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MW(R) Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Kiss is a good idea

Translated by MengHu

Raw: (Chapter 20)

Xia Yao believed that Zhou Du was a stranger recently.

For example, it is now empty, but the Funtou stayed at the door, as if waiting for something. XiaYao saw the seat of Wang Hao, but as Wang Hao had left the court, he could not wait for Wang Hao.

From now on it was not in the direction of logistics, XiaYao wrapped around and was about to go. When he turned to Zhou Deng, the last man, who had previously been drawn to the wall, stood straight and followed him calmly.

XiaYao paid attention to this fact, given that this was a mere coincidence. But when he went outside the school gate and moved to the house, the shadow behind him followed him.

Xia Yao stopped in her song, returned, looked at the stupid Zhou Du and returned. The man behind his head said he was looking at the landscape. XiaYao has no option to stay walking, ZhouDu has continued walking slowly.

Only when he reached the road to the school, Takashi was convinced that Zhou followed him.

“Something bad?” XiaYao asked me to be confused.

Zhou raised a heavy fist before his mouth, calmly embracing and said: “I’ll leave you home.”

“What?” It mixes Xia Yao more. “Do you want to come to my house? Is there anything?


“So … … Akatsuki meant something, but Zhou stopped him.


“Zhou Du”, Xia Yao thought we had to see what happened. Why does Zhou Doo do not want to let him go home from anywhere?

“What do you want to do?”

Zhou Du does not know what happened to the heart of Xia Yao. Did Jiang Shi say that if you go to the person you enjoyed at home, would you be happy? The fact that I told him why XiaYao not only regretted, but also why he wanted him to go home. “Someone told him to do this” Who had to answer? He never knows about it with XiaYao.

“You alone can go so, I can not, I want to walk here,” because its expression became dark, Zhou Dud said. XiaYao thought he was angry, so he walked without saying something and held his head low.

Zhou Du fled from relaxation, seeing that XiaYao no longer doubts him. He returned with Xia Yao just taken to the gate where his house was.

XiaYao tedis per ZhouDu. Finally he thought and called “Zhou Du”.

The man does not have time to return.

XiaYao shows the foot “How about your legs? Is that good?”

She was secretly glad that she had begun to talk to her. Zhou Deng thanked Jiang ShiWen and his offer totally before responding to the question of Xia Yao.

“You’re still uncomfortable.

“Fengt carefully saw the soles of his feet:” There are beautiful, unhappy things are not broken, so it’s necessary to recover in a few days.

“Since then …” Summer and summer stopped looking around it. “Thanks for returning to home and staying here”

Happiness went to the Jeonju eyebrows.

But what Xia Yao later said is that everyone in Zhou likes ash.

“But you do not need to choose me at home, we live on the contrary to make you more annoying.

Zuto’s face looked dark. Before he left XiaYao without a doubt he rejoiced Jiang ShiWen’s head and said, “Right.” So he left without banning XiaYao’s other eyes.

XiaYao made a great mind. He waited until Zhou Du disappeared from the glance before walking a small street.

After leaving, Zhou dead does not resign home. Instead he went to a tea dairy where Jiang Shiwen’s sister worked.

While Wang Hao was still coaching, Zhou Du’s time was good to go home with her. Of course, the most important thing, I wanted to ask exactly why she told her, but a summer shop seemed not particularly satisfied.

Jiang ShiWen read behind the counter. She smiled at her when she realized that Zhou De was lying in the store.

“The hurt, why did you come here?”

“I have something to ask you,” Pound answered enthusiastically.

Kanjiwako pulled the chair and left the table: “Please come and tell the result”

Fortunately, in the store there were few people. Jiang ShiWen’s oldest sister was not there, so ZhouDu was next to Jiang ShiWen and told her before a while.

Jiang ShiWen heard what ZhouDu looked silently and said what he said. She watched well in ZhouDu, said: “I did not know that you were set up in the character. Because you’re in, are you at home?”

Funai began: “Are you not the one who told me to let him go home?

“Haiz,” Jiang ShiWen receives breath. “Because you said before, she goes home, why do not you think I’m thinking about two here. First, because she’s your feet hurt, it can become uncomfortable. Due, I will not do anything as you have expressed it without name. , you stressed here without saying anything, do you go with a dog, send someone at home, for the rest behind her? She can get angry with you. ”

“I did not say I needed to speak, I did not know what to talk,”

Jiang ShiWen’s face itself. “My God, too, if I need to teach you how to do it, I can also ask them, I do not know what to say to his crusher.”

Džunds Shiva soul in XiaYao flirtavas, floured the heart of ZhouDu, he cried immediately, rejected: “Kriz him.”

T / N: at the same time Jiang ShiWen and ZhouDu China, mean XiaYao as synonymous with men and women, despite “Li (the other)” and “Li (̪)”, for reasons that also indicate the fact that there are different letters when they spoil. So Jiangxi believed Zhou’s violence was a girl and believed that their conversation worked well, but perhaps not in English.

“Just a joke, I feel it seriously.” Jiangxi garden looked away. “Next time, when you go home, do not take your back, walk on her side and talk, do you understand?

Funeral nodded.

Jiang ShiWen Is your company? What did you do tonight, “If you really do not know what to say, just praise him and she will be happy”, then say “And” Do you think it’s mine? “As I’m not talking about what you’re angry, I’m in a situation where I feel it very well.”

“What was he displeased?” ZhouDu is a good student and has always explained his doubts.

“For example, she also liked something to wipe away, put her anger in her face. When she hears it, definitely she’ll feel, glorify the appearance of the other girls in front of her Instead she smiles, as she says, how do you do me? Do not think she’s angry with you.

Zhou Xiu keeps everything in mind, Jiangxi said in his mind. He devoted his heart to him before asking again. “But I do not think I’ll bring him home tomorrow.

If your feet are considered superiors, “then I will not see problems going on. Girls often say things really do not speak from time to time, if things really go home at home, I’m sure she is very happy.”

“Girl?” ZhouDu understood Jiang ShiWen and always spoke to another person.

“Yes?” Jiang ShiWen smiles at Zhou Du “What’s wrong?

Shouto said for a while and said: “I have it, thank you, I’m going to start.

“Go,” Jiang ShiWen mentioned ZhouDu’s end. When he was near the door, Ebenemon returned to call him again.

Funeral shook his head.

Jiang, painted on her face, “the ZhouDu, or you have gotten me I have never arrived?” The demon of the story to be honest I was asked for ShiWen ZhouDu, I’m a great short circuit to do with her kiss I think. ”

Jiang ShiWen’s signature changed ZhouDu’s ear to bright red.

Gu Zhou Du Gui Shi-Wen continued laughing and repeated: “You have ever promised that it would be acute and try it out.”

Year bill still red, Zhou Du responded that Jiang ShiWen ran with lame as “got it.”

Jiang Shich laughed behind him.

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