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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Michala


Fei Cheng parked his car in the underground parking lot and took the elevator upstairs. When he reached the first floor, the elevator door opened and his brother walked out with Hannibal on his lead.

“You’re walking the dog this late?” Fei Cheng bent down and rubbed Hannibal’s head. “Besides work, you’re only interested in this dog.”

Fei Zheng didn’t pay any attention to him.

“Brother,” Fei Cheng announced impatiently. “I’ve rented an apartment in the Dong Fang Residence, and I’m moving out to live alone.”

Fei Zheng glanced at him. “Give me a reason.”

Fei Cheng said, “I am more than 260 years old. What is the point of living with you? Besides, you like peace and quiet. With me bouncing around in front of your eyes all the time, do you really think that’s peace and quiet?”

Fei Zheng patiently listened to his voice and said indifferently, “Tell the truth.”

Fei Cheng smiled with a wry face, but also a little embarrassed. “Just…I recently met someone I like, and I want to try to develop in the direction of impurity.”

Fei Zheng said, “The one yesterday?”

Fei Cheng nodded, “I’ve only known him for a week. I don’t know if I like him yet, but somehow I think he looks very nice, and I’m comfortable with him. It’s just that he’s looking for an apartment, and I want a chance to bring him around first. He just fell out of love. It is estimated that in a short period of time he will not want to find someone, so I will take advantage of his healing time to brush good feelings, and when the good feelings are full, it is logical to get together.” Fei Cheng laughed a little, “He might be quite ordinary-looking, but he is very sought-after. Even the picky Shen Chong wants him, and there are people who want to make him their sugar baby, but he refuses. Isn’t he very innocent and not pretentious?”

The elevator door opened.

Two people walked out.

“What’s the name?” Fei Zheng asked.

“Nan HuaiLin,” Fei Cheng said. “Nice name, isn’t it?”

The two men stood in the foyer changing their shoes, and Hannibal was already running in.

“What does he do?” Fei Zheng asked again.

“An actor,” Fei Cheng said. After a pause, he added, “Ming Xi’s.”

Fei Zheng was silent for a brief moment and said, “I see.”

Fei Cheng said, “So I’ll move out tomorrow?”

Fei Zheng walked inside, “Whatever.”

Fei Cheng let out a cheer, “Yes!”

Fei Cheng went to the pool for half an hour, then took a shower and sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in his bathrobe, gently shaking the glass of red wine in his hand and staring out the window at the night.

He was never easily moved, but this time his heart was easily moved by Nan HuaiLin, which was actually a bit absurd. The reason for this, he thought, had a lot to do with the two spring dreams, especially the second one, which was so realistic that he could still recall some of the details of it. Dreams were wish fulfillment, an aimless extension of self-consciousness during sleep, which would naturally permeate from real life when in the dreaming state. Dreams and reality, they interact with each other. He had Nan HuaiLin in his dream, so he wanted to get him in reality too, no problem.

He believed that he was different from Shen Chong, who wanted to sleep with Nan HuaiLin purely for the sake of sex. While he also wanted to sleep with Nan HuaiLin, it had to be based on a relationship. He only slept with the people he liked, and he was a very traditional man in this regard. However, it was too early to think about this, the right words had not yet been written.

Fei Cheng took a sip of wine and smiled.

His dead-end, boring life was finally starting to get interesting.

Since the place was already finely decorated with all the furniture, Nan HuaiLin did not need to bring many things over. So he took pictures of large items such as the pressure cooker, microwave oven, small refrigerator, water dispenser, computer desk, armchair, as well as the small items such as kettles, garbage cans, wall paintings, vases, and listed them on Idle Fish. In order to sell them as soon as possible, he put a very low price.

After most of a day’s work, the only thing left to take away was a suitcase of clothes and shoes, a laptop, some daily necessities, and a dozen performance-related books.

He called a cab and took everything over in one trip.

Nan HuaiLin spent the rest of the day cleaning the new house.

Since he had a few days of experience in housekeeping, he was able to do this effortlessly.

At dusk, Nan HuaiLin called Fei Cheng.

“I’ve moved in,” Nan HuaiLin said, hesitantly asking Fei Cheng, “Are you coming to stay here today?”

“Yes,” Fei Cheng replied happily.

“Then… are you coming back for dinner?”

Nan HuaiLin found this question particularly awkward, as if he were a wife asking her husband if he wanted to come home for dinner.

Fei Cheng smiled and asked, “What? You’re going to cook for me?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted me to do the laundry and cook for you to cover the rent?” Nan HuaiLin muttered. “I’m just asking.”

Fei Cheng still smiled and asked, “So are you going to do it or not?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I’ll do it if you come back for dinner, but not if you don’t.”

Fei Cheng said, “If you do, I’ll come home and eat, if you don’t, I’ll eat outside.”

Nan HuaiLin, “…” Is this a tongue twister?

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Nan HuaiLin spoke first, “So… what do you want to eat? I’m going to the supermarket to buy food.”

