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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“The treatment is not yet guaranteed, so it’s recommended that you hide the family’s account book and property card. Lest you come back one day, and find them all turned into shreds of paper.” Doctor Shang sympathetically patted the fire dragon’s wings, then suddenly thought of another problem, and subconsciously turned around, “Wait – if the serum really has this effect, then I shouldn’t give that kid the serum in the end…”

“You don’t have to worry about this. Because only the dragon race will inherit the power characteristics through the essence of blood, for other races, blood is, at most, just food.” The vampire smiled and stepped forward to give the dutiful human doctor a piece of mind, and then turned to the worried fire dragon, his tone of voice filled with a warm smile. “Mr. Xian Gris, if you are really worried about the education of the two young highnesses, you can choose to temporarily let Doctor Shang help them. After all, the human way of education is the most advanced and scientific compared to our various races – what is your opinion?”

“Yes, yes, that I do know.” The fire dragon rubbed his little paws and nodded repeatedly, but still felt relieved and looked worriedly at his two sons on the table, “But… but I really can’t make the decision on this matter, I still have to wait for A’Lin to return before I can decide…”

Doctor Shang nodded, shaking the pen in his hand to tease the two little dragons on the table to chase them, and replied blandly, “Don’t worry, you are the guardian dragon of the children, naturally you have the right to decide where the children will stay or go – although there is nothing I can do about the demolition properties your eldest son acquired through the serum, but Xian Bei’s fear of heights, I probably still have a way to treat it.”

Since a moment ago, Wei Long had been relentlessly pushing these two little guys towards him. He certainly noticed it, although it wasn’t clear what the other party’s intentions were, but he also knew that at least it wasn’t a bad thing.

It wasn’t practical to raise dragons in a flat, and even if he took the two little ones back, he could only foster them in the vampire’s villa – it wasn’t his home that was going to be demolished anyway, Doctor Shang obviously didn’t feel the least bit distressed.

“Really? You really have a way to cure Bei’er?” The fire dragon took a step forward and excitedly wanted to shake his hand, shaking his little claws excitedly, “As long as you can cure Bei’er’s fear of heights, our treasures are at your disposal, and if you need it, we can even give you dragon’s saliva—”

“Forget the dragon saliva, it’s better to wait until you can be cured first.” Seeing the fire dragon’s sharp teeth flashing with a cold glint, Shang HaoJia then unhesitatingly rejected the other party’s offer and nodded politely towards him. “Please sit down – agoraphobia is very common in children clinically, and is much easier to treat than in adults. I’ll talk to you a little more about the specific treatments and also give you a general idea of it.”

After patiently scientifically explaining the full immersion therapy and shock therapy, looking at the eyes of the fire dragon that had almost turned into swirls, Doctor Shang finally gave up on the explanation of exercise therapy. The pen in his hand was lightly knocked twice on the table, indicating the end of his science lesson.

“That’s about it. You can always tell us if you have any opinions about the treatment methods.”

After chasing the pen around a hundred or so times, the two little dragons, who had long been tired and weak, defiantly pounced over and bit the pen almost simultaneously.

Encouragingly stroking the horns of the two little ones, Doctor Shang took out a piece of white rabbit milk candy from his pocket and broke it open to give half to each dragon, “Good job today. Next time whoever can catch up with the pen before I stop, a whole piece of candy will be given to him.”

“I’m sure I can do it next time!” Xian Bao was holding the candy and wagging his tail in excitement. 

Next to him, Xian Bei licked the candy, blinked curiously, and suddenly found a new toy, “Brother, your tail keeps wagging… can I bite it?”

“Silly child, you aren’t a dog, how can you bite anything you see?” Patting his brother’s head in an old-fashioned way, good brother Xian Bao turned back to look at his tail and shook his head again, baffled, “But it’s so strange – why am I wagging my tail, do you guys do it too?”

“…” The human doctor and vampire looked at each other, and finally decided that it was hard to tell the little one the truth, and just gently patted its dragon horns, “We don’t have a tail, so we don’t shake it – but your big brother can shake his tail. Ask him to shake it for you later.”

“I’ve seen Brother He’s tail, it’s white!” Xian Bei interjected excitedly, and peeked aside at his father, before jumping to Xian Bao’s side and lowering his voice to speak secretly, “Brother, you must not tell Dad – Brother He’s tail is much more comfortable than Dad’s…”

The two little dragons whispered to each other and then winked at each other, before excitedly coming together and comparing whose tails were more comfortable. The fire dragon stood aside and rubbed his hands with a bitter smile and sighed lightly with a headache, “Sorry, the two of them have been very close since they were young and often come together next to each other as if they were one dragon. A’Lin has moved them apart several times, but they never remember…”

“Never mind, it’s normal for children to have their own interest. Adults should encourage them to develop naturally, as long as they don’t make a mess.” Doctor Shang, who had a full clinical score in pediatrics, obviously had a wealth of experience and waved his hand in disbelief. Just before he was going to check how the other side of the serum was doing, a thunderstorm suddenly sounded outside the window and the sky turned dark in an instant.

