zerg Queen has been killed. The Zerg here have lost their fighting ability, but the infected people have not recovered yet.]

[Zhuo: I think that Anchor Gu is reliable.]

The hostess of the morning news took over the microphone and said, “Urgent notice. Please turn on the optical computer at nine o’clock this morning, that is, an hour later, to watch the live broadcast of the cure method for the infected. Urgent notice —”

At the same time, messages of the same content were also sent to each individual’s optical computer terminal. However, as soon as the hostess repeated it twice, she was interrupted again.

It was Mr. Finnick. Because His Majesty hated the media, he was the one who would come in front of the public as the spokesman of the royal family before; and it was the same this time, too.

The hostess looked at the short message sent by Finnick, and her voice began to falter, “There are two more messages. First of all, it has been confirmed that the Zerg Queen has died. Most of the Zerg have lost their lives, and the rest are no longer a threat. Please don’t panic. In addition, the live broadcast in half an hour will be made by Mr. Gu YuMian, a member of the royal family…”

A few seconds ago, there was a heated discussion about whether the Zerg were dead, whether they could be cured by infection, and the relationship between Gu YuMian and His Majesty——

Some people said that they have hit the real thing. Before, His Majesty’s fireworks were supposed to be for the purpose of caring for the anchor. He came to the next city for the purpose of caring for the anchor. He even went to the variety show for a short time and made a public appearance, all for the purpose of caring for the anchor.

It was previously speculated that His Majesty was forced to have political friendship. But from any point of view, as a human without any special background, Gu YuMian seemed to have no value of political friendship.

But many people swore that Anchor Gu was at best one of His Majesty’s playthings. Although Gu YuMian was very nice, there was still a big difference between the Emperor of a country and the human anchor, and His Majesty’s character was not very likely to move to the truth… Didn’t you publicly say you didn’t intend to marry for life?

So what’s going on with the royal family modifier in front of Gu YuMian’s name?

Since ancient times, the royal family was a large cat, how did a human become a member of the royal family?

Everyone, “…”

Everyone, “Aaaaaah!??!”

Wait a minute, say it clearly?!!


Gu YuMian himself knew nothing about it.

Lan Xuan was taken away by the military. It was estimated that he would suffer a lot in the future. Although Gu YuMian was kind-hearted, he didn’t speak for the young man. After all, he destroyed the Academy of Sciences and bullied their fox.

On the suspension device, Shuo Han glanced at the optical computer at last, and put up the light screen happily.

Gu YuMian told Shuo Han about his “dream”. After thinking about it, he asked, “Is the body behind the Zerg still there?”

Shuo Han said, “Yes. What?”

Because it was the meat of the Zerg that saved the miners before, Shuo Han left a heart and an eye, especially the body behind the Zerg. Gu YuMian said his own ideas and exchanged information with Shuo Han and little fox. After that, he couldn’t continue until they reached their destination. The rest of the journey…

Gu YuMian looked at Shuo Han.

Shuo Han’s gray-blue eyes looked at him intently. He was obviously upset, looking at Gu YuMian, and after a while raised his eyebrows with some dissatisfaction, “Met another me in a dream? For so long?”

Gu YuMian was speechless. The brain circuits of Shuo Han in the dream and the reality were surprisingly the same. They actually ate their own vinegar.

Gu YuMian opened his mouth and closed it again. He couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch his lips. He managed to stop himself, although it was a bit out of time. The second Shuo Han appeared in front of him, Gu YuMian felt like he had landed in the middle of the sky and stepped on the ground.

He was such a slow and hot person, and he could clearly hear the sound of his heartbeat.

…His Shuo Han was so cute.

Childish little temper was also lovely.

When the two people were talking, the little fox and little husky were listening. They were tired since it was the middle of the night. Finally, their parents had come to their side and so they dozed off. 

Gu YuMian never thought that Shuo Han would not let it go.

He asked dully, “Have you rubbed his paws?”

Gu YuMian, “?”

Shuo Han, “Did you rub that guy’s paw? Kiss him?”