Fei Cheng said, “Just make what you know best.”

“Okay.” Nan HuaiLin paused and added, “Just a precaution, don’t expect too much, I’m an average cook.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m not a picky eater. I’m easily fed.”

Nan HuaiLin laughed and asked, “What time do you get off work?”

Fei Cheng said, “Seven o’clock.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at his phone, it was just after five o’clock. He said, “Okay, then I’ll make dinner and wait for you, bye.”

Fei Cheng also smiled and said, “bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Ruan Xin asked curiously, “Who are you talking to on the phone? Your face is all smiles.”

Fei Cheng put the phone aside and said with a smile, “I’m preparing to fall in love with someone.”

“Oh,” Ruan Xin asked with a smile. “Really?”

Fei Cheng looked down at the planner in his hand and said, “Really, but it might take a year or two to prepare, so it’s hard to say.”

“Come on, I’m looking at you.” Ruan Xin stood up. “If you need to revise anything, you can call me again, I’m going out.”

Ruan Xin left the office.

Fei Cheng was suddenly excited to go home and couldn’t read the plan at all. After sitting patiently for another five minutes, he stood up, grabbed his proposals, cell phone, car keys and left.

Nan HuaiLin carried two large shopping bags into the door, saw the living room lights were brightly lit, and was stunned. He clearly turned off the lights when he left the house ah, and then he saw the shoes in the foyer, twisted and fallen, and he knew Fei Cheng was back.

Nan HuaiLin walked into the kitchen, put the shopping bags on the dining table, turned around and walked out. Just as he reached the kitchen door, he saw the master bedroom door open and a naked Fei Cheng appeared inside the door, holding the door frame with one hand and wiping his hair with a towel in the other.

Nan HuaiLin, “!!!”

He neither entered nor retreated, and just settled at the kitchen door.

Fei Cheng’s eyes swept around before seeing Nan HuaiLin and he said with a smile, “Back from the supermarket?”

“Mn,” Nan HuaiLin tried to be very calm. They were both men, seeing each other naked was not a big deal. “You said you wouldn’t get off work until seven o’clock. How come you are back so early?”

Fei Cheng said, “I wanted to eat your cooking earlier, so I left early.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “I’ll start cooking now, dinner will be ready at 6:30 sharp.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “Then I’ll be waiting to eat.”

Nan HuaiLin turned around and went into the kitchen to start working, while Fei Cheng’s naked body flashed back and forth in his mind.

That thing…It was too big, right? It’s scary as hell.

Fei Cheng was sitting in the living room in his home clothes reading a proposal when the sound of sizzling came from the kitchen, and soon the smell wafted out.

Fei Cheng suddenly had the illusion of skipping the relationship and getting married, which was a bit strange, but somehow not bad at all.

The phone suddenly rang. Fei Cheng picked it up and answered, “Hello.”

Shen Chong said over there, “Why does this ‘hello’ sound so flirty?”

“Sultry,” Fei Cheng scolded. “Why are you calling?”

“Last time we talked about getting a massage together, but Nan HuaiLin spoiled it,” Shen Chong said, “It’s just that I’m off work early today, so I wanted to go with my buddy for a massage.”

“No,” Fei Cheng refused flatly. “Find someone else to accompany you.”

“Come on,” Shen Chong said. “I don’t even want to hang out with anyone else, with you around.”

Fei Cheng said, “I’ve got a dinner date. I really can’t go.”

“That’s good. I haven’t eaten either, so add me.” Shen Chong said. “Who are you with? As long as it’s not your brother.”

Fei Cheng stood up and walked to the bedroom, closed the door and said, “With Nan HuaiLin.”

“Huh?” Shen Chong froze. “Who are you talking about?”

“Nan, Huai, Lin.” Fei Cheng said word by word.

“Holy shit! Since when did you hook up with him?”

Fei Cheng held the phone away a little. “You keep your voice down. You’re deafening me.”

Shen Chong asked, “How did you have dinner with him?”

Fei Cheng said, “I’m not only having dinner with him, I’m also living with him.”

“Holy shit!” Shen Chong exploded. “Tell me what the fuck is going on here?”

Fei Cheng said bluntly, “I fell in love with him and wanted to chase him, that’s the situation.”

Shen Chong stopped talking.

“Angry?” Fei Cheng asked, “Think I’m trying to pry him out of your corner? Haven’t you already given up on him?”

Shen Chong asked instead of answering, “Do you really like him?”

Fei Cheng paused for two seconds and said, “Not really yet, it’s just in the budding stage, so it still needs to cultivate for a while. However, there are too many hungry wolves and tigers like you out there, and in case he is taken away by someone, I need to keep him around me for a while.”

Shen Chong was silent for a long time, his tone was a bit hateful, “You’re really a thief.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “Thanks for the compliment.”

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You’re really a thief. Hahaha
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October 15, 2021 5:48 pm

I love Fei Cheng’s way, I really think he’s perfect for Nan! thanks for the chapter!

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