The two dragons that were whispering together reflexively straightened up and stood honestly side by side. The fire dragon’s face also suddenly changed, as he quickly walked to the window, peeking over the windowsill to look: “Oh no, no! How did A Lin come back so fast?”

“Just look at the sky, I thought it was going to flood Chen Tang Pass.”

Seeing the rainfall, Doctor Shang finally understood the rain from the little one just now was nothing compared to his father’s. He got up and followed him to the window, looking out at the gloomy night-like sky, and couldn’t help but frown, “Why is he so angry? Have you had a fight earlier?”

“It can’t be considered a quarrel, I can only say that he unilaterally admonished me because of my bad behavior of snatching the essence blood…”

The fire dragon guiltily lowered its head and tossed his huge head, his two small claws guiltily covering his chest, “I have recognized my mistake and intended to come to apologize and make amends. He wanted to come with me, but because the weather bureau over there temporarily asked him to do something, and he went to work first…”

Listening to his vague tone, Shang Haojia was acutely aware of the unfinished words in his words and asked with both arms crossed, “Isn’t the weather bureau in charge of you guys? Why would he be asked for something?”

The fire dragon was obviously not much of a liar, fluttered his wings twice in a panic, looking worriedly at the dense dark clouds, and finally told the truth honestly. “Because – there are times, like when the weather bureau reports rain but it doesn’t come and they want to save face… so sometimes they will ask him to help…”

“I remember that the Dragon King of Jinghe River was once sent to the Dragon Cutting Platform for changing the number of rainfall spots by himself. Is there no heavenly court to control them now?”

The dark clouds in the sky always had to have a purpose, Doctor Shang continued to patiently pursue the past history, sensibly ranking the various possible situations.

The Fire Dragon, apparently unaware of such ancient Chinese myths as the Journey to the West, shook his head in bewilderment, and the vampire stepped forward thoughtfully to pick up the conversation.

“Now that the older generation has retired, almost all of those ruling in Heaven are of the Immortal third generation. When I first arrived, I also had dealings with them, they are in many ways much more enlightened than back then. Not only had they opened up the immortal-mortal intermarriage, but also encouraged the immortals to come down to the mortal world to generate income for the heavenly court – the cooperation between the divine dragon and the weather bureau probably also belongs to this category, and is considered an official dragon, and shouldn’t be punished for this. “

“Ah…” Doctor Shang nodded in a complicated mood, but didn’t have time to ask anything else. Xian Bao suddenly jumped up into the air from the table, shrugged his nose around and sniffed, “I smell the smell of blood – it’s dad’s blood! Dad must have been injured! “

“Not good! He must have met an enemy! A fight with that phoenix would be bad! I have to hurry to see…” The fire dragon’s face slightly changed. He was anxious and turned around with both claws together and bowed towards Shang HaoJia, “Doctor, please help me take care of my sons, I’ll go to see what is going on, and come right back!”

“Go quickly, try not to start anything.” The situation turned urgent, Shang HaoJia nodded and took half a step backwards, and the vampire at the side had thoughtfully broken the guard on the window for him. The fire dragon thanked him, flapped his bony wings and took off, swirling a harsh air current, and flew towards the clouds above.

The two little dragons anxiously squeezed to the window, but before they could probe out to see, Shang HaoJia used one hand to stop them, soothingly rubbing their heads, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid – your dads are very powerful.”

“My daddy is super powerful! He will blow the wind and rain, and it will strike lightning to split the bad guys!” Xian Bao nodded vigorously, but then wrinkled his nose and looked out the window worriedly, “But – but the smell of the guy who fought with daddy… when I smelled it for the first time, it seemed a bit like Uncle Vampire’s…”


“Me?” The vampire, who was about to restore the guardrail to its original state, turned around at what he said, raised his eyebrows in surprise, and agilely leapt onto the windowsill, peeking out half of his body to check. “I can’t sense any of my kind – if it’s really like what this little highness said, it means that the vampire that is fighting with your father is probably stronger than me…”


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Looks like Dr. Shang will soon be tasked with familiarising the two dragon dads with treatments for their sons. Might be interesting. A vampire vs. dragon? Good thing an able doctor is present.

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