Gu YuMian, “????…No, listen to me…”

Obviously, His Majesty didn’t intend to listen to his explanation. Gu YuMian coughed twice, and suddenly his cheek was pressed by the soft claws of the snow leopard. Shuo Han turned back to a cub without saying a word. He stepped on Gu YuMian’s forehead and his furry tail laid on his collar. Gu YuMian had no resistance to TuanTuan at all.

He just wanted to reach out and pick him up. Suddenly, he found that the situation was wrong. It was TuanTuan when the little paw was pressed against his cheek.

However, in the end, it was the Emperor who pressed down on him, dressed in his military uniform with his eyes lowered.

…It’s a hit.

Shuo Han even remembered to wrap the blanket around two children so that they didn’t see what they shouldn’t see, and the suspension device was landing slowly.

In the slight turbulence of the air flow, Shuo Han moved forward towatds Gu YuMian. When Gu YuMian’s back was against the seat, he could not move away anymore, and Shuo Han just bent up a little corner of his lips lazily.

He lowered his head and kissed his human.

Gu YuMian was stunned, and he looked at Shuo Han from a close distance, “How do you know I…” I’m nervous.

There was a sense of uncertainty about what to do in the docking process. This was so impersonal, but he came to Gu YuMian when he needed to and kissed him like this.

Shuo Han pressed against his lips and said, “I won’t say anything sarcastic.” 

From that kiss, Gu YuMian could feel a lot of emotions that words could not be expressed.

Full of love.

Comfort and protection.

Dependence, addiction, inseparable.


If I had known it would have been like this with Shuo Han.

“I regret meeting you so late.” Gu YuMian couldn’t help thinking.


In half an hour, the rain that had been pouring all night stopped at this moment. Under the blue sky was the Capital Star after the war. Because of the death of the Zerg Queen, 90% of the Zerg had lost their ability to act. The follow-up work was being carried out orderly by the government, and the military.

Now the only thing that worried people was the infected.

——Unlike the last time, the Zerg died, but all the infected people were not able to recover. It was for this reason that the shadow of war still hung over everyone’s heart.

[Passer-by B: Gee, I have an impression that he is not a hot life department food anchor? How could he get involved in such a serious matter this time? I feel like he’s joking. How can he make fun of so many lives? It’s not serious.]

[Sparrow and Sparrow: It doesn’t matter now. It’s good to be able to save people. ]

[Guji: Wait and see.]

Nine o’clock in the morning, Gu YuMian put on his white coat and gloves, stood behind the high door and took a deep breath.

“Take care anchor, don’t be nervous.” The media reporters who came to broadcast were cheering him on in a low voice.

The Academy of Sciences had come with a whole team to help Gu YuMian do data analysis support — Gu YuMian was not a professional after all, but he was also an essential part of this attack against the Zerg infection, so it must be done by him.

“You’re fine.”

“Come on!”



Gu YuMian smiled and put his hand on the doorknob.

The camera had been turned on. When he opened the door, the live broadcast would begin.

This was perhaps the most significant and severe life broadcast he would experience in his life, with the largest audience and the widest influence.

Close your eyes and feel the blood flowing through your blood vessels.

Agitation at the same frequency as the pulse.

Pushing his hand down——

In the last second, Gu YuMian’s movement suddenly stopped. He turned his head and looked in the direction of Shuo Han.

The arrogant Emperor had never been nervous about any big scene. Only this time, perhaps because he sensed Gu YuMian’s emotion, he seemed a little more nervous than Gu YuMian himself. Shuo Han just lowered his eyes and helped Gu YuMian tidy up his collar. Then, he looked at Gu YuMian.

It was the moment when everyone’s heart was high.

The dust in the air floated in the light column.

Gu YuMian reached out and grabbed Shuo Han’s tie. Shuo Han lowered his head since the other seemed to want to whisper to him.


Then Gu YuMIan kissed him.

The Emperor’s eyelids trembled slightly, he clasped Gu YuMian’s waist and lowered his eyes, and kissed him a little deeper.

Everyone, “…?!”

This damn dog food!!!

Ten seconds later, the door finally opened.

It was live all over the world.

Everyone held their breath, worried, doubting, expecting…

This live broadcast, which they thought was about to end, officially started.